Jenks and Szczesny know that Arsenal MUST beat Everton

After a disappointing draw at Aston Villa, the need for Arsenal to take all three points at Everton this week is even greater. Wojciech Szczesnt and Carl Jenkinson have both spoken about the importance of the game on Wednesday to the rest of Arsenal’s season. Wenger spoke about consistency before the weekend’s game, but his inability to field a consistent side had very negative consequences for the Gunners.

Szczesny has said that Arsenal will take positives from the game against Villa, which was not helped by the sodden conditions, and so the players have not taken a big dent in confidence which is so important to a team and which the last two results had boosted. The keeper wants us to take that confidence into Wednesday’s match and build on it.

“It will be a six-pointer. It will be a very good game for us to win. We managed to get three points last year and it was a really tough match.

“I think the last two matches against Tottenham and Montpellier, offensively we have played really well. We have had a few disappointing performances before that, so it’s important that we get back to that level, and I think we are in a good position to do so.

Jenkinson declared that Arsenal were happy with the defensive performance against Villa, the second clean sheet in a row, but knows that we must do more in attack against a strong Everton side.

“I think clean sheets are important. Nine times out of ten, if you keep a clean sheet, you go on to win the game. In the main, we haven’t conceded alot of goals this season. I think we’re up there as one of the best in terms of goals conceded.

“We go into every game to win it. On Saturday it wasn’t meant to be, but we’ve got a huge game against Everton. There’s no hiding, we need to win that. It’s a massive game for us. We’re on a good little run now, but we need to pick up three points on Wednesday and I’m confident we’ll do that.”

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42 thoughts on “Jenks and Szczesny know that Arsenal MUST beat Everton

  1. o_0

    “I think clean sheets are important. Nine times out of ten, if you keep a clean sheet, you go on to win the game.” Then that means the next 9 clean sheets we have will be wins, right? I certainly hope so.

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  2. Green Gunner

    Everton a 6 pointer!

    Sigh, it used to be 6 pointers against United and Chelsea for a league challenge. Now it’s a dog fight for 4th! And for what? To get into the Champions league which we really have no chance of winning. What is after happening to my beloved Arsenal???

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    thats what we need from our players POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE

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  4. Q8

    To everyone who said ramsey was shit vs aston villa i suggest that you watch a replay of the game because he had a good game. He wasted two chances on goal but his overall performance was good. Also he was the only player that shot on target.

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  5. true goon

    Heard theo’s selling his house in hertfordshire. What do you think this means?
    Is he just moving house?
    Or is he moving to a new city?

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  6. Jon

    If we can’t beat Villa then Everton will be a tough game!

    Hopefully we can do it though. COYG

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  7. k

    We are 3-4 players away from a top quality team.

    Let’s look at the Aston Villa game. We decided to rest Sagna, Wilshere, Vermaelen and Walcott.
    Their replacements were:
    Sagna for Jenkinson
    Wilshere for Ramsey
    Vermaelen for Koscielny
    Walcott for Chamberlain

    I have nothing against Jenkinson and Koscielny, they proved their quality last season and Jenkinson this season.

    However, Ramsey is not up to it and Chamberlain isn’t old enough or good enough right now.

    I suggest we buy:

    Navas and Walcott are both quality, we can rotate them and keep them both fit for situations like the Aston Villa game. Capoue offers cover for the midfield whilst also offering a bit of steel, plus if Cazorla is tired we can play Capoue and move Wilshere higher up. Hunterlaar offers cover for Giroud and quality finishing, great for games with a restricted amount of chances.

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  8. Rishab

    Every game for us now would be tough! We didn’t play well against aston villa! Team in the relegation zone! I’m afraid now arsenal dont get into top 10 also this season

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  9. poli

    I think Honda needs to come in. His contract is done at the end of the year and will provide perfect depth for our box to box fit.

    Wenger has trusted in the recuperating of rosicky,diaby and wilshere but its still taking them time.

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  10. leo

    @q8 agreed i though ramsey was ok against aston villa he was the only one who actually looke like trying to score a goal besides kos cazorla was good but i thought ramsey’s performance improved compared 2 his previous games

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  11. leo

    @true goon yeah i think he is off just like rvp who sold his house before leaving GOOD JOB IVAN GAZDIS NOW WE WILL REPLACE HIM WITH THE NEXT THEO WALCOTT/KOREAN MULLER LOL i mean isn’t it gazdis’s job 2 sort out contracts when david dein was there he never let any player’s contract run in2 it’s final year like most fans chanted during the manure game IVAN GAZDIS WTF DO YOU DO WTF DO YOU DO

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  12. Gooner Cape Town

    @leo Ramsey was better but no more than average. I watch a great deal of EPL and why is it that our build up is so slow compared to other teams? Too many back passes. We need someone to assist Santi to take on defenders and wingers who can turn backs around and also make telling crosses. Some of our players just seem average and seem to have been left behind by some of the other clubs. Maybe we must look at Spanish influence?!
    Gooner for Life, that’s for sure, through ups and downs, success and failure.
    COYG, my team………

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  13. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP for Usmanov and Dein

    Thumbs DOWN for Kroenke and Gazidis

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  14. john 3:16

    OUT: Fabianski, Mannone, Santos, Djourou, Squillaci, Denilson, Ramsey, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner

    IN: Vorm, Baines, Yanga-M’Biwa, Capoue, Navas and Huntelaar


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  15. true goon


    Give chamberlain a chance he’s hardly played a full game this season,due to injury and the managers strange substitutions

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  16. john 3:16

    Szczesny, Vorm

    Sagna, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Yanga-M’Biwa, Baines, Gibbs

    Walcott, Oxlade-Chambelain, Capoue, Arteta, Wilshere, Diaby, Cazorla, Rosicky, Podolski, Navas

    Giroud, Huntelaar

    Martinez, Yennaris, Miquel, Frimpong, Coquelin, Eisfeld, Miyaichi, Gnabry, Campbell

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  17. Lengooner

    swapping vermi-kossa & co about is like shuffling sh**e.
    when will wenger accept our defence is pure sh**e.
    I cannot believe we are still making excuses for these CLOWNS>
    Get rid. Now!!!!!!!!
    as for chesney shooting his mouth off. Since when have Arsenal listened to clowns?
    He needs to sort his goalkeeping out before he starts doing the managers job.

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  18. leo

    @Gooner Cape Town yeah we need 2 sign some really good players the passing & the movement isn’t the same need more better players & another problem is that even though giroud is good but he isn’t a typical false 9 like rvp we need another striker & a cdm + a lb

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  19. Lengooner

    John 3.16.
    You propose changes in midfield – attack & goalie, but you are willing to keep the worst defence in arsenals premiership history.

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  20. leo

    Wenger: “When I arrived clubs were owned by people who loved the club. Now it’s a business model.” Arsène Wenger was speaking at the London College of Communication, where he was the guest of honour 2day ha told you the board is responsible it doesn’t get any clearer than that heard it from the man himself

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  21. john 3:16


    That’s why i propose signing a goalkeeper (Vorm – To give Szczesny some real competition for the number one spot)

    A left-back (Baines – As Gibbs is too injury prone and Baines is a better all round player)

    And a utility defender (Yanga-M’Biwa – Who can play all along the back line as well as in defensive midfield)

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  22. john 3:16


    And i’m sure you and everyone else who comes on this website would agree that Fabianski, Mannone, Santos, Djourou and Squillaci are some of the worst players to have ever played for Arsenal!

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  23. Gooner Cape Town

    Great positive attitudes coming from the young guns.
    In Jan lets just explode the pot and buy Fellaini, Capoue and Huntelaar and blow the rest of the scum away! Cavanni would be the scoop of season, along with Santi. I am now sick and tired of the other half baked clubs laughing at Arsenal. Come on Wenger get us back where we belong right on top of the pile. You now have some serious cash to make the purchases we need to ensure we are right up there with the others , dirty money clubs, at least we can say ours is well earned cash and not mafia money. We can and will be title contenders soon, with our new sponsorship and commitment from senior players (Walcott sign da ting!), we will show the other sides who and what we are.
    COYG, COYW, COYG show me the money and the signings, serious top quality players who will assist in lifting this wonderful club to the top. 4th place is not enough, I want a trophy!!

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  24. Gooner Cape Town

    @john 3:16, thanks for the support in your thinking. There are possibly a few more we can add to that list of names. Wanyama/Capoue, Huntelaar seems done deal and possibly a winger as Arshavin seems destined to leave.Jy’s die man!

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  25. Paddywhack

    3 Points at Everton – what a joke! ManU couldn’t beat Everton, do you think Arsenal can. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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  26. vyash

    why huntellar,got Alvaro Negredo cost less than 12m
    he shoot at 30 yard easily

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  27. k

    I’m not saying Chamberlain is bad at all. He is a great player for his age and has a lot of potential. However at 19 he lacks experience and doesn’t have the quality to help us win the league (yet).
    If you look at our first team, it’s quality. But you can’t just rely on those players. You have to have a strong bench for when players are tired or injured.

    Ramsey and Gervinho aren’t going to win us games from the bench. Hunterlaar and Navas, however, have the quality to change games.

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  28. Hass

    We need different players in midfield that collect the ball and turn around with and move or pass forward instead of passing backwards or sideways like Arteta and Ramsey do (Arteta doesn’t do this in AMF) midfield three vs Everton

    Vermaelen DMF
    Wilshire AMF
    Arteta AMF

    Cazorla and Giroud need rests.
    With these three in midfield, they add steel and it will give the wingers more freedom to stay upfield.

    Arshavin LWF
    Podolski CF
    Walcott RWF

    Eisfeld on the bench to replace any attacking player except CF to keep game flowing. If we are struggling we should an extra midfielder, then play two upfront.

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  29. GunMan


    ManU couldn’t beat Totenham neither but we did so what you saying?

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  30. Hafiz Rahman

    yeah why not sign everyone that is available….5 world class players in every position

    that will be a 55 man squad instead of 25….

    provides compeition for everyone….and covers for any injuries…..

    and Number 1 wage bill….

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  31. snakeoil

    @Hass: I like the squad selection. I am reading more and more about Verm at DM and it sounds positive and doable. I also think Eisfeld should be promoted and played as a sub.

    Your squad allows for needed player rest but still seems much more logical than the alternatives.

    I don’t think this would happen but it is nice to read some sanity even if it is only fantasy.

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  32. ripple

    @leo: Perhaps you are right in your assessment that Ramsey was “OK” vs. Villa. That is the problem. Arsenal needs starting players to step up and be better than “OK”. “OK” is lots of back passes and a death blow to the normally free flowing and energetic Arsenal attack. “OK” gets us 9th place. And after all the playing time and investment of time, effort, and money in Ramsey, OK is not good enough – and he is rarely if ever is better than “OK” – often worse. He has been “OK” for almost a year now. I am tire of “OK”

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  33. true goon

    How can he get experience if hedoesnt play games?
    i disagree he’s good enough to help us win big games as he showed with his performance last year against man u,and he played well against man city earlier this season,he just needs a run of games,and good players around him along with the right coaching.
    Dont 4get he’s bein guded by a manager who has lost his way a bit.In preseason he was saying that the Ox is a CM,then the season starts Walcott hasnt signed so he puts the ox back on the wing,he must be confused.
    dont ever doubt his quality definitely good enuff

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  34. SlengTeng

    If we lose I think the tide of fans turning against wenger and the board could become huge!
    But if we win, we move back up that table and it seems like top four will be ours again, and maybe there is hope of winning a cup!

    I think its going to be a close game but if we play well we can definitely beat them

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  35. SlengTeng

    oh and can people stop putting NAvas name out there. Hes never going to leave sevilla

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  36. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Sleng Teng

    agreed…..and stop Mvilla and Baines name as well….

    but they are bots, here to do promoting…

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  37. alby

    jesua navas is the player we really need.anything is possible.i pray for the best,still very optimistic about our chances this season

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