Huntelaar will NOT be joining Arsenal in January

Arsenal fans can stop getting excited about the Dutch international striker, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, coming to the rescue in January, according to the general manager of his current club Schalke 04. The German team have failed to persuade the striker to sign a new deal and his contract finishes next summer. Despite that, Horst Heldt insists that there is no way the 29-year old will be heading to the Emirates at the start of next year.

“(Huntelaar leaving) is just a rumour and a fairytale. There is no truth to the rumours linking him to Arsenal.”

Don’t panic yet, Gooners, because Herr Heldt may not be the most reliable source of information on the subject. This is the man who stated categorically a few weeks ago that Arsenal were skint and so could not afford Huntelaar at any price. I am not saying he is wrong, but how on earth would he know? Arsenal’s financial reports would seem to suggest otherwise.

It is clear that Schalke do not want to lose Huntelaar, but the striker has decided to move on. With a transfer fee as small as £4 million being mentioned, I would not be surprised if the German club held on to their star striker until the summer. They are through to the next round of the Champions league and his presence could be worth a lot more to them than his fee.

If Arsenal want him in January, they may have to up the offer considerably. If not, we need somebody else because we are finding goals very hard to come by.

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46 thoughts on “Huntelaar will NOT be joining Arsenal in January

  1. saton81

    Huntlaar has all the bargaining power now. If he wants to come to Arsenal he will come.

    Shalkake don’t have a say in it with such little time left in his contract.

    Either in January or in the summer if Arsenal want him and are willing to pay the wages

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  2. villa123

    Lots of media outside the Emirates, rumors that club are gonna make an announcement shortly.
    @admin- any idea whats going on?

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    Don,t want him !!!!!! he has seen his better days at nearly 30. We need a younger proven world class striker. we are not a retirement home for as been’s

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  4. saton81

    Can you believe at the start of the season we actullay thought we could contest for the title?

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  5. Nick

    If there’s media around the club and some big announcement it will either be that we’ve signed Henry on another loan for a couple months or that they sured up a new kit sponsorship deal with either Nike (new improved money) or Adidas (as has been rumored).

    All will be hurridly announced in hopes to quell the anger after yesterdays loss.

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  6. Nick

    Oh, and Huntelaar would be a great signing depending on the price. He’s definitely not my first choice but if Wenger can get him for a low enough price he might act.

    I’d prefer Llorente, Lewandowski, and I’d go all kinds of crazy for Falcao (but we’ll never break our wage structure to sign him).

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  7. GunnShow

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  8. SL

    Same old Arsenal. Out to Branford. Linked to every player with no end product. Finished 4th. Wenger defending deadwood. Sloppy play. Psycho Stan and Goat Gazidis.

    God save us

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  9. villa123

    y so thumbs down on my previous comment. i was just asking wats going. crazy pple.. lol

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  10. OhMyGunner

    Sincerely he is too old,and we dont know what time he will need to adapt to epl and our team. If we are optimistic, he might have one or two good seasons but than he will start losing quality. My dream would be Llorente and Demba Ba coming in the January Window along with Luis Gustavo and Zaha in case Walcott leaves ( still hope not).

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  11. No more excuses

    We really have to stop buyin players just cos they have a smaller price tag than the top players goin out . Is huntelaar gonna turn us into a winnin team ? Hardly likely . He’s a 4m pound player for a reason – the only problem is gettin top players to come in while stan + this shower of hateful needy b*stards is still in charge . Did I hear wenger sayin last nite is nuffin to be ashamed of ? Wenger finks he’s there daddy more than a manager who demands performances . Wenger also said they defended all last nite – that wasn’t the match I seen . I seen a Bradford team who were hungrier and harder and played arsenal at their own game . They got tired on 60/70mins and the ox tormented em after that maybe – but they deserved the win and that is something the manager , board and players SHOULD be ashamed of …. And if they aren’t they shud f*ck off . Sorry for rant but this is a nitemare the past 7-8 yrs .

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  12. mo

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  13. Sank

    lewandoski or cavani or jovetic plus henry
    erikson or isco or goetze
    strootmen or diame or mvila
    a old gk and a left back

    spend 60-70 million and save your job wenger.

    This may be wengers last transfer window.

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  14. mo

    fuk winger goardilo in
    fuk gazidis usmanov in
    players should be out is
    mannone and get another decent keeper

    if they dont wanna go tell them to fuk off and no money
    unless they wanna play for free in reserve

    also they should let EISFIELD, RIO and coq play more.

    decent players should be in is
    back up for gibbs
    defensive mid
    CAVANI pay him what he wants

    new contract pay them what they want dont put it in yor wives pussyy

    btw podolski is kinda shiitt too but lets see next year.

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  15. Karel Riha

    Don´t buy Huntelaar, there are many better strikers. Did you see him at last matches of Schalke 04. Hopeless.

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  16. No more excuses

    Mo – do u not know that wenger is a genius of a manager according to some on here lol ? It’s not his fault for anyfin bad – just good !!! U’ll always get bad votes on here for sayin that . Some people call them Wengerites – I just call em losers . Likely know nuffin bout football – just like the top or sumfin .

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  17. kimbono

    its game over guys. end of
    wenger obviously doesnt feel the same pain as us arsenal fans coz if he did he would do something about it by now. the main problem is the players dont believe in wenger no more and who can blame them when ramsey n gervinho playin. it doesnt even matter if wenger drops them till the end of season n sells em coz the damage has been done and the fact that wenger let this happen was the real mistake. and i agree the board not made it easy for wenger but gervinho up front ramsey on right?? im sorry but that is just diabolical

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  18. Nickerless Bender

    What announcement? With any luck it could be “We are stopping everyone’s wages until we can win five games in a row, and that is including the managers and board of directors”

    But it will probably be David Seaman has resigned for three months. If we are going to continue to this ala TH14 why don’t we go the whole hog and resign the invincibles. Surely can’t be any worse than this shambles representing the club. I would even go as far as digging Herbert Chapman up….

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  19. gunner

    this is how it will pan out for the rest of the season
    we will go on a our unreliable form.
    get henry
    get some 15 year from french division 4
    sign 1 good player
    few players go out
    sign some mediocrity
    hit form and with the help of luck and other teams bad form we manage to scrape into quater finals and then meet a good team, get our asses kicked go out
    we will then just about scrape cl for next season with a win on the last day and other results going the other way.
    Wenger hailed as the best for rescuing us
    we sell sagna and maybe some others
    replace with inferior players and promoting youth.


    hopefully silent stan will have to sell arsenal to usamov and then, then we will see change

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  20. alby

    llorente or adrain lopez and Navas or Isco + least 3 players cam this jan.coq can be used as back up to gibs.

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  21. Dan



    I can truthfully say that after 5 games that me + my friends and family most of whom are Gooners reaised we had no chance of achieving anything. Especially with the new signings. Giroud – Better version of Chamakh but won’t fit our style.

    Podolski – Will be played out of position Cazorla – Quality but will be sold for a profit in a year or 2.

    The first 2 predictions have become reality and I imagine the third one will too.

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  22. Goonergrez

    I think it’s time to accept the fact that for as long as the current board are sat in the ivory tower us fans will be viewed as nothing more then cash cows who should be gratefull that we are even allowed in the Emerates!!

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  23. JustJoy

    EPL players please, Forget KLAAS. Bring in Hangeland, Begovic, Zaha, get Adrian Lopez, Gustavo and Nani. Sell TW(cos he is leaving for sure) Chamak, AA23, Fabianski, Djourou, BENDNER, park, Danilson,.. And see changes.

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  24. Nickerless Bender

    Just heard that Arsene Wenger tried to buy Lionel Messi’s younger brother who was supposed to be just as good.

    Unfortunately, at the time Mrs Messi passed wind, moved and he hit the headboard….

    Crikey, this club becoming a joke and because it is so laughable I am making my own up…

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  25. leo

    @villa123 there is media outside emirates because there is an ast meeting going on those idiots think something big is going 2 happen nothing everything is normal yeah except gazdis is going to be at the recieving end poor fellow i believe it’s stan who should be held responsible the invisible owner gazdis is his tool

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  26. leo

    huntelaar will leave the club & arsenal is his likely destination the idoit schalke manger is just delluded he can’t stop him from leaving else they will loose him for free in summer

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  27. captinweestain

    If we don’t buy a quality defensive mid, Goal poacher and a defender in January we are done for.
    The question is the wage structure (as mentioned above)we need to scrap that, it’s 2012 now. What worked in the Bergkamp, Henry, Pires days have changed.
    We need to offer Walcott and Sangna what they ask for(playing Walcott in is natural position,(Southahmton anybody).

    As for the topic, i think Hunterlarr is too old, i’d prefer to recall Joel Campbell.

    Wenger spend the 70 million we all know you have on the 3 positions mentioned.

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  28. mo

    @no more excuses
    the team we had last nite was by faaar better then bradford we lost to them even went to extra time and our mid or strikers didnt score is this not wingers fault he is just shiit and am agree with u but he was good not anymore

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  29. Gooner Cape Town

    Maybe Wenger resigning?
    Maybe Arsenal been sold?
    Maybe Kroenke is going to open his wallet?
    Maybe wage structure will be scrapped?
    Maybe Walcott new skipper?
    A lot of maybe’s but all hot air.
    January is definite crunch time for Arsenal. No top players in no champs league no extra cash more crap!

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  30. Gooner Cape Town

    Demba Ba, Adrian Lopez and maybe Huntelaar as believe this is a smoke screen to stop fan revolt, similar to Podolski leaving Koln.
    DM- Biglia, Diame, Yanga M Biwa, Capoue
    Winger- Isco, Zaha

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  31. Uche Edochie

    You know, i just watched this our match again and it is clesr to me that bradford did nothing special. They scored a single goal from a set piece and then put elevn men behin the ball. Their strategy was simple. Keep the game at a draw so they can play penalties. The lack of clinical strikers and wingers cost us this game. Giroud or walcot would have won us this game. We got a million corners and could not convert a single one. Gervinho missed a sitter. Otherwise, we really run them ragged. Parking the bus can be an effective strategy when one is one goal up or is hoping for a penalty. Chelses parked the bus and won the champions league. It is clear to everybody thst they were npt the best team to win champions league.

    Anyway, this is all good. Losses like this are likely to guarantee that arsenal will buy players for sure when January comes.

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  32. Invincibles nice (1)

    January cant come soon enough.
    We are in dire need for a few quality individuals.
    A really good striker is a must, we are truly lacking.
    A powerhouse C midfielder we must recruit.
    Again january just cant come soon enough even if its only to replace Gervinho with Henry.

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  33. kwesiga ivan

    For once lets abandon going to watch the reading game on Monday night the board can see. The pitch empty maybe they could make achange

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  34. Hafiz Rahman

    dont need Huntelarr…hes cup tied and may take time to settle…

    Arsenal need some one pacey…

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  35. atid

    @ captain weestain

    we cannot recall campbell nor wellington nor galindo for that matter. its not up to us it is up to the home office. just like many nurses all over the world they are not qualified enough to be here as they have not shown they are any good. lets face it our nhs needs nurses far more than the premier league needs average foreign footballers, yet we turn nurses applications down in their droves, cos they are not from romania or poland (eu, basically)

    since when did 29 become old? huntelaar has an awesome goal record especially in league football, he could certainly giroud how to play the main striker role and imagine them as a pair against the likes of stoke.

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  36. Kingbong

    The awnser is right below our noses , For feck sake Wenger just bring in Demba Ba , We aint gotta waste time for him to ‘adjust’ to the premier league , the guys proved time & time again he can score goals .he can play in Champions league, He’d be an Ian Wright for us and all for a bargain of 7.5 Mill I think it is .. It’s a no brainer! To show ambition Wenger must sign players like Ba,Navas,Fellaini,Baines ..Like to think you could get those 4 for around 60 mill give or take..Won’t happen though will it??

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  37. sleepychain

    I agree with you to a point. The source is completeley unreliable but some of the evidence does point to us getting him.
    *He is a bargain(since arsrenal is so reluctant to spend)
    *He is literally that type of player that can a team into the top 4(which is what the board wants so we keep getting revenue)
    Personally i would prefer if we get adrian lopez or aubmeyang but right now we need world class and huntelarr is exactly that. Plus wenger wants eperience huntelarr being 29. Although im not to sure if he knows english which might be a barrier but then again look at carzorla.

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  38. Gundam

    I never believed for a moment that this guy would come here… especially when the team he plays for plays better… othere big clubs are in for a quick fix striker… his options are wide open.

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  39. APC

    im having non of it the guys class. even if we have him for 3 years. hel do the job. the guys deadly

    lewandowski a better option tho but doubtful hel come or will be in price range

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