Have Arsenal replaced Fabregas once and for all?

Has Ozil closed the Arsenal door on Fabregas return? by Twig

When Cazorla arrived at Arsenal in the 2012/2013 season many Gunners thought that Wenger had finally found a replacement for their departed captain, Cesc Fabregas. It wasn’t surprising as both players are Spanish and are technically very sound. However, it didn’t take long before fans realized that Cazorla is quite a different player to Fabregas. Cazorla is quicker, likes to run with the ball, and plays almost as a second striker. Meanwhile, Fabregas thrives by sitting deep in midfield and orchestrating play with his excellent passing.

With Mesut Ozil’s signing, however, it seems Wenger has finally found a like-for-like replacement for Fabregas. Both players seem to thrive more on the chances they create than by the goals they score. In the past two seasons, Fabregas weighed in with 42 assists in 120 games. Meanwhile, Ozil had a slightly better record of 51 assists in 122 games, albeit with fewer goals scored. It would seem that from their records, it is Cesc whom Ozil should be compared to and not Bergkamp, who is a completely different player.

There is a feeling that conditions might not be entirely comfortable for Fabregas at the Nou Camp. Last season, he was
criticized for poor performances in the UCL and didn’t start as many games as he should. That, to the horror of many
Arsenal fans, prompted David Moyes to make vigorous moves to bring the former Arsenal captain back to the EPL. Arsenal
fans have no problem with Fabregas playing for Barcelona, but they would be terribly jealous if he pitched his tent with a rival English side… say, Manchester United.

I believe Arsene Wenger still monitors Fabregas’ situation at Barcelona, and may in fact have made an inquiry over his
availability in the past transfer window. At a certain point in that very long transfer window, it seemed as if Cesc was on his way back, when he reportedly bought a house in London. With regards to Fabregas’ situation then, Wenger said, “What I know is that Fabregas will stay one more year, at least, in Barcelona. That’s the information I have.

“If that changes, I don’t know. But that’s what I’ve BEEN TOLD”.

Has Wenger been in contact with Barca officials about Fabregas? It’s not unlikely. Former players, either due to a feeling of guilt or a desire to pay back, have a tendency to return to the clubs were they made their name. For example, Flamini still thinks he has “unfinished business” at Arsenal in spite of his acrimonious departure from the club, meanwhile former players like Thierry Henry have maintained close contact with the club despite moving on to play for other teams. I still believe, nostalgia and a sense of obligation will lure Fabregas back to London, at least if Wenger is still manager.

Fabregas, more than Flamini, would feel he has “unfinished business” at Arsenal because he was with us longer and
was our Captain so would feel greater responsibility to pay us back in some way. However, the deal for Ozil, whom I hope would stay with us long enough, and would be just as popular with fans as his predecessor, would make any such homecoming incredibly tricky. And that’s not forgetting young players like Zelalem and Eisfeld who are looking very, very good.

Should conditions not improve for Fabregas in a year’s time (like Wenger said), should Arsenal move for him? Is it finally okay for Gunners to see Fabregas go to Manchester United, next year, since we’ve got Mesut Ozil anyway?


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54 thoughts on “Have Arsenal replaced Fabregas once and for all?

  1. Gunnerforlife0

    Although we have ozil who is the best playmaker.THe story of fabregas moving to manu was FAB-ricated.Everyone except david moyes knows that fabregas will not move anywhere but arsenal .and i do believe that if fabregas moves to us next summer all the teams should just surrender the title to us . BEcause we will have the best midfield in the world let alone england. Fabregas + Ozil = ARSENAL 7 – 0 ANY TEAM

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    1. Gunnerforlife

      Fabregas+Ozil+Santi = Arsenal. Don’t forget Santi. We have got Ozil but Santi is a gem of a player.

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    2. muda

      Here is CESC’s home and he’s always welcome, but the FACT his coming back will just be a BONUS to us

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        1. SaveArsenal

          Where is Ramsey in that line up?
          Lose the rose coloured glasses, Rambo is playing better than Jack last season and this!

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    3. 0xay0

      wenger has no plan with fabric now. he was not a bit interested to get him back when united made a bid for him. so fabric is our past n let him b part of our past unsuccessful team. now we have great n balanced midfield and let this midfield make wenger sign a new contract by bagging few titles.

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  2. oz11

    With due respect to fabregas, I think it is time to move on. Our midfield is one of the strongest in Europe with immense potential to improve further. Don’t see wenger going for fabregas.

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    1. French

      I have to agree. Fab is in Barca where he wants to be, it’s time to enjoy the Özil era now.

      A midfielder I think we should be adding however is Lars Bender. Flamini is good but Bender is better. He was class when he came on against manure. Switching play, distributing, crossing, ball winning. He did it all. We’ve been linked with khedira but I’d rather have him. Younger with a higher ceiling.

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        1. red-ironstag

          Flamini is almost 30, Arteta is on the other side of 30. So I think in the foreseeable future Wenger will need to get a new addition.

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      1. jermaineBryan

        I was impress buy bender passing ability last night and his crosses looked really good

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  3. oz11

    With due respect to fabregas, I think it is time to move on. Our midfield is one of the strongest in Europe with immense potential to improve further. Don’t see wenger going for fabregas. Get behind our boys.COYG.

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  4. LDockers

    I cant wait to see Ozil and Cazorla in the same midfield this season, the creativity we have at our disposal now is outstanding. Ozil Cazorla Ramsey Wilshire Rosicky is just ridiculous. Cesc was the best playmaker in the world when in his prime for us and when he left i honestly felt like it would be impossible to replace him but it looks like weve finally done this but better. When he had Cesc and Nasri we had a strong midfield, we now have Cazorla and Ozil which in my opinion is a majot upgrade, I rate Cazorla much much higher than Nasri and Ozil from stats is better than Cesc and im sure he will show me that his all round play is much better as well. Its very positive for us now gooners, we are finally seeing Wengers squad that hes been trying to create come together, the mix of young british players and international expereince is really showing off now so lets get behind the team and win a god damn trophy

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  5. Sumo

    I dont know about him monitoring our games and stuff. All i know is he left for his boyhood club who didnt think him good enough while selling him to us. He had the best of times with us. All i know is that our ex ex club captain warms the bench in his boyhood club. Wenger may want him back but doesnt matter to me.

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  6. Archangel

    Wouldn’t mind Cesc at all, he always gave all he had for Arsenal, even when he played injured or ill, but no point in dwelling over someone who isn’t coming back.

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  7. davidnz

    Until Arsenal wins another EPL title many fans will continue to talk about the “good old days” the invincibles, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Henry, Adams Ljungberg and Fabregas and others. That was a great era but its ten years ago. Hopefully this season will usher in another great era.

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  8. Gda Keya

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    1. red-ironstag

      Dude anywhere but spuds. I won’t even sell them our deadwood…maybe squillaci

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  9. dkamau

    fabregas is always welcome..him and henry will forever be welcome.

    why is Eisfield never given game time??he’s 20 and its time for him to take a step.else he ends up like Vela,making headlines elswhere

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    1. mwenyeji

      And where exactly would Eisfield be playing? Play it cool, league cup games aint started yet.
      As for Vela, not everyone makes a name in his first team. Pique never made the cut at Man u , Sturridge seems to do better away from Chelsea e.t.c.

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  10. KickAssFan

    Instead of him going to a club like Man. U., I will buy him and make him play as a striker.

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  11. kore

    we dnt f***ing nid d dude anymore. He left us for bacerlona, he shud just wait 4 his tym ( wen xavi retires) we av ozil, ramsey, wilsher nd carzola. Wat else do we want? Let him enjoy d pain of sittin on the bench. Ramsy and wilshere r gonna b world class players. And comparin fab to ozil i will pick ozil anytym anyday. Y? Bcos he is at arsenal nw and dats wat matters. Fab is a gonner and nt a gunner.

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    1. Big Gun

      Well said. People forget that he faked injury in his last days and refused to train with the first team. Amazing how as soon as he was sold, he was training with Barca, no problems. Cazorla and Ozil are better than him anyways, and quite frankly if Ramsey and Wilshere keep improving, so will they be in a year or two.

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  12. Dreamcast

    sure, we’ve (Arsenal) replaced him wiv Ozil nd jack, both players are his long nd longer term replacement respectively
    can’t wait to see d Marseille vs Arsenal match
    Go Ozil, go Gunners
    2-0 bt still feels we’re gonna hit dem more….

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  13. d_dollar

    Firstly I don’t think Fabregas will come back to Arsenal. Barca want him to stay and he wants to stay. Especially now they sold Thiago and with Xavi getting long in the tooth, why would they sell?
    With regards to Ozil I think he may be that genuine number ten that we have been looking for since the departure of Fab. Great vision, clever in and around the box. He perhaps needs to score more goals (in 09/10 season Cesc scored 15 goals in the league, I don’t think Ozil has ever been that prolific) but he certainly has the ability to unlock defences with his passing ability.

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  14. vivtor UG

    hello arsenal funs!
    There was a time we needed Fab.
    but now we’re okay.
    yet its not bad having him back.
    it is good to have a great backup-plan.

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  15. chiba

    He was told that He is Welsh.
    He was told that He plays football in north london.
    Mr. Perez must have thought he was buying Aaron Ramsey?

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  16. SeamonkeyUK

    Answer to your question is NO Cesc should never wear the shirt of Manure. It would be an insult to all us Arsenal fans. I think he knows that too.

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  17. mwenyeji

    We are back to where we were in 2010 at this time only that:
    >>In place of Nasri, we now have Carzola (a CAM who is
    equally comfortable in the wings). Cazorla>> Nasri at
    his prime i.e Nasri of 2010.
    >> In place of Fabregas, we have Ozil. Now, I like Fab
    but Ozil > Cazorla
    >> In place of Chamakh, we have giroud. This one is a
    non brainer. Before guys wonder what Iam smoking here,
    let me point out that RVP was injured for the better
    part of the first half on 2010 and actually came back
    in Dec that year.
    As for me Cazorla was good enough to replace Fabregas. We finnaly have Ramsey of early 2010 back, Jack of late 2010 will come back soon….Our team is looking good. I think it’s the high time we gave Cesc a rest. And that small matter of when RVP linked him to Man u sometimes in June/July and he unfollowed immediately him on twitter, Cesc, you are the man!!

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  18. ram

    not only Cesc..
    we have replaced both Cesc & Nasri in Ozil & Santi..
    i seriously think its time to move on.. we should stop all moaning about bringing back our sold out gems and enjoy what we have..

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  19. KickAssFan

    Arsenal is a family, true gunners would never play for rival clubs. I know RVP as an individual has his rights, but one wonders if he very truly loved Arsenal.

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    1. red-ironstag

      Always makes me down.. The time our club nursed him all those years when no one even looked at him even in the same league.

      He’s a judas, quiet simply.

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  20. jjkmiles

    fabregas is good all round but wen it comes to number 10 role ozil is world best, so let’s move on and forget fabregas IMO, flamini is beta dan Lars Bender just dat i love Bender bc he is younger and will stand d taste of time, We will c d effect of flamini wen we play d top 4 teams dis season, he is so disciplined in dis team, love him plenty

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  21. mangatholi

    fab will not do such a thing,hes lil more sensitive compard 2 others…nd yes wud definitely want 2 see him return.tbh,he was 4 me d most entertaining player hav ever seen a true PASSMASTER (remember his pass 2 nasri against barcelona ? And how many times..).its an exaggeration 2 say ozil is bettr than him,both of em r equally gud…arshavin,cazorla,or ozil all of em hav been world class signings by wenger…

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  22. jibber

    Agree to ram.

    look to the future, and lets not compare current players too much to our old ones in a “like-for-like” format.

    no player is exactly the same. And out strengths and play style has changed ever so slightly.

    while we’re still a team that focus mainly in attacking through the middle, We used to have a much shabbier defense in the Cesc Era(07-10) We were also less direct, and likes to create from behind the centre line.

    What ozil brings is a even more direct kind of football that emphasizes on more direct through balls, and more man running into the box to get it.

    in a sense, we’re closer to Dortmund now than Barca, which i think is the blueprint solution for all BPL teams to adapt to CL.

    tiki taka is too technical for most teams and it’s also a solution that only works with a bunch of players who’ve been trained in La Masia.

    play possession, but exploit spaces in between with long through balls and aerial balls is the way to go.
    It might not be the most elegant, but much more effective at least.

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    1. mwenyeji

      In my opinion, we have never been close to Barca’s style. People confuse our possesion game to their tiki taka. We have always played quick passes and counter attacking football more like Real, Bayern and BVB as you rightly put it.
      The “Arsenal to tiki taka” vybe is a myth just like that one of “Arsenal to poor defence” is. Our problem has never been defence but squad depth but the media convinced most people otherwise.

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      1. jibber


        not many fans here talk sense, you’re one of few.
        perfect example is song, and Fabregas at Barca, and especially Fabregas. He’s obviously proved he’s got style, but why hasn’t he performed as well in Barca as he had in Arsenal?

        Part of the reason the reason being Messi taking a lot of the spotlight, but the other part is because the kind of football barca plays is MUCH more fixed in positioning and much more possession based than Arsenal is.

        Our problem has always been a lack of squad depth, leading to player exhaustion and injuries.
        the other one being core players being sold, which is one the one thing that didn’t happen this time around.

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  23. mevan

    i for one am totally with fabregas coming back, not only beacuse he is a great player but also it would make our position a lot stronger , Our best player who we sold coming back definitely a statement. and cesc is a great box to box player. arteta is not going to be there forever so , fabregas and ramsey can become our pivot and ozil as a number 10 and cazorla as a LM/Lw will give jack plenty of rest and also great education from fabregas

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  24. bashman

    ozil > fabregas (since their job is creating sh** go compare)
    cazorla > nasri
    podolski > nasri
    aoc > nasri
    arteta > song
    giroud > van persie, before you get your knickers in a twist ask yourselves do you remember anything about van persie when he was the age giroud is? the answer is a big fat NO cause he was most probably stretched out on the treatment table somewhere.

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    I think it’s time to move on, I really miss CESC, when he left I said straight away that we would struggle even more, which has happened, he is just the best midfilder who made us dominate every much as he never had to rely on pace, he just stayed in CM and spread those ball around, and I have never seen a player apart from Scholes who did those holly wood pin point over the defense balls, I used to cream my pants every time Cesc made defenses look average.. But he moved on, he has made it clear that not even Arsenal would make him leave Barcelona. We have got Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey, thats tidy for me, Cazorla better than Nasri 100%… Lets move on..

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  26. ArnSam

    If he stays at barca let him rot on the bench, but if there’s a chance of him leaving, i’d rather we have back. however with not much love, no arm band and no more love the way it was before.

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