How Arsenal’s FA cup opponents fared last night

Arsenal will play host to Blackburn Rovers on Saturday, with the winners getting a place in the quarter finals of the FA cup. For Arsenal, with an extremely difficult double header in the Champions league against Bayern Munich, this competition surely represents the best chance of finally adding another piece of silverware to the Emirates’ trophy cabinet.

Arsenal are also involved in the battle for a top four spot in the Premier league and a place in Europe’s top competition next season. Blackburn, however, are in a similar struggle in the championship. They travelled to play-off rivals Brighton last night sitting just four points outside the play-off positions, as they seek to bounce straight back to the Premier league.

Rovers took the lead against the run of play, defender Scott Dann heading in Murphy’s corner. Brighton were the better side and finally got level via the penalty spot, but were unable to get a winner. That leaves them six points outside the play-offs, with the next three games in February coming against promotion rivals.

There is a good chance that Blackburn will see the cup game as less important than the league, and they have another game next Tuesday. Arsenal are likely to rest a few players as well, but the league situation with Rovers makes that less of a risk.

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27 thoughts on “How Arsenal’s FA cup opponents fared last night

  1. o_0

    @Admin :

    You’re ignoring the people who ask this!

    Where is the mobile site?!

    And enough with the ads!

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  2. o_0

    This is what I want!:

    This Season:
    FA Cup
    3rd place in the League

    Next Season:
    FA/ COC Cup
    1st or 2nd in the League

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  3. richie

    An arsenal win is the only thing we need to worry about – and no injuries

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  4. John

    Admin is there a reason why you deleted my post in the..Arsenal strike fear into spurs page?

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  5. ELGY


    i expect a team something like that

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  6. Badfan

    They never answer any questions anyway, so why are you complaining. Where is leo? The last time i saw him was ages ago? I hope he is alive.

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  7. John Legend

    Blackburn in some kinda situation or not, we rest players or not, a win is the least I expect from W*nker!!!

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  8. SA Gunner

    @ o_0: U want a mobile app but you complain about ‘adds’, do you think it’s cheap to develop mobile apps?? Or do you think the website makes millions?? Run your own site & then see for yourself if its as easy & as cheap as you think it is…

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  9. ZedX

    I hope we send them packages from Giroud, Walcott, Poldi, carzola and Wilshere to put them in a good frame of mind for Bayern! 6-1 to the arsenal. Tipping Giroud for a double.

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  10. mathew

    Arsenal needs 3 outstanding strikers with different techinal capabilities:
    1. Pace: Walcott
    2. Aerial strenght: Giroud
    3. Creativity: Carlos Tevez!!

    With Carlos Tevez contract ending in 2014, could Arsenal launch a coup to prise this talented striker to the Emirates. Yes, he did have some attitude problems but he is a changed man now.

    He is a work horse and his creativity comes in handy especially when facing teams like Stoke, Sunderland, Fulham etc .


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  11. Nikhilesh Maiya(india)

    Arsenal wont b a club which challenges trophies until club destroyer virus kroenke gets out

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  12. alby

    for me there’s nothing like an easy fixture,ope Rosicky is a chance.

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  13. LP

    @o_O how old are u? 12? how do you think this site runs?? no ads lol!!!

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  14. o_0

    @LP @SA Gunner

    Yeah, I know a website cost money to run and I know the ads are a source of income, but they never used to have so many popups and random side-bar things coming out! And secondly, they have a ‘Mobile’ tab on the the top of the page promising an app and mobile site from June 2012!

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  15. John


    The site’s also run because of site reputation and the posters who keep it going, without which there would be no site.

    I’ve seen a lot of blogs/forums go downhill because the mods/admins became power hungry because of its popularity at the time and not caring about a few who have a problem with them. If posters keep having their posts deleted without valid reasons then other posters will pick up on it because of the amount of complaints.

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  16. hg

    lads please don’t get anxious when Blackburn equalize for the third time… this is arsenal and we do love to do things the most difficult way

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  17. Big Gun

    Sometime last year when I went to a clients house, the residents there, particularly the father and son in law were betting online football. The father was a United supporter and the son in law a Sunderland supporter. After much discussion about what was what, I left jokingly saying, you can always bet on Arsenal! Well the joke is certainly on me now as you cannot even bet lunch money on our team without worrying if we might lose against a team like Blackburn. We have been so damn inconsistent it is just ridiculous…one week our guys completely dominate teams, the next week we lose to the worst teams not even in the BPL.

    Come on Arsenal, show some consistency! We have talent for sure, but hard work and determination will get us the wins we need!

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  18. snakeoil

    I remember very well the last time Arsenal played Blackburn in Feb 2012.

    Wenger finally got tired of Ramsey underperforming each week so he put in Rosicky instead. Result: 7-1 Arsenal. win.

    it is not an easy task to select the squad for these types of games. Just start with Rosicky and go from there.

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  19. Tiansen


    So you want them to develop a mobile site without the funds from the ads? No no, go ahead. I’m sure your blog is way better.

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  20. Tiansen

    You can delete that comment, others have already posted about it haha.

    As for the game, I hope for and kind of expect an easy game.

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  21. Arsenal1Again

    Blackburn … the team we raped in a postponed match in ’98 to win the League after being a dozen points behind the Mancs.

    At least we know the lights won’t be failing on Saturday since it’s held at the Emirates and in the afternoon.

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