Has Zaha agreed to join Arsenal?

Wilfried Zaha is an Arsenal fan, and will soon be an Arsenal player, apparently. There are rumours that an agreement has been made between Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Zaha about his transfer to the Gunners in January, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Palace rejected a bid of around £8 million from Manchester United, according to the Mail. With Alex Ferguson stepping up his pursuit of Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, United are unlikely to pursue the matter further, leaving just Tottenham challenging Arsenal for the 20-year old. Given that he supports Arsenal and that he wants to play in the Champions league, there is no way he is going to choose Spurs over us.

The player spoke of his desire and readiness to step up to the Premier league as soon as possible, so Palace may have lost the battle to keep him for the rest of the season, unless they have persuaded Arsenal to let him stay at the Championship side until the summer.

“To be honest, if I had the chance in January and Palace agreed, it;s something I’d want to go for.”

Zaha played against Nottingham Forest on Saturday, and he was strangely quiet, coming off mid way through the second half. Perhaps his mind was focused on other things. With Walcott close to agreeing a new deal, and Wilshere, Jenkinson and the rest of the young Gunners committing their futures to the club, Zaha will be part of a bright and successful future for Arsenal. Hopefully the announcement will be made soon.

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56 thoughts on “Has Zaha agreed to join Arsenal?

  1. landmind111

    Its good to have an English core to the side, it offers more stability. They’re all young, hungry and will want to play together for years, add some continental Gems, the future is bright. COYG!!!

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  2. Joe

    If this happens to be true it should persuade Theo to sign a new contract as we’re clearly considering Theo to be a striker now by signing another winger!

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  3. Hugh

    @light, eisfeld is an attacking midfielder so he can play together with zaha. No worries, his time will come mate.

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  4. Naji

    Who said Walcott edged closer to signing a new deal with us? don’t make stuff up.

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  5. Bob Dylan

    Would be a good signing and another loyal signing, with wilshere jenkinson and zaha all being arsenal fans and players with great great potential

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  6. Alex o

    We chase zaha
    Manu chase Ronaldo
    Chelsea chase neymar and falcao
    tottenham chase sneijder

    … -.-

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  7. landi


    Who said that we only have french players?lol
    I can see alot of arsenal players with the english squad for the wc 2014

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  8. wallay

    Zaha coming in doesn’t stop the promotion of Eisfeld and Gnabry…I really wanna see these kids playing together,they have loads of talents and shit

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  9. k

    Why doesn’t Wenger drop the deadwood and, if he is unable to spend a lot, promote youth.
    Eisfield, Gnarby, Coquelin, etc. offer far more than Chamakh, Squillaci, Gervinho, etc.

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  10. BS

    This is a piss poor article. It is based around no facts and you have mentioned nothing about the development in this transfer story. Have you seriously based the whole article around the fact that he said he wants to play in the premier league? Im sure every player would like to. You’ve just used the fact that he is an arsenal fan, in order to show that we have a slight advanatge over other premier league clubs when it comes to his transfer options. Now, im not saying there is no truth in the zaha story as there is interest there, however i find it laughable that you’ve come up with the assumption that Zaha might of signed for Arsenal, without actual providing us with any possible evidence.

    it’s on Twitter but that is not evidence so as I said it is a rumour

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    Announcement tomorrow night – rem were you heard it first

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  12. sleekgun

    @ and some nigerian names in ur line-up. Maybe they’ll come to their Fatherland (I wish)

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  13. sleekgun

    @ Landi; and some nigerian names in ur line-up. Maybe they’ll come to their Fatherland (I wish)

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  14. youngold gunner

    guys am hearing too much of this it getting me excited!

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  15. AmericanGooner

    I like having Arsenal fans in the side like Jenko and Wilshere because they are more likely to be loyal.

    Also I saw on Twitter that Liverpool had a loan deal rejected for David Villa and that he has told those close to him he wants to come here. Any idea if this is true or just Twitter nonsense?

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  16. George

    I rea;;y hope this deal happens, along with atleast the signing of a quality CDM. I am still not convinced that we need a Striker permanantly yet…. maybe on loan..

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  17. Chileangunner

    Zaha, really? Another kid… for what?! what gonna hapend with eisfield, gnabry, ryo and the other players in loan. Sorry, but iam tired of bullsh*t signing… he must be a good player, but is that arsenal need??? Right, the future looks bright in 10 year. now we need retain walcott and sagna, plus to sign a defensive mildfielder.

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  18. Bouba

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  19. sKeeza

    I wouldn’t mind him at the club as no doubt wenger will make millions off him in a few years time!
    My main concern it that I hope this is not the BIG signing of the window, we need finished quality to push and keep us in the top four before challenging for the title next season!

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  20. No more excuses

    This looks to be another good young player . However the main point in building a team for the future is keeping them together so Arsenal FC can be powerful and become a “footballing force” again and not just to line pockets and improve other teams ! Our club has failed miserably in this aspect – there can be no more excuses of contracts running out etc etc etc !

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  21. AmericanGooner

    My dream signing is either Jovetic or Fellaini, but I doubt that would happen.

    I want a winger, I don’t want Nani, so Zaha is not a bad signing. Would prefer a more proven player however.

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  22. Realist

    Tom soares former palace player saying on zaha twitter that he got on well with his move to arsenal

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  23. realgooner10 AFC

    I hope so too…. And I’ve heard (not sayin its true or I’ve got a great source) we’ve just agreed a fee for Turan.. We will have too wait til its on Arsenal.com !!!!!!!! B4 we believe it…. Oh and Ba to liverpool….

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  24. ram

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  25. AmericanGooner

    Isn’t Turan more of a creative central player than a fast wide guy?

    Not sure how I feel about that if true.

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  26. Facts and stats

    Well it looks like the bookies agree with this statement, seeing as they’re offering 2/7 for Zaha to Arsenal….. Maybe he is coming to us….

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  27. In Ures Boots

    This would be a good signing for the future and we should do it, but we also need a CDM, M’Villa is still a good signing, an experienced GK (Pepe Raina) and the most impotant of all another experienced LB, Leighton Baines would be the best choice.

    These choices would give us a chance to win silverware this year but give us a great chance next year.

    Unfortunately I am one of the ‘bad Arsenal supporters’ who believes that that the board and manager are more concerned with finance than succeding on the pitch.

    A Gunner for more than 50 years.

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  28. true goon

    I hope we get him,you have to remember signing Zaha is not like signing Walcott or Chamberlain at 16,17 when they haven’t played many games, Zaha’s played over a 100 games already and is 20 years old,and his technical ability his far superior to Walcotts at the same age.

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  29. Dave A

    Nothijng wrong with this he has a bright future.

    For the life of me I cant understand why Baines is not an option,buy him now.

    David Villa,should buy him now.

    Sighn up Sagna now.

    As for the Walcott saga,sighn him or sell him,one way or the other now.

    Sell the players we dont believe have a future at the club,that wil help pay for some of the sighnings,and use the money we are supposed to have to pay for the rest.Is it really that hard.Are we a club to challenge or are we a top four chaser for many more years to come.

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  30. Mogambo

    @bouba I think you need to focus more on what you are rambling on about and worry less about Wenger. PS read on twitter that Toulouse expect Arsenal to bid for Ettiene Capoue and soon as there have been tentative talks. Again this was on twitter but it does look like Wenger will finally try to get us a powerful DM to help out our defence when the opposition counter attack. Capoue has the right attributes but I would have liked us getting in an experienced PL player but Iwont complain aslong as we get any beast of a DM in coz God knows we need a beast there in the middle of the park for sure.

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  31. Nick

    @Alex o …. well stated. I wasn’t aware old bacon face was after cr7? Jesus…. Imagine RVp, Rooney & Ronaldo on the same attacking force. I do hope we show some serious intent via squad improvement in Jan. realizing most “big name” players are less likely to make moves till this summer unless their current clubs are in serious financial trouble. First thing is to lock Theo down on a new contract followed closely by sclearinge out a few players to open up room on the bench & wage bill. There bring in players who can legitimately compete for a spot on the first team and push our current players to improve week by week.

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  32. realgooner10 AFC

    To be honest I’m not gonna read too much into the turan rumours… @ american gooner.. He plays down the the middle for A.madrid now.. But he use to play on the wing b4 he moved there… But wouldn’t read too much into it tho… Its that time of year!!! I’ve got gut feeling that the zaha stories are true…. If it is, If it is there is no way we going to turan aswell!!!! I jus hope we strengthen where needs to strengthened… Defensive midfield!!

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  33. Semon raj

    Wenger “Sign players who love Arsenal and have faith in Arsenal”.What ever is their value. Welcome ZAHA !!!!

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  34. Ergs

    Hope we have signed Zaha! Quality youngster.
    Forget lots off signings in January the only guys we can buy are either running their contracts down or have low release clauses,
    The Sumer we move big!
    We must concentrate on clearing the 6-7 players on high wages who never play and promote the young boys.
    Wenger said it himself he’s not gonna just fill the squad with players no better then what we have.

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  35. Hass

    Because Eisfeld was bought for cheap he will find it difficult to get into the first team no matter how good he performs. If he doesn’t play he will leave because there is no first team place for him, the reason he left Dortmund in the first place. He is better than Chamberlin and is definately a better winger than Walcott ever is/was. He is far ahead of Ramsey.

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  36. Ergs

    Are you insane!!!?
    Your saying eisfeld is better then Walcott and chamberlain!!!
    Pa ha ha ha ha ha ha
    He’s not even better then Ramsey yet.
    He’s shown some good glimpses but seriously if he was a wonder kid he would be playing by now Wenger knows he’s not quite ready yet.
    Playing well in a reserve game is different to playing well in the 1st team get a grip.
    Ridiculous comment!!
    Zaha is miles better then eisfeld as well at this moment in time gnarby is a raw talent as well who isn’t ready.
    I’d have him on he bench when we eventually shift the deadwood.

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  37. afc

    i dont understand why arsenal wouldnt buy ba wenger is a stats man and loves a cheap buy has wenger not seen ba’s stats considering he has only played for west ham and newcastle hes goal scoring record is brilliant at a team like arsenal who create chances like no one else he’s stats will be good as rvp no? i garantee if he was brazilan or spanish/french/italian/english he would be playing champions league football now. Its a joke when wenger says he will only buy special players when he buys guys like park and would not buy someone like ba who will definatly score you at least 20 goals.

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  38. philthompsonsnose

    Zaha, Lopez and Baines, with Diaby coming back would put us in a strong position!!!!

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  39. bob

    I think it would be good for the future of the England term, having all these young English players playing together week in week out……but ManU will get him.

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  40. IrishItaliangooner

    I think Zaha coming to Arsenal will show how serious AW is about gettin back to winning ways in terms of trophies. With the way Wilshere, Walcott and Ox have been playing is a fantastic sign of a great side. With him coming in and having Ox and Zaha on each wing with Walcott up top will allow for Podolski to go up top with THEO. And Cazorla and Wilshere in the middle. To me that’s a serious 6 players. We need one more solid centre back to play along side Vermaelen and we’d be sorted. Our bench is very strong too with Giroud, Rosicky, Jenkinson, Mannone and others. We are getting our Arsenal back and it’s about time.

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  41. Invincibles nice (1)

    Ba said similar in that he wanted to play for the Arsenal, his eyeballs went ka ching and see yiz later.

    I dont pay too much to attention to these type of rumours (is a fan). Whenever you see a player arrive at a club it doesnt be too long before there kissing the badge, sure our own home grown cashley kissed the che badge in less than a year.

    Palace are prob the ones who started the rumour of Zaha being a Gunners fan, so to start a bidding war with the mere mention of Arsene. Zahas a fan so he must be a target by the papers reckoning, we may be interested but there isnt much the papers would know about that until we put feelers out.

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  42. Wil

    Some of you are so stupid when it come to transfers. First of all we can’t just drop the deadwood, they have agents they have high wages which many clubs will refuse to pay so it’s not as easy as FIFA 13 makes it look lol. Second I can confirm that since we started letting Theo play it has showed him that Asene does believe in him.

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  43. Hass


    What does Wenger keep seeing in Ramsey for him to be in the first team squad?

    Eisfeld in his only game in the capital one cup dominated the midfield with only Coquelin. His movement on and of the ball is like of Nasri and Fabregas ‘pass and move’. He was one of the best players in Pre season as well.

    Give him three straight starts and you will see how good he is.

    He can take players on as well, something Ramsey can’t do and Walcott only does when Arsenal are winning. Next time when Arsenal play see if you can count how many time Chamberlin also loses the ball under no pressure.

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  44. ljgomez

    ronaldo will never join man u, why would he take a step down, he has a chance to be a madrid legend, why would he leave.

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  45. MDOwn


    Ronaldo doesn’t think hes been getting enough respect, according to Evra. Probably sick of being in Messi’s shadow… Hope he doesn’t go to Utd…

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  46. Peter

    Sick of Abou Diaby sell him
    Ok, his talent and whatever, but never played more than 10 games a season

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