Is Adrian Lopez focused on Arsenal?

Now that it seems as if Arsenal will not be able to persuade Barcelona to part with David Villa, even though he wants to leave and Arsenal are willing to pay for him, Wenger may concentrate on another Spanish forward Adrian Lopez. Arsenal are rumoured to have put in an offer for the 25-year old already, but it was a fair bot lower than his release clause of £15 million.

There are signs that the player has had his head turned by the interest from the Gunners. His manager at Athletico Madrid, Diego Simeone, has told the Spanish media that he was unhappy with the striker’s attitude on Sunday, and that is why he was substituted after about an hour.

“The effort is not negotiable.

“With the exception of Adrian we competed as a team.”

For a player who is regarded as one of the most hard working and reliable in the Madrid team, this points to a problem in the mind of Adrian. He must be aware of Arsenal’s interest. Perhaps he was wondering if his chance had gone, especially if Barcelona were to accept our offer.

The question now is whether Wenger plays poker and waits for Athletico to accept the lower offer, or bites the bullet and offers more money. I wonder if Santi Cazorla and Mikel Arteta have been on the phone to Adrian. If so, they should tell him to have a word with his team mate, Arda Turan, as well.

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75 thoughts on “Is Adrian Lopez focused on Arsenal?

  1. johnverdal

    adrian lopez is a good player but would prefer jovetic or lewandowski or david villa.

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  2. Gunnerineverylife

    I dont get the all the hype about this guy.We need somebody who is near the class of Rvp,not the NEXT David Villa.

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  3. johnverdal

    i agree with u. we need a world class player now who can help us win trophy now not in the future.

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  4. Chief keef

    We need to get a striker that makes something out of nothing and takes shots from 20 yards out. The only player ive seen this season that has taken hits that far out is cazorla

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  5. johnverdal

    victor wanyama and david villa are my dream signing.

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  6. el gooneraldo

    Lopez has potential but Turan is the real deal, I think we are only going to sign Mbiwa from Montpelier, and Wenger will say that Walcott and Diaby are like New signings.

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  7. lhkhnkjnj

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  8. Fazzeek

    The only thing Wenger will sign is a new 10 odd million pound contract in the summer and that’ll be part off his social wage policy

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  9. lhkhnkjnj

    iscoo please

    wenger’s eye for talent??? gerv squid and mismanaged ramsey and blender???

    well wheres isco wenger?? man of the match against milan and zenit??
    with just 16m buyout clause and fantastic partnership with santi just cant believe he hasnt any interest on him

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  10. johnverdal

    how many years are left in arsene wenger’s contarct?

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  11. Pan

    lopez is good but i would like to see some one better wenger is always looking for bargins anyone would think it was his money tight fisted arsehole

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  12. van prince

    Please asene wenger we need a promising attacker lyk turan adrian lopez and villa and we need a defencive midfielder lyk M’vila

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  13. Gunner 8

    All the papers now say that Theo will sign da ting before $hitty match!!

    If he doesnt they will say manure or $hitty are gonna poach him from us!!

    Media Dickheads!! Grrrrr!!! :|

    I will believe it when it is on the Arsenal website.

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  14. el gooneraldo

    @johnverdal just a hunch mate, Wenger tried to buy him in the summer and now that Montpelier are out of champions league I read somewhere Wenger is sniffing around him again, I won’t mind him I think he could be the beast in midfield that we so badly need.

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  15. ams

    Surely bayern will laugh at us….
    I hope there is no history of humiliating defeat

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  16. lhkhnkjnj

    blender future rvp
    diaby future yaya
    ramsy future messi
    gerv future drogba
    theo future thierry
    now it seems future villa is coming wtf??

    we got too many futurerers need some expirienced players

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  17. the king

    lopez is good. has a good game here and there but is nothing special…no better then walcott or giroud ….

    but then again this is arsenal we only want avrage players
    good players we sell.

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  18. Jay-Dub

    Wenger must stop messing around and make some major signings before deadline day or this will be de-javu

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  19. lhkhnkjnj

    wengers not gonna buy any strker cause greatest footballer of all time bentner is ganna come again

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  20. lhkhnkjnj

    arsenal 6 – shitty 6

    terrible defence cause arsenal six but new signing messi scores double hattrick and saves arsens arse

    after the match

    journalist : messi messi messi!! wow 6 goals in first match how u feel

    messi : yeah it is good club is awesome but the socialist pay structure that pays me just 50k p/w is awful

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  21. Sir G

    Am tired of all of these speculations, please!!! Buy, Wenger, please buy!!! Pronto!!!

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  22. johnverdal

    players linked with arsenal this month:
    victor waynama
    yann m’vila
    kevin strootman
    james mccarthy
    arda turan
    eduardo vargas
    adrian lopez
    david villa
    yanga mbiwa
    jack butland
    wilfred zaha
    adam szalai
    luke shaw
    lars bender

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  23. mwenyeji

    Just to digress, I hope Walcott signs and gets deployed more often near the middle but I have a little problem. Of late, TW14 is taking all the corners and free kicks. Does any one else think this is denying us goal scoring opportunities?? The free kick against Swansea at a very good range that walcott smashed straight into the wall without even lifting the ball is a good example.As a matter of fact, the only good freekick I have ever seen Walcott take was against Stoke in April last year at Brittania where he somehow managed to find RVP only to crash the ball into the bar.
    In my opinion the dead ball (Free kicks, Corners & Penalties) specialists in our team are in this order:
    1. Arteta
    2. Podolski
    3. Cazorla

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  24. johnverdal

    arsenal starting lineup with new signings:

    sagna mertesaker vermaelen baines

    waynama wilshere


    walcott villa podolski

    bench: arteta koscielny giroud butland chamberlain
    jenkinson diaby

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  25. Sammie

    We are 9 days into d transfer window and wenger has not bought any players. Europa league here we come.

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  26. Dave


    Oh my god, I can’t express how i feel about Walcott taking set pieces in words. It absolutely makes me rage. He is terrible at set pieces, but he seems to think that he needs to prove to everyone that he is the complete striker.

    To make things worse, Cazorla, Arteta and to a lesser extent Podolski are all specialists at set pieces. He needs to know his role.

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  27. josh

    Hi you guys! Be realistic. How to get “top, top, top” players when you are not keen to open your wallet? So I would be relieved if Wenger manages to buy ‘unknown’ players who perhaps turn out to be gems! Hopefully not turn out to be another Squillaci or Santos!

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  28. Invincibles nice (1)

    They have changed the definition of the word pessimistic in the Oxford English dictionary, the answer now translates to Arsenal supporters.

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  29. bengas

    Vargas offered to arsenal?! We now trade average players for fun? Dats too bad.lopez is not a finished product. We should look for more quality.

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  30. josh

    Arsenal better beef up their weak defense pronto if they are to win and climb up back the EPL ladder! And they cannot afford to keep on wasting away their goalscoring chances!

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  31. Lol123

    Adrian is not a guy we need! Take a look at his stats they arent impressive at all!

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  32. temigunga

    Arsenal will just sign Sunzu; Diaby, Walcott, Fripong, Rosicky are like new signings! Then what will be the added quality! I am sorry that we won’t see the Tony Adams error until when Wenger retires (can not be sacked) and the owner changes; because the problem at Arsenal is philosophical!

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  33. Bill

    ISCO ISCO ISCO what is wrong with Wenger???
    Isco has velcro on his feet when he gets the ball and is a slippy as a greased pig in tackles.
    If Chelskei get him he will rape our midfield.

    Missing out on M’Villa is inexcusable.

    Wenger is now a joke and is taking this club down with him!

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  34. Neil

    His stats aren’t exactly great.For a forward he has played 13 games and has one goal.

    Theo has 21 games, 14 goals and 10 assists.

    Giroud has 26 games 9 goals and 8 assists.

    Even Chamahk has four games 2 goals and one assist!

    Lopez? Would be hugely underwhelmed. I’ve only seen a bit of him. He looks good on the ball but…meh. Another tippy tappy player for me.

    Anyone who thinks he will do needs to remember the player we lost up front. We also let Song and Cesc go without adequate replacements coming in. They both had years left on their contracts and there was no need to sell.

    It annoys me when some say ”well…Cesc wanted to return home to his boyhood club”…..

    SO WHAT!!! He had four years left. Wenger should’ve said ”Ok, I’ll let you go to Barca when I find someone as good to replace you. I’ve spent years compiling a team to compliment you after signing your contract, you can’t just bugger off as you please because you like Barca”

    I think that could be a problem of Wenger’s. When a player says ”It’s my dream to play for Utd/City/Barca” he smiles and gives them a lift to their new club. He doesn’t tell them to remember the contract they signed with the club and to get on with their job. He should let them go if they really want to, but only when we have a real replacement set up.

    After RVP was allowed to go and rub our faces in it at united, we need a marquee signing. Not Lopez. Not Zaha.

    David Villa or Cavani.

    After losing so many top players we need at least one coming in.

    At least give us that FFS!

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  35. amol

    jovetic would the perfect buy for arsenal.adrain lopez no doubt is a good player,hes versatile too….wenger needs to add a dm as well as a fullback too…if possible a goalkeeper too

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  36. rhys

    Newspapers don’t have a scobby doo what arsenals plans are for the transfer market. Cazorla is a prime example because the papers didn’t have a clue till the day before.

    Sick of hearing people jumping on rumours saying we should buy a player. Its not football manager you can’t just buy a player there are lots of situations and demands from club and player fees.

    January is the worst time to buy because the most prolific players are cup tied.

    Get behind your team and stop laying unnecessary pressure on a team which needs all the support it can get at the moment.


    Diaby to start against man city!

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  37. Charlie

    @rhys, at least one person is making sense. Newspapers could link Arsenal with Ronaldo (as a change from Messi) if they wanted to and then whoever Arsenal did sign would be considered a nobody. It’s all a game and you’re all falling into the trap. David Villa was probably never available or interested but we all got excited about him anyway. I’d like to see Arsenal sign Yann M’Vila and I don’t understand why Wenger isn’t showing interest but I appreciate that I don’t know much about him. It might be as simple as Arsene has his sights on someone that he and his scouts consider to be even better than M’Vila but he is succeeding in keeping the fact away from the press. It might be that he is waiting for Walcott to sign so he knows his priorities in the market. Whatever you may think Arsene and his team of scouts do know more about the players out there than you do.

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  38. tobi

    I totally agree with you.Media don’t even have a clue who we are going to sign, just like Carzola and Arteta. Both are our midfield maestro so we all should just calm down and support our team no matter what. And another joy for us is that we don’t have any injury at the moment which is a very rare thing at arsenal.We have 8 players in the midfield that are all fit. Rosicky, Coq, Aaron, Carzola, Wilshere, Arteta, Frimp and Diaby even Chambo.Perhaps we need 2-3 more players but in important post. Mbiwa, Biglia and Turan would do for me

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  39. Denis my true name

    Let’s reserve when Adrian Lopez IS coming to arsenal. I don’t care if he is famous or not. Aw makes wrong judgment ie: Santos, squilaci, Jeffers etc. But he was the man who rejuvenize bergkamp carrier from disaster at inter(Eventhough Bruce rioch bought him) . He saves Vieira from Milan. He pick henry from juve. He bought Lauren, sagna, koscielny, toure, rvp out of nowhere. So Adrian could be a flop, bit I’m not surprised if he became our next superstar.

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  40. Kanonier

    Arsene Wenger has not signed anyone yet because his full attention is centered on Walcott’s new contract. I think that once Walcott signs the contract, he will strengthen the attack with a versatile player that can play up front and on the wing, a defender that can play as CB or Full Back and the midfield with a defensive midfielder. Therefore, I believe we will sign Adrian Lopez (Forward), Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa (CB/Full Back) and Lucas Biglia (DM). None of these players I mention are marquee signings like David Villa, Leighton Baines, Stefan Jovetic, or Yann M’Vila, but they would sure strengthen our team and would make us much more competitive.

    The only thing that I am surprised is that Arsene Wenger did not activate the release clause of Demba Ba which was a bargain at only £7.5 Million or that he is looking at Mohammed Diamé who has a cheap £3.5 Million release clause. these are both ready-made EPL players who would’ve had an immediate release clause.

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  41. Grimey

    Like everyone else I want the transfer business done early especially with the big games we have coming up. I am, however willing to wait till the end of January before I make any judgement. My faith and patience will run out if we don’t spend. Coyg

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  42. Gooner Cape Town

    Is it smokescreen time again from Arsene? I do believe he operates under the radar and media hype, so as not to let other clubs know of his intentions. The others know how good our scouts are, so the minute we mention interest they flock like vultures around a carcass!!
    Really hope we get real quality in soon as programme is very busy. 3 star signings- striker, DM, versatile defender and possibly a young good goalie (Butland fits the profile perfectly)
    Come on Wenger do the busines……..

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  43. Rory

    I agree that this list of players would be good for us, only a few
    victor waynama
    yann m’vila
    kevin strootman
    james mccarthy
    arda turan
    eduardo vargas
    adrian lopez
    david villa
    yanga mbiwa
    jack butland
    wilfred zaha
    adam szalai
    luke shaw
    lars bender

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  44. Rory

    any player would be nice at the minute just to show the fans Wenger is actually gonna do something this window!

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  45. mystic

    Think WEnger is a tight fisted plonker, but Arenal will get into the CL next season, not because they are particularly good but because in our frustration too many of us are overrating the other teams.

    Whilst I think Wenger has lost the plot and needs to go for the sake of Arsenal once agin challenging for honours it is the abysmal twits above him who have allowed / are allowing his god forsaken policies to endure. A wholesale change is required.

    One question though, when Cazorla and Podolski were bought, Arsenal brought in players with over 150 international caps between them – for top interntional sides – when did such feats become inadequate? Unfortunately there are so many other average plonkers in the squad as to make their impact muted.

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  46. tapsmel

    Hey Gooners,why is Fringpong not havin a chance to play?that dude he loves Arsenal and he loves to wear that white and red jersey.hope he wl be offered another contract.

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  47. Abhi Ranjan

    Arsene Wenger in Dec ” I will be busy in January Transfer Market”. Arsene Wenger in Jan ” Kiss my ass”.

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  48. Lol123

    There is a rumour running saying that Lampard will be anounced as arsenal player later today by signing a 3,5 year deal. I really dont hope it is true! If true we are practically seaching in our rivals garbage to find players. And 3,5 year? What are you thinking of Wenger? The man is 34! He isnt good enough for Chelsea anymore why would he be good enough for us?

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  49. ablindman785

    time is running out.
    barca say no to villa, we say here’s 20 take it or leave it, they still say no so, jump in a plane to madrid say oi! here’s 16 grab lopez and go home. when we get home pop to everton say oi! here’s 35 grab baines and fellaini go home and win something. all done in 2 days.

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  50. RASD KY

    @ Abhi

    He truly is busy looking for a certain 17yrs old prospect who he can get for $0.6.

    He is also looking for another 32yrs old to sign for about $3M. Note of Squilacci caliber.

    He indeed is truly busy!

    With Wenger even if we buy Fellani he will try him out as a right back or may be try to convert him to that giant killer lethal striker like RVP or Henry.

    Wenger should give us a break and just break that bank.

    To Hell with his socialist policy and f**K to his so called exceptional talents that he keeps looking for…we have indeed seen his recent exceptional talents signings like Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Squilacci.

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  51. Professori

    I love Wenger, but we keep on hearing him talk about signing a ‘special’ player and a ‘top, top, top’ player. Yet he buys no one or someone who will become special in the future (and then walk out). Wonder if this ‘special’ ‘top, top, top’ player is actually being created in a lab somewhere. Like frankensteins monster. Messi’s technical abilities and composure, Ronaldo’s speed and agility, Yaya Toure’s power and strength. Brace yourself for Wenger’s ‘special’ ‘top, top, top’ monster. It’s alive!!

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  52. sollygunner

    ,,,,@Kanonier,,,, totaly agree with you i posted a few days ago regarding this as weve seen it before they seem unable (like its all too much ) to make a decition on any other player while this theo thing is going on maybe they are making there plans behind the scenes ready for either outcome who knows still seems stupid to me as players they might want get picked up by someone else we are in a good financial position and its not that hard to sort a contract out it cant take all of there time up it just seems like its not that important !!!!

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  53. indiangooner

    from what i have seen on youtube i can conclude that he’s nimble and got great ball control…but hey youtube video’s only show best of the players…so can’t really tell how much good he is…but definitely he’s better than walcott and giroud with the ball…finish i would say is okay..but we would rather have him than no one…cuz he is good not world class but good…will give us good option for rotation..and who knows may be thrive in a team like ours…could be next big thing…

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  54. paddy

    this team will come rite in the next two seasons signing ox wiltshere wallcot ramsey cazorla kosheilny to long term contracts is the way to go they can blow any team off the park on a good day they just need consistency and need more time together the key is not selling in the off season like we have been thats the issue rite there

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  55. The_Angry_Gooner_17

    When the f**k will this geezers contract run out? He’s brainwashing the fanbase with this so called project youth bullsh!t!

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  56. Gunnner

    wenger please buy a player it’s been 2 weeks. Better buy adrian coz he has the skills of a young talented player

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  57. olat

    Let wait and see whether this man is going to buy any player,this could all be an idea by the coaching management…Buy we fans are tired of speculations,but i will prefer a volatile striker like Lopez 25 not 31 for the same price.

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  58. Samuel A.Turay-Makeni Sierra Leone

    Get up and stand for Lopez,the fans are waitng to welcome him at the Emirates. Please worry up Wenger and get us this player.

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