It’s time for Arsenal to get revenge on Stoke

Arsenal under Arsene Wenger have generally been regarded as a team that produces great flowing football and have changed the way that the game is played in England. They have also been seen as a bit lightweight sometimes, and Wenger has had his disagreements with managers like Sam Allardyce when teams have set out to bully the Gunners by playing a very physical way. Tony Pulis and Stoke have been one of the main propagators of this approach, but Arsenal can get payback today and put the Potters in their place.

Wenger should be showing the players reruns of previous matches against Stoke today, especially ones from the Brittania, especially the one where the Stoke fans taunted Wenger throughout. I have to be honest, I don’t like them. Maybe Aaron Ramsey should give the team talk today, and ask the players to get revenge for him for the way that Stoke fans seem to think that he is in the wrong for having his leg smashed to pieces by a vicious tackle by Shawcross.

Despite being international team mates with Wales, the Stoke defender has still never apologised for nearly ending Ramsey’s career. He is obviously a lovely person. If Ramsey does not start today, Wenger should bring him on once we have torn their team to shreds. Another one of their spoilers, Rory Delap, has left the club on loan, so the long throw in is not such a weapon for them anymore.

Arsenal this season are not so easily bullied, and today is the perfect opportunity to prove it and wipe that smug grin off the face of Pulis. Wenger needs to get the players properly stoked up (get it) for this game, and with Wilshere in the middle, I reckon we will be. Jack is the one player, however, that I would warn to be careful. He has such passion for the club that he is often on the verge of boiling over, and if any team is likely to wind him up it is Stoke. Punish them with your play, Jack, they won’t know what’s hit them.

Arsenal vs. Stoke will be on

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139 thoughts on “It’s time for Arsenal to get revenge on Stoke

  1. lifeasagooner

    Monreal has been up & down the wing all game long. His passing looks accurate and he even runs back quick to fill in the gap he left behind – a great effort from our new boy today.

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  2. k

    Stoke are dirty, f*cking, stupid, cheating, c*nts. Disrgrace to football.

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  3. KC

    I have been down on Ramsey for his poor play for so many months but I would love for Ramsey to crack that ignorant scum Shawcross!

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  4. Gunnerineverylife

    @Philthompsonsnose Looks like you think with your nose before typing comments.

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  5. Neil

    Defence looked good today.

    Stoke didn’t park the bus. They parked two Boeing 747′s.

    The subs changed the game, perhaps a little late for my liking.

    Shawcross and Owen should’ve seen red, but we won anyway.

    What a total disgrace Stoke are to the game of football.

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  6. Joe


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  7. Wengy Pls

    DAMN Everton tied it up in stoppage time, but we’re still gaining 2 pts on them and LOL at Chelski. I really wish we signed moussa sissoko though. He’s been a beast for Newcastle and woulda looked great in the red and white.

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  8. joe

    Monreal is the man… bloody nose hahahah thats what we need if we play a tteam like stoke :)

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  9. Philthompsonsnose

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  10. Reddb10

    Football 1 mixed martial arts 0
    I hope this donkey team get relegated.
    the sooner the better.

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  11. Joe

    Good results going our way today with everton drawing against villa and chelsea losing.

    Spurs face a difficult trip to the baggies tomorrow, were right back in this top3 race. Don’t rule out catching chelsea 5 points now, mind the gap.

    Monreal was impressive bar one or two bad first touches but i would put that down to nerves. Defensively he did not put a foot wrong all game, looks a good signing we’ll have to see how he does against a more adventurous team and we might get to see a bit more of his attacking capabilities. He did put a ball on a plate for giroud with a good cross but to be fair it was defended well.

    Walcott was bossing Wilkinson the amount of times he fouled him im amazed he did not get a yellow card all game.

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  12. ams

    Good game…were controlling possesion..creating good goal scoring oppotunity..and score at last..defend great..especially monreal…good debut game..and we have a quite good subs…what worries me is the game with bayern.. :(

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  13. LARENZo_AFC10

    Sissoko!! In the summer I came on here and said Arsenal need to get him… I got told his not good enough and lots of thumbs down…. At the time he was on the market for around 15-18mil.. To think he went to newcastle for 1.5mil… They’ve gt a cracking player… But back to the topic!!! Stoke are f**king filthy!!! I can’t stand there manager!! I really hope we give them a real hammering one day… But glad just to get points in the bag 2day..

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  14. say me

    So it’s okay for Manchester united to win Fulham 1-0 after 120min, but arsenal struggled top win 1-0 against stoke, in 90min.. Gtfo arsenal for life… This might be off topic but I had to get it out of my system.

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