Have Arsenal sealed the deal with Walcott?

Walcott Signing Ever Closer! by AH

Today it’s being reported that Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazids and Theo Walcott, as well as his representatives will sit down to have one final talk about the terms of the contract Arsenal are offering him. The club is ready to make Walcott among the highest paid players at the club with a big money contract, which could be boosted further by add-ons implemented over the years.

It’s understood that the latest contract offer is £90,000 a week with a first year payment of £3 million signing on fee. The deal is a five year contract taking the total offering to £26.4 million and Walcott and his representatives are reportedly happy with this deal.

It will be the end of a long saga that has seen the club breaking through their wage structure plan and offering Walcott a sum closer to what he wanted at the start of the season. The 23 year old has always implied that he is happy at Arsenal and that money wasn’t a major factor for him, however he rejected a £80,000 per week offer at the start of the season and so I suppose his true loyalty can be questioned, but there is no doubt that he wants to stay at the club if possible, become the number 1 striker and emulate Thierry Henry’s legendary status.

The pacey forward has been compared to Henry a lot this season so far, saying that his style is very similar to Henry now that he plays centrally and that he could be our perfect solution after his hat trick in the 7-3 win over Newcastle at the Emirates a few weeks back, and his goals were very similar to the goals Thierry Henry was so famous for scoring. Now in my opinion there’s no way he should be getting comparisons to Henry at the moment as he is still yet to prove his quality week in week out and against the big teams but there is definitely potential in the Englishman.

It seems ridiculous that we are still saying that Walcott has potential being as it seems he has been around for ages and it’s now 7 years since he joined the club as a 16 year old back in 2006. Some argue that he hasn’t developed tremendously since his arrival as expected, but now that he is playing in his preferred role have we seen what he really is capable of? He still needs to work on his finishing, especially in one on one situations, and his consistency, but apart from that he can be a real world beater that can completely destroy defences with his pace, much like Henry did all those years ago.

Let’s hope that with this contract agreement reportedly in place, we hear some news come out of Arsenal within the next week, otherwise we might have to start about thinking what will become of Walcott.

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90 thoughts on “Have Arsenal sealed the deal with Walcott?

  1. Nick

    I thought I read earlier that the deal was done. There was an article on it on another forum.

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  2. Jay jay

    Finally now wenger can focus on signing players that will help our team . . C’mon wenger, I have faith u will come through for us. Gunners for life

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  3. Sank

    Yes it is a done deal on goal.com

    what i dont know but i dont feel happy that he signed the deal.
    wenger get a DM.

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  4. artillery1

    Give me thumb Down, But WALCOT didnt deserve this…..

    Mean he didnt impress us against Big Teams, His positioning as ST is poor, he just got pace n finishing!
    We saw him not touching ball in almost complete 1st half against SAINTS!

    But Hope so Future is Bright…..

    m really Sorry For GIROUD :(
    We are Wasting tht talent :(
    the special talent, Which we never had, AERIAL THREAT.
    Oh Plz Wenger, Get some 1 who can feed him, Ramsey n gibbs are poor in crossing, Haaaa, Plz Dont play out of positon players :(

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  5. obi

    Hez got what he wanted now its time he give us what we want and that is goals

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  6. artillery1

    Believe Me no DM :(

    Wenger wont Buy, He got WALCOT as ST, Wont Buy ST at all!

    FRIMPONG n COQUELIN mean No M VILLA at all!

    Believe Me, no Buys!
    Forget about it!

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  7. shaun

    Can some one please explain to me the De Rossi rumours because there seems to be nothing on the internet ?????

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  8. Matt C

    I am hoping for a return of Diaby on Sunday. Even if he does only come on for the last 30 minutes, he should add some serious steel to the side. But you never know with Wenger he may just waste Diaby on the bench like he’s doing with Rosicky.

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  9. dilla

    Feels like it’s taken years but finally this deal is done. I hope theo is the first of many of our star players who decides to stay at Arsenal to win trophies instead of leaving to try and win elsewhere.

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  10. CUT

    Only thing bought so far by wenger is couple of cases of plastic water bottles!

    Bloody frustrating being a gooner right now!

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  11. obi

    You can thumb me down but i have lost faith with diaby.its time we buy a real dm.who can play more games for us.and the true fact is that diaby interupted our season.we dint have plan B or C

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  12. cicero@gunner

    @shaun de rossi rumor is fake. Forget it Wenger is looking for a cheap player.

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  13. wenger

    Forget about it buying, wenger won t buy any player,
    diaby is back so midfield is ok, but we are pure in forward, we need one more creative player. just one and we will be top

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  14. Gandalf

    @cicero@gunner Sure it is a fake one? would have been a real state of intent if there was any truth in that.

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  15. leo

    de rossi who started this one someone said we are offering 25m while roma wants 30 is a load of crap we have overall 30m to spend in jan expect some clever signings like sissoko(contract ends) & a cb like alerwield/m’biwa cost 6-8m & a striker nothing much de rossi/chelleni lol

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  16. LoCkAy

    Obviously Walcott is thinking only about himself, which you cannot blame…
    But it is, in fact , taking too long.
    Every other days we have news that they are in talks…
    Are the Arsenal negotiators or staff in charge that incompetent ???

    We are the 10th tomorrow and no REAL BUSINESSES have been done.
    The fact is ( and according to the French newspapers ) the Arsenal governance are taking their time because NO OTHER PLAYERS are coming in january.

    Quoting from the France Football Newspaper, Wenger said ” Walcott is my priority and we will take all precautions to secure his stay. Regarding new transfers, we are working very hard to find players capable of helping the teams right now but also in the long term. By the way, Diaby is fit again and it is a new reinforcement for our midfield…”

    No need to thumbs down or up as it is just a piece of news.

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  17. Gooner Cape Town

    Henry is a legend!! period. Walcott will never be that!! ut, still sign da ting as we need you now and Arsenal are in deep shite!
    The other clubs have too much money and clout and are making a mockery of the whole financial/transfer saga.

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  18. youngold gunner

    WoW!guys wonder whos next i mean the media is on fire!!!#derossi in ur dremz

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  19. leo

    Arsenal had scouts at Zaragoza v Betis last Friday as well benat Etxebarria could be the target

    i would love to see arsenal sign Miralem Pjanic from roma would be a great addition

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  20. shaun

    @cicero@gunner cheers mate, i was just thinking tbf everytime we do buy a player there isn’t anything on the internet until he is literally having a medical

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  21. Rob

    Always wonder with Arsenal transfers, what’s really going on behind the scenes.

    We know Arsene keeps everything secret for as long as possible, even up to the day the medical and signing actually happens in some cases.

    I wonder if the De Rossi rumour was started to cover a bit of Arsenal transfer news that wasn’t supposed to be unveiled yet, but has somehow leaked to the press. The Lars Bender rumour springs to mind as a player that would fit us really well, and has just surfaced again over the last couple of days.

    Just a thought, that’s all.

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  22. leo

    Song linked with summer move away from Barca already lol he was voted by la liga fans & media as the second worst player bought after modric

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  23. AG

    Would you be happy with 80 k a week? Most of us certainly would, only the greedy and deluded would ask for more. I have no respect for Theo as a person after this.

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  24. Hass

    Walcott highest paid player at Arsenal, that says something about this club. Arsenal could have become the best footballing club in the world now, we were close to it twice but they decided to sell the best players in two stages over the last 8 years.
    2004-2007 all the best players sold off from the old team a couple player just retired.
    2009-2012 all the best player sold from the the new team.

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  25. dee

    Well we are about to get a “signing”. AW will come out and say “we signed Walcott, Diaby is like new signing” so here is your 2 new signings for January. Plus he will tell us that most of the money he had for transfers were spent on Walcott. Plus he doesnt deserve 90K a week, what did he do so amazing???? scored 3 goals against barcodes – so what???? Does any body counts how many did he miss? Way more then that. With the structure we play (one forward) he will not be able to do a thing, not physical, not a good header just speed, not even good finisher! Frustrated!

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  26. mighty

    We are srugling with a new signing,I can’t believe walcott has not signe yet whattt!!! a Shame.

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  27. PatLloyd

    Its probably not theo pushing for the extra 10k a week, id guess its his agents pushing for that, theo is more concerned about being played centrally, or at least that is what i would expect from a player who has only been underwhelming since arriving at the emirates

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  28. George

    We want smart quality buys?

    Sissoko. A player in the Diaby mould. £5-8 million

    Steklenburg to challenge shez. £2-4 million

    Alderwield. A versatile defender.

    There are MANY more smart buys out there.

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  29. Ergs

    Walcott is Michael Owen in desguise he can be a massive goal machine regardless off his limited talent.

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  30. ks-gunner

    For the love of god just buy sombody Wenger….what are u waiting for a spanking wake up call….like the last time Manure did to us…..which put u into panic buying….Dont gamble with points as the leuaghe is tough and every point we lose can be the difference at the end of the season…..do it just get out the way and leave it to some one else…as i am feed up with this shet…..

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  31. ks-gunner

    City will play anti-football against us…..if we concede the first goal then it will be game over for us…our game aprouch is way to slow and we lack creativity up front….walcott or ox hav to start on the wings….i dare Wenger to use Ramsey or Gervinio on the wings…if so i am going to riskt getting my self a mental break down

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  32. forever heady

    Hope it is true. Fantastic if it is. If so, it shows that a new dawn is beginning. Have a feeling this is only the start of it. There is a bit more money around now, and I am sure AW has hated the last few years, just as much as all the fans. If – and it is a big if – he is to be believed then Felaini will be a serious target, and that would suddenly make us start to look like the club we all want to be. I am sure I will be disappointed, but it is important to keep dreaming, and the new stadium was built to house those dreams.

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  33. Nickerless Bender

    Who gives a feck if we don’t have a team that can compete against Bradford, Nowich, Southampton and their ilks…

    Feck me I am sounding like Adam Kemp…

    Let’s be blunt. Until some half decent signings we are doomed with this current squad. So unless he can unearth some Gem that actually wants to play for the club (and I can name a few) we are destined to be the laughing stock of the EPL. And let’s face it, we are not far off because the scum have better chances of buying the crop of decent players than we have?

    Buy cheap, buy twice…

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  34. nir

    goal.com confirms a 4 year deal signed by walcott.i guess it will soon be announced.

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  35. MellowGunner

    We have now, he signed a 4 and a half year deal worth £90,000 per week plus 3 million pounds signing on fee and top up bonuses

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  36. Kobi

    I cant believe Wenger and the board didnt adress this sooner but in the transfer window.

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  37. leo

    theo walcott has agreed to the deal nothing new this happened weeks ago told you so 90/week + 3m signing fee no real surprise there

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  38. leo

    The latest in the Transfer Rumour Room has Wesley Sneijder setting his heart on joining Arsenal but his wage demands are too high acc to italian journalist (no inside info)

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  39. Th14

    @artillery1 after the newcastle match you were screaming for walcott to be signed, you left quite a few comments saying he should be signed. Smh. this site is full of fickle idiots like you.

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  40. Rob


    Your anti wenger right?

    How long u been supporting or following arsenal for just outa interest?

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  41. rob

    how exactly does walcott need to work on his consistency and finishing?

    SURE he makes mistakes so does every player but in the last 3 seasons he has averaged

    2011–12 38 games 13 goals 9 assists
    2011–12 46 11 10
    2012–13 20 14 10

    I am sure there are FAR worse players in the league statistically…

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  42. BruceTongaBull

    What shall we say now that all the Wengerites have seen what there man AW is doing in the Transfer Window. SHAMEFUL STAFF… Just idling and making all sorts of lame excuses about special players not being available. HOW DO YOU THINK THE AMBITIOUS CLUBS GET THEIR SPECIAL PLAYERS?….simple pay a worth price and offer the player 2013 wages not Monaco wages of 1995 you Damn as***hole pathetic excuse of a MANAGER MR INEPT

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  43. el gooneraldo

    90k per week is peanuts nowadays, of course he is worth it, for freak sake Joey Barton is on 70k per week and all he does is kick lumps out of people.

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  44. BruceTongaBull

    @Rob Are u a Wengerite pal? Now about Walcott,he deserves what he has gotten but im sure you also wonder why it has taken this much time.. well the answer is simple and you know it but the reasonable question is what should we do about it as Arsenal fans including the brain washed WENGERITES

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  45. ks-gunner

    I am against what he choosed to represent and that is the current Board….hmmm from 2001 if am not mistaken….it was luv on the first sight…..lol

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  46. MellowGunner

    @leo who, what, or where is your ‘source’ because everything you’ve said so far has been utter bull

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  47. peter

    everyone was begging wenger to sign him and now he has, your all cussing wenger. 2faced fans, plastic fake african fans *never been to the emirates before

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  48. Huge

    dont care who you are no footballer is worth 26 mill for five years of kicking a bag of wind the player wage demands these days is ridicules and that is fact :(

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  49. LoCkAy

    No one will be coming to the club during the transfer market…

    Diaby ( back to full fitness, well, so he said ) and Frimpong as well as Santos ( back in training ) are and will be consider as new recruits by Arsene Wenger.

    If you think that he is going into the market, you are seriously dreaming and easily forgetting that we have been there before.

    All the attention has been put and focused on Walcott ( like it was Messi or something ) and I bet you the boy will become rubbish ( he is not a world class player and will never reach Thierry Henry level of performance even if he tried his hardest ) from now on… Watch !!

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  50. Rob

    @ brucetongabull

    Yep, proud of it.

    London born and bred, Gooner since 1989, and proud attendee of the Emirates.

    I remember the pre Wenger era, and legends like alan smith, michael thomas and rocky rocastle.

    I can tell you, be careful what you wish for, if u want Wenger out, imo, look back at the pre wenger era, all the high standards, out stadium, the invincibles, our 2 doubles, everything, is owed to le prof.

    @ ks-gunner

    At least know about the club you support, Gervinho left for the ACON a weeks ago!

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  51. Rob

    I don’t wanna get into a war of words over opinions. I respect that everyone has one.

    All I ask is that u look into Arsenal’s history, and not judge call for Wengers head cos ur a plastic glory hunter.

    There was a blogger on here that stated, ‘I’m never going to the emirates till they win the PL’. I mean co’mon, that type of fan is just not a proper and loyal fan.

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  52. Big Gun

    This is a good start, but we have struggled even with Walcott in the squad. We need fresh blood, QUALITY. Wtf happened to that 60m war chest Gazidis and the rest of them muppets were going on about? With 60m, we could buy at least two quality players, I’m talking like Fellaini/Mbiwa or M.Suarez. Fellaini shouldn’t be worth more than 20-25m and M.Suarez we could get for 15-20m. We still have 15m left over for collateral. Also we have relieved the wage bill a bit by loaning a few players out. Come on Wenger, MAKE It HAPPEN!

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  53. ks-gunner

    thats for i get into forums and get my self informed from my fellow gunners…..nice this is good news….

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  54. MellowGunner

    Most fans don’t realise that the contract saga wasn’t about Walcott, it was about arsenal as a whole.
    As a club we had to prove that we won’t keep on being a ‘feeder’ club and can actually hold on to our star players, walcott is one of them wether you like it or not the stats don’t lie, he is our top scorer tho season and you cannot argue against that, what message do you think we woul send as a club if we let him go while certain fans claim he’s ‘overrated’ get your head out of your backsides and see what’s best for the club.

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  55. ks-gunner

    big gun …Matias Suarez has failed his medical at CSKA Moscow…….so he is a no go for le prof….great talent though….

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  56. ks-gunner

    Selling Van Persie to Manure was the culmination…and we are already seen as an feeder club mate….

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  57. MellowGunner

    And for anyone following the Chelsea v Swansea match can you see 2-2 away from home wasn’t a bad result, but it wasn’t a GREAT result instead, seriously the negativity on this site makes me sick

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  58. goonertron

    Good work Walcott, you a world class winger and are becoming a great finisher!

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  59. Gunnerforlife

    Whats wrong with some of Arsenal fans I don’t understand. Sometimes they say sign Walcott and now they are saying its not a good news. I think Its really a positive move from Wenger. We need Walcott and he will be a deadly striker. All he needs is some time bcos he was playing as winger from a long tim and he needs time to settle as a striker. He will be back of our team. You will see with time. But still we need to buy a quality striker our Marquee signing like David Villa to lead the team and develop Theo. COYG!!

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  60. woolwichgunner

    All u wenger haters be careful what u wish for he shud be given time i feel the board have been hiding behind wenger for a long time soon he will have us back where we bealong keep faith gooners

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  61. mdu in Durban

    Let’s us wait and see what will happened during January and see how arsenal plays with Diaby back before we lambaste the Prof what happened if we beat City and Cheskie (who by the way lost tonight to Swansea) I’m sure that lot of you will be singing a different tune, Arsen has been to this game more then all of you, he will improve and turn the table with or without new signings

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  62. Sam_1066

    Good good get the thing signed boy!! Now please trigger marouane Fellaini’s buy out clause and sign him up, he’s the top top player you should be after wenger, strong/ versatile/ good height (which we lack in) and already has loads of epl experience. make it happen :)

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  63. tyno

    Did anyone see what just happened to Chelsea in the Stamford Bridge? Thought it’s only Arsenal that loses to Swansea at the Emirates. Lol!

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  64. gery

    i’m scared now. my son has started acting like a multi-million pounds footballer. we really knew that he is smart, and now he acts like a superstar when he gets A in his exam. he asked for toys, and then a realistic flight simulator, and now he just asked for a car. i’m afraid that this is the effect of reading transfer news on the internet.

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  65. philthompsonsnose

    AW Will not buy a top player in January! I wonder what odds I would get at the bookies?? One genuine plus coming out of the current squad though..
    at least in the summer… no Cu^t will sign any of our players because none are truly world class anymore!

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  66. IndischeGooner

    Guys, he’s not greedy at all, 90k for a 23yr old promising player is not too much. Nasri was offered nearly 100k at Arsenal, he chose 185k at City, that’s greed. Theo deserves 90 and his stats speak for that. You cannot score 10 goals and 10 assists just like that. And this season he’s already scored 14. With this british core, Arsenal will rise above all of them again. Just like the famous 5 in the back, we have famous five ENGLISH players evenly distributed now (hopefully Ramsey gets better and makes it six brits).

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  67. G-Force

    @ Rob

    You are the epitomy of an indoctrinated Wengerite. The pathetic term “Be careful what you wish for” has been thrown around mindlessly these days.

    Just like when Arsenal fired Rioch and took a MAJOR RISK and hired an unknown Frenchman called “Ar$ene” in 1996 – who left Nancy after they were relegated and got fired from Monaco, I think it is safe to say that Arsenal is perfectly capable of “being careful what you wish for” and hiring someone else to take the club to new heights. And yes, life will still go on. You can come out of your cave and embrace change.

    What I really can’t stand is Wengerites promoting their beloved Ar$ene as the most successful manager. This is a flawed analysis, which can only hold true if another manager is allowed to serve the club equally for 16 years as well! Then and only then, can you make a FAIR comparison.

    And yeah mr. proud attendee of the Emirates stadium who is probably sitting behind those “in Ar$ene we trust” banners. The next time you are there and see Gazidi$ in his business suit looking down at you, I hope that you have an epiphany that your hard earn cash is going to his year end bonus.

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  68. Cesc is my mate

    One reason we didn’t sign Theo earlier, was that we needed to sign the other young guns (Jack, Jenkin, Gibbs, Ox, Ramsey) first, so they wouldn’t ask for Theo’s level of pay.
    And the reason we haven’t made a BIG signing yet this transfer window, is that we want to sign Theo first, so he won’t ask for same pay as this coming BIG star will be payed!… all very simple…. but I won’t disclose who we are about to bring in… but you’ll be very happy, i promise!…

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  69. David

    Stop blame Wenger or Board, blame yourself stubborn fans that refuse to listen to your follow fans… stop paying for the ticket to watch Arsenal match for two to three match.. greedy board and stubborn Wenger will change.. Arsenal for life

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  70. leo

    @mellow gooner like i said these are media news did i say we are close to signing anyone & do i look like wenger’s right hand man stfu

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  71. NETTO

    Arsene Wenger should not only rely on the players currently in the team but should buy more experienced players to boost the current squad.

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