Is Khedira suggesting a possible move to Arsenal?

Khedira could join Ozil at Arsenal? by Ash

The transfer window may have only just closed, but the rumours regarding possible incomers at Arsenal continue unchecked all year round, and a recent piece of speculation revolves around the Real Madrid and Germany international midfielder Sami Khedira who has some very interesting quotes.

Arsenal are beginning to build up a bit of an association with Real Madrid and their players having being linked with the likes of Iker Casillas, Angel Di Maria, Mesut Ozil, Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain over the course of the summer. Of course we only signed Mesut Ozil out of those mentioned and although his signing is definitely one of the best that Wenger has ever pulled off, it seems as if Le Prof wants to return to Madrid for more, with the latest suggestions, reported by Metro, that Sami Khedira could be linking up with former teammate Mesut Ozil at the Emirates stadium.

Khedira, who is reportedly unhappy with Madrid’s decision to sell his international teammate Ozil, states that he would be open to moving away from the Spanish capital, opening up suggestions that a move to Arsenal could be on the cards to reunite the pair in London.

Khedira said, ‘Personally, I feel bad about Mesut’s transfer. We are very, very good friends. His departure is a loss also from a sporting perspective. Mesut can make the difference.’

Although the reports from the media are slightly misleading in the fact that Khedira never openly states he would consider a move away, they have taken his words as a suggestion to say that he would like to link up with Ozil again one day at club level, hence the link to Arsenal. So although the media may have embellished this story, thinking about it in more detail if Arsenal were to sign Khedira it would be a good move all round for the Gunners.

The 26 year old wouldn’t be hugely expensive and he would certainly prove to be the answer to our defensive midfield woes, my only concern is that if we bring in another midfielder then surely someone has to go out of the door and we have such a talented midfield already, so sadly for Khedira I personally can’t see this deal happening anytime in the near future.

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69 thoughts on “Is Khedira suggesting a possible move to Arsenal?

      1. Gunnersway

        I’m sorry but IF Arsenal targets on a CDM, it’s just obvious it should be GUNDOGAN.

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          1. CarlosSilva

            That’s the wrong Bender.. The one we’ve been linked to, and the better more hyped player is Lars Bender, not Sven

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    1. 0xay0

      sign of great team : not relying on a single player. sometime one player scores, if he cant then another comes to bang it. so 4 or 5 players scoring in one or the other matches, plus even better if defender takes responsibility of putting ball into the net with strong header. so no pressure to a single player as long as we win.

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  1. 0xay0

    regular appearances, better payment plus now even more chances of wining titles and securing place in national team. who wouldnt like to come!!!!

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  2. chywam

    Towards the end of the transfer window, he was actually heavily linked to arsenal and we all thought he was a done deal until he made that comment that he will stay and fight for his place in Madrid. Ofcourse, Ozil is looking very happy at the emirates and the Ozil I saw last night is so much at home and enjoying his game and putting in every effort and feeling happy. That also is a very good news for arsenal and can also make players like Khadira realize they made some mistakes not coming to arsenal when the chance came. Dont forget that there is this aura of winning and togetherness at the locker room which is what a good team need.

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  3. Big Gun

    This article has taken words a bit out of context, but yes, Ozil, a good finish this year and possibly some silverware, will attract the biggest of stars in time to come. Wenger will most likely buy a quality striker in Jan. The fact that Ba was so close to join means Wenger’s hunt isn’t over.

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    1. JVGunner

      Difficult in January as most top strikers are cup tied. The price is also normally higher in winter. The only top ST that may leave is Lewy bc of his contract ending in June. But again, he is cup tied. And is he compatible w giroud or a replacement?

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      1. RazorbackGooner

        After thinking about it more, I eventually decided that being cup tied for 6 months is worth it to bring in a striker from another Champions League team if we can get him to sign a long contract. He could still play the weekend games and give Giroud a rest for the midweek contest from January to June. Better than using Sanogo or Bendtner for that purpose.

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  4. MexicoGooner

    No our midfield is already very crowded. We need a CB/RB and a ST

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    1. RazorbackGooner

      I don’t recall anything being said about us only signing one player. Wenger likes to bring in no more than a few in order to retain team chemistry but that certainly allows for 3 players to be brought in.

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  5. 0xay0

    everybody talking about our squad being so thin. we ve rosisky, arteta, cazorla, ox, podolski, and so on in injury list. just imagine barca messi, inesta, neymar, fabregas all being injured at a time. ofcourse they still would ve great squad but i dont think they could compete with 5th or 6th position team of EPL as we ve seen barca struggling against mediocre team in messi abscence before.

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  6. Twig

    “…and although his signing is definitely one of the best that Wenger has ever pulled off”
    You don’t rate a signing after 2 games buddy, you rate a signing after a season, or seasons in some cases. Hopefully Ozil has a cracker of a season as Cazorla had for us last season.

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    1. baldygooner

      Ozil has an amazing career not just a good season where have you been

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      1. Twig

        Torres had an amazing career at A.Madrid and Liverpool as well. Shevchenko had a brilliant career at AC Milan as well. And oh, lets not forget Ballack who did so well for Bayern and Leverkusen before his move to Chelsea.

        I’m not saying Ozil will end like these – just saying patience is needed from the fans and not to heap too much pressure on the kid. Arsenal FC is not about one player alone.

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        1. chenrob2

          Good point but let’s examine the comparison, Torres was not an instant impact in fact it took him many, many games just to score his first goal, Ozil impact was felt instantly, Shevchenko like Torres found scoring difficult and in addition was never wanted by Jose’ it was Roman who demanded that Jose’ played him and Ballack my friend was in the same boat. On the other hand Ozil is wanted and was recruited by Wenger, love and respected by the fans and have immediately shown what he’s all about.

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  7. Robin Vanpayslip

    He is probably worried about catching rabies from a Bale bite

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  8. PatLloyd

    rather have Hummels at CB, dont think we need another CM. Would go Gundogen and Bendr before Khedira given hes cost £40million

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    1. hahahahaspuds

      If khedira wants to join us then he would cost far less. Gundogan is not a cdm and Bender is not as good as khedira

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      1. Ks-Gunner

        what makes u think that khedira is a better player then Bender mate…

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        1. TG65

          Maybe it’s because he starts ahead of both Benders for Germany. I would love to see us get Khedira. At RM he is a perfect complement to a passing midfielder like Alonso(Arteta for us). Lately, when Alonso has been injured he has also formed a great partnership with Modric (like Ramsey or Wilshere for us).

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    2. RK1339

      no. if i was wenger, in january i’d try to sign a top, top RB/RW (eg. Ignazio Abate). Abate will play at RB while Sagna would form a formidable partnership with Kos/Merte/Verm depending on everyones form.

      and if needed, abate can play as right wing back/right winger to help with crosses.

      so..thats my feed.

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  9. bobtaj

    with all the games in hand we could use Khedira and rest other players be they burnout,we also have aged players getting injured every time they go for their national teams games

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  10. Ks-Gunner

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    1. DanielC1989

      I agree Theo is lazy. the formation we play at the moment we may as well play 4-2-2-2 as Theo just plays as a striker anyway.m, and Özil and Wilshere play through the middle, then you’ve got the 2 centre mids

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      1. RK1339

        yes, i’d actually like to say 4-2-2-2 or maybe 4-1-3-2?

        but if 4-2-2-2 then our team’d look like this:

        Sagna Kos Merte Gibbs
        Ramsey Flamini
        Ozil Cazorla
        Walcott Giroud

        We’d still have plenty of creativity from Ozil and Cazorla, and to an extent, Ramsey.

        This way, Walcott will have some good experience as striker. And should the worst happen (Giroud gets injured), we can play a 4-2-3-1 formation with Walcott as lone striker. (as i mentioned, he’d have experience as more experience as striker).

        So wenger, just a thought from some of us gooners!

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        1. Ks-Gunner

          our game is based in keeping posession at any cost….Wenger would rather take off a striker and play the game all in all with miedlefield players ( aka spain ) or with a fake striker….rather then puting 2 strikers up front…

          it is not working out for Milan…and it would never work out for Arsenal…..besides in our case walcott football ablitys are to poor to play in the supporting striker role……he has not the required skills which a Suarez or Aguero have to succed….

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          1. RK1339

            Ok then. So why is Arsenal not ‘Spain’?(Do we play like Spain? No) It means we need to improve our team! Some of our players are simply not good enough. They maybe alright, here and there, so and so players but we need some better players. Its hard to see where our weakness is. I think Walcott (Walcott is an example of a player who is probably just taking space) has been far from impressive. He needs to be a great player consistently (ala Ramsey). Theo needs to work harder every time (just like aaron did).

            It maybe a bit confusing, but I hope you get my point.

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          2. Ks-Gunner

            yes mate i do understand we may not play like spain but we have the same game philosophy…..quality wise put a Surez up front and a player of Reus or El Sharavy caliber on the wings and we would make even Spain look inferiour to us…

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  11. Ks-Gunner

    for the wallcot fan boys out there google…

    Thierry Henry – FC Barcelona Hustler …on youtube…and you will get the point what i am tllk about..

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    1. th14

      Walcott constantly on the shoulder is a complete nightmare for defenses, and given the way the team is set up theo is absolutely vital to our attack. I honestly dont know what you guys want from him 1 goal and 4 assist after 7 games!!!!!
      Or would you rather have tricky work horse valencia so he can track back and dribble and get us 1 goal and 7 assist a season. Or maybe you would prefer navas hes fast spanish lots of tricks and he can get us a great return of 1 goal and 6 assist a season.
      The way you guys critisize walcott is like getting 21 goals and 14 assist from a wide position is a piece of cake. And completely ignore the face that hes directly contributed to 6 of the goals we have scored this season (penalty he won us).

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      1. Ks-Gunner

        the goals you are mentioning are mostly created by other players…

        Walcott goalscoring record means shet…a so called Adebayor scored 24 goals in 36 matches……same goes for Samir Nasri…….

        it is Arsenal game style which allow players up front score a bunch of goals…for every goal Walcott makes he misses at least 2 other ones…..

        and yes i would rather have a winger who can dribble past defenders and do lot of crosses instead of a winger who thinks of himself as a selfish wannabe striker…what is the point in praising a goalscoring record for the sake of numbers… if he that player gets missed on 6 games and shows a hattrick against a team like Wba in the end…

        dont get me wrong he is a good player…but he has to be consisten with what he does…..100k is to much to take a walk on the pitch….he has to deliver and work his socks off

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        1. th14

          Wow lol first of all theo walcott actually scores alot in big games.
          And he creates alot more than most wingers. And the fact that you completely ignore his pace and intelligent movement to get into these dangerous positions and simply say its just the way our team plays shows you dont really have a great understanding of football.
          Also the player who missed the most clear cut chances in the league last year was RVP like everyone who knows anything about football says if you are getting into these goal scoring oppurtunitues you must be doing something right.
          Also adebayor is a striker not a winger.

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          1. Ks-Gunner

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          2. th14

            -.- first you say walcotts goals dont mean sh*t and hes goals are created by others so he shouldnt take credit. Correct me if im wrong but arent most goals created by other players *face palm*.
            Now you say he scores easy tap ins lmao how many of walcotts goals were tap ins?
            Also explain how he confuses the sh*t out of other players when hes one of the main attacking threats on our team. You also said we lost against the big teams so his goals dont matter… his goals got us draws against everton, man u and liverpool, and he was a big part of the 5-2 last season with a goal and assist, also the fact that we lost doesn’t tell the full story his goal again chelsea in the 2nd half initiated a comeback and if giroud didnt miss that sitter we would have drew 2-2 jeez its like you just started watching football yesterday…
            And my point about rvp is that you said theo is sh*t because he misses alot of clear cut chances, but rvp missed the most clear cut chances in the league so i guess adebayor must be better because he doesnt miss as many clear cut chances as rvp.

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          1. Ks-Gunner

            it was due team work and expecially bec of a good defending form….dont be such a fan boy man

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          2. th14

            Im not being a fan boy your just clueless.
            So his 14 goals and 10 assist didnt play a major part in us staying in the top 4?

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          3. Ks-Gunner

            sigh i knew you are the sort of fan boy..

            1.i said a particular goalscoring record means nothing….not wallcott goals… can score 5 goals in one game and then go 5 games without having none….do you get my point..

            2.without other players he is helpless…he cant out dribble his man alone even if his lifes depends on it…

            3.with confusing i meant….players who start on the cf poz are sometimes forced to pick up the ball outside the box bec Walcott stands inside the dangerzone instead of using his pace and making runs outise the flanks…and then you see a situation in which a player like Giroud is on the wings trying to cross the ball….instead of being the other way around…

            4.if walcott scores 4 goals but yet we lose to 5…the 4 goals of him are wasted and mean nothing…points matter not personal glory

            5.for every goal he made against those teams he missed plenty of chances…or missed goalscoring chance by shooting the ball outside instead of just passing the ball to his team mates…..i know what i am tllk about i am watching Arsenal games just like you only though without having my fanglassess one…

            6.i never said he is shet…i am sayin he needs to run his socks off…his huge 100k week contract is somethng which he has to work for…simple as that…

            7.Rvp is a proven goalscoring striker…dont compare him to Walcott mate its loughable…..peace

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  12. RK1339

    No. Never.

    I’d rather have a top striker to compete with Giroud and a quality winger who can play on both wings.

    Angel Di Maria? I just wished he was in our team!! We’d have a NEARLY perfect team.

    Or maybe even Marco Reus. He can play on both wings, behind striker as attacking midfielder, and as lone striker. Very versatile he is.

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    1. Tidan2

      Thats the player i was hoping and expecting this summer, Ozil is brilliant for sure but we have injuries on our left and I thought DiMaria can’t do anything but help our overall team if he were to come.

      Now I’m even more convinced because even though stats don’t lie and Walcott is effective in that regard, he has a guaranteed starting spot and with DiMaria he would be forced to put in more than simple appearing out of nowhere with a goal and assist, he would have to come back, defend, make himself a part of the team.

      For January we either need to get a good ST or a proper winger (both is obviously better), either one would strengthen us.

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      1. th14

        Chamberlin? Can directly compete for the RW position so can santi.
        Another winger is far from a priority.

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    2. th14

      Jesus christ we have enough attacking players already!
      All we need is a World class striker ‘or’ a versitile forward who can play across the front like reus.
      After that i’d rather get a World class Cb or a World class Rb (Convert sagna to a CB) and a powerhouse True DM whos also a ball player like Pogba.

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      1. henry12

        I think we should bid for lewandowski because his contract will end by the summer so borrusia will be looking to sell in january. a 25-30 mil bid could do it.

        we also need a world class cb like you said and goalkeeper

        i think we could actually get bender in january so i think in january we should get bender and lewandowski

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    1. RK1339

      He’s a good player. In fact he is a world class player. BUT we do NOT NEED him. He will be just an extra. We can’t get him unless we ship out of one Ramsey/Wilshere/Flamini/Arteta.

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  13. LDockers

    Haha Metro having a slow day fidning news to report so why not take Khediras comments out of context and link him to Arsenal. His comments are similar to that of a few of his Ex team mates, he wont be joining Arsenal. United tried and failed to sign him deadline day for a fee of around £30 million, find that pretty steep for a defensive midfielder, dont get me wrong i rate him but for £30 million I will pass on the basis of value for money. Gustavo went for around 12-18 million we could get Lars Bender for around £25+ million who Wenger alread rates, Gundogen for a similar price, Pogba for a similar price all who play in that role. £30 million for a defensive midfilder doesnt strike me as an Arsene signing, much prefers box to box or attacking midfielders than a combative CDM but hey ho i wouldnt complain. Its way too early for me to take any trasnfer rumours seriously

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    Hello friends. this is my first contribution since the signing of ozil. it took this long because i am still in shock. our team performance looks good despite our injury concern. lets continue to support our great club…

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  15. RK1339

    where is our fellow gooner whose username on justarsenal was ‘galen’. pls speak out!

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  16. dkamau

    we should get Reus and a rightback to push Jenko just like Gibbo has been pushed by Monreal…who needs khedira when we’ve got all those players in midfield

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  17. AlanFrank

    Khedira is an unbelievably good player but cant see him ever joining us. Our midfield is looking very strong the only person who might need replacing in midfield is Diaby hopefully he’ll get over his injury problems & finally show everyone what a fantastic player he is.

    Love people who bum Lard Bender on this website. He’s a very good player but the guys 24 years of age he’s barly broke into the German national side he’s had about one good season Keira is another class he’s been at the top of his game for the last few years hence placing for Madrid and he’s still in his prime. Khedira is better than bender but if we do buy a midfielder then I’d take either cant see it tho.

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  18. AlanFrank

    If we do buy any midfielders in the next couple of seasons I reckon it’ll be a youngster we’ve got plenty of experience in midfield. & don’t say lars Bender he’ll be almost 25 by the next transfer window.

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  19. Joe

    Gibbs has been pushed by monreal Gibbs was already doing brilliantly before monreal hit the scene and jenkinson already has Sagna to tussle it out with and don’t give me that ignorant we should push Sagna to the center line .He is only a stand in center back and with vermalean returning ,I don’t think he’ll so much be needed in the middle .signing another right back that is better than jenkinson would be condemning him .Do y’all not see frimpong and coquelline ,they are really good but can’t really get in . all we MIGHT need in January is a good striker and we can’t be sure of that as well because we don’t really know how the available guys will be doing by January
    Think before you type

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  20. mehmoud


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  21. Nawras

    No need for him. Come on we are already full on the midfield! We still got the likes of Zelalem and Eisfeld doing their best to break into the first XI.

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  22. fabulous01

    If u hate Walcott, come out clean and say it, Walcott is not doing bad. If you think you knw so much about football why not pick up a pair of boots and lets see how good you are. If not, just shut the f*ck up!

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  23. Dios Ganar Principe

    I find it hard to understand why we keep criticizing a player so many defenders are afraid of. I think we should also look at it this way to analyze how good the goalkeepers have been stopping Walcott’s attempts instead of only looking at the missed chances.
    He scored a vital goal againsts Marseille and some of us still complained. What do we expect from him? Give him a break pls. We’re doin very well as a team and he’s been a catalyst.

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