Golden Boot? With Arsenal the sky’s the limit for Giroud

After a slow start to his Arsenal career, the France international Olivier Giroud got going and ended up having a decent, if not spectacular first season in the Premier League. The striker showed flashes of brilliance, like his goal against Brighton and some of his clever flicks in link up play, but he was guilty of some poor finishing at times.

So far this season, his finishing has been vastly better, while his link up play, touches on the ball and movement off it have been even better than last time. That is why nobody found it strange when the Mirror reported that Giroud is targeting the Premier League Golden Boot this season.

“With this team I can score many goals,” said the Frenchman. “Can I finish the league’s top scorer? I must have a chance.”

The boss of Arsenal’s Champions League opponents Marseille already knew Giroud from his Tours and Montpellier days, and he thinks that Arsenal could be the perfect team to help the forward get himself right up there with the very best in the world. Elie Baup was speaking before the teams met in Marseille last night.

He said, “Giroud was always appreciated in France. His career was not a typical career, he did not start at a great club level.

“He went to Montpellier, won the French championship, but has progressed now to the point that he started last week in the French national team ahead of others.

“He is powerful, strong in the air and with the midfield he has now at Arsenal, he will continue to progress.”

Giroud is only 26-years old and is learning fast with his Gunners team mates, so there is no reason he can’t get himself into the ranks of Falcao, Cavani, Droga and others, but there are still two players who are playing football on a different planet to everyone else, Messi and Ronaldo. Giroud will need to keep up his current rate of a goal a game to even come close.

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49 thoughts on “Golden Boot? With Arsenal the sky’s the limit for Giroud

  1. Manofsteel

    All he has to do is kick the ball in the direction of the goal posts. Ozil, Carzola and JW10 will do the hard part for him

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      1. Gunnerforlife

        He was found too out of place against Marseille…But that may be bcos of not fully fit…I wont judge him on one match. Still long way to go

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    1. marviniz

      oliver giroud has 2 adapt quickly to the high line possesive football that arsenal plays most of the time.teams that play th arsenal way,like barcelona,ajax etc,dont use out and out centre fowards.instead they rely on false 9s that can make quick runs around opossing centre backs like pedro,benzema,sanchez,etc.we need 2 give oliver some time 2 blend into this brand of football since he is not a very quick player.but we can make a didier drogba out of him,where by he creates a lot of chances for our very fast and creative wingers and midfielders cos he is not the quickest of players 2 switch play and collect direct linking passes from ozil,and carzola.but his tap ins have been amazing and he will score a lot dis season especially with poldi on the left.

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  2. Big Gun

    Giroud is good, but we still need another striker. Other top teams have 3-4 quality strikers…Arsenal have 1. I would be happy with 2, in case of injuries etc. 2 players are easy to rotate.

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    1. mr lean

      agree Big Gun we can’t expect Giroud to perform well and acore every game and he will need a rest so hope Wenger spends again in January

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    2. Goonsquad8

      Agreed big gun, suarez is my number 1 target still, then reus, rooney, benteke

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      1. mr lean

        Lewandowski ? I think rooney will not leave now,suarez is not going to happen,reus yes would be a great buy and benetke may be cost to much now but lets leave the transfer talk until December im still recovering from the stress of the summer window lol !

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    3. Jim A

      Where would Giroud play if we bought another 40 m player/striker? Drogba played every game for 3 years. Rotate yes but OG 12 plays every CL and Premiership game for the next 4 years.

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  3. johnnyboy

    He will be a problem for the other teams this season with balls from Ozil dropping onto his foot. Even more pleased to see Aaron continuing to prove his knockers wrong. We will be feared this season.

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  4. mr lean

    we just need to stay focused and prepare for Stoke by not taking them lightly do this and I see 1 3-0 win with Walcott 2 and Rambo (that would be sweet !) COYG

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  5. grimey

    - Ozil came to Arsenal to play with Ramsey.
    - Garath Bale is presently the second best footballer from Wales.

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  6. mr lean

    just been to buy a cake from the local Bakers and asked for a Chelsea bun,when it was brought out it looked very flat and broken so I asked what had happened to it and the Baker told me it had got well beaten last night !

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  7. AYZAY

    we all know suarez isnt an impossibility he is watchin the champions league he is yearning for a place he sees messi and cr7 he sees ozil can help him be something close to them he knows he can outshine giroud, wenger give it a try on january.

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      1. Twig

        People giving me thumbs down just for the sake of giving thumbs down. But deep within you, you know I speak the facts. If Giroud gets injured today, we’re finished. And that’s why Suarez would have been a very handy addition. However, if Cazorla gets injured we have Rosicky, we have Wilshere, we have Ramsey, heck we even have Arteta who is a genuine No. 10 anyway. Ozil, though strengthens our squad, is a luxury signing as we’re already loaded in his position. Come on, give me the thumbs down, if you wish :P.

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        1. Arnold

          Arteta,Cazorla and Rosicky are injured, Giroud is not. Without Ozil we would have had to play with the likes of Gnabry, Miyachi and Eisfeld, who in my opinion are not good enough yet to perform on a top level week in and week out.

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          1. Twig

            It’s true Arteta, Cazorla and Rosciky are injured. The fact Giroud isn’t injured is just fortune, not something that we planned for. We can’t continue riding our luck by banking on his fitness. We had a narrow escape with Giroud in the game against Sunderland.

            And about Gnabry, you still think he’s not ready? :D. If Raheem Sterling can play for Liverpool, why can’t Gnabry play for Arsenal? More pertinently, if Gervinho can play for Arsenal, why can’t Gnabry?! You should watch highlights of his performance against Olympic Marseille mate. The boy is a gem.

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  8. no shit sherlock

    some fans want a striker as a back up for giroud
    i think we need striker with different attributes but on the same level as giroud
    in a season a striker may get injured or a natural dip in form might happen
    2 strikers are necessary and it will surely help giroud in the long term too

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  9. hardy

    is it true that if liverpool dont get champions league next year they would be forced to sell suarez
    cause one thing sure suarez wont stay there

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  10. T-shirt

    a fit giroud is a beast,he looked so tired yesterday.giroud would be the top scorer,who would bet with me?

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  11. AYZAY

    man i wish giroud could dribble , cant he train on it? he could create his own chances plus chances created for him

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    1. Twig

      He’s too old to learn how to dribble. You learn those things when you’re 2 years and 6 months old and not when you’re 26 years old.

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  12. ASA

    off topic : Ramsey has really paid back the confidence Arsene has in him. And he has proved his critics wrong beyond reasonable doubt. I’M VERY HAPPY FOR OUR WELSH MAN , HE IS UNDOUBTEDLY A PURE CLASS .

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  13. T-shirt

    aysay it seems u have not been watching arsenal matches of late? giroud has added guile and flair to his play,did you see his assist to ramsey

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    1. lesmart009

      thats his trademark pass… remember his to gibbs vs swansea last season. podolski vs montepellier.amongst others

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  14. junweiseah

    I think if both Giroud and Ramsey continue scoring like there’s no tomorrow, we will have TWO Golden Boot contenders in our team!!!

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  15. Gooner Cape Town

    Muriel has signed 5 year contract extension at Udinese, so looks like that option gone. Still think Jan will be interesting for us again. Rooney is not happy at Man U, Suarez still wants out and surely must be kicking himself he isn’t in CL. Bet AW will go hard for these 2 and Reus and see who he can get. Maybe Benteke as well. Here’s hoping. In meantime, keep winning Gunners, behind you all the way.

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    1. Twig

      Rooney looks happy in Man Utd now. He’s getting games and scoring goals. Besides if he left he can’t play the UCL. Rooney is not going anywhere. Why should he leave?!

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    2. Gunnerforlife

      If Rooney leaves he won’t leave till next summer. If he leaves in Jan he wont be able to play in CL. But one thing is sure RVP and Rooney cant go hand in hand. One of them will be upset

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        1. jermaineBryan

          I think hernandez is the one to loose out if roo and rvp stay fit he could be unsettled come january

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  16. Gunnerforlife

    Don’t know why but I still feel Suarez to Arsenal is done already but transfer will happen in January. Anyway I don’t see Suarez taking front place at Lpool as Sturridge is in form and Rodgers won’t replace him. Suarez won’t be considered as main man bcos of how he behaved in summer. To me he has not way back and he will leave Lpool as he has lost their fans’ respect

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    1. DanielC1989

      they would be stupid not to play Suarez.. he will play on the wing cutting in with Sturridge as the striker and probably Henderson on the right as Rodgers loves him

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  17. marviniz

    january is far away,the transfer window has long closed,heard of the romanian striker but dont know how close we r in signing him.but if we can muster the courage to pick all three points before the next international break,it wil be a big boost for the group and the fanz

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  18. ThomasJohansen

    He scores for fun this season.. I am sure he will score 20 goals this year, and would not be surprised if he came close to the magic 30-goal this season.

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  19. Robin Vanpayslip

    I like the good job United are doing keeping Rooney match fit for us. I like him because he could play alongside Giroud.

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