Have Arsenal abandoned chase for Zaha?

There are two teams who are fighting over the signature of the powerful young winger, Wilfried Zaha, and Arsenal are not one of them, apparently. It had previously been a two horse race between the Gunners and Manchester United, but now Tottenham are the team hoping to seal the deal with Crystal Palace this month, if the report in the Daily Mail is correct.

Our North London rivals are thought to be willing to sign the player but allow him to remain at Selhurst Park for the rest of the season. This is ideal for the championship club, because he has become distracted by the uncertainty over his future and Palace need him for their push to the Premier league.

I do not know why Arsenal have retreated from the battle, some think it is because Theo Walcott is on the verge of signing a new contract to keep him at the Emirates, but they are not mutually exclusive. Zaha often plays on the left wing, while Walcott is playing more often through the middle. It is not as if we are overrun with quality wingers either, unless you count Gervinho, which I don’t.

Nothing has been decided yet, so Arsenal could still be involved in the transfer of Zaha. I hope so, because he is an Arsenal type of player and an Arsenal fan, so would give everything for the club.

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66 thoughts on “Have Arsenal abandoned chase for Zaha?

  1. Neil

    Newspapers quoting 20 million for him. They must be on drugs. Five goals in the Championship. Big wow! He could turn out to be amazing but he’s totally unproven at the highest level. 20 million? More like 5 million at the most. If you think I’m wrong remember David Nugent? He looked like Zidane in the Chamionship for Preston. Even got a cap for England. Came to the Prem and was useless. Not saying Zaha will be the same but only an idiot would spend 20 million on him.

    If they would take 5million then I would take a punt. But, Palace think he’s work much more so let’s forget it.

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  2. John

    This would be ridiculous, we need more width to our play and he is the sort of player that can dance round or through two defenders, run straight at defenses, cross better than anyone we have, we need this sort of player. I am still hoping for 2-4 good or at least promising signings.
    Jack Butland 5m
    Wanyama 5m
    Zaha 12m
    Villa 16m
    Oh not to forget the new signing Walcott hopefully

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  3. mr lean

    @leo morning mate any news to cheer me/us up today,a quater of the way through this transfer window and we have none nothing hope wenger gets spending soon

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  4. mr lean

    why have we not bid for m’vila ? does anyone know how much cash barca owe us

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  5. Joe

    We’ve dropped out of the race for zaha because theo IS signing a contract. Plenty of reports are saying the deal has been agreed for a week now 90k a week with 4m signing on bonus. He has definitely signed a contract its just up to Arsenal when they decide to announce it.

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  6. averagegooner

    another gervinho in the making i’ll be glad if we dont get him

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  7. Joe

    No new news at the moment. Talks with david villa still on going but a january move looks unlikely his wife is due a baby this month so he wont be flying anywhere in a hurry.

    A unnamed premier league club have put in a 22m euro bid for kevin strootman according to sky italia. Doubt its us but i also doubt its manchester united they tend not to buy in january but who knows.

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  8. Joe


    This would be a very good transfer window and could help us solidify the top4 spot. Then in summer we need to look at reinforcing other area’s and getting rid of all the deadwood thats on loans.

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  9. Reddb10

    If he costs more than a coke and a doner kebab forget it.
    Gazidis is too interested in keeping the books above the line so that he can get another fat bonus the dirty crook.

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  10. natojam

    6-8million for jack butland, 10-12million for zaha, sounds resonable? Certainly achievable, id like to see us get a creative midfielder and striker

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  11. goonner

    I absolutely reject the notion that David Villa could leave Barcelona this winter – Barcelona president Sandro Rosell

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  12. Me-Basil

    Secured Wolcott is Great, but We Need a DM, CD and a solid Attacker that can play on all three sides of the attack.

    I feel like going out myself and signing these players for Arsenal.

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  13. mr lean

    be interested to see what colour scarf ivan wears on sunday red/white or blue/white

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  14. Neil

    You guys aware that since 2008, when Kroenke came onto the board that our net spend on transfers is….wait for it………minus 45 million pounds.

    Absolute disgrace. Taking this money into acount and the money that the owner should be investing anyway we are due about 130 million to spend to make it fair.

    If Kroenke gave a shit he would be giving Wenger the money for Falcao, Cavani, Sneijder, M’Villa and Fellaini.

    Expect Norbert Sidebottom from Rotherham to arrive for a bag of wotsits and a curly wurly on deadline day.

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  15. Kads

    What happened to wenger having money to spend? Why does he need to sell our players before we can buy another if we have the money? Can someone help?

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  16. N21 Gooner

    Ive also seen reports of 20mill. Ridiculous. Not sure it makes sense even at 10-12mill, wherever he goes someone will be paying tabloid/sky sports fanstasy premium. Remember Victor Moses, David Bentley,Maurice Edu? They were all wonder-kids who were the next big thing etc etc

    Anyway, more importantly where is new Walcott contract??????

    People on here suggesting Wanyama from Celtic are talking sense imo. Possibly a good buy at around 5mill.

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  17. Me-Basil

    The mirror has an article stating the Pep’s first England team choice is Arsenal. The article was dated back to December 2012, any ideas on whether its accurate?

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  18. landi

    F**K! buy us a defender and 2 winger!

    dont get a dcm,i mean we wont get one so stop bitching about it. we have 4 great players who can do the job, diaby,coquelin,frimpong and our supertalent aneke!

    What we need is 2 winger so podolski can play as a cf sometimes too.

    Get 2 top wingers and 1 defender

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  19. Neil

    N21 gooner

    Totally agree on Wanyama. I doubt Celtic would let him go for 5 million though! He’ll definitely cost more than 12million imo. I think Lennon said he’s worth ‘over 20 million’ ,but he would I suppose.

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  20. Greg

    Apparently it looks like arsenal isn’t seriously interested in anybody!because our rivals have made signings and arsenal are still dragging their feet!

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  21. ks-gunner

    cheap cheap Arsenal…..we are supposed to go only for e extraordinary talents…..but axtraordinary like fellaini,Cavani,Falcao do cost money…..so i am not that optemistic about transfer news and so should u fellow gunners….dont get ur hopes up….

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    @joe..i strongly agreed with ur say. we need not just depth..but quality depth in Arsenal squad..n by good signings we can get there..DCM is a must i would say..appart from Wilshere who tackles opposition players to get the ball back, others were just pressing and more likely not tackle..we need a good DCM that can make brave good tackles to snatch the ball back from oppositions for our possesion..Arteta is more to holding/central midfielder, not defensive midfielder..we should use fully of Arteta ability to move forward if we do have a good DCM..I do like Diaby, only when he is fit and on form..cz he is a injury prone type of player..should we go for frimpong or just splash some cash for a good DCM n other signings..what say u guys?

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  23. Joe


    The quote comes from an unknown spanish source close to pep. Its been reported by pretty much every publisher so we can presume thats its a fairly reliable quote.

    Out of all the teams i would guess arsenal would be peps preferred choice. He has voiced his opinion on how he admires our policy and how we play football in the past.

    I would also like wanyama but i would still prefer Mvila he was a regular for France at the age of 20 in arguably the most important position on the pitch at international level, he has experience and so much potential that 10m is well worth the gamble.

    Plenty of other teams are now interested though namely QPR, spurs and mvila also rejected a move to zenit. Reports claim that mvila was offered to us by rennes for 8m so i dont know whats going on there because we made a bid of more then that last season.

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  24. Ardi

    We must sign him come on arsene what’s wrong with you he should be our first signing

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  25. jack

    just another load of horse shit wenger is so retarded every one can see we need players of quality except him watch what happen’s when city hump us big fuc—- panick from wenger but it will be to late he is a total arrogant cun-.

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  26. Joe

    Sau Palo president just said he believes they will reach a deal to make denilsons deal a permanent one.

    Another deadwood gone!

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  27. Reddb10

    @Mr lean

    looks like Gazidis has been on the forum and given you the thumbs down mate.
    Mind you we do have some fans who are completely and utterly deluded so you never know.
    I personally live for the day i see that evil, arrogant, slime leave AFC.

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  28. Tamil Sundram

    no clubs are interested in Mvila and only you sales agents keep mentioning him…

    try QPR

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  29. Ricardo

    I hate when i see others do this and put their Arsenal dream team / starting eleven that they want to see in AFC shirt. And i know i will get thumbs down for doing this.

    But here is my elite dream team, that i am sure if we can get all these players we will do well.

    Sagna Koscielny Vermalean Gibbs
    Diaby Arteta
    ox Wilsher Santi

    On the bench i would have Giroud , Walcott , Mertesecker , Ramsey ( for running ) , Coquelin , Gnarby and Frimpong.

    That team is awesome, any additional tranfers that come in over January / end of season, that improve on the existing players, would give us a team that can compete for the title , 2013 – 2014 .

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  30. mr lean

    @Reddb10 what a w#nker this is a site for arsenal fans not man shitty, unfortunatly the deluded ones on here will not open there eyes to what is happening untill the end of the season when we are out of the top four and no trophies again

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  31. tom


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  32. Ankit

    Another way tht Arsenal encourage spurs to waste tere money …..Eveyone knws Wenger wouldnt spend tht kind of money on a kid lik Zaha…. I bet he wouldnt even spend 30mil for messi…20mil for Zaha s out of question

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  33. King Henry


    Zaha is a left winger, so the Theo contract has no bearing.

    Wenger won’t sign him because he likes to play central players on the left wing

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  34. ks-gunner

    common Arsene isco is valued at 16m…..buy him he is the closest player who could be compared to cesc….and a dm is a must to…biglia,mvila i dont care much as Arteta is not up for the dm job…

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  35. ks-gunner

    wenger even played eboue as a winger lol…vertongen spoked that wenger thought of him using as a dm….so why not tryieng to use vermaelen on that poz le prof…..

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  36. King Henry

    We won’t sign anyone fellas.

    Because we have the ‘potential’, especially when financial fair play is upheld, blah blah blah.

    Makes me sick

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  37. Gooner Cape Town

    Srtrong rumours personal terms agreed with Nani and Walcott with Man U for swop deal. I certainly hope this is crap aswe do NOT want Nani, but do need Walcott!!!

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  38. King Henry

    Gooner Cape Town:

    If that is true, which it isnt, then Fergie would be laughing his c*ck off……again.

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  39. John Hannon

    Has everybody gone nuts? Zaha is totally unproven, 20 million!!! Max. 5 in my opinion.Some of Wengers recent signings are simply beyond comprehension, Mertersacker, Gervinho,Squillachi, Santos, etc, are completely useless.remember when Gervinho came on recently the first thing he did was fall on his arse, he is truly AWFUL, WITH A BIT OF LUCK HE MIGHT STAY IN THE IVORY COAST AND FORGET TO RETURN!!!

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  40. ks-gunner

    ao according to barcas chief David Villa is a no go…suprise suprise….

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  41. i speak to zaha daily

    i have said it before i will say it again zaha will play for arsenal if it is’nt this tranfer window then it will 10000000000000000000% be in the summer i know some of you wont believe me but one way or another one day zaha will be an arsenal player

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  42. sollygunner

    @kads ,,, i think they lie so much now they forget whats been said !!!! either that or they think were all thick or maybe just dont care its there club they can do what they please f”cking sick of it either way !!!!! unhappy gooner

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  43. David

    See what stupid man said….Wenger Knows Best ‏@wengerknowsbest

    Well yes, Kieron Dyer has quality. Will we sign him as cover for Abou Diaby? I don’t want to comment on speculation. Arsene Wenger will perish, Arsenal forever

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  44. John

    Y r u all doing your heads in come end of jan he wont have got any new players but will say we will try and do it in the summer as new players need to settle in??? Ha look at BA

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  45. simon kinywa

    Spurs bid for Holtby and within four days the deal was done. Chelsea bid for BA and within three days the deal was done.

    Arsenal talk talk talk and everybody is being taken in circles.

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  46. true goon

    Typical Wenger complacency,he thinks Walcott will sign,so he forgets about signing another exciting young talent,to make sure theres a place for the likes of Ramsey.

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  47. simon kinywa

    Let us swallow the bitter pill: WENGER has reached the pinnacle of success-he is even a liabiity to the club.

    We kept on blaming the board but now he has the money and what does he do? The money is itching him and he is playing psychological warfare in order to return it.

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  48. true goon

    Wengers killing the club,that interview on the weekend b4 the Swansea match proved it.It was like an open letter saying i’ve lost the plot i can’t do this job anymore,but i always honour my contracts so i can’t resign.

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  49. simon kinywa

    There is a story about a King, everybody would sing and praise the King on how he was well dressed. There is only one person in the entire kingdom who shouted,’Ooh! look the king is naked” (not in verbatim).

    It is up to Gooners to decide whether to tell the King the truth or pretend that the King is wearing a beautiful gown.

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  50. Doradaman

    In the transfer market Wenger is as much use as a chocolate fire guard as by the time he acts all the players he wants are snapped up by other clubs.

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  51. Richard

    Probably, he’s not a top top player is he and Aw thinks the fees too high. Get real Wenger, the market price is what it is and all the stamping of your feet won’t change that, all that happens is that you miss another talented young player to add to the list of all the others you’ve waited too long for, try being reactive not proactive

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  52. Invincibles nice (1)

    Im sick of players either choosing spu as its easier to get first team football or choosing che for the money.

    I think we’ll see how much BS Zaha talked when he said he were a Gunner, Ba said it would be dream to play under Wenger at Arsenal, now we’ll see if Zaha firmly rejects the idea of ever playing for those lilly white panzys for i dont know of any Gunner who would ever join unless he were only left with the one option. Something suggests to me that the Wenger is interested playing card came up and got played.

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  53. Garrett

    Some halfwits on this slagging the life out of a manager of the calibre of Arsene Wenger. What age are you 14? I remember a time when Arsenal really were poor and spent nothing at all. Yes, the team are going through a tough time as is the manager but to call him a cun-?Be careful what you wish for…….

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  54. Saffat

    I think there could be a possibility Wenger wants to recall Miyaichi and use him on the wing, but that’s jut what I think might happen. Still don’t think Zaha should be that high of a priority. Would rather have a DM like Diame, Wanyama, M’Vila, Capoue or Strootman

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  55. Tom Tyson

    Gooner all my life 60 years never been so frustrated at how we procrastinate and talk about buying but dont get arround to it. Please Wenger do something positive soon!!!!!!

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