Gervinho to return to Arsenal but will he play?

Arsene Wenger has told the media that he would have added to the Arsenal squad last month if he had been able to find available players of the right quality, but he could not, apparently. Many Arsenal fans were hoping for another striker, with David Villa the centre of a great deal of speculation, but Barcelona apparently refused to sell.

The Frenchman seems to have a much higher opinion of Gervinho, however, because he explains his reasons for not adding a striker by stating that the Ivorian international was the best player at the African Cup of Nations, so there was no point getting anyone else. That suggests to me that Wenger is planning to use Gervinho, which might worry some Gooners. If he is planning to play the 25-year old, it would be best to do it soon, to try to take advantage of the confidence he will have from hitting four goals since joining up with his country.

“In the Africa cup of Nations, the best player is Gervinho. It’s simple. Why should we go there when the best player is Gervinho? We already have Gervinho.

“Manchester United, who did they buy? Chelsea, who did they buy? Liverpool bought, Man City didn’t buy, for one simple reason.

“For the top, top, top clubs it’s difficult to strengthen your team in the middle of the season.”

Gervinho will be disappointed that his team went out of the tournament at the weekend to a good Nigeria, but that does mean he will be back in time to play against Sunderland on Saturday. With Walcott hoping to start in the middle, Gervinho could take his place on the right. If he can repeat his performances from recent international games for Arsenal, then he may still have a future at the Emirates, but he must be getting close to his last chance.

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52 thoughts on “Gervinho to return to Arsenal but will he play?

  1. Rick Rocket

    He has had his last chance, several times already in my eyes.

    Not good enough for Arsenal!

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  2. mutihaha

    LOL…had forgoten about Gervinhio. hope the fresh air freshened him up!

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  3. TheMessenger

    Let’s give him a chance. He’s been doing really well lately

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  4. xavi

    Now that transfer window is closed, u’ve got no meaningful article to post anymore.

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  5. horliquegold

    Gervino is still good plz lets give him a second chance to get a space in arsenal. Arsenal is getting better, just like my country surprise everyone to knockout ivory coast under 90 minutes.

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  6. gooner

    man utd bought zaha…chelsea bought ba!! wenger clearly was sleeping during transfer window!

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  7. Kjacko

    Competing with an in form Podolski, Giroud, Walcott and a more reliable Ox.

    Goodluck Gervinho.

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  8. Melon

    No place for gervinho…. but he is our player and i will support him anyway!!!

    good luck gervinho!!!

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  9. twat

    when barca the w#nkers ask for our players tell them to f**k off okay?

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  10. Joe

    Gervinho can be a good squad player for us. Good enough for the first team? No to inconsistent but he would make a good impact player towards the end of the game.

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  11. AFCEdwards

    I’d expect him to play against Blackburn and games in the League Cup next year while using him as an impact sub late on in games

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  12. Joe

    If he proves himself in training them give him a chance. He always seems to play well when the pressures off him. Wish there was a way to take the pressure off him at Arsenal.

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  13. artillery1

    For God sake, he even dont deserve ARSENAL SHIRT… Y fans forget thier performance………..????

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  14. bashman

    gervinho is clearly fourth choice behind podolski, walcott and aoc for the wings and fourth choice behind giroud, walcott and podolski for the strikers role. will he play? only if there are injuries or as a sub/rotation etc

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  15. PAN

    If gervinho can yous his brains and his legs in tandem he will be a very good player

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  16. juhislihis

    We should swap him for Dries Mertens who has been the most consistent winger for years. Win win for everyone:

    Arsenal get more competition on the wings, Gervinho can shine in far less physical league (Eredivisie).

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  17. Vlad

    It’s one thing to compete against African teams, and a completely different thing to play against top English clubs. He may be a star over there, but he’s just an average player in the premier league, in my opinion, of course. I’m not sure what he makes a week, but if it’s not too much, keep him as a backup, and use in meaningless games. Otherwise, cut him, and get a decent player instead.

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  18. Invincibles nice (1)

    The major difference is that manu and manc didnt need strengthening as they are miles ahead, even che didnt need to add beyond the striker they brought in.

    As for why add another African when we have the best (highly debatable with Drogba streets ahead), no one said it had to be an African… and no one said that Afican strikers should be the only position filled by an African

    Im a big fan of Wengers talents but must admit one of his talents im not too keen on is his artistic bs

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  19. Gooner 1


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  20. Gunnerineverylife

    Wenger is deluded.A top,top,top,top club competes for trohpies not for top 4.

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  21. John Legend

    When Chelski got Ba, Liverpool got Sturidge, Manure got Zaha and Wenger fells they din’t buy, I wonder what he was thinking in January. Oook!!! For a positive, I wonder what his plans for the summer are.

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  22. goonerwave

    any chance we could import in some extra sunshine when Gervinho plays… i watched a few games he played in the africa cup.. and he actually played well.. i am beginning to wonder if his form is run on solar power?? maybe we need to import some sun whenever Gervinho plays

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  23. eliot

    One I heard people sau Theo Walcot had no football brain. Every one called for his head! Now he is suddenly the messiah. Gevinho will improve. He started like a house on fire at the begining of the season but simmered down. He should be encouraged not cut down.

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  24. hmmm

    I will give him another try. We are stuck with him anyway until summer the least. If he can translate his form at AFCON and scores more then I’ll be pretty pleased

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  25. Gunnerineverylife

    Looks like Barca are involved in match fixing and doping.Greatest team of all time eh?I hope if found guilty they are punished severely but Platini and Blatter loves them so I wont be surprised if they make an intervention to save them.Even Messi seems two-faced,they have also been accused of giving drugs to remove tiredness,Messi plays whole year doesnt he?

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  26. ZIMBO

    Ramsey was probably in the same bracket as gervinho BUT our manager Le prof had faith in him & he is now impressing again, as much as I want to jump on the ‘to hell with gervinho’ bandwagon , im sorry this time I’m going with Mr Wenger, whatever you say boss!

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  27. gunner12343565

    Give him to spuds that will answer there striker crisis and make sure they dont get top 4

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  28. Gunnerforlife

    Gervinho can improve or not for Arsenal and give some value add we wil get to know by summer. But if he doesn’t play good then we will be stuck with him as noone will want to byu him. He has shown signs of talent at times but lately he has been poor. The reason migh be playing at different positions. He has got to think fast when he is around the box and pass without keep running round and round

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  29. i love arsenal

    Good as a sub. Mannone kosceilny jenkinson ramsey diaby ox Gervinho. Strong bench ? I would like to ask that how many player can do as a sub ?

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  30. bob

    Gervinho…has NOT been the best player at the african nations cup…..!!!!!!!

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  31. Mo Owais

    I have seen glimpses of Gerviniho where he has really impressed- unfortunately it is not often enough! He has abit of pace but lacks in majority of the other attributes (Power, Shooting, crossing)- another season with us working on these can turn this player around. I think we should keep him for another season at least!

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  32. Flexo

    Best what????? Was gervinho featured in the AFCON quarter final match against Nigeria? Its either he wasnt there or he ran away from the ball. That he played one good game or plays for Arsenal doesnt make him the best. Another wenger excuse, anyone?????

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  33. Arsenal1Again

    Some fans are forgetting Gervinho getting Man Of The Match for Arsenal displays means he can’t be as crap as they think.

    Did you know that having the latest Ferrari car means you have a good car and that getting a Veyron the week after will not stop the Ferrari being a good car. Just becsuse we have better players than Gervinho does not make him crap. He gives us depth. When any one of Podolski, Walcott (do you really want Ramsey or Cazirla wasted there again?), or Giroud is injured, we have African player of the African znations Cup as a stand in.

    I am very comfortable with this. We are always an injury away from dropped points because we don’t have cover. Gervinho is very adequate cover.

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  34. Michael Staley

    People dismissing Gervinho as rubbish forget his good performances at the start of the season. He’s a fantastic dribbler, and worth persevering with.

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  35. jermaine

    cut gervinho some slack he is a very tricky customer and as a defender u wont no what to espect. dicision maling is his achilies heel he will gaine that from confidense somthing u cant gain from repeatidly being in ANd out the squad playing in many positioins

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  36. GreenGooner

    Lets be honest, Gervinho hasnt really set the world alight since signing for Arsenal.

    He isn’t currently one of our starting XI and im sure many people don’t have him in their ideal squad of 18 on a matchday.

    However, theres nothing that can be done about the past, lets move forward, give him a clean slate and support him as being part of the Arsenal squad.

    If he comes on or starts then lets support him as one of our own. Come the end of the season, opinions can be made and vocalised.

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  37. Brad

    The African nation opponents are hardly in the same class as the opposition of the premier that’s why he performed ok come on look at the quality difference , about 15 reasonable players spread around the whole tournament . The fella has not even seemed able to the basics in an arsenal shirt , he has pace and needs to use it , I’m all for another chance but to me they must be running out

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  38. allan1340

    Is it not too early to judge poor Gervinho???? I know the guy has had some error but it does not mean he is not good, some times player has realy bad days and we have too accept that they are human too. there is lot of super top players that some times it takes time to find thier best form again player like Torres but it does not mean they are not good enough they just need time. Maybe Gervinho is under pressure when he play for Arsenal, its not easy to play for top clubs when there is big big expectation from the club and fans. GIVE THE MAN TIME HE DESERVE IT.

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  39. Germinho

    Well.. Gervinho had a sliver of luck in the Afcon games because the teams they played were crap and frankly he was lucky to have popped those goals. If you watched the last game with Nigeria, He played utter rubbish and always lost control of the ball and didn’t create any chance. I hope the Germ doesn’t get playtime immediately and OX takes his place.. and you cant compare the level of the EPL to the Afcon..

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  40. cosmos

    Gervinho is plain crap, simple. skill without intelligence in football is rubbish in today’s football. Watched him in the CDV vs NGA match, his performance is zero. Not worthy of an Arsenal player in my opinion. Wenger’s statement is either a clear reflection of his delusion or just lies and refusal to admit he’s another flop buy. I’m noy buying either.

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  41. Ryan

    Gervinho obviously has talent. his decision making is poor, but he can get better at that. He’s a very good dribbler and works hard. Confidence effects him greatly. Remember how well he played at the start of the season. Give him a chance guys. He’s a part of our team. Support the man.

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  42. daniel

    Gervinho has played absolutely awful all season and deserved the criticism he received, but having said that, he’s had a chance to play really well for his country and we should give him a clean sheet for the rest of the year,

    he definitely has abilities that we can use for certain matches, just imagine the combo of gervinho, walcott, podolski or Ox as strikers against a team with slow defender, we would annihilate teams like that, he can play right or left wing so that provides us with even more cover for all attacking positions (because all our other forwards except giroud are versatile) If only wenger would rotate out the bad form players…

    I’m ready for a good year though! (and some buys in the summer)

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    @gooner 1= true fan? The managers name is Arsene not Arsen. Also, I think you’ll find Arsene didn’t sign parker, unless i’m very much mistaken, he plays for that shit club round the corner….. MUG

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  44. lopez

    Gervinho has been great for Arsenal i think, specially when playing on the left wing, up front not so much bu tin General when he is played on the left wing he delivers and works hard, he never pulls out of 50/50′s either and most of the time he gets past the full backs, he has assisted many goals for us already, i rather have him than Ramsey playing on the wing, Arshavin is not good for us either…so Gervinho deserves our respect as Arsenal fans, he has worked hard and has also scored important goals

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  45. lopez

    I also remember very well people talking very bad things about Walcott last year too…remember he was under fire last year too just like Gervinho…it only took a few games for everyone to change their mind

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  46. kokone

    Wenger is keeping Squillaci since he will be THE BEST defender in Europe.

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  47. Johnno

    Gervhino isn’t a bad player. But he isn’t an overly smart player. He does tend to lose his head and run around with the ball like a headless chicken until he runs out of room. But when he’s playing well and is confident then he is pretty dangerous. I certainly don’t think he’s a striker though.

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