Could Suarez hold the key to Arsenal’s transfer of Higuain?

Arsenal’s hopes of signing Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain may rest on the Spanish giants being able to sign Luis Suarez from Liverpool. Arsenal have been chasing Higuain for several weeks and have come very close to signing him with bids and enquiries and even a meeting in Paris with Arsene Wenger and the striker’s father.

Real Madrid are focusing their transfer efforts on signing Suarez because of his desire to leave Liverpool which he has spoken about for the second time on Uruguayan TV. Liverpool have claimed that he is going nowhere but Suarez is adamant he wants to leave and Madrid looks like his only destination at the moment.

Real Madrid signed young Brazilian midfielder Casmeiro the other day and after Suarez, the only other transfer target the club currently has is Tottenham’s Gareth Bale, Madrid’s scout Zinedine Zidane and club president Florentino Perez have spoken many times to the press about Bale.

Madrid will want to get the deal for Suarez done as quickly as possible to have the squad in order before a new manager arrives at the club so he doesn’t have to spend time searching for new players and he can just get on with his plans for next season.

Arsenal have been making bids for several players as reported in the media but Higuain is the only big transfer that seems to be progressing properly. If Madrid can’t get Suarez, they will likely keep Higuain and Jose Callejon at the club instead of bringing in new strikers.

The good news for Arsenal is that Liverpool have signed Spanish striker Iago Aspas from Celta Vigo which seems to signal that Liverpool are ready to let him go for the right price. As soon as Suarez arrives in Madrid Arsenal should be able to wrap up the deal for Higuain quickly and focus on recruiting more players for next season.

It’s not often that Arsenal have to rely on Liverpool to get what they want but that is the situation at the moment.

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35 thoughts on “Could Suarez hold the key to Arsenal’s transfer of Higuain?

  1. Shah95

    Please suarez, leave. You can do better thanLiverpool

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  2. chun

    Cavani -> Man City
    Suarez -> Madrid
    Rooney -> Chelshit
    Lewandowski -> Man Utd
    Higuain -> Arsenal

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  3. Arsenal19

    I heard players in la liga are tastier, hopefully this makes him go there

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  4. shadgunner

    Yeah,Madrid wont let go Higuain unless they secure a replacement..
    Do any of you guyz know how credible FOOTBALL AGENT JIM is…he has said on twitter that Fellaini has signed a 4 year contract with Arsenal.

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  5. ijm

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  6. shadgunner

    Jim Agent apparently used to be a agent himself previously,thats y he has contacts..he also reports Arsenal have signed Cesar..Cesar wanted better terms and was stalling,but then Arsenal began talks with Schwarzer,and Cesar relented coz he is desperate to stay in London.

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  7. Achire micheal

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  8. gamal

    Personally I don’t see what this has to do with the Higuain transfer, both Real Madrid and the player have stated their ambition to part ways so that seems done and dusted, the only question is where he will end up.

    Higuain would be a good addition to the team…good thing is Juve will not be able to afford Higuain and Jovetic, so it seems that we have a good shot at nabbing one of them

    I’m just hoping interest in Jovetic cools…I would hate to see him in a Chelsea shirt…he would be a fantastic signing for us..he would provide perfect competition for podolski on the left while Giroud continues his develop in the middle..he could also play centrally if needed, whereas Higuain is less dynamic.

    Jovetic > Higuain

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  9. JStarrr

    Yo…anybody see the article claiming that out of the three clubs interested in Fellini (Us, Chelsea and United) he would rather be a gunner…An interview…look it up.

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  10. mozein

    imagin felliani cazorla arteta/wilshere and probably fabregas in our team…………….i will be d happiest..coyg

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  11. Gautham

    I’ve been searching for it but can’t find it. Can you post the link?

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  12. SD

    @ shadgunner even if Fellaini has agreed terms it doesn’t mean that much if Arsene goes into penny pinching mode again and Everton find another buyer. Besides, I have no idea about the validity of that or other rumors. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to wait for Arsenal to make an announcement.

    I will be happy with Fellaini, Cesar, and a top level striker. I prefer Higuain over Jovetic, as I think Jovetic becomes more of a left winger or false 9 in this league.

    Also, anyone watch Joel Cambell in the Mexico v Costa Rica game? Can we STILL not get him a work permit?

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  13. Bosscielny

    I don’t want Suarez to leave the PL. Massively talented player and extremely fun to watch.

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  14. Codedgun

    @shadgunner….pls can i get agent jim’s twitter handler?

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  15. shadgunner

    @SD yeah mate! even i wont believe anything,until its announced..but hopefully v wud get Higuain,Fellaini and Cesar..they wud make us real contenders..Higuain is massively underated,his finishing ability is what u expect frm a top-class striker.
    And people go on how,fellaini is more of a attacking player,but they fail to realise,how many balls the man wins in both the boxes..defensively he is an asset,and he wud be banging in headers fRm free-kicks and corners,wow..i just got overcome by my dreams!

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  16. Goonsquad8

    no suarez has nothing to do with it, higuain already publicly stated he wanted to leave so hes getting sold. i just hope wenger just pays the fee and does not be the penny pinching manager we’ve all found out he is. make this transfer window different than all the others please wenger

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  17. el gooneraldo

    sorry to be a party pooper but we should not get our hopes high for Higuain because every single spanish journalist i have heard over the past 2 weeks reckons Higuain is going to join Juventus, why are we not being linked with Tevez personally i would love to see him in an Arsenal shirt.

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  18. Ganaz

    @Bob while other clubs are turning speculations to truth,you are here lying to us.Nothjing is going on…what Wenger and Gazidis are doing is just to get us believe them.Since the rumours begun nothing has happen,so Bob can you please something that can cheer us up other than Wenger’s lie please.

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  19. skin

    Wenger supposedly reluctant to meet fellainis buy out clause here we go again make do with second best…. Im sorry but wenger has to go if he doesnt make most of this money

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  20. Bosscielny

    Seems like I can’t post the link here.

    To find the news on Fellaini, search Football Agent Jim on Twitter.

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  21. cooleddy

    The transfer season is about just begun,but I’m already fed up with it. Man.c,and chelsea have already bought their desired players and are now about wrapping up transfer issues. For us it has always been the sluggish approach. Towards the end of the transfer season, Wenger will sing his old too familiar tune of not seeing the right materials that fit the club and the cycle of cup dailures will continue. Just wish he would surprise me and my pessimism this one season.

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  22. Codedgun

    @Bossienly… Tnx, found it…@shadgunner what are u feeling like?

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  23. Karl

    The board is simply playing on our nuts. A story comes up Higuain is on the verge of signing,another one comes out later that he’s signing for Juventus. It’s so annoying! Let Wenger sign Higuain,Fellaini and Cesar

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  24. palmer17

    Higuain fellani cesar and if any money left or a chance isco… then get fabregas for next season.. just a dream i know

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  25. napersie

    arsenal waiting till their staffs are back before they complete any transfer… I want to ask please… WHO AGREED BEDTNERS deal to leave ARSENAL??

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  26. eliot

    I have always said supported your team. But even I am getting frustrated that a misely million or two would stop us from getting our top targets!!

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  27. dilla

    Suarez is definitely NOT the key to us getting Higuain because Madrid are in talks with Cavani. Thats reason enough that Higuain is on his way out. Good for us. Madrid will want to generate transfer money ASAP and clear up wage space so they’ll want to find a club for Higuain fast. Also good for us. Juve have NO money. signed Llorente for free, loaned in ‘worlds greatest striker’ Bendtner. To me, that doesn’t sound like a club with a lot of cash to spend. If we make a decent bid, Higuain will be a gunner for sure!

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  28. Danosharshar

    Maybe Suarez will hungrier for success in La Liga. Not just success aye;)

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  29. Antique Gunmen

    Madrid isn’t goin’ to lick their own spit. Higuain will go anyway. Flo Perez spoke himself when his announced that they need 2 top class no.9, and therefore Benzema(22 years)stay, Higuain go. I’m sure they’ll get Suarez, who allready declare worldwide his unsettlement running career in England (thank’s a lot to the press folks).
    We are now in bidding war with Juve, and I’m sure we gonna win this one, as long as Arsene pay focus on it, not distract on other irrational target like Rooney or Lewandowski. Rooney is over rated (30-40M),and overpaid (230-250K) according to his inferiority to RVP last season. Lewandoski will cost minimum 30M, and with ManU as competitor,I think we’ve to offer him 200K just to have his consideration over ManU.
    And we absolutely don’t rely on Liverpool for Higuain.

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  30. toumazis

    DO NOT raise any hope by signing establish players to get players we need someone like Usmanov 2 tell the manager 2 buy not sell like kroenker. and 2 be honest we need his money and the love he has 4 the club makes him a real GOONER.

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