Latest news on Jovetic to Arsenal

The latest news on the transfer of Stevan Jovetic to Arsenal from the Serie A side Fiorentina, is that there is no news. There has been no official statement or even suggestions by agents or people in the know that a deal has been done.

This lack of news seems insufficient for certain websites, which insist on telling us that there is a `done deal` or that Jovetic has a pen in his hand and is poised over a contract, just about to sign, any second now…

There may be a tentative agreement in place between both clubs and the Montenegrin striker, but we simply don’t know. The fact is that neither club really knows what their situation will be next season, as we are both still fighting for a Champions League place.

Fiorentina look to have blown it, following a 1-0 defeat at home to Roma. That puts them five points behind AC Milan in third, but only three ahead of Roma. With three games to play, it looks more likely that they will lose out on the Europa League than overtake Milan for the Champions League.

That situation would make it much more likely that Jovetic would leave, but Arsenal have not secured a place among Europe’s elite yet, and we don’t know how much Wenger will have to spend if we are in the Europa League next season. Plus, there are other teams interested in the 23-year old. Read the stories on caughtoffside and if you want, but have a bowl of salt next to you when you do.

Also, is it just me, or is the possible signing of Jovetic slightly underwhelming anyway. He has scored just 12 times in 29 games for the Italian club this season, 14 last season and 11 the season before that. All three of the current Arsenal strike force have outscored him this season and he is the main man at his club. Should we not be looking for a striker with a better record? Christian Benteke springs to mind and he has already said a move to Arsenal would be his dream move.

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93 thoughts on “Latest news on Jovetic to Arsenal

  1. Dave

    Fabricated bs.

    Except the quotes from Jovetic about Arsenal which was promising.

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  2. Neil

    Jovetic is not that great as a striker. He’s best in AM.

    We’ve got a few of those already!

    We need a beast of a CF (like Benteke or Higuain) and at least two big, strong DM’s (Like Fellaini, Diame, Ki etc).

    As I mentioned elsewhere, give me one title winning side in England in the last 20 years that has won the title without at least one (usually at least 3 by the way) BIG, STRONG MIDFIELDER. You won’t be able to. Wenger feels he can break the mould by playing talented muchkins and simply outpass the oppenent. He feels players ‘nipping’ the ball away is the new thing. That the days of the tough tackling DM are over. In a way, he’s right. But those big DM’s just use their body strength and brush smaller players out of the way. That has not be outlawed (and nor should it) and costs us so much at times.

    If all Wenger buys are more lightweight, skillful dudes it’s gonna be Groundhog Day again in a tense battle for 4th and no trophies.

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  3. jackie

    Lewandowski, Benteke, Remy or Jackson Martinez would be a far better option. Jovetic just doesn’t look like he’s about to set the world alight let alone bang in 25 plus goals a season.

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  4. Stanley

    That will be great if he joins Arsenal.

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  5. Ardi

    Jovetic plays as a left winger not in the box that’s y hasn’t scored to many and also he creates a lot which we lack of since Samir nasri left…he is good replacement for nasri

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  6. OMG

    Are you obsessed with Benteke, just because he has said he is a fan of Arsenal. I am also so I am not going to sign. Why do you want to Benteke? supplements do not need more, we need players that give an extra level and we will be joining other QPR sign

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  7. londongunner

    ardi your wrong all season jovetic has played as the cf! the focal point for their attack!he can play left wing but he hasnt really done that for a few seasons now!

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  8. londongunner

    i have watched a fair few games with jovetic in this season just to check him out… his really not that great! his a decent player that goes missing sometimes…

    even on his good days his not that great! check all the youtube clips they generally show all the good bits and make a player look amazing he just looked average…

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  9. Tobias

    jovitec is a support striker he is not ment to bang in 25+ goals a year wich is why wenger is also lookig to bring another striker in aswell

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  10. the gun show

    He’s a good player, but he looks like another one of those versatile types that Wenger likes. We need a pure striker who is there to just put the ball in the back of the net, nothing more

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  11. Ram

    First of all he is not even a striker.. He is more of an AM player like Rosicky and Cazorla play for us.. He is more of Bergkamp type.. The fact, Santi was always askd to play out wide by Wenger and Rosicky getting older, i sense Jovetic will be brought to take that AM position..

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  12. londongunner

    its a very high risk buy.. 25 mill for a 12 goal a season striker… who may turn out to be a flop!

    i would be happy getting this guy if he was valued at 13-15 mill but the guy really isnt that special to be worth 25 mill at 24.. lol vela’s actually better than him right now guys having a brilliant season!

    but benteke or lukaku would be better choices…

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  13. Galen

    we fans should be realistic. Some of u are asking for bender, gonalon and all this names. If u were these players to be honest will u come to arsenal??? whats the motivation behind such a decision
    trophy NO
    wages NO
    lets go for realistic targets and see how that improves us. Asking for CESC and lewandoski is just laughable. FeLLANI and JOVEtic is more realist. If we get fellani and jovetic, that will be wonderful. If we can send gervinho to garatasary and replace him a with a cheaper but better remi at 6 million it will be a steal.

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  14. BIG O

    Would rather Benteke. Scored more goal this season, younger and had Prem league experience. If he can score the goals he did with AVFC, imagine how many he can score with Wilshere and Cazorla setting him up

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  15. londongunner

    yh well guys saying his a support striker his not supposed to score!


    we are just going to be a team of attaking midfeilders and be hoplessly unbalanced!

    we need a true out and out clinical striker… not another santi!

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  16. londongunner


    fellani is belgium
    as is benteke

    they are both friends who rate each other highly and play in the international team together

    buy buying benteke it would be easier to buy fellani!
    santi cazorla monreal remeber???

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  17. Stefanthegooner1

    Jovetic, reus and wanyama


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  18. shekar

    But the kind of build uo play in the Serie A is very slow.. and the pithces are also very rough to get past the players easily with the ball.. i’m neither a supporte if jovetic nor a critic.
    But may be signing him will send a signal to the world that we are here to compete and also he is not anyway below average.
    So sign him no doubt. But we need one more quality striker(may be Lewondoski?)

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  19. kron

    Dear bob
    I would appreciate it if you would bring us actual facts about transfer targets and not use these articles to voice your own opinion as know one cares wht you have to say. I would also advise you not to look on as they also make up there own transfer rumors.

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  20. ABK

    The lastest news is you never actually know anything unless sky sports tell you so lmfao

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  21. GoonerNL

    Jovetic is not a true striker, please stop posting those stats, It goes beyond that.. he is quality and can become worldclass, its not only about stats, its also about optical view.

    So stop compare Jovetic to other strikers, compare Jovetic to RvP, which became 30 goal per season artist.

    My solution: Buy Jovtic and Villa both, Jovetic starts on the wings and will develop while Villa gives you an instant impact.

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  22. Vlad

    First of all, stop with these stupid rumors, and secondly, Jovetic is nothing more than an average striker. My guess is that people who are screaming for Jovetic have never seen a single Fiorentina game. I have, and he’s not what we need. The most realistic, and affordable option in my opinion is Negredo from Sevilla. Look up his stats, watch his games, check out his highlights on youtube, and compare him to Jovetic – he’s much, much better. If not, then I’d get David Villa on the cheap, but 20-25mil for Jovetic is a waste of money, IMHO.

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  23. Coutinho

    It’s like the rumours about Huntelaar. It looked like he was definitely signing but hey look what happened.

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  24. Liam-Jenko

    We need a striker who bangs the goals in, Jovetic is more of a Creative attacker, he has scored 12 goals this season and the best he has done for the past 5 seasons is 14 goals and that’s in Serie A, people are expecting him to come to the Premier League (a much harder and tougher league) and bang all the goals in, Giroud has scored more than him in his debut season in the premier league with a new team, the last time Giroud scored less than 14 was in 06/07 when he was 19 years old for Grenoble!
    For £25-£30m i would much rather invest to try and buy Cavani or if we need a player who is already used to the premier league and would Love to play for Arsenal buy Benteke!

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  25. let's be Realistic

    I think I agree with what @ardi says,jovetic will be pushed to the wings because reports that wenger is after a marque striker(lewndowski,falcao,Cavani,dzeko) apart from Jovetic…..I hope its true

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  26. COYG

    I’m sorry off topic but did u guys read or hear about the way mourinho trolled pepe???! Hahaha funniest shit ever! Please google it!

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  27. OziGooner

    Buy Remi or Benteke (still prefer Remi for his `Henry-like` skills). Jovetic is worth no more than 15million pounds . I would also get a DM to release Arteta to be more attacking. Buy Cesar. Why…..because he`s world-class, experienced. Fabianski I would let go considering he`s injury-prone.Would love to get Fabregas back if that rumour is true but I find it highly unlikely given Arsenal`s wage structure. Can`t wait for the transfer window with or without Champions League qualification.

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  28. Guiseppe

    I wouldn’t mind jovetic coming to but arsenal but honestly I prefer benteke. It’d be nice if arsenal got remy too.

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  29. Va Va Voom

    If we’re serious about competing for the title, we need a big name signing…I’ll be realistic. There’s no way we can outbid the likes of City and Chelsea for players like Falcao, Cavani and Lewandowski. Jovetic would be a signing that can add 20-25 goals a season and his age is such that there is still room for improvement.
    The reason I want Jovetic over Benteke is that we already have a player with his style…step forward, Olivier Giroud. We already have that plan B where we put forward the big center forward who holds up the ball, wins headers and scores goals (17 in a debut season isn’t bad at all).
    Jovetic can add a different dimension to our attack. We can play him alongside Giroud; we can start him alone up front as his ability to run behind the defence, pace and dribbling skills will be a great asset.
    For these reasons, I think we should go through with the move. However, if not Jovetic, I hear Gonzalo Higuain is available for 20M…

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  30. dewunmigooner

    Jovetic will definitely add something in our game.

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  31. bc

    @ Ardi

    surely, podolski is a fantastic replacement for nasri? more goals, more assists and all in his 1st season?

    for me walcott, cazorla, podolski behind giroud is a decent 4 attacking players. however the back up of chamberlain, rosicky, arshavin, gervinho lacks goals. i would simply replace 2 (arshavin & gervinho) may be even 3 of that 4 as rosicky usually just gets fit near contract renewal time. chamberlain has been a disappointment this season but i believe he will come good so i would persevere with him. for me the dream signings would be fabregas villa and lewandowski, but seeing as that would leave us nothing to strengthen elsewhere thats being too optimistic.
    the most important thing is to have 2 top players for each position so, we are not that far off

    firstly lets offload – fabianski mannone shea squillaci djourou santos eastmond henderson denilson diaby arshavin park bendtner chamakh watt. leaving us to fill 6 spaces

    gk – szczesney + ??
    rb – sagna + jenkinson
    cb – mertesacker + ??
    cb – koscielny + vermaelen
    lb – monreal + gibbs
    dm – arteta + ramsey
    dm – wilshire + ??
    ram – walcott + chamberlain
    cam – cazorla + ??
    lam – podolski + ??
    cf – giroud + ??

    add those to these up and coming youngsters
    gk – martinez + charles-cook
    rb – bellerin + siemann
    cb – hajrovic + hayden
    cb – miquel + monteiro
    lb – meade + ormonde-ottewill
    dm – coquelin + frimpong
    dm – yennaris + aneke
    ram – campbell + ansah
    cam – eisfeld + olsson
    lam – ryo + gnabry
    cf – afobe + akpom

    giving us a pretty healthy 44 man squad

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  32. Gigi

    @ Dom
    is Benteke a gooner?
    If so..what are we waiting for?? Gooners defend the shirt with their lives, look at how Jenks came up!
    I know I would leave my heart on the pitch haha

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  33. leo

    i don’t think arsenal should pay more than 18m he is not worth that much but i would love to see him at arsenal the player also wants arsenal move we are also looking at another quality striker coyg’s

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  34. Gigi

    @ OMG
    have you scored 18 EPL goals so far?
    Me neither.
    Thats the difference between “you and me gooners” and Benteke “gooner”.

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  35. Jovi

    Jovetic fits our style of play. He can hold possession, make a good pass, finish. We don’t play target man football, if not we would’ve bought Carroll. We need creative players upfront, and jovetic can finish too. We will make him a great player! Giroud is much more of a target man. Maybe an impact sub in the future.

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  36. Gigi

    For me Higuain or Jovetic. Stats dont lie. Jovetic scored 13 in a gihliy defensive league.
    Higuain is a natural born striker.
    But Benteke is a gooner and has 18 EPL goals, and know the EPL already.

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  37. Ian Matthews

    Not worth the money.

    Villa is a better option and buy a young striker to bring on.

    As has been said above we need to strengthen the midfield with some strong athletic hard tacklers.

    Not the wimps we have now.

    Another Viera please.

    We will not get a young top striker as there are too many options for them ahead of Arsenal.

    Now if we win a trophy next year and have Champions League qualification for 2015.

    (I will not hold my breath!)

    That would be an entirely different story.

    Beggars can’t be choosers.

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  38. papercutz

    I say get jovetic for the wings and I’m sure giroud would get a lil better service! David Villa to add some experience nd competition for giroud! Podolski to provide competition for jovetic and ox can give theo a run for his money! The little mozart andd wilshere can rotate! A new DM can rotate wit Ramsey or arteta! We got a pretty good squad if we add a striker, winger and dm!

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  39. papercutz

    You know who also has bags of epl experience is torres! Would you go and buy him? Experience of the league counts for nothing if you don’t gell with the style of play and the club

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  40. Mevan

    guys i may not be the expert on this subject , but do u remember when a certain Dutchmen namely Bergkamp was brought in ,it was heralded as a great signing for gunners in England. it signaled a beginning of era. and it wasn’t for peanuts either 7 million at that time was by and large big spending. this may not all make sense but consider bergkamp was considered a flop in Italy and this was a guy who showed the world he was a genius on international stage. Italy didn’t suit his type of play . but wenger took notice of his talents and he was made the fulcrum of our forward play , result he was the catalyst of our wenger era trophies. jovetic too is a same type player he may not bang in 20+ goals but what he would provide is excellent ball control , creativeness in attack (something a certain traitor managed too)and also dragging defenders with him when he moves. this will enable our wide attackers to get more goals but jovetic too is not a slouch in the box , give him the ball inside the box and he will finish. i think he will be one of the final pieces of jigsaw if he comes . my personal openion would be we only need 3 players , a keeper i prefer cesar , a dm , kondogbia/gonalons/wanyama and jovetic . bring them in and we would have a trophy come end of next season and it wont cost more than 50 mil. we would sell some of our players too so net spend i suspect would only be around 30 mil .

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  41. afcnt7

    am i the only one who doesnt want him?

    not scored for 2.5 months. We honestly have enough of those types of strikers, and do not need another AMF, we need someone who scores goals!

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  42. abel

    I will loooooove benteke but we have to be careful here. Remember franciss hefers? A 1 season wonder…since francis jeffers wenger has never signed a player he has not scouted for @ least 2 i think we can forget about benteke. And people please calm down…benteke receives a lot of service in aston villa and I’m sure he won’t get any more than what he get at arsenal…before you kill me pls wait!
    Marc albrighton,charles nzogbia and andreas weinmann are better wingers than walcott,gervinho and podolski BUT they are not better players than the walcott,pod n gerv. What aston villa lack in midfield they make up for it with their wing play. Our wingers bar podolski cannot cross but aston vill have the best crossers in the league hands down.benteke will score more goals at arsenal YES! But not that much

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  43. Mevan

    @afcnt7 name one forward player from gervino, theo , poldi, ox,giroud who has ball control skills like jovetic . we sir do not have enough of these types

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  44. Ryan gooner

    I said it b4 and i got a low rating…buy jovetic and villa..villa upfront.jovetic behind him..
    And if you havent seen jovetic play stfu.
    Ow can you compare fiorentina midfield to ours?with both cazorla and wilshere supplying jovetic he will bang 30 goals..if lazy giroud can get 17 jovetic and villa both will get atleast 30 goals each

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  45. Mevan

    @Ryan gooner totaly agree with you . villa is more a risk in my eyes but wouldnt mind if he came his age is the problem for me considering we would then have two aging players in rosicky and villa , and if we pay upwards 10 mil for villa only for two seasons i think its not worth the money .

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  46. toumazis

    players been playng in premier leaque is best 2get ecxamble MACARTHY REMY BENTEKE TORRES and we must not forget our yangsters we have talents.

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  47. true goon

    We need the finished article,Benteke has done well in his 1st season but he is nowhere near the finished article.Whats the point of having both Benteke an Giroud?In an ideal world we should swap Giroud for Benteke, and buy Lewandowski but we all know the board doesn’t have that kind of financial clout.

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  48. kiki

    jovetic is a good player but i would go for lewandoski.would be happy if we get them both but it’s clear jovey is coming.

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  49. Ryan gooner

    @mevan i agree villa is a risk but look at manutd they took a risk with a rvp and now they have won their 20th epl.drogba led chelshyt to the champions league at an age older than villa…we need to take the risk mate.

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  50. LDockers

    Some of the comments on here are laughable. People are so quick to judge Jovetic on his scoring record when hes one of the most promising talents in world football. People love to talk about stats but arent they the same people who grill Walcott and say he isnt good enough yet hes scored 20 goals this season? Goal scoring stats are part of the game but if you actually take some time to watch Jocetic play and no not from Youtube clips i mean actually watch him play you will see that his technical ability and his stacture shows hes made for the prem and in particular for arsenal. Yes we need a ‘proper’ striker that people keep mentioning and Benteke would be a good signing but we all know Villa will want 25-30 million because of this season and thats a bit extreme if you ask me seems hes had one season at the top level. Jovetic is technically very similar to VP when he was younger, Jovetic is CF rather than a ST, his preferred position is CF not CAM but he can play there if needed. I honestly beleive wenger will convert him from a CF into an Out and Out ST like he did with VP so he has the technical ability of a attacking midfilder/ second striker but also the striking ability of a top class striker. With the creative players we have existing in the team already he will have so many more opportunitys than he would at Fiorintina and he also has the ability to create chances for him self. I hope we do sign Jovetic and i also hope we sign another top forward to give us the depth to compete in every competition. But trust me people Jovetic is the real deal! COYG

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  51. afcnt7

    @ mevan, no doubt hes an imporvement on giroud, but think if we do sign him its to replace poldi on the left wing, and NOT the solution to our striker problems. You honestly see him getting 30+ goals a season? because thats what we need to compete. He’s also not playing in the best team in the world, and on top plays in italy where they give you time on the ball….will be v different in EPL

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  52. Big Gun

    I agree he is good player but not what we really need. We need a Lewandowski, Falcao, Cavani. Why doesn’t Wenger just spend the whole warchest on two superb players, like Lewandowski and Fellaini. If he has money to spend, no point tryna penny pinch this time, it is obvious we need better players as the other top 3 clubs will no doubt strengthen for next season. Where does that leave us? If Wenger doesn’t spend this summer, the fans ought to unite and do something about it. We are constantly fed the same bs every season and we fall for it in hopes the board actually care. I read today that we are still 100+m in debt – meaning we will not sign anyone prolific this summer, unfortunately.

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  53. rman

    Just because he has’nt enough goals does’nt mean he is bad walcott has like 7 years of arsenal experience over poldi and people have already started showing their back against him.what good would it do ,our arsenal side has some of the most
    effluent passers in the league jovectic and poldi can be both cfs and giroud top with cazorla arteta “diame,capoue,strootman” in mid.

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  54. afcnt7

    @ mevan – also, cant just look at the player, look at value for money. They are talking 23m for him. No way hes worth close to that. More like 15m top side. Would prefer to take the unsettled higuain or even test benzema again. There are more strikers out there thna falcao, cavani, lewandowski and jovetic. They are just so heavily spoken about their value has inflated hugely (plus linked with city, means you have to pay over the odds). They are great players (especially first 3) but not theonly options, thats what we have scouts for.

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  55. Rory

    Jovetic playing left wing, replacing Gervinho and Arshavin
    Lewondowski/Benteke/Remy replacing Chamakh and Bendtner
    Richards replacing Sagna
    N’koulou replacing Squallaci and Djourou
    Diame replacing Diaby
    Cesar replacing Fabianski and Monnone

    Line up:

    Bench: Szesney,Jenkinson, Mertesacker/N’koulou,Gibbs, Arteta/Wilshere, Chamberlain, Podolski

    Other reserves: Giroud, Gervinho, Ramsey, Vermaelan, Diaby, Eisfield, Afobe, Gnabry.

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  56. zen2oh

    jovetic is more or less like suarez nobody thought suarez would be this good @EPL wen ist bought from Ajax. as for me i prefer jovetic edin nzeko/benteke walcot paring in our attack and cesc a good DM carzola in midfield and one solid rock defenderinn the likes of mat hummels of dortmund. and alder or cesar in pole we would have sharp attack , creative mildfield and strong defence.

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  57. ardy

    We are talking about World class player at this time of the year, in the end we are going to buy Some Dude from France again…hahahaha yes it’s true….hehehehe

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  58. amol

    wenger used rvp as a false nine last season.

    thats the trend now, messi scores almost more than 70 goals per season, plays in a false nine position.

    rvp played as a false nine and as a result was top scorer in epl.

    recently suarez is being played as false nine by rogders, consequence, hes the top scorer in epl …

    the only player who can play as false nine, who falls under arsenal wage structure n reach is jovetic.
    arsenal can’t sign messi n suarez.

    more over jovetic can fill the flanks as well and is far better than any arsenal player at present with crosses.

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  59. sadak

    i think all guys are right for their comments but i didnt agreed them cuz someone said i’ll prefer benteke over jovetic that one he dont know how to player football i think so actually they are not same type of player as one is striker and one is forward and the difference is benteke is natural goal scorer and jovetic is born of the creativity and we have scorer we need is this type if player we can bring both of them as we have 70m i think arsenal will buy jovetic for around 17m-20m not 31m or near and we can add the depth i would like arsenal to bring isco and remy these two remend me pires and henry i like them isco has skill that all arsenal player dont have and remy he is like henry if u see his dribble and goal scoring remend me henry i like them and we can bring one right back then we can sell deadwood 17 players of deadwood then we can promote young promising stars like gnabry miquel yanaris eisfeld bellirin or we can send them loan for 6month then we can bring if we someone is good enough to play so we can compete the PBL and Champion league

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  60. Uche

    It will be insane for us to pretend to know what wenger is thinking. Has it ever occured to you guys that if we are buying Jovetic, the idea is probably to have him create from midfield or the flanks rather than as a central striker? That makes more sense. When RVP was on his way out, wenger bought Poldi and Giroud, two strikers that scored 18 and 20 goals respectively last season in their previous clubs. Yet, they have not been prolific for arsenal. And you think wenger will right that wrong by buying a player who has scored 12 goals this season?

    There is every possibility that a main striker will still be added if we buy Jovetic. At the beginning of the season, we struggled to create in games. We were defensively solid but dropped a lot of points due to a lot of drawn goalless games. So it is likely this got to wenger and he decided to get a well known creator which Jovetic is. So we cannot be certain about anything until wenger buys them and sets up how they are going to play. When we bought podolski, we all though he was going to play as main striker, but wenger pushed him to the left instead.

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  61. Jordan

    Nothing is done till its done so lets not get so worked up

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  62. Charlie

    Lukaku will be a world class striker and I think Arsenal should tempt him from Chelsea, who will probably buy a new striker in the summer, by offering more first time opportunities. Benteke would be good but Lukaku was outperforming him consistently in the Belgian league between 2008-2011. Lukaku is 3 years younger so you would expect him to end up better than Benteke. If Arsenal cannot get Lukaku then Benteke would be a good alternative.

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  63. RSH

    30 mill is a lot for an unproven goal scorer, who has had injuries in the past, and this season as well. Its a huge risk buying him, but it could pay off in the long run… or it could not :/
    I just think there are better options this summer…

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  64. sperez

    I agree with the people saying Jovetic is more an AM than a striker. He’s a good player but if we buy him we need someoene who can provide us 25 goals in the PL, Giroud is not the man, he’s too average.

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  65. Jimmy Saville

    Jovetic’s feet are insane, fantastic dribbler who are always great in the prem but we do need a 20 goal a season man their to get a great strikeforce of jovetic, Benteke? Giroud

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  66. Josh09

    When we bought Van Persie how many goals did he score for us in his season. But it was clear and evident to see Van Persie had exceptional technical ability a class touch and an eye for goal. Who do you think resembles Van Persie why we are going in for him so aggressively……???

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  67. Mevan

    @ryan gooner i think villa is a risk cuz he never played on BPL and hes got no time to adapt. VP had the noit saying he couldnt do a job but at 32 10mil upwards isnt worth it in my view.

    As for @afcnt7 i wasnt talking about playing him as a left winger i think wenger is trying to go back to the invincible formation a 4-2-2-2 with poldi/santi and theo/ox on flanks jovetic / giroud as the main strikers . however as for ur next point about scouting im sure you would be the one of the first to crticize if we signed an unproven talent yet again so there you have it

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  68. afcnt7

    @ mevan – times have changed. Game has changed, tactics have changed. I don’t think 2 upfront is the way forward any more and think wenger agrees.

    Jovetic WOULD be a good signing as a winger. But not for 23 million.

    And not being jovetic, lewandowski, cavani or falcao doesn’t mean unproven talent. Plenty of proven talent with better track records in equal or similar leagues/teams than jovetic.

    Not saying I wouldn’t be happy with jovetic, but I do see 23 million better spent

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  69. jermaine

    the comment before about a 23 man squad was interesting
    here’s my 23 man squad

    gk sczezney/cesar

    rb sagna/jenkinson
    cb mertasacker/Williams
    cb koscielney/vermaelen
    lb monreal gibbs

    dm arteta/ gonalons
    cm wilkshire/ ramsey
    am jovetic/rosicky

    rw wallcott/chamberlin
    lw carzola/gervinho
    cf villa/giroud,podolski

    u21 back up= Martinez,meade,miquel,bellerin,aneke,eisfield,gnagbry

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  70. Brian

    We jst need only one major transfer nd thats wenger!he should leav 2pave way for anew manager who can make agood use f money

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  71. Akuve

    Dis is nt d only summer transfer window Arsenal’s gon’ transact. Wenger needs 2 overhaul d team bt itz gon’ b a gradual process. 5 major players must b signed dis summer 2 put Arsenal back in2 winning ways. They are:
    1) Jovetic
    2) Villa/Benteke/Remy
    3) Wanyama/Fellaini/Gonalons
    4) Williams
    5) Cesar.

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  72. rolan

    Benteke & fellaini would be perfect making us a more feared team, but not diame as he hasnt shown enough consistancy, what about marchisio for juve? hes class but if we was to get benteke hes rated at 25 to 30 million by his manager, lambert” if so id rather go all out for cavani’s signiture.

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  73. Brian

    I hate how wenger tricks arsenal fans,he pretnds to be soo busy on transfer but does nothing at the end of it!am afraid wenger is killing arsenal slwly nd itwl tek many years to get back at the top if he doesnt quit.the new manager shld deal with the deadwud before he can sign some quality plyrs;chamak,squilaci etc.then give martescker&Giroud out on loan

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  74. Vukasin

    We can compare Giroud with Benteke. I’m not saying that Giroud is bad but he would be more useful if we played him 4-4-2. He uses his head more than his feet and getting another Giroud is not a solution. We should try signing Benzema on that position.

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  75. rolan

    yeah sign remy a player rated at under 10mil and moved to the barclays premier leagues bottom side QPR, lets face it he doesnt stand out in that team and he isnt for arsenal hes a good player but a player we dont need.

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  76. Dude New England

    Jovetic = Bergkamp
    Isco = Nasri/Pires
    Fellaini = Viera
    The question is who can score like Henry? RVP! lol jk -.-
    One of each of the above four categories would be great… But because we are a poor rich club two of them would be a treat. :p

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  77. Antique Gunmen

    Jovetic, I believe is a replacement of Gervy. So, still one slot empty at CF/ST (Bentdner, Chamakh out first). Lookslike we have to stick with “Giroudian nite” for another season because Arsene had state his satisfaction (too bad, I want him out). The options is beetween Benteke and Higuain. If necessary grab them both, but if only one choice, I prefer the cheaper Benteke. So, Arsene can alocate more money left to sign Isco (we have ManCity as competitor). How many times I’ve to say to some of you guys, that we recently don’t have 2 major elements to attract top stars, which are glory and money. For example, Lewandowski will glad to join ManU with salary of 100.000 pounds, but he will join us only if we can pay him 180.000 or more per weeks (assumpt that we can match the transfer offer). The same story it will be for Cavani and Falcao.

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  78. Mevan

    @dalinho i never said wenger got bergkamp , i merely said it was the signal to a new era in arsenal and wenger used him best.
    @afcnt7 you are saying jovetic is being linked with top teams and may i ask isnt falcao, lewandowski ,cavani linked with such clubs too so aren’t there prices more inflated.

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  79. afcnt7

    @ mevan – yes exactly! those are the 4 more talked about players right now. They are all over inflated. Lewandoski may go for 30+ million, with 1 yr left? Madness, cavani, exactly who i want, but talk of 60 mil? surely 60 mill can be sepnt more wisely. Same for falcao, 45-50 mill, and jovetic 25 mill. All these prices are too high, becasue the are linked to oil clubs.

    How much tp prize suarez away? hes proven in epl. rooney wants out? word on street is 20 mill. Ok hes had a bad last 1/2 season but hhes better than jovetic and more proven.

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