Could Arsenal French connection get Benzema from Real Madrid?

Every week it seems like Arsenal are linked with another transfer target and it will continue from now until the start of next season. Many of the rumours are focused on strikers, with Stevan Jovetic, David Villa and Alvaro Negredo just three of the many names connected with a possible move to the Emirates.

Knowing Arsene Wenger, though, the new Gunners who arrive in the summer could well be completely different than the players whose names are in the media. Arsenal fans are hoping for a big name, a striker with proven quality, and the one who springs to my mind is Karim Benzema.

The Real Madrid and France striker is not having a great season for club or country, and he looks distinctly unhappy at the minute. Last season he was banging in goals for fun and seemed to have convinced Jose Mourinho that he was ahead of Gonzalo Higuain in the pecking order at Madrid. That situation has reversed since the start of the season and the manager seems to have lost faith with his player, which has affected his confidence and his poor form has now carried over to the national team.

There are reports that Real Madrid will listen to reasonable offers for the 25-year old who they paid around £30 million for in 2009. Benzema has just two years left on his contract and could be available for less than £20 million. There will be plenty of teams interested, but Wenger and Arsenal have a great reputation in France and that could influence his decision, as could the chance to forge a partnership with Giroud at club and national level.

They say that form is temporary but class is permanent, and Benzema is a top class player. In four of the last five seasons he has scored over 20 goals. His team mate at Madrid, Sergio Ramos, has been speaking about him this week and warning his Spanish colleagues not to underestimate him because of his recent dip. Ramos has trained with strikers such as Raul, both Ronaldo’s and van Nistelrooy, so for him to proclaim Benzema as one of the best is high praise.

I know I am being optimistic, but he would be a fantastic signing for Arsenal, don’t you think?

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163 thoughts on “Could Arsenal French connection get Benzema from Real Madrid?

  1. Tobias

    johnson is having a shocker jenkinson should have played espeacially with his performance against bayern

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  2. Stay Dench


    fair point , he does seem alot better than his team mates

    england are now drawing to a country with a poulation of 632,261, pretty pathetic… they should of played ox but they brought on young showing the typical man u player bias

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  3. Stay Dench

    never get why glen johnson is a left back would make a much better winger as he attacks all the time and neglects his defensive duties

    jenkinson is a true fullback 50/50 defense and attack as a fullback should be

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  4. fabulous

    Benzema or no Benzema, we create the chances so all we need is a consistent striker who can always put the ball at the back of the net. A world class striker..

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  5. juhislihis

    Mario Götze, what a player.

    Brace from Reus, goal and 2 crossbars from Gundogan and goal from Götze. Dortmund got it good.

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  6. caribgooner

    Am still waiting for the article that will say AFC is linked to Gundogun…Arent we linked to every BVB player?

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  7. stay dench

    is benzema actually that good?

    just saw many clips of him on youtube failing miserably and alot of real madrid fans dont rate him!

    wifried bony!! who you may ask? his scored 26 goals out of 24 matches in the dutch league, his like drogba… check him out before you dismiss!

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  8. PatLloyd

    Jovetic would suit us extremely well, yes i know he sometimes playes a bit deep but so does Giroud so that’s clearly what Wenger wants from his central man, it gives Theo a chance to get behind their defence as well. Gotze as usual was dominant and so was valdez. 3signings?? (NO CHANCE) but may as well hope…

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  9. RSH

    Jovetic was excellent today. ESPN even said he was their MOTM. I thought he was good too and made some very key passes for Vucinic, and was a major attacking threat himself. Really messed up on that attempted chip though. Montenegro deserved the draw, so good for them. And who else thought England would’ve had this game in the bag if Wilshere were on the pitch?

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  10. AmericanGooner

    I am not saying I want Valdes, but the way AW was praising him on French TV today, it sounded like AW likes him.

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  11. RSH

    i don’t think we even need a new goalkeeper, but we just feel we do. Maybe if our backline wasn’t exposed so often, Sczseny wouldn’t have to make so many saves. Obviously he’s responsible for a good amount of goals (stop punching the ball directly into the penalty area!), but he’s saved our butts a ton of times as well. I say get a DM, another CM, (cause we only have 3), and our defensive issues will be much better. No Valdes needed.

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  12. Johnno

    Very unrealistic target, as amazing as he would be. They’ve been strongly linked with Augero. You’d think if that were to happen then Benzema or Higiaun would become available.

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  13. Dem Gunners

    Leo and Tobias, the simple fact that you couldn’t see that i was being sarcastic is enough to assume that you are 10 yr old kids. You know what? When gunnerineverylife used to pick on you, i used to support you but now i know why he found you annoying as fck.

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  14. Tobias

    @dem gunner

    seriously dude u still going on??
    jeez its done over finished les move on
    i dont post to annoy people or to get “likes” i just post what i see for fellow gooners to form an opinion on thats all

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  15. New World

    I prefer higuin more of a finisher than ben. But he’s a gr8 player to have too

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  16. Tobias

    real betis representatives are going to be in london over the next few weeks to talk about the posibility of joel campell staying for anoyher years loan

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  17. Tobias

    real betis also want to form a partnership with us to take more of our young players on loan wich could work out well giving them more starts and more first team action what do you guys think?

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  18. Andrew

    Anyone who says our defence isn’t good needs to wake up we have got the best defensive away record in the league FACT.

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  19. Tobias


    anyways it is plausable we generaly have a club in the top teir of a country that we send our yoing talents to it was bolton until they got relegated so it makes sense

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  20. AmericanGooner

    Tobias isn’t talking crap about Betis and Campbell.

    Betis like him and want to keep him for another year. At some point soon they will ask Arsenal if they can keep him for next season. Arsenal likely to agree, especially if he can’t get work permit. Betis also would like some kind of Feyenoord type partnership deal, supposedly.

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  21. Liam-Jenko

    Was just on Thomas Eisfeld’s twitter and someone asked him ‘would you rather win the World Cup with Germany or Champions League with Arsenal?’ and he answered ‘The Champions League with Arsenal’, Gunner at Heart<3

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  22. Tobias

    @american gooner

    cheers buddy nice to see some people dont just jump on the anti leo/tobias bandwagon

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  23. Tobias

    @liam jenko

    eisfeild is going to be massive for us cant wait to see him link up with gnabry, wilsher, ox and cazorla in our midfeild!!!

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  24. AmericanGooner


    Np. I don’t know how ITK either you truly are if at all, but you two make my life easier bringing all the Arsenal rumours to one place. Why would I want to bash someone for that? Saves me valuable time.

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  25. AmericanGooner

    Today Thomas Eisfeld did a twitter takeover and answered fan questions.

    I asked him if he would rather win World Cup with Germany or Champions League with Arsenal.

    He said UCL with Arsenal. Really hope he makes it.

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  26. Tobias

    @american gooner

    i dont have any inside info i dont work for the club or any form of media
    i simply look through different sources and take credible reports and put them on here not to get likes or anything like that but simply to gain peoples opinions on the subject
    its a shame there are people who want to abuse me and leo for the information we provide but nice to see that people like you appreaciate it

    cheers buddy

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  27. Cedric

    Benzema is not at his best right now, and even Mourinho couldn’t find a solution to solve that issue. Remember Chelsea is still waiting for Torres to come back to top level… I think we should get players we can trust such as Jovetic, Negredo, or any player who actually score goals

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  28. danny boy

    ok guys im danny so we sell gervinho rosicky djrough sagna chimakh park bentner denilson sqilacci fabinski how much would you rase.i would even sell poldoski for a more natural winger.point being aw could raise 40 maybe 50 million pound on our deadwood.then there is pur so called tosser budget……….what im saying is we need to sign some quality.
    sefenders…richards hummels samba
    midfield gotze wow fab would be forgoten forever.
    dm…wanyama or strootman perhaps
    jetovic benzima villa
    winger sanchez
    gk valdez begovic theres plenty better then our pole.
    my choices valdez 7 million.just cos of his experience and to help the pole develop.
    samba 8 million when qpr relegated richards maybe 15million\.
    dm yanyama 10 million
    midfield gotze 30 million sanchez 20 million
    forward..benzema 20 million
    thats 110 million that would make us champions simple as that.and we could flog almost 50 million of scite or give em away we need this investment so fecking bad
    I no you will all talk balls lol but yeah comment and lets see what you got guys

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  29. Bull446

    I don’t think we need jovetic but we could use Lewandowski or benzema as they can finish and based on current form Robert Lewandowski has really improved with his finishing. However if wenger decides to get cavani, falcao or even burak yilmaz ill literally go bonkers.

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  30. leo

    Bild says that Djourou wants to stay in Hannover (they quote his agent). Player will talk to Hannover’s manager in the coming days

    @dem gunner let it go dude look transfer stories are just speculations some are based on facts it is not to fool fans or irritate them i get info from friends share with you guys i don’t hate you or anything like that

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  31. Uche Edochie

    I am beginning to feel good about these jovetic rumours and i normally would ignore transfer stories until there is an announcement on What is different this time is that football players, not just pundits, are commenting on jovetic’s rumoured arsenal move. His coach said arsenal would be a good fit for him and his team mate luca toni is now just telling him not to go to arsenal. Vucinic of juventus is also telling him to snub arsenal and come to juve. Of course we cannot draw concousions but there is definitely some serious transfer plans and negotiations going on. It does not mean that things will work. But it is a sign that effort is finally being made at last to sign top players.

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  32. leo

    Galatasaray are ready to offer €14m to Arsenal to obtain
    25 year old Ivorian striker Gervinho acc to media

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  33. Maxigooner27

    I want Benzema more than Jovetic
    He’s more of an out and out striker and I don’t see Wenger changing his formation to suit Jovetic with two strikers
    Also Jovetic hasn’t even scored that many goals this season
    We need a 20+ goals a season striker and Benzema has better potential for that than Jovetic

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  34. Big Gun

    Benzema hasn’t impressed me much. I don’t look at Fifa 13 stats, I watch the games and he has been lack luster all season.

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    All u people commenting on these basiless roumers peddled by Bob are idle and disorderly. There a lot of contradiction in this article not worth even reading let alone commenting….
    U are idlers that deserve to be arrested…….

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  36. Gunnerineverylife

    Galatasaray are in for Gervinho,we are interested in their keeper,I have always found them being invited for Emirates Cup next year interesting.

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  37. Gunnerineverylife

    @TIME BOMB U want us to be arrested for commenting on rumours?Was your brain blown off by a time bomb?

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  38. Ben

    What a shit article! The person that wrote this was bored and came up with this! Bs

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  39. Gunnerineverylife

    I’ve always suspected that the same person writes all the articles under different names like Adam Kemp,Bob,KJ,SJ or whatever the name was with different styles like pro-wenger,anti-wenger,neutral,copy paste.

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  40. Romanov

    There is no way !

    Mora than 1 000 min. without goal with France….

    If we want goals, we will have Giroud!He will be better next year !

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  41. ATFC

    Jovetic suits us perfectly. He would be amazing with Theo, Ox, Poldi, Cazorla and Wilshere making runs everywhere. He is kind of like a false 9 with a great shot too. I like the guy!!

    Him and Giroud give us two totally different striking options depending on our opponents. Benzema for me would be waste for how much he would cost. We already have akpom, campbell waiting in the wings. I would let them come up instead.

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  42. Gooner Cape Town

    Which Gala keeper are we interested in? Seems like there could be a total clean out in summer and strong fresh new squad soon. Hope we can get the top additions we need and get rid of the free loaders. Things can be much better next season.

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  43. Gooner Cape Town

    Andeas Weimann available for around 2.5m pounds and hasnt signed contract extension. Earns 15k per week. What abvout him guys? If forehead goes to Gala we could have space for a cheap striker of his ability. Still believe we need top priority of serious DM, CB first.
    Exciting times at Emirates.

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  44. green gunner

    Off topic: Roll on the premier league nxt wkd. Just watched Ireland throw away a 2-1 lead in the 92nd minute last night. I tell ya supporting arsenal and Ireland would do nothing for your nerves.

    We can get 4th! We will get 4th!

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  45. sancho

    Eisfield is the one for the future with chambo, jenko, gnabry, miquel, akpom nd the captain jack wilshere… Guys this team will be great nd I can feel that

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  46. skelator

    why not buy jovetic and benzema together as they would work great as a partnership like bergkamp and henry. jovetic plays no 10 role and benzema plays like a floating forward who can run channels and hold up play real technical center forward and can score 20 plus a season and is strong up on his own also a strong defensive midfielder c/b and goalie we should be good for a push at a trophy next season heres to hoping

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  47. Mo Owais

    @ Danny boy- the fact that u do not have Cazorla anywhere in your team shows how much of a fan u r! Think of better things to do a 3am in the morning u pillock!

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  48. african gunner

    i agree danny boy dnt knw much about the players arsenal hve,why will we even consider selling podolski the guy lvs ars nd although being played out of position works his socks off

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  49. jermaine

    benzema has beeen punching well below his weight this season we should go for lewendowski entise them with rosicky who deserves first team football. and swap bendner for son of hamburg. jovetic can be added as a challenger for santi position or if podolski roumours are true

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  50. tamergooner

    off topic but i was just looking through arsenal goals of last year and songs assists were incredible i rekons we bring em back

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  51. colin

    Not sure on Benzama he has shown very bad form lately I am not convinced his talent matches his ego.

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  52. will share

    Guys feel free to comment ….Giroud may not be a ruthless finisher but def a an elegant creator he can do so well in the bergkamp role…opinions divided

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  53. Ronnygun

    Don’t get over excited about the fictional names,we would all love to see at our club,because as another window approaches,Wenger is probably looking for the next Park and Santos to appease the shareholders, as usual.

    Think about the players we’ve sold,who we would gladly welcome back again now!

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