Giroud ready to get back in the Goals for Arsenal

Olivier Giroud has not scored for Arsenal since November 17th, when his crisp striker’s finish put the Gunners ahead against Tottenham just before half time. The French international has missed quite a few of the intervening games, starting four of the seven games since, but he knows that he needs to get back on the scoresheet and help to fire Arsenal back up the Premier league table.

“It’s been an interesting few months but now I want to do more.” Giroud said.

“I am an Arsenal player and, rightly, expectations are high. I am trying to do what the boss asks of me, to put pressure on defenders and to improve on protecting and holding the ball.

“We put a lot of good crosses in, so it is important I get on the end of them and score.

“I am feeling much better and better in this team all the time. I know my team mates now, and things are more automatic on the pitch, which makes things easier for me.”

Arsenal badly need a win for league position and to start putting the horrendous cup game against Bradford behind us. Hopefully we will be able to start with a full strength side, including Giroud, Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott as the front three. Giroud was a little generous about the number and quality of crosses he gets, but with Podolski and Gibbs on the left, with Walcott and Sagna on the right, the service in to the big man should be plentiful.

Reading vs. Arsenal will be on

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22 thoughts on “Giroud ready to get back in the Goals for Arsenal

  1. goonar

    Tonight shout for usmanov and take banners! LETS PUT PRESSURE ON KROENKE GUNNERS!!! BRING US USMANOV AND DEIN!!!

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  2. aggo

    Lets support our club and players, I still hope in some qualitN players in january. IN ARSENAL I TRUST!!

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  3. Doris

    Lets just buy the whole Bradford team!!! They have beaten 2 premiership teams which is more than Norwich! Their whole team will only cost £7500!!! Thats a bargain basement clearout sale and the squad will be totally bumped up!!! lol!!

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  4. Gunner

    Cmon Giroud make us proud. COYG a win would make me soo happy. All i want for christmas is Arsenal to be playing well and high in the table with quality signings in jan. I would love that.

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  5. Gunner

    I Posted a comment a few months back saying i was a leyton orient youth player, well my christmas has come early and i going to get promoted to first team in jan :) :):). Hopefully i can build from here and maybe 1 day play for Arsenal. and btw i play Lone striker or just behind striker.
    Peace Every1. Wish me luck. :)

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  7. leo

    denislon still expects arsenal stay,while park is still on arsenal wage list some here said he wasn’t given chance he played for celt vigo for three games in a row the manager realised he is sh*t hasn’t played since then he makes gervinho look good he is not even good for a club like celta vigo how can he be good for afc same for bendtner wenger needs to get ruthless & dump them

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  8. leo

    wenger needs to stop bieng lenient & clear the squad & give wage to the desrving ones learn from some other managers like mourniho at inter he got rid of some of deadowood by make them sit in reseves & imposing fine on tem for small incidents that drove them out wenger need to do the same he clearly said in summer that park,squallaci,bendtner,denislon will be leaving still these crap players haven’t left

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  9. Alex

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  10. leo

    acc to sources Walcott has agreed terms with Chelsea not surprised another cahsley reports say that theo could join chelski for 10-15m & wenger might replace him with probably ben arfa

    Inter Milan are preparing to make a bid to take Marouane Chamakh on loan in January. [Gazetta dello Sport] while firoentina wants him for 5m

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  11. Jah gun dem down

    To say the truth, giroud speaks more than he scores… he unlike norwich’s holt, doesn’t use his body size to his advantage

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  12. leo

    Football legend Johan Cruijff can’t believe Wenger’s position at Arsenal is being questioned. “I have a lot of respect for clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal, who are already more than 15 years have the same manager. Someone like Sir Alex Ferguson in Manchester not only the man who must perform, but is now also for the standards and values of the club.I have the same with Arsène Wenger at Arsenal. I find it incredibly handsome, that under his leadership the club has remained at the top for years, without even once to write red numbers. Arsène is able to identify with Arsenal. ”

    all the experts shut it

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  13. artillery1

    Love to see u again :)

    n Hope so the “Fore Head-The Waste” Wont start ahead of U or Wallcot or Podolski!

    Rosicky Must Start at all!

    FANS: M telling plz plz Save Us! Mean dont let Ramsey n GERVINHO start at all! U have too BOOOOOO, cox enough is enough!
    ROSICKY is better than Gervinho on Wings.
    Giroud is much better than Gervinho as ST.

    Gervinho dont deserve ARSENAL START!
    u dont want to change Manager, U dont want to change Players by Shouting thier Names, n either dont want to BOO at those who even dont deserve ARSENAL shirt!


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  14. leo

    let’s us all bring usmanov in stan out banner to the emirares for next game after reading let’s show the owners we have had enough it’s about time they hear our voices/opinions time to kick greed out

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  15. artillery1






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  16. Arsene Wenger

    Demba Ba wants to come to Arsenal! He is only 9 mil. PLEASE WE MUST GET HIM. And Fellaini and Diame. Please those are three quality players for cheap and it’s possible to get them next month… pleaseeeee

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  17. s is the name

    @ arsene wenger

    fellaini will not come cheap.hell cost around 30million.if we are to spend that much money on one player we should rather go for cavani.

    on a different note,a win tonight will get us to 5th position.COME ON ARSENAL!!!!

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  18. kelvin muthami

    Giroud stop the rant, I have heard so from you severally. Nothing is forthcoming keep quite and show your game on the pitch. I mean football is not played by mouth. Show us your game before you talk

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  19. Uche

    Will you guys stop wasting your time fantasizing about Usmanov. He is not a foot ball player that we can sign. Ownership is a totally different ball game. Kroenke is majority share holder. Usmanov is minority. Kroenke owns arsenal and unless he chooses to sell, your banners and bickering are meaningless. Fantasize about achievable things like Klaas Hunterlar or Demba Ba. But get off this usmanov band wagon. It aint gonna happen.

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