HUGE injury boost for Arsenal from Giroud

Olivier Giroud has moved to allay the fears of Arsenal fans after seeming to twist his knee quite badly towards the end of the Premier League victory over Sunderland on Saturday. The French striker was subbed off straight away, but it really looked as if he was going to become the ninth first team Arsenal player on the sidelines.

Arsene Wenger will be hugely relieved, because he was going to be forced into some serious juggling of his remaining fit players for the trip to play Marseille in the Champions League on Wednesday. With Lukas Podolski and Yaya Sanogo injured, and Nicklas Bendtner not ready, Wenger had to turn to 17-year old Chuba Akpom, but throwing him into a tough away game in Europe would be a big risk. Fortunately, Giroud has played down his injury and insisted he would be fine to return to France on Wednesday.

“It is not bad actually, not as bad as I first feared. I got a kick earlier in the game, but no-one was near me when I did it this time,” revealed Giroud.

“I tried to connect with the ball a little bit too early and I caught my foot in the grass. I twisted my ankle, but fortunately it is nothing major.

“I am OK, sure I will be fine (for Marseille).”

The France international will definitely not want anything to interrupt his great start to the season, especially now has `King of assists` Mesut Ozil to provide him with chances to score. With four goals in four games, Giroud is joint top scorer, with Christian Benteke, so far in the Premier League. The pressure on him will hopefully be relieved by the weekend, with young Sanogo due to recover from his back problem in time for the potentially bruising visit of Stoke to the Emirates.

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39 thoughts on “HUGE injury boost for Arsenal from Giroud

  1. Kjacko

    Didnt he say he was ok in a tweet about 20 mins after the Sunderland game?

    I dont know why we we’re all getting worried.

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    1. RK1339

      He is a fooking monster.
      Pinch him…he won’t feel pain.
      Bite him….he won’t feel pain.
      Punch him…he won’t feel pain.
      Kick him….he won’t feel pain.
      Step on him.he won’t feel pain.
      Shoot him…he will shoot you back.
      He is a fuking monster. He will never get injured.
      Giroud to score 38 goals in the PL at this rate.

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    2. JamesLeoAlain

      He also did not say he is 100% ok…I am ok, Sure I will be fine….that means he is hopping for the best, thinking positive…. saying sure I will be fine, when in fact he is not and he could make it worse and then be out for a long time…trust me, by that statement, If we had a good back up striker, Wenger would not risk playing him.

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  2. stefanthegooner1

    A striker (lewandowski) and a RB(?) and our team is complete.


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  3. Goonsquad8


    Giroud is gonna win the golden boot

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    1. Jim A

      If he does I bet we hear we need someone more clinical”, we need a fox in the box”, we need an out and striker”. I’ve been saying all summer he will be immense but all I heard was Benteke, Rooney, Suarez, Jovetic, Lewandowski, Higuain did I miss anyone? It’s obvious he has worked hard during the the off season to become better in all facets of the game. I still remember him making that save against the Spurs with his shoulder guarding our goal. He willbe our striker for 2-4 more years lets strengthen elsewhere. All those players listed would want to walk on the first team and cost 20-40 m. We have our Golden Boot candidate his name is Giroud na na na na………

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      1. Gunnerforlife

        We need a striker in case if Giroud get injured and he can;t play 2 matches every week…Another stiker is a must have even if Giroud keeps improving more…We can’t rely on only one striker…

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  4. PatLloyd

    My 3 Arsenal players in my fantasy football team are Giroud, Ramsey and Ozil, 2 assists 3 goals, love it

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    1. juhislihis

      I have Giroud, Walcott and Jenkinson.

      Walcott will start scoring soon, believe it!
      Jenkinson got an assist, awesome work!
      And Giroud is fantasy premier leagues most point scoring player!

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  5. sir rome

    Only time will tel. Oh what a relief,the Big G is fine MOTM against Monpellier on wednesday with 2 goals in first half. Go gunners

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    1. sir rome

      Soooory my fault,but I think the invincables is coming back slowly,just a few adjustments here and there. Only Wenger will know

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      1. Big Gun

        In the words of Jack O’Neil ‘Do ya see the irony in that?’

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    1. RSH

      Was never verified, but i heard 2-3 weeks somewhere. Shorter than everybody else’s injuries which were 6 weeks.

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  6. 0xay0

    oh my god, group of death
    Arsenal: EPL leaders
    Napoli: serie A leaders
    Dortmund: Bundusliga leaders
    Marseille: ligue 1 4th place.
    ….really is the group of death.

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  7. deedoherty

    Let’s all hope he stays fit and healthy for the rest of the season, we need him more than ever

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  8. Ferdy

    Tnx to God that Giroud is ok. He ll definately bag 2 goals come wednesday at Marsielle since playing along side king of assist, Prof Ozil. And Walcott have to step up a little bit in his game becos i could see him getting 25+ goals in all competition since playing along side two undisputed assist miestrus carzola and ozil

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  9. Archangel

    He even started to score outside london! So he should be good for a few in the scummy south subborbs called chelsea!

    We be huge if was to score 28+ in epl this season

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  10. arsenal forever

    first fukk the scum
    I want to see wallcot play in the left side as CR7 does.
    so with ozil behind him he can score whenever he wants.
    also wallcot need to see a lot of videos for the king Henry to learn how to shoot correctly.

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  11. AlmiR

    i really doubted in giroud, thx to God he prove me wrong, just keep it up and kick marseille ass !!!COYG

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