Coquelin and Diaby give Arsenal midfield dilemma

Arsene Wenger has a selection problem for Arsenal with the visit of West Ham to the Emirates tomorrow. It is vital that the Gunners make the most of this game in hand to keep right up with Everton and Tottenham in the race for a top four finish. With Mikel Arteta injured, Wenger has used Francis Coquelin and Abou Diaby behind Jack Wilshere in the midfield. Both of those players look likely to miss tomorrow’s match and Arteta has not recovered, so Wenger has got to reshuffle his pack.

The boss may decide to drop Wilshere further back to the position he was playing earlier in the season, but Jack has been brilliant behind the forwards and it would be a real shame to lose that flair in attack. Podolski and Oxlade-Chamberlain both trained today after their illnesses, as did Tomas Rosicky, so Wenger does have plenty of players, but is that defensive midfield role, as usual, that is causing him problems. He must realise that we need back up for that position.

The only player who is fit and plays that role naturally is Emmanuel Frimpong. The 21-year old recently completed a short term loan at Charlton Athletic, so is match fit. The question is whether Wenger will risk throwing him into the team at such a crucial stage. He may decide to play Aaron Ramsey, who is versatile but more attacking minded than is ideal.

West Ham are a physical side, and I think that the combative Frimpong should be brought in to counter that. There are plenty of flair players in the Arsenal team, what we need is some grit and determination. What do you think Gooners?

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100 thoughts on “Coquelin and Diaby give Arsenal midfield dilemma

  1. VM

    Official : Mapou Yanga Mbiwa has signed for Newcastle United. I so wanna rip apart Arsene Wenger to shreds. Stubborn A**whipe! Despise him for not getting this player.

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  2. lpw

    all these targets that we have lost were never arsenal targets they were fans targets, wake up people this is not fifa

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  3. Malik

    it’s not even a question of money, it’s a question of logic, how any1 doesn’t sign biwa for 6.7m is beyond me especially when they have so many injuries and problems in positions he specialises in, why a manager doesn’t sign a proven goal poacher, in the same league, in his prime for 7.5m is disgusting but if we let diame go to spuds when we are crying for a defensive mid at 3.5m , arsene better hire security with that excessive paycheck he receives cause shits going down

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  4. VM

    If you ever hear a murder case of Wenger, Gazidis and Stan on the news. Without taking a breath, convict me, ‘cuz i would have easily saved a billion hearts from following a club run by a bunch of twerps! ## AFC ## Mapou Yanga Mbiwa has signed for Newcastle

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  5. Gooner Cape Town

    I said months ago we neede M biwa but no, Wenger likes Diame an attcking DM. Just look where Song left us exposed at the back with his forward runs……
    We MUST get a rock as DM and that leaves Capoue.
    Too late Wenger… not even too little, just nothing.

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  6. Irish Gooner

    Now, here me out, this is only an idea. To add a bit more grit in midfield, play vermaelen in the defensive midfield role, just infront of the back 4, with mertesacker and koscielny playing as centre halves. We know how much vermaelen loves to run forward, so this role might suit him for now. Then play ramsey and wilshere as the other midfielders.

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  7. Philthompsonsnose

    Is anyone past caring like me because AW has left it too fu*king late to buy any players to make a difference this season…! Any forwarding thinking ambitious manager would have had his targets lined up and ready to sign on the 1st of January.. It says a lot about the state of mind of our manager..
    It’s a fu*king joke…. I can’t believe he is getting away with it!!!!

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  8. sammykit

    Holy shit,yanga mbiwa signs for newcastle but guys dont worry wenger said he need exceptional players

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  9. Tom

    We have a promising future with guys like Frimpong and Coquelin in our midfield

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  10. Graham

    Some fans really need to calm down. There is confusion about what is going on with Mbiwa at the moment. It looks like his head is getting turned away from Newcastle. I am not suggesting it is by Arsene. Newcastle are desperate so they are putting up with all the crap.

    No doubt a good player but his attitude stinks. He is one who will not hesitate to walk out on us as soon as he gets a better offer. He is taking Newcastle’s because there is no other offer on the table. He has already suggested he would want to move on to bigger and better things in 12 months. Is that someone we need for our club?

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  11. Gunners

    M biwa obviously isn’t very good otherwise wenger would’ve got him make no mistake. I still Trust wengers judgement in YOUNG players. Mature players he doesn’t have a clue but young players are his forte. Anyway Let’s see if we get diame/wanyama and david villa. I’d be happy with that for now

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  12. Ivan Gazidis

    It’s a good thing we didn’t sign him. He was overpriced, and was asking for more money than Squillaci, shame on him.

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  13. johnverdal

    jenkinson koscielny vermaelen gibbs
    frimpong ramsey

    walcott wilshere chamberlain


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  14. Smaryll

    With the players we have available I’d play Wilshere and Rosicky (or Ramsey if he’s not fully fit), the Ox left, Theo right and Pod up front with Cazorla playing off him. Not perfect by any stretch and we might get bullied in the centre of the pitch but no other options really. Could have played the new DM if we’d signed one…

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  15. AmericanGooner

    He is not good enough! We need more exceptional players like Squillaci!

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  16. johnverdal

    arsene wenger will sign two players only a striker and a defensive mid fielder. u guys need to stop mentioning zaha and mbiwa as wenger will not sign them.

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  17. Lix

    Chill fellow gunners. who do we really need btw Mbiwa and Diame? I would say Diame cos we only have the Coq on that wing and we can only get two or three from the 100 players linked to us. I say cool down we will sign those that are necessary not those that are linked to us for the sake of it. The media is making a lot from us cos they know we arsenal fans are desperate and always on the net 24-7. Trust me we will come good. If things don’t go this way we wont appreciate 3rd or 4th position in the league. Wenger and the baord have already planned it that way cos they know we cant win the league at this time but in 2 – 3 year time. we will finish above the spuds, it a constant.

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  18. COYG

    I don’t understand why arsenal transfers take forever and have to be filled with ridiles. With other clubs we here on SSN that they have interest in a player, after like two days they make a bid then before we know SSN notifies us that the club has signed the player. With arsenal its: we have interest in cavani, we made a bid for villa but we end up signing a player from the second division in france -__-

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  19. Rafael

    Certanly Frimpong is the best option! He is a fine player and a Gooner! Arsene should get him a chance to show what he can do!

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  20. ekow -stikka

    @Tom da future is now man. we need good quality not “exceptional players”. Frimpong is my country man but he has alot to learn. Hope AW comes to his senses or surprises me ppl we will love & appreciate.

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  21. johnverdal

    arsenal’s half of the squad is injury prone:
    frimpong out for 6 months in 2012
    wilshere out 14 months
    diaby always injured after 3 games
    rosicky always injured
    ramsey back after broken leg
    gibbs always missed half of season. this season he is fit
    sagna twice broken leg last season.
    mid field is the position most of the guys are getting injured. we need to buy a midfilder who doesnt get injured like all these players.

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  22. Smaryll

    Ha ha, I want some of what Lix is on. Going on these Forums to complain about lack of quality signings is like banging your head against a wall. Presuming that isn’t too much of an issue in your nicely padded cell Lix… It’s hardly the media’s fault that Arsenal have signed no players since Song left and we’ve slipped to sixth place, I think Arsene and his bizarre transfer policy may be responsible for that.

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  23. wonderman

    for all of you saying we didnt want zaha and that gnarbry eisfeld and campbell are better did you know that gnarbry one day wants to play for Barcelona and that if dortmund one day come back for eisfeld he will leave in an instant. fact is zaha is an arsenal fan and after nasri rvp song etc arsenal fans playing for arsenal is what we need WENGER has lost his mind if he lets another arsenal fan play for another club go out and get the kid

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  24. johnverdal

    wenger and gazidis are so greedy they bid half less than the actual price so it takes long time nd other team snatches the player.

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  25. omosa

    We do not need back up for that position, we need two players ie first team player and his back up. we do not have any defensive mid in the team.

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  26. wokky

    An update on Newcastle United’s pursuit of Yoan Gouffran and Sky Sports sources understand a fee has now been agreed with Bordeaux for the forward, who is out of contract at the end of the season. More shortly.
    by Mark Buckingham 5:42 PM

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  27. Sam.c

    Accident waiting to happen, no transfers done early. Now wenger has limited players to pick in that position against west ham tomorrow. Which is a must win game :|

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  28. AmericanGooner

    Anyone else feel like Alan Pardew wishes he was AW? I mean with all the signings from Ligue 1 and all…

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  29. renos

    wenger out wenger out these players r not good enough for bench at best hope we lose everything single game left this season no champions league no europa league but hopefully relegation then what will gazidis and stan “no clue about football” kroenke going to do about that

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  30. Dan

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  31. jamsyb

    jenkinson vermealen mertesacker gibbs
    ramsey wilshere
    cazorla ox

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  32. No Name

    I HATE WENGER!! He knew by playing diaby early that he might get injured AGAIN!Diaby is such a humble guy and a great player. He doesn’t deserve the bad luck he has!!!

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  33. Arunavameister

    @Malik…u make me laugh mate…am sure you were one of the folks who considered Chamakh(who was more than decent when we signed him) on a free transfer to Arsenal was a ‘no-brainer’…and now that he is one of the ‘deadwoods’.. Wenger has lost his magic touch..

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  34. OldGunner

    Vermaelen Cdm can push forward a bit but not too far.
    Sczecney(cant spell his name)

    Sagna(jenkinson maybe) Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs



    Walcott Santi Cazorla
    Winning formula for west ham I reckon, Wenger sign wanyama, hes what we need, hes a strong energetic midfielder that can drive forward on the counterattack, he can pass and shoot as well as an added bonus, I think we will definitely bring in some new talent, if we dont wenger defo has lost it. Gunners 4 life.

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  35. Dilip

    Arsenal interested in wanyama : london evening standard
    mbiwa has left montpellier for nufc : montpellier official website
    sissoko will join nufc in jan or june : beinsport
    as far as arsenal are concerned, only diame is the most possible signing

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  36. Misganew

    You spanish bull rubbish article writter. we do not need to read such article at this time. we need such a breaking new mr.x has signed for the gooner.we are eager to hear transfer news hour in hour out.if there is no transfer new at until 31,we need this website to call demonstration to protest on aw, gaz.,

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  37. ks-gunner

    facking sake man….whats going on….it seems like we dont want to get into the top 4 let alone win a the tittle…..Arsene is gambling big time….

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  38. ks-gunner

    Jovetic…Wanyama….and a new board plz….and i will be happy for the next 5 years

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  39. ISF

    typical arsenal no urgency whatsoever in the transfer market we didn’t even have a striker on the bench sunday, lacking in midfield and gonna be in trouble if we get injuries to cb’s. More important to wait till end of january and get another months interest on the transfer budget .M’biwa can play across the back and dm surely ideal for us?

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  41. Ivan Gazidis

    Here’s how we should line up the rest of the season:


    Jenkinson Squillaci Koscielny Santos

    Diaby Arshavin

    Ramsey Arteta Gervinho


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  42. Goonerphile

    Play Frimpong. He’s half decent player who deserves a chance to prove his worth. He’s an aggressive, ball-winning defensive midfielder, and Lord knows we could do with some aggression in midfield at the moment…

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  43. ripple

    @Bob: You and Wenger are a pair. I love how call Ramsey versatile. You must then mean he has been equally bad in a variety of positions.

    And this is no dilema for Wenger. He loves it when he has an excuse to start Ramsey – it is the fans who have the dilema – whether to watch the game or not.

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  44. Gunnerineverylife

    Diame is another guy who loves bombing forward,we need somebody who sits deep like Busquets because everybody from Gibbs to Vermaelen and these days even Mertesacker keep flying forward.We need a pure DM.

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  45. dilla

    Wont be a dilema for long. Diaby will get injured and Wenger will start Ramsey over Coquelin for some ridiculous reason.

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  46. Kitsilano

    With all respect, West Ham are not a very good side and we are playing at home. I think Eisfeld should finally get a chance, alongside Wilshere and Rosicky in the middle, with the Ox and Walcot on the left and right.

    Podolski upfront.

    Ramsey as an impact sub for Eisfeld in the second half, he has been pretty decent lately and seems to work well with Jack.

    Gnabry also in the squad.

    We should beat the Hammers 3-0 with Walcott, Podolski and Rosicky scoring.

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  47. Smaryll

    @ Ivan Gazidis: Ha ha, but that is a bit harsh on Arteta surely? And Djourou should get in ahead of Koscielny.

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  48. gunna

    Only quality players will earn us a cl spot so open your cheque book arsen plzzzz!

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  49. Moses

    Diame is NOT the answer. He’s not even a defensive midfielder really, and there is nothing spectacular about him that suggests to me he’d even start in this team, so why are we wasting our time on him?

    Arsenal are just behind the times, it’s sad to admit, but we move too slow on players we like, and have yet to realise that in order to be a big club you have to spend money to get class players, and spend money to keep them.

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  50. lol123


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  51. mohawk35

    When have a quality team with depth – you seldom have a dilemma and when you do it is the decision on which world class striker to start.

    For the teams Wenger has put together lately, there is often little choice but to select a squad that does not inspire great confidence but does include underperforming players.

    Welcome to the new Arsenal – I am bit ashamed to face this reality.

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  52. Louis

    Someone shoot me now and make it swift i’ve suffered enough recently. It’s the 22nd of Jan we still don’t have any new faces with a threadbare squad languishing in the league. What is wrong with the people running this club it IS NOT THAT HARD TO FIND GOOD PLAYERS. Meanwhile Wenger is spouting “We have a good mentality, and a great squad with depth and strength. We will only look to sign a player if he is of our quality.. bla bla bla” – Absolute b.s! Trust me Wenger there are a lot of great players out there in the world and over the past few windows many of them have been AVAILABLE, but i’m sorry to say if you want a world class player you’re probably going to have to fork out more then £4 million, but guess what with world class players you have a better chance of challenging for honours. Honours mean cash is won, support is gained and global image improves thus generating more revenue (making you happy) but also making us happy. All we had to do this window was bring in one or two additions and it wasn’t hard. M’Villa is still available at about £8 Million which is a snip compared to the £20 million they wanted last season for him. He has time on our side and is the perfect replacement for Song but could be even better because he respects his defensive duties more so is perfect for the ‘viera’ role. Belhanda who was also available (now snapped up by Fenerbache) COST ONLY £6.7 million and played a huge role last season in helping Montpellier win the title scoring 12 goals and assisting on 4 occasions. Also at 22 the versatile french born Moroccan international is a forward thinking midfielder with vast potential. Demba Ba also only cost £7 million. These are just a few players we have missed out on so far this window, ok I understand we can’t go out willy nilly and spend £40 million on Cavani, but all of the above were great bargains and would have for sure helped fire us into the top four. I don’t know what to think now because it’s going to take the teams above us to slip up and for us pull out a long line of amazing performances to get back into the top four and i just don’t see that happening with this squad. Sad to say but it’s starting to look like Thursday night channel five for the Gunners next season..

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  53. OldGunner

    @ no name
    You hate wenger for starting Diaby hold on a minute, Diaby should be thanking us that we havent sold his malfunctioning ass a long time ago, I really like Diaby and I think hes a great talent but unfortunately he is a liability and we shouldnt be bowing to diaby as our saviour, if he was at any other team do you think the manager would have stuck by him like that? paying him wages for his great potential while he sits on the sidelines? is that realistic?

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  54. gonner4life

    Dont no how true but on caughtoffside? We r lookin at jovetic? Like i said if it happens good news for the arsenal.
    I’l go with frimpong to start he is strong and no’s not to go to far forward. If not TV5? Diame/wanyamau/ or m’villa? Why is wenger leaving transfer so late. COME ON MAN!.

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  55. ripple

    @lpw: Perhaps you are right – that most of these “targets” were never actually on the Wenger radar. That fact offers little comfort – it makes it even worse.

    The point is….. some of these quality players should have been on Wenger’s little list. Instead we get nada.

    I am tired of watching other teams get stronger and stronger while Arsenal goes lacking because Wenger claims he did not find HIS favorite “special” little player.

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  56. OldGunner

    @gonner4life Jovetic is the wrong move, a great talent no doubt but not what we need, he doesnt have enough power. We need someone similar to Giroud, but with more power, more speed and better finishing. Bony is the man we want not jovetic. Before a striker however I believe Wanyama is important, and Gregory van der wiel incase gibbs gets injured again. We need more depth. Striker is one place where we have some already, although Bony would no doubt light up the premier league..

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  57. mohawk35

    Frimpong is the obvious choice. If he is not by now good enough to just fill in for a game or two, then why even have him in the club?

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  58. Gunner

    I agree with most, Wanyama and Zaha are the 2 players I would like to see come in. Arsenal have already been seen off by MU on Zaha. So now it seems like it is a toss up between Wanyama and Diame as to who they will bid on? Guess what, it ain’t going to be Wanyama because they would have to pay to get a hold of him. Diame is a decent second choice I think, and he is likely to be worth??? Right you guessed it!!! 9 to 10 million! That is right where they like the price to be? Zaha will head to MU for 15 plus, and Wanyama elsewhere for at least that?? Arsenal just cant compete in the market? Good players cost?
    A new signing wont solve it all though. Giroud cant score, that’s a major issue. TV LK and PM are simply not quite good enough so Arsenal need a better CB, And right back is beginning to creak as well. So what’s the solution???
    Makes you wonder why they let Song go???
    As well as A Cole, Fab, RVP, Nasri, Flamini. To name a few.

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  59. Gunner

    One final thing I meant to add!

    Le Coq works like hell out there,but he is like Gibbs, AOC, Jenks etc!!!! A good ‘prospect’? We have no idea if he will turn out to be good enough or not.

    Diaby???? He is either injured or asleep. Even when fit he doesn’t seem to have the fire and hunger.

    Time for Vierra and Parlor to come back and do a training session on mental toughness?????????????????

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  60. Smaryll

    @ Gunner: Totally agree but think Zaha is risky at £15m. Wanyama will cost £10m+ as Celtic are still in CL so can afford to turn down anything Arsenal will offer. Should never have sold Song unless there was a replacement lined up. I still think that replacement was supposed to be Diaby and only a fool would place faith in him with his injury record. Which means we have got to seriously question Wenger’s credibility. Still think Yanga-Mbiwa would have been a good first step in sorting out our defensive problems as he could fill any of the problems positions (except LB). Wenger just does not seem to be able to coach defenders though. Since Sol Campbell left we have been seriously lacking in that area.

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  61. ks-gunner

    old gunner….ur mistaken big time….we dont need a tall clumsy big striker…..we need a Suarez a like player who cuts from the outside in….and Jovetic game plays is similar to Suarez….he would be a big succes at Arsenal

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  62. Jim A

    Diame is a really good player. I love that he attacks. If our backs need cover then we need new backs.

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  63. Joe

    In regards to M’biwa first i will say its a good signing for Newcastle and i would have liked to see him here.

    Has anyone thought that M’biwa did not want to join us. Last summer he pretty much said he’d rather not join us and wants to go to AC Milan.

    Arsenal is not the most attractive place to come at the moment especially for a player they thinks they may have to sit on the bench. The same happened with Vertonghen he wanted to come here but went to spurs because he thought he would get more playing time as a CB. He even said that himself, we just can’t attract players to the club at the moment with no guarentee of first team football.

    Years ago people would have happily joined Arsenal and sat on our bench because we were Arsenal. Now however our reputation across european football has worsened. When we drew Bayern there president said he was pleased with who they drew and they were confident they could win. A few years ago teams would be crossing there fingers in hope that they didn’t draw Arsenal, including Barcelona.

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  64. OldGunner

    Lol, we have one of those players already on the wing in cazorla, just you wait to see how he playes. When I said like Giroud I did not mean clumsy like giroud, Take a look at bony, he has technical brilliance, a powerful shot, strength to hold the ball up, better than average dribbling and great in the air, these are all the things we need in a striker, we dont need a weaker ST who will get bullied off the ball and wont get a sniff at the crosses put in.

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  65. Gunner

    Sure do need a striker! Or at least a forward that can score??
    Walcott is the best finisher they have. Podolski is not quite good enough he cuts inside too much and plays too deep for a forward.

    Feel bad for Giroud?? He is physical, fights hard, got nice flick on, good in the air but! CANT SCORE!! he is even getting it on target sometimes and either the post, the keeper, or his own team mate is blocking his effort.
    If not he just plain misses.

    If they cant get him to hit the back of the net soon it’s curtains for him! And for the CL, same with Podolski!! Giroud will turn into another Bendtner

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  66. Joe

    Also Alan Pardew is the biggest hypocrite. In 2006 he tried to ridicule Arsenal and Wenger by saying we should be playing in the french league because of our french manager and players and he said we didn’t have any english players in an english league.

    How times have changed other then danny simpson (Who wants to leave) there’s no one else is his starting 11 from England with the majority of them being French.

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  67. youngold gunner

    WENGER:yepeeee!now that arteta,coquilan and diaby are i can play my very own little love child,to hell with DENCH.He wanna bench my ramsey just wait when Barca come-by i will herd him off just like how i did with Song

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  68. Tocs Nnadi

    I think Nico Yennaris can slot into the defensive midfield position. He is a more technical player than Frimpong.

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  69. james

    jack needs to be in the cm role without arteta we need his passion and determination diaby is just rubbish. imo we should line up jack coq with either cazorla or ramsey playing behind the striker.(depending on wether cazorla is needed on the wing)

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  70. sollygunner

    @ wokky

    An update on Newcastle United’s pursuit of Yoan Gouffran and Sky Sports sources understand a fee has now been agreed with Bordeaux for the forward, who is out of contract at the end of the season. More shortly.
    by Mark Buckingham 5:42 PM ???????????

    did you want him at arsenal ??????????

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  71. WalnutCreek Gunner

    I have always said that Wenger has no idea which player he should buy.

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  72. LoCkAy

    I will use Coquelin first and Diaby as an impact player until he recovers and find his fitness.

    Obviously you want to leave Frimpong on the bench dench … He should quite being a footballer and make a career on twitting… Dope!

    That’s the problem at Arsenal, until Wenger leaves, we will carry those sh*t players every season.

    Not only we need a proper manager, but the new guy will have to do some serious clean up.

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  73. goonerFL

    You are delusional if you think we dont need a better partner for our skipper. Mertesacker and Kos would never start for any of the teams above us and perhaps a few below us. They are good for 3rd and 4th, but we deserve better. In regards to our mid for WHU, give Frim a go against Diame and lets see if either are worth a punt. Like or dislike my post, we are all gooners in the end. COYG!

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  74. true goon

    Oh no,if this is true it can only mean 1 thing,Ramsey’s gonna start,damn.

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  75. jack

    come on wenger play your precious little Ramsay and then westham most likely will beat us you deluded moron

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  76. johnny collins

    We are tired of promises i think it now time for Arsenal to chase a way that so called professor Arsenal wenegr.Arsenal need another coach

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  77. rob



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  78. RASD KY

    Wenger is unwilling to spend the money but hey, I am more than willing to spend some on anyone who’s gonna smack his old ass for me.

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