Jack still believes! (…..Arsenal can win the title)

Now we all know that Jack Wilshere is Arsenal through-and-through, but could he really be serious that he believes that Arsenal can still win the title, despite being 18 points behind Man United in eighth place right now, in fact we are only nine points above the relegation places!

The Gunners have won just two of their last seven games, and were knocked out of the League Cup by lowly Bradford last week, but Jack is still using the word “realistically” whereas “extremely hopefully” would be more accurate!

“We can still realistically win everything we are in. I know we are a long way behind in the Premier League but football changes quickly,” Wilshere said.

“If we win three games and another team loses a couple and draws one, we are back in it. It is not in our hands so we need a bit of luck.”

“We are in the last 16 of the Champions League, that is going to be difficult. But we know in the Champions League anything can happen,”

“You saw with Chelsea last year, no-one would have said in December they were going to win the Champions League. But they got a bit of luck. There are top-quality teams and the best players in Europe so you are going to need a bit of luck.”

A bit of luck??? Jack, I love you but you really must lay off those happy tablets, they are clouding your mind. We would need a LOT of luck to even get into the quarter-finals at the moment……

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28 thoughts on “Jack still believes! (…..Arsenal can win the title)

  1. Craig Taylor

    Future captain. We will NOT be top 2 this year. We are too far behind, and the other teams are too consistent. Something that we are not. We can still be 3 or 4 but we need to win all of our games till jan.

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  2. leo

    Cazorla has been trying to convince Spain international team-mate Llorente to move to Arsenal as early as this January. [Fichajes]

    they both have same agent coyg’s

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  3. leo

    Nasri has requested Wenger to re-sign him in January &
    arsene wenger is also in touch with david dein shows how much wenger misses dein
    gazdis wtf do you do gassids out dein in

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  4. Segun

    I love the Passion in Jack. If only all our players could have this determination and optimism. Future captain for me.

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  5. stalwartgunner

    Everything is possible under the sun. But let’s be realistic Jack, not everyone wearing the arsenal shirt have the commitment and the believe the way you’re.

    Maybe if Rosicky comes back to form and Santi maintains consistency, with our defence alert and Giroud, Gervinho and walcott utilize every chances, then it’s possible.

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  6. Terry Norman

    I love Jack but I think with statements like this he must have just left the office party a little worse for wear.
    But you never know what big fella in the red suit might bring us this year, brought us sweet FA for the last 7 years so we’re overdue a present or two

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  7. leo

    Joke of the Day: Sam Allardyce “has targeted Chamakh to strengthen his ATTACKING options!” (Telegraph)

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  8. leo

    Sam Allardyce met with Chamakh’s agent on Friday night and expects the green light from Arsenal to sign the striker on loan. (Telegraph)

    please sell him

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  9. leo

    @palmer17 i never said we were going to bring him back once you turn your back on wenger that’s it you are done he is on 180 a week probably end up at some club on loan city have already started talks with isco,jovetic,de rossi even now he is not a regular at city mancini was agree with him after his hiding behnd the wall during rvp’s goal he will sold city also announce loss of 97m time to trim the wages

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  10. Arsenal4Life

    Nasri is a good player and i would like him to come to us if he had never played for us. But he has and he is a c.nt!
    Wenger should make Wilshere our captain. Arda want to leave Atletico madrid, he would be great for us. Also sign Fellaini/Capoue and 1 striker Benzema (falcao is heading to RealMadrid). Also buy Mbiwa.

    @Leo.. You got some other transfernews?

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  11. k

    Jack wants the Premier League
    Gervinho wants the Champions League
    Unrealistic but I respect them both for aiming high (more for Jack as he’s actually good and can lead us there)

    This contrasts greatly to the board’s and Wenger’s dream of fourth place which is one of the reasons I would appreciate it if they would f*ck off.

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  12. vyash07

    wenger said he may bid 4 Stephan El Shaarawy 16 goals in 25 match at the age of 20

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  13. LordZeus11

    Big hopes but just not going to happen this year. We saw Barcelona about 9 years ago had a horrible start to the season nearly sack Frank R but almost won the league in the 2nd half of the season. Drastic improvement is possible. I think it is seriously time to drop TV5. I know he’s our captain but he has been on par with saints this season he has been really poor. Kos was chased by Barcelona this summer and he showed his commitment to the club, he deserves better.

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  14. palmer17

    @leo i know this im just voicing my opinion on the judas i never said you said anything

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  15. leo

    @palmer17 i expect wenger to sign 3-4 players a striker llorente a cdm either capoue or mossa sissoko talks have already begun for fee of around 8m & a gk asmir begovic or reina i hope it’s begovic renia hasn’t been good lately &
    Wenger will listen to offers for Arshavin, who has not started a Premier League game for the club since January
    Djourou and Squillaci will be sold if replacements can be found probably m’biwa

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  16. palmer17

    @leo agree with llorente i like him begavic way more consistant than reina but unsre on the others

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  17. Salvage

    @leo stop your silly concoctions that seek to make your Wenger look good. Nasri never asked Wenger to sign him back. Stop the madness..

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  18. KC

    Unfortunately, the reason we have no chance to win the league is not the difference in points between us and United, it’s the difference in talent between us and them.

    The points are just the visual evidence of the difference in player quality.

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  19. Invincibles nice (1)

    I think he where meaning the word mathematically, in going by the context im sure he meant mathematically possible.

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