Goals are coming for Arsenal

Mertesacker Believes That The New Signings Need Time To Settle by AM

Per Mertesacker has conceded in an interview to Daily Mirror that Lukas Podolski and the new signings did struggle to be on the same page at times, but he is also hopeful of the fact that the German International will score freely once he settles down. Mertesacker said -

‘We saw a lot of misunderstandings against Sunderland, especially in the first half. One guy wanted the one-two, the other in behind.

‘So we need a bit of time, especially with the new players, but I think it is coming.

‘It was tough for Podolski because it was his first game up front. But he will get used to the game, switch on quickly and score a lot for us.’

It is to be noted that Podolski was played in a central role, which is interesting considering the fact that the former FC Koln player has played most of his career in a wide forward role. For Germany and Koln, Podolski started on the left. It might be due to the fact that Wenger didn’t want to start Giroud, as the center forward has just returned from international duty.

It would be interesting to see the team composition when both Podolski and Giroud start together. Then it would most likely be that Giroud would start upfront, Podolski on the left with Gervinho/Walcott/Chamberlain on the right. It seems highly unlikely that Podolski would continue in his central role.

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33 thoughts on “Goals are coming for Arsenal

  1. Robin Van Payslip

    I would have previously though Podolski wouldn’t play central either. But at the weekend Wenger specifically mentioned him as the central striker.

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  2. QiwjeHdjfkfl

    We just need to be patient and let our new players adapt and settle

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  3. mr gunners

    podolski to score over 15 goals this season walcott to score 14

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  4. COYG

    i thought sahin was supposed to be announced by now there was an article earlier about it

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  5. craig2500

    It takes time, Everyone has knocked our game because we didnt score meanwhile Utd, Spuds and Liverpool all LOST. To win the league you can only afford to loose 3 or 4 games over a season so already they have lost a life. RVP didnt score 30 goals in his first season so you should not put that pressure on our strikers, get behind them, support them, Welcome the to AFC – please dont boo them.

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  6. mr gunners

    sahin will be announced very soon there just stalling abit on the purchase after option real madrid tryna put 14mil in the clause but the genius mr wenger aint aving it but will be sorted soon just imagine

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  7. craig2500

    Might be an idea though to have another back up striker for when we loose the dead wood, a player with prem experience – Not Hesky :)

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  9. liam stack

    i am really looking forward to this guy when he is settled(which will probably be next game)because his left foot is an absolute rocket one of the most powerful shots ive ever seen and i truly believe fans will love him soon

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  10. mr lean

    great coming on here reading all the opinions and thoughts of my fellow gooners and the debates which follow but be nice just for once to have some real news rather than rumours so any one got any genuine info they can share ?

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  11. light

    ahh the DM

    same guys who think we need a new squad to compete good paper.

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  12. unknown

    A United fan asked an Arsenal fan if Van Persie will be a flop or a hit for them…?
    Arsenal fan smiled and said he will be a big hit but give him 8 years to prepare!

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  13. Smiley

    I don’t know why we’re putting all the blame on our new signings, even if they were fully settled in, Sunderland were time wasting when we still had half an hour to go. At least we dominated the game when you looked at the Chelsea game they were good for 10 minutes then Wigan were all over them even when you looked at the stats Wigan had more possession shots ect, and also Everton against Man U. Hopefully the signings of Sahin and possibly M’Villa some of the players will gain more momentum, can’t wait for sunday! COYG

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  14. leo

    a new striker is on his way to arsenal not sure who & by the way juve had their bid of 14m for llorente rejected probably the player wants england move afc,mcfc,cfc who could it be

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  15. maddy

    Give him time he and giroud will be better pair than donkey and shrek..

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  16. gunners(bd)

    we need a ST surly,we cant experiment all the time at this stage,if one of pody or giroud get injured who he gonna replace then?? chamak, r u kidding me?? if we hd a get a ST u can compete with giroud..and i dnt wanna c walcot as a ST at this moment if soo thn give him the chance at league cup to show how skilful he is as a ST…but really wanna c a new ST, pody is more dangerous is wide areas where we can produce some really good ball in the box..gunners for life

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  17. LeProf knows more than you

    Nice to see some sensible Gooners on here today!…

    I think Podolski will come good once he’s settled and you’ll probably find that Arsene will rotate him and Giroud depending on the opposition.

    It’s nice to have a few options up front now and with our new little gem, Cazorla, plus Gervinho starting particularly well, I think we will worry a few this season.

    I’m genuinely optimisitic this year and can’t wait to shove it down the throats of the critics (some being our own fans!)

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  18. Bob Dylan

    How about
    ——Wilshere (his not no.10 for nothing)

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  19. leo

    adebayor completes spuds transfer cavani closing in on cfc that leaves 1 club in london for striker for llorente could it be

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  20. LeProf knows more than you

    @ Bob Dylan…

    I agree with most of your selection but I don’t think we will get M’Vila. My guess would be (if all fit) Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla as the middle three with Podolski, Walcott and Giroud up front.

    We’ll probably get Sahin so I think he and The Ox will be the ones to come in when rotating…

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  21. Msomi

    Le prof i agree with you. We cant get m’villa and sahin at the same time with diaby,ramsey ox available for rotation. Sahin and a defender is what we’ll probably get

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  22. Blind Love

    They will come good. If anyone can get the best out of a player it’s Arsene.

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  23. g882

    Goals will be flowing, just want these transfers sorted and everyone on the same page so the ‘need time to adapt’ thing doesn’t cost us early on. Even if Sahin is here for Stoke I don’t think its the best game to start him in


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  24. green gunner

    Goals this year will be spread about a bit. Pod and Giroud will take theirs as the season unfolds. Walcott! 2nd highest scorer last yr. His finishing is always improving. Arteta and Cazola can shoot from outside the box and should be encouraged to do so. The ox will chip in, in his cameos. Gervinio will make more than score. Oh, and who could forget Vermaelans titanic headers. The future is bright my friends.

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  25. ddelul

    just saying: one important thing missing in gunner… Accurate Shooting…no matter how good u drible,dfend,control,run fast,if we cant shoot the ball accurately,its useless… Y henry,rvp n many other in ep is top scorer?bcoz they can shoot accurately… U can hve any striker,dfnder n 90% possesion u want,but if u cant shoot well,whats the point? all gunner need hshooting training…Including the GK… Espcially long range shooting…i only can named ARTETA that can shoot well…

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  26. Jerrycool

    Sahin is coming mates…

    ‘Sahin’s departure and an announcement about the loan move is expected later today. Arsenal will pay the whole of Sahin’s wages of 2.8million euro a year nett (around £40,000 a week after taxes have been deducted, so around £80,000 a week gross). Arsenal will also pay a loan fee to Madrid.’ COYG!!!!

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  27. Nick

    I have absolutely zero doubts that Podolski will score a good number of goals for us this season. I’d rather we had 3 15+ goals scorers than 1 30 goal scorer and the next closest only netting 8 anyday! Podolski is a very strong player and if you watch his movement off the ball it’s very easy to see why we wanted him.

    Waiting patiently for the Sahin announcement and the other striker who it seems a lot like it could be Llorente

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  28. ddelul

    justsaying: great news…but its only true if it in arsenal.com … Btw hoping the buying winger rumour doenst mean we r looking someone to replace walcot…

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  29. americangunner

    The winger is Dempsey. He played attacking mid last year but plays on the left mid under Hughes most of his career. We need this guy for cover across all attacking positions. Plus he will work his socks off because he always plays with a chip on his shoulder. Good for headers to score and defend late. Great substitution.

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