Gnabry, Ryo and Sanogo in Arsenal squad for Stoke?

Before the Arsenal first team took on and beat Marseille in the first Champions League group game last night, the under 19 version of the Gunners put their French equivalents to the sword with an emphatic 4 – 1 win. It was an excellent performance from the youngsters, and Serge Gnabry’s double may well have earned him a place in the squad for the Stoke game on Sunday.

Gnabry came off with around 20 minutes to play, and the injury problems affecting Arsenal could mean a place on the bench for the young German. He will probably be joined by our 20-year old Japanese international Ryo Miyaichi. Ryo came on for the last few minutes last night, replacing Flamini, and is the only real option available to Arsene Wenger on the left flank.

The same could be said of 18-year old Gnabry on the right. I expect us to start with the same team as last night, to be honest there is not a great deal of choice, especially on the attacking side. However, as we know, Stoke City are always a fairly physical side, increasing the chances of one or two Gunners being on the end of a `robust` challenge or two.

Yaya Sanogo may also be back in the squad, because Sunday was the date he was supposed to be able to return, according to Again, if he is in the squad, he will be the only spare striker available to the boss. Hopefully, of course, he won’t be needed, but it will make life more relaxed to have him on the bench.

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56 thoughts on “Gnabry, Ryo and Sanogo in Arsenal squad for Stoke?

  1. Archangel

    I have a strange feeling those 3 boys would looked oddly out of place on the pitch against stoke…it’s a game for men, best leave the boys out for now. There is wba on wednesday when they can all start, with dench, bendtner and eisfeld

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    1. Andrew AFC

      I agree Bendtner needs to prove to us all he’s worthy of playing in an Arsenal shirt .

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    2. NY_Gunner

      I say throw em in and let them get their knocks as well as get the feel of first team play.
      Cellblock S(Stoke) FC are the epitome of EPL physicality and Mark Hughes has opened up their attacking play.

      Let loose the “Young Gunz”

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    1. th14

      Were only a striker short in attacking positions weve just been incredibly unlucky with injuries.
      We have 5 regulars in the starting XI out injured. If man u lost say valencia, carrick, rooney, kagawa and nani to injury there bench will only have 2 first team attacking subs hernandez (or welbeck depending on whos in the line up) and cleverly.
      If your wandering why i know so much about the man u squad its cause me and my friend (man u supporter) had this same discussion.

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    2. Tidan2

      ST is the only position that really Needs back-up, all the other positions we have good cover but we have SEVEN injuries so of course we won’t have a full bench of impact subs, but we do have 4/7 subs with experience, its a perfect chance for youngster who won’t get a chance when people come back.

      A ST and a proper Winger and we have a complete squad but I think you may be over reacting.

      Also, Giroud is a beast who rarely gets injured, he will play 90%+ of our games this season without any issues.

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  2. PatLloyd

    Frimpong is more suited for Stoke, give em a taste of their own medicine!

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  3. nmdb

    i just feel like we might fare better with gnabry starting on the left wing,giving wenger a chance to rest most probably wilshere……..besides,,me thinks we have more balance playing with two proper wingers with lots of pace to burn………….the attacks tend to be more incisive

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    1. AlmiR

      are u serious? we need to win all matches, thats how champions are born, win and only win!!! thats mentality!!!

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          1. Andrew AFC

            I agree we should win the EPL and the CL and the back up option would be the FA cup not a mickey mouse cup.

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    2. Andrew AFC

      What do we want the Capital one cup or the EPL it’s time to make a decision. History tells us that the club that wins the league cup doesn’t win the league unless they have got a big squad of quality players.

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      1. NY_Gunner

        @Andrew AFC
        Thats why I say throw in the “Young Gunz” against CBS FC (Stoke)as well as West Brom and let them get the experience. Win or lose, at least they learn how to deal and will hone their skills in the process.
        Because for now, and in the future, they are our bench…

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        1. Andrew AFC

          Not against Stoke as I said we need to win against the mid table clubs to win the EPL.

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  4. Greg

    Stoke is rough side with their ”rugby tactics”! I think gnarby, ryo, and sonogo should be brought on if were 1 or 2 goals up and with about 20 minutes to go! Let giroud, theo, ozil and the rest of the first them take care of of those ruffians!coyg!

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      1. Tobiasnewman

        If they are going to replace ozil then surley mata would be the closest thing? Eriksen is not in the same league as ozil…hence why he plays at spuds loool

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        1. Tobiasnewman

          Last year of his contract tbh he whored himself out all summer and then finaly settled for spuds

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      1. Henryesk

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  5. Tobiasnewman

    Against stoke i would love us to line up like this:

    sagna mertesaker koscielny gibbs
    flamini ramsey
    walcott ozil gnabry

    then depending on the score replace flamini with frimpong, walcott with myachi and ozil with eisfeld

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  6. abishek

    jack and giroud needs rest, remaining guys can win us the game against stoke. If It doesn’t happen by 65mins then use them as subs.

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    1. muda

      Nope I don’t buy your idea, let’s win 1st and then sub them if needed when we are leading like 3-0.. Don’t forget the rule of WINNING the LEAGUE: must win against lower teams and don’t lose against TOP TEAMs

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    1. RSH

      They’re two of our more physical players, so we’ll definitely need em this weekend. Agree, a good amount of the team should get a rest against West Brom.

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  7. AlanFrank

    Not against stoke although stoke are are differnt team this season not as rough, but can’t afford to play youth in the league every game is vital. I’d give at leat one of them a chance against west brom in the league cup next week.possibly two need to give the likes of Grioud and theo a break a lot of games coming up especially with internationals & with having so many injuries there going to pl playing a lot of football.

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  8. frankn

    God help us if Rambo gets injured. I still can’t believe how he has silenced his many critics so effectively.

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  9. TG65

    I would go with our strongest line up against Stoke and then rest a number of players in the Cup game. We have an opportunity with our schedule to go on quite a run before we encounter the other true contenders. Let’s build a lead as opposed to chasing the lead as we have done in previous years.

    For the mid-week game, we can bring in TV5, Jenks, Monreal, Arteta(?),Frimpong, Sanogo and some of the younger players and give a rest to Jack, Rambo, Giroud, Theo and Ozil. It’s still not a bad line up and until we get all of our players back from injury, I would prioritize the League instead of the lesser of the Cups.

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    1. Tobiasnewman

      jenkinson mertesaker vermaelen monreal
      arteta frimpong
      myachi eisfeld gnabry

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      1. jermaineBryan

        that’s to lite west brom are a good team

        I would only play 3 of;frimpong/ryo/eisfeld/gnabry/sanogo

        jenks merts verm nacho
        arteta flamini
        gnabry ryo
        subs;giroud,gibbs,wilkshire,ramsey,koscielney,sagna#this team is set up too counter attack with allot of pace and precision.#

        its important that ozil gets use to playing with us and he would get a chance to see how he would connect with wallcott up top.

        wallcott has been on the handbreaks lately so shouldn’t be suffering from fatigue like the others.

        flamini also gets a chance to play as arteta when fit would be infront

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  10. Ks-Gunner

    Ryo is such a rare player very talented….but him being so inexperienced and the lack of gaming time he is having at Arsenal is going to ruin his future at the club …

    he needs to build up some muscels and do his best with some of the cup oppertuneties he is going to to get…common Ryo

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    1. Tobiasnewman

      Failing game time send him to wigan on loan owen coyle is a god when it comes to helping our fring youth become amzing

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      1. NY_Gunner

        Better yet. Give him some first team playing time at Arsenal…
        Playing alongside his own team mates, especially the first team will be all the fire he and any of the other “Young Gunz” will ever need…

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        1. Tobiasnewman


          i totaly agree with you however i feel that the title will be very closesly faught this season and unfortuntley when ox and podolski cazorla are back from injury myachi realisticaly wont het a look in unless for the league cup and early fa cup where as we realisticly need him playing at a club where he will get game time week in week out

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          1. Ks-Gunner

            indeed very true…he did a fine jobe with Wilsher and Sturridge and Ryo was also playing lots of games under him…

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          2. NY_Gunner

            Sounds good. But that won’t likely happen until after Jan. We need them to step up NOW…

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  11. AlmiR

    i cant wait to see ozil in form, cazorla and him will shake opponents, like a baby rattle !!!

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  12. rkw

    Arsenal’s future rests on ozil jack and santi working together…big blow to have santi out so more the other two play and build understanding the better for us….Walcott can be dropped without damaging this teams prospects….personally will be happier when arteta is back as he remains the best link up to the attacking midfield.but right side of defence continues to be a worry..most of Marseilles threat came down that side on Wednesday..I am not a big jenkinson fan but I don’t think Sagna can offer reliability anymore so giving him game time is only way to get improvement from him and the relatively easy games til November should give him opportunity

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  13. ger

    Nah Stoke aren’t a team to put inexperienced players who aren’t of the same physicality as Stokes rugby men, keep with the starting 11 but Frimpong should get a place on the bench he has that physicality to match stoke

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  14. RSH

    Desperately wanna beat Stoke. They’re probably the #3 team I hate most in the BPL. Not a traditional rival for us, but I still get extra pleasure when we beat em. They purposely go for a draw against us and do everything to frustrate the team. Let’s give it to em this weekend

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  15. summerbreez

    Is arteta back how fit ? wounder how fit is bendtner ?
    I could go with arteta …flamini…..ramsy

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    1. RSH

      Rumors are that Arteta may be back for Capital One Match. Bendtner is still getting fit again to play. Havent heard when he’ll be back tho.

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  16. ArnSam

    Give the young guns a chance. I believe they have a thing or two to prove. Some talks about their lack of experience…how will they get it????

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