Could Liverpool be Arsenal’s biggest rivals for the title?

At the end of last season, Arsenal fans were really on a high after a late surge to overtake Tottenham for the last Champions League spot. Then, with the wholesale changes being made at Manchester United, City and Chelsea, we started to get this unfamiliar feeling of optimism for the coming season.

Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis were making encouraging noises about spending power, and it was clear that we would not lose any of the club’s best players. A few key signings was all that was needed for a real title challenge, so after the dust has settled and the Premier League season has started to take shape, how does it look now?

Well, we would certainly have taken being one point off the top, that’s for sure. And as we hoped, last year’s top three have shown signs that all is not well. Chelsea’s shock home defeat to Basel last night may not have been in the league, but it was clear sign that all is not well at Stamford Bridge. Arsenal fans may feel that Wenger should have signed a striker in the summer, but at least outs is scoring. Chelsea seem to have three misfits fighting for one spot.

United and City have both dropped points and, more importantly, looked fragile and unsure of themselves. I think they will improve, but we could have built a decent lead by then. Tottenham may have spent big, but it remains to be seen whether they have spent well. I still think they will badly miss Bale.

However, Liverpool are the early pace setters and seem to have a well organised system and team. They are top of the shop, and there are two big reasons why I am starting to see them as rivals. Firstly, they have done well without their best player, but Luis Suarez will be available again next weekend, and let’s not kid ourselves that the Uruguayan striker will not offer a huge threat.

Secondly, the Anfield club may not be happy about it, but their failure to qualify for Europe could be a huge bonus. They are the only one of the six clubs mentioned to be able to rest in midweek while the rest get tired and pick up injuries. It remains to be seen whether this advantage can help them and whether they can keep up the consistency, but for me they are a team to watch out for. Do you agree?

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73 thoughts on “Could Liverpool be Arsenal’s biggest rivals for the title?

    1. muda

      On the last sunday of the league

      1st Arsanal (champions)
      2nd Chelshit
      3rd Liver-fools
      4th manshitty
      5th I don’t give a damn
      6th the list go on

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  1. juhislihis

    They are in a good run but they aren’t very consistent. For me Sturridge carries them on at the moment.

    No I think it’ll be City and Chelsea. Something about Man U doesn’t convince me this season..

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    1. Henryesk

      United are the favourites IMO. Watching them with Fellaini next to Carrick looked solid and with Rioney in form and RVP up top who knows. They will be a hard team to beat this year and after the start Chelsea have made I don’t know how you can can say United dont convinced you but Chelsea do???

      Also Liverpool may surprise a few people. Once they have Sturridge, Suarez, Coutinho and Moses in their team the will be firing! Plus Lucas and Gerrard are solid. We will need to be at our best and WORKING HARD all season. If we work harder we will achieve…

      Compare Theo’s defensive work rate to Valencia’s.. One thing I can say about every player in Uniteds team is that they put in a real shift. I want to see our players coming off the pitch shattered every game. Santi always leaves it all on the pitch but they may be because he’s a little tubby lol!

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  2. MexicoGooner

    Depends on two things, the form of Coutinho and Sturridge and if Suarez stays or goes. If Suarez stays and Coutinho and Sturridge perform like this week in week out then we could have a problem but I personally think they will finish in the top 4 at the expense of United

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    1. Henryesk

      United are still a force beware of Fellaini I think I underestimated him.. He’s a better passer than I gave him credit for and once he’s side by side with a player they’ve practically been dispossessed.

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  3. GunnerFam

    Liverpool are contenders to win the league this season, but not as serious as Arsenal. We are better than Liverpool. A little early form may get their hopes up, but I don’t believe they can keep this going throughout the season. It will take A LOT from Brendan Rogers with the players he’s got. And I don’t like Brendan Rogers therefore I think he’s not gonna be able to continue the form (Not biased or anything). Seriously the guys a fat pr@t.

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  4. igwe 1

    much as i wud not wanna underrate them i feel they (liverpool) will stil drop back to where they belong. As for city n utd, inconsistency will creep into them 4real, expect them to drop more point.
    Chelsea ar unpredictable, they can turn their current fortune around especially with the ”noisy one” bt pride n ego will be hard to overcome for them.
    one tin is sure, spur will always remain in our shadow.
    Its up to us to design our path n destiny.. We must not be complacent

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    1. pnk.gooner

      As much as it brings me to tears saying this I am more worried about spuds. I feels that there will b a power shift from manchester to North London. Spud team will gell eventually and we would b foolish to.ignore.them. few want to admit it yet but they have bought well and.will give us the most competition come.end of season.

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  5. GunnerCPH

    If they can keep their key players fit, they can maybe challenge, but I don’t they will actually win anything this year.

    The biggest threat to us will be Chelsea or maybe City. I just pray that they won’t get their houses in order until we’re long gone.

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  6. Twist

    All the top 6 teams have a chance to be in or out of top 4.
    my feeling is we’ll make to top three.

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      1. Tobiasnewman

        Thats what im hoping id only want klopp to take over from him
        mayb when we destroy dortmund both home and away it will convince him to take over from wenger!! :)

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    1. Arsenaldivine

      Klopp is most suited for the job……. and that’d when/after Wenger resigns!

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  7. chun

    Without Coutinho they really don’t seem to be that creative. And he too now seems like a one-season wonder. But yeah, there’s always Gerrard so..

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  8. Twig

    It’s still too early in the season Bob. Lets wait till December. The table might look very different from what it looks now. :-)

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  9. Archangel

    We’ll see how new found sturidge will react and combine to suarez. Hopefully it will not be a made in heaven. Would be shocked if come march they would still be amongs top 4 to tell you the truth. They are FC Liverpool, they dont do top 4, they do second-in the merseyside derby that is.
    Same goes for tottenham, wjp only got points against weaker teams with help of penalties. They played one serious team and got their asses kicked.

    I feel United is on the down (but they have been on the down for the last 7 years or so), city does not impress me-take toure out and they will stop winning games and as we have seen in the last week, chelsea is not a stranger to loosing games

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  10. PatLloyd

    Their best player will be their downfall, Suarez wrecks the equilibrium of the team and shuts Sturridge out, shouldve accepted £40million!

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    1. NY_Gunner

      But it’s OK for him to come wreck the equilibrium of our squad?

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  11. gtsika2

    I think Liverpool will slump at some point, because yes at the moment everything seems to go for Sturridge, but I don’t think he’ll continue even if Suarez comes back. Don’t forget Suarez was there last season too. The biggest rival for the title this year is Man City And Chelsea because I strongly believe UTD are crap this year, only have to look at their previous games they’ve been so conservative, typical MOYES. F*CKING SHIT HE IS! Lol. As for the mighty gunners just look at the positive results, all these players Arsenal are missing, imagine if they all come back at the same time, which will be scary. And if they are in the top two or three come January,which I think they will, Arsene will go out and spend on a striker, because I don’t think he wants to leave arsenal this season. So alls positive GUNNERS. THIS IS OUR TIME NOW LETS MAKE THE EMIRATES CROWD COUNT WHEN TEAMS VISIT THE EMIRATES. 10 AWAY WINS ON THE SPIN…… NEGATIVE SPIRAL MY ASS…… #NEVER DOUBT THE PROFFESOR. #onearsenewenger… KEEP IT GOING

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    1. Henryesk

      Are we watching different teams? Chelsea and City have looked unconvincing Ubuted are the team to beat. Trust me don’t underestimate the impact Fellaini will have for them. He is a plan be if they need a goal he can cause havoc in the oppositions box and he is so tough to get passed, rarely gets beaten one on one.

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  12. mevan

    well impartially looking they have a good squad, Mignolet a good keeper, sakho,llori, are good additions to a defense already boasting skrtel and agger and toure who could be still great. cissoko is good a LB and they have two good strikers in sturridge and Suarez. also the Gerrard’s experience . but the jury is still out on coutinho, aspas,luiz alberto who although a good prospect will have to cut it in premier league. but they only have a better squad than us in only one position . the only player that will cut it in our team from their lot will be suarez. so all in all they will be contenders for a top4 place but they are not our biggest rivals period

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  13. AlmiR

    i want spuds to finnish 2nd, then we will piss on them again , becz we will finnish 1st !!!!!

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  14. AlanFrank

    I think Liverpool with finish 6th behind spuds although saying that now Everton have Lukaku if he has a season like last season I think they could take 6th Liverpool 7th if Gerrard or Lukas get injured they’ll really struggle.

    2. Man U (they know how to grind out results)
    3 Man city
    4. Chelsea ( mourinho sacked by Christmas not right for the team they’ve built)
    5. Spuds
    6. Liverpool
    7. Everton
    8. Newcastle


    18. Hull
    19. West Brom
    20 c palace

    Possibly Sunderland & Cardiff to get relegated

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  15. AlanFrank

    I also can’t see it taking 90 points or more to win the league this season think all big teams will drop a lot of unexpected points this season Arsenal 87 points & win the league.

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  16. T-shirt

    lol,liverlool have just started the draws,wait till they kick off officially,they infact will remain where they are,they arent arsenal that could survive the injury plague,if one of the 1st team(coutinho,sturridge,lucas,gerrard) is ruled out on a lenghty spell then they are doomed,i cant wait for the gunners to take them to the cleaners.

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  17. NY_Gunner

    Most here would not like to admit it, but Spurs do have a decent enough squad to be contenders this season. It’s much too early to predict just who will weather the storm, but I feel that Arsenal, Pool, Spurs and City, with Swansea bringing up the rear at fifth.

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  18. T-shirt

    the more consistent team would win the league,if we can win consistently then the league is ours,as for liverlool,they have started their draws,wait till they kick off fully.
    i see manure and chelski as the contenders and we the winner as for city,they are nowhere.
    spuds-lol expect high negativity emanating from that team,with experienced players now fringe players,lol lol lol,avb needs to learn how to keep his men well bribed like

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  19. T-shirt

    i give up,my comments do not get posted,and when i reload,it indicates duplicated comment,where are they?

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  20. Segun

    My 2013/14 prediction
    1. Arsenal
    2. Chelsea
    3. Man Utd
    4. Man City
    5. Liverpool
    6. Sp*rs

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  21. Andrew AFC

    The titel is up for grabs this season, I would have spent more money in the transfer season to give us the extra edge.

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  22. Sumo

    I guess not. They are really lucky. 1-0 in there first three games. Swansea would have been a loss but for their ex-player(dont temember the name).

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  23. Andrew AFC

    If we are going to win the league we need to beat the top four clubs and can’t drop silly point against the mid table clubs.

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      1. Andrew AFC

        I agree take one game at a time and thats how you win the league. If you get ahead of yourself you lose focus.

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          1. Andrew AFC

            We have got the foundations of a squad that will take the EPL by storm. We are just short in a few positions.

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  24. RK1339

    They have no midfield. Only a defense and attack. A team cannot play without at least 3 quality midfielders. Liverpool only have 3 quality midfielders in Coutinho, Gerrard, and Lucas. Coutinho is injured…so…Liverpool are dead.

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  25. joeM

    This year will be the same top4 as last year, all the same teams will be in the mix the difference is this year it could literally end up in any order.

    Liverpool and spurs will fill the gaps outside the top4 both have DECENT squads but neither squad has the experience or enough WORLD CLASS players to break the top4. Having to perform consistently is the biggest challenge to making the top4. I dont think either of the two can maintain consistent performances for the whole season.

    This season could be great news for us, i think a long with United we have the most settled squad but i generally think our squad has much more Quality then Uniteds. United have a way of winning games under Ferguson can Moyes re create that? Im not so sure.

    City have spent well but have had some pretty poor results all ready but i can see them getting there act together and probably becoming the biggest challenge to the title for us.

    Chelsea are blowing hot and cold. They’ve got a pretty good squad but we saw last night all is not well over there. If Mourinho persists on this anti football counter attacking system then i dont think they will win the title. They dont have the players to play that way anymore there much more of a creative outfit rather then a defensive counter attacking team.

    On to us… I biggest challenge this year will be keeping the players fit, for me we’ve got the best manager in the league the most settled squad and probably the best team unit in terms of togetherness and chemistry. We’ve got young players really starting to peak in the career (Gibbs, Ramsey, Walcott) Wilshere and Ramsey could have huge importance to how our season pans out if these two both perform this season and break into the players they have the potential to be i think that would take us from title challenges to title winners. Added to Ozil and Cazorla’s quality in the attack and with Giroud putting every chance in the back of the net at the moment things look good.

    With Podolski, Oxlade Arteta Cazorla Diaby Rosicky all the come back into the squad then we could be a real threat this year.

    On a side note i just realised this could do Diaby a world of good, when he gets back this time around he can be eased into games play 10 minuets here and there and wenger can really take his time getting him match fit. Diabys problem the last few years is he keeps getting rushed back into the team because we’ve needed his quality in there and thats resulted in injuries again. Without that pressure we may finally see Diaby have a injury free period and he could be an asset to us late season

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        1. PatLloyd

          Rather of got Carvajal if were going down that route, but Montoya would be a very good signing too

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      1. leo

        montoya would be a good signing plays like lb jordi alba similar style + a striker in jan & with podolski,cazorla,arteta, & rosciky all set 2 return in 2-3 weeks we could challenge for the title

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  26. Andrew AFC

    You forgot a natural left winger we saw against Marseille we are lacking in that position and you could move Podolski back to a striker where he belongs.

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    1. Andrew AFC

      Just get Ribery he’s french :-) and fits the mould. Then we will have the va va voom back. :-)

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    2. NY_Gunner

      @Andrew AFC
      Maybe we should do as some here have earlier suggested and play Theo on the left wing.

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  27. Jimbeam

    One versatile young defender like Montoya, and one versatile attacker that can play anywhere in the front 3 like Suarez and we are pretty much the team to beat in the EPL.

    We would be less immune to injuries and the form of one single striker.

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  28. Greg

    this had been liverpool”s best start to a season in ”years”! They are playing some nice attacking football, but are a side noted to ”self destruct” sometimes! It”s early yet to say, but it”s left to be seen when the fixtures are cramed in the festive season!

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  29. gunoor

    Been reading the comments. I love this particular line “IN A NEGATIVE SPIRAL MY ASS” in reference to you know who when we lost to them n and increasing our point gap(-7 then?). Well of course the opposite happened…hahahahaahaha…. I love being a Gunner and all you guys….hahaha….

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  30. jjkmiles

    Liverpool will compete for 4th place not first. Tiny totts will compete, in as much as I hate them but they are beta team now n not a one man team lol, next weekend when they play chelshit u wil understand how good they are, we only won them base on wenger experience imo bc they had possessions more than us which strange, I’m not getting carried away yet but top 3 is sure by February 2 nd I will tell u if we can win league or not. Have fun till tomorrow when we will laugh at our rivals again, c fulham taking 1 point

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