Mirallas still to decide between Arsenal and Everton

Mirallas Set To Choose Everton Over Arsenal by AH

Arsenal have spoken to Olympiakos about Belgian Forward Kevin Mirallas. The striker recently revealed that Arsenal have spoken to his club over a possible move, but now Everton have made an offer for the Belgian. The fee is reportedly £5.3 million and Mirallas has spoken out about his future, in which he favors joining Everton over Arsenal.

Mirallas said;

“It is possible to go to Everton, it is possible to go to Arsenal, I don’t know now,” Mirallas told Sky Sports News.

“I will speak with my manager and make a good decision for me and also speak to my family importantly.

“They are two big clubs of the Premier League, but for me it is more important to play every week. It is better for me a little bit at Everton.

“They [Everton] are a good team and it is a good opportunity because Marouane Fellaini plays at Everton who is my friend, but I don’t know.

“Tomorrow I go to Greece, next week I go to the Premier League or go to Superleague Greece.”

So it seems that a move is still up in the air, and I think that if Arséne Wenger isn’t interested in buying a direct replacement for Van Persie, then Mirallas will be a more than worthy 3rd choice option.

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58 thoughts on “Mirallas still to decide between Arsenal and Everton

  1. maddy

    Fee 5.3m??
    Typical arsene wenger target.
    he will sign with us.

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  2. Johan

    We need a bloke that can hit the back of the net on a regular basis, we shouldn’t be looking for back up player we should ne looking at someone who can fill the traitor van persie’s spot!
    Yes I know we have Giroud but he is still untested in the PL.

    And just on a final note …… F@CK Robin van Persie, Arsenal stood by him for all the he was injured, when he wasn’t on form when he couldn’t get into the team, we are honestly better off without him.

    I want someone at AFC who loves the club and can’t wait to put on that red shirt and play for the gunners on a match day! Van persie obviously was looking for money and when he gets injured and doesn’t recover and never sjows the form that we saw last season, well then ill just sit on my chair with a grin on my face and a happy feeling inside!


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  3. Maxx

    Wu da hel z dat?? Am mo concern bou Song tho…lets put da record clia, 4 1s barca neva value black playerz…ETO, YAYA, KEITA, HENRY, they ol kam frm da bench n later they wa just dumped. Stick ua ass wt arsenal boy or u myt end up regretin

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  4. Alfred

    We want to threw away that greedy kroenke out of the club by not buying tickets. We want someone like llorente to fill the gap of van persie. Only usamanov can fullfill the fan’s ambition now. Then present board just need to secure a champion league’s place every season. They are making profit of from our beloved club. We have to protest strongly to avoid that..

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  5. stephen187

    Why bother he’s another future deadwood…Sick of loosing big players and replacing with guys like this.. Kroneke and glazidis out and usanmov in…dnt care if he’s a russian ganster we accept money from nike and they make children work in sweatshops for pittance….

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  6. s.p.a.r.k.o

    If he even has to take time to ‘decide’ between Arsenal and Everton. . . . He’s a numbnutt

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  7. Drekkylord

    We need mirallas,he is stubborn and possessive,he plays like christiano ronaldo,he’s fast on the counter,skillfull and got bulletz.honestly if dia is a mirallas in our team,counter attacks will be fun.Wenger should do all to sign him,we need classy players in the team

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  8. Tola Balogun

    I think Mirallas will be a good back up striker as he is d hardworking type. I prefer him 2 Charmach who will never regain his confidence to deliver for arsenal. Something tells me there will still be 2 more signings; a loan signing and a low key signing. Keep FAITH.

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  9. Stefhan elia

    I Think arsenal need another striker, podolski would be fine! However i cannot speak the same for giroud. I think arsenal should buy klaas huntelear( i cannot spell his surname)…he is proven striker in bundesliga

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  10. Big Gun

    Wenger will not sign anyone else. You are all dreaming. If Song goes I will fly all the way to England and start a f*cking riot.

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  11. cicero@gunner

    obviously, it is frustrating to see rvp out to rival club. He cant be replaced at all. Wenger should pls sign an established premier league striker. With that, he will not be missed as much.

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  12. rvp

    as soon as van persie left everyone starts critizing the board.
    his transfer was inevitible and imminent, so why not complain prior to it?

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  13. Gooner Cape Town

    He is going to Everton as he will get maximum playing time. But that’s okay as we still have the World’s Best triker and Chamakh!!!!
    Get Dempsey Arsene.

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  14. Malik

    sign him or niang, m’villa and all is forgiven. Sell song n all hell is breaking loose!!!

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    dont think this is the guy we need up front i personally believe n,biang is a much better prospect for the money ,plus can we have sahko ,& a DM like m,villa or victor wanyams ,to play & support song ,with that im sure we will a formidable force even without rvp

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  16. meaner

    Grow up. When a player is good u want him to be loyal. Toure is loyal too. What happened to him? Being forced out. Pires has been loyal but once he reached 30 look what happened to him? Are arsenal loyal to them?

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  17. Giorgio Ochemeh

    Now the door is open 4 any ingrate/traitor to exit the club. Rvp (gone), Walcott (?) Song (?). If any wants to out let him out. Cos it’s a new face Arsenal nd all we need ar dedicatd players. No body is irreplaceable nd no playes can hold Arsenal to ransom

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  18. max power

    NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ARSENAL. MR WENGER IS AT IT AGAIN ON THE CHEAP. HE got £24m for RVP, Mirallas £5.3m what a joke. Playing the Fan’s again Mr Wenger. Hang your head in SHAME Mr Wenger.

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  19. Fin

    I really dont understand why everyone on this site has suddenly become so negative, you all knew there was a huge possibillity Van Pur$ey would leave and most of you were saying get rid of him anyway and no old shit about greedy board slating wengers signings the same boring arguments resurface. With some of our fans one minute everything is smelling like roses the next it turns to shit. STOP BEING SO FICKLE!

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  20. Zery

    Now everybody is doubting the club; it is not the time to fix and patch here and there and fighting for CL place. It is time to rebuild and go for major trophies. Hence he is not the type of player we need now; we need Cavani/Higuain/Falcao/Benzema to replace RVP and Sahin.

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  21. Joe(Wenger's secretary)

    don’t come to Arsenal because you would be sold anyway.

    LOL (T T)

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  22. GunZ BlaziN

    @meaner your right maybe arsenal wont give long term contracts to players nearing 30 or above BUT then why did wenger bring in players like silvestre(manure), gallas(Chelski), squilachi (from god knows which french team), all this doesnt add up, which team would buy squilachi or silvestre ????????, even everton ( no disrespect to them) would buy these kind of players, something is seriously wrong at arsenal, i guess david dein didnt just leave for no reason.

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  23. Madgunner

    WAKE UP GUYS. The problem in the club is the owners who only care about money. That’s why they keep selling our star players year after year. Poor old Wenger loves the club but is powerless against Kroenke and the board, that’s why he he had no choice but to sell RVP. They made him do it to make a profit, and next they’ll make him sell Song, they don’t care about trophies or what the fans want. ONLY MONEY. All gunner fans in the world unite against this evil board, and take ur club back BEFORE WE END UP LIKE LIVERPOOL.

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  24. papercutz

    I would rather use the 24 million in a DM and a versatile defender and mirallas than just one world class striker(who may turn out to be a torres wen he joined chelsea). I think Giroud, Podolski, Wallcot, Gervinho, OX, and mirallas maybe is enough class youth and depth for our attack. If Song goes I will join the riot!!

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  25. GOONA

    I thought at first that Wenger had backed out of this transfer but then I suddenly thought of our South Korean player Park who hasn’t been given a fair chance, in fact a guy who scores regulary for his country, so one cannot blame this player for not wanting the same fate meted out to him and that’s the reason why he’ll join Everton where no doubt he’ll get regular games.

    I’d still prefer him to join us but i’ve already given the reasons why he won’t be doing just that.

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  26. Blitz

    Mirallas and Greek football sucks.. Let him go to Everton. We want better player or nothing. I have a bad feeling about Walcott and Song.

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  27. GunZ BlaziN

    people are angry because he has been sold to man united, has everybody forgot what manure did to us last season, have people forgot that manure raped us 8-2 last season and then on top of that we go and sell them our captain, our best player just to make them stronger, where has the SELL RESPECT and SHAME gone of arsenal ??????.

    Would manure ever sell nani or rooney to us ???????, would they hecks like, i remeber a while back over the gabriel heinze transfer saga, livepool wanted him but fergie wouldnt sell to a rival so heinze was sold to real madrid at that time. wake up people something is seriously wrong, its not vey hard to figure that out.

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  28. Jimino

    Wen wil arsenal board members nd d entire coaching crew learn 4rm der mistake. Y wil dey allow our best players 2 always hv a yr left in der contract b4 dey wil start contract negociatn. I blame d board nd Arsene wenger 4 dis mess. I cnt blame RVP at all bcos dey gave him d chance 2 refuse 2 extend his contract.

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  29. Kobi

    BS! No one decides between Everton or Arsenal.
    Its either Arsene wants you, or not!

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  30. Drekkylord

    Why do u condemn mirallas when u dnt even knw him,mirallas az scored arsenal in the CL..mirallas will knock u for d whole 90 minutes,a tireless worker,an hustler…if u dnt knw anytn abit go and watch his clipz..he’s better than walcott on the wing n a quick finisher

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  31. ymoola

    i’d rather spend the money on a holding mid as we already got giroud and podolski. mirallas as 3rd choice would be better than chamakh tho

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  32. Ben

    How come players that leave Arsenal for money have names to match? Cashley Cole. Ca$hri. Adebuyawhore. Van Per$ie, Van Per$e $trings.

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  33. Ruairi

    If rumours are to be believed then it seems Song is instigating a move to barca. If he were to leave then we would have accumulated a cool £40m. I reckon if you asked the board to reinvest this into players they would look at you as if you just took a sh*t in their tea time kettle.

    If they miraculously did though, I would love to see a DM (for arguments sake m’vila at £17m), van der wiel for £7m, either mirallas or berbatov (I reckon berbatov would compliment our style of play brilliantly) for £6m and spend the remaining £10m on one or two versatile defenders.

    Whatever happens though, I can honestly see us challenging for, and possibly winning some sort of silverware this season. Arsenal till I die!

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  35. juhislihis

    The fact that RVP left was only his fault, but the fact that he was sold to MANCHESTER UNITED, is clearly board’s/Wengers fault. They only saw the money and I dear hope they were right about selling him as I pray RVP will get injured.

    But if Song is sold, it means we have sold in 2 summers 4 players with the market value of 123£ MILLIONS. And how much have we spent on worldclass players again..?


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  36. Arseniel

    I’ve been a goner since 1971. The thing that is certain is that players come and players go. They get sold, injured and retire – they eventually go. It’s as certain as the fact that each of will die. I hope that my fellow gooners take this on board at this time because I think getting things in perspective will help us heal. RVP was always gonna leave one way or the other and arsenal will survive as we always has done.

    Even if we don’t spend any of his fee, we’re already as strong as we have been for at least 5 years – and that even before our injured players become available. Like everybody else, I hope park, squilachi, bendtner and chamakh go soon. I’d also like us to shore up our wingback and def mid positions. We will also need striker cover as well. I hope wenger doesn’t think chamakh fits the bill. COYG. we will survive this guys

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  37. zane123

    My dad works as a london chauffer and picks up a lot of important excutives being a arsenal fan when he realises he’s got sumone from arsenal he attepts to get inside news , whilst picking up a arsenal excutive he told him that the reason kronkei won’t let usmanov get the control of the board is beacuse he wants to make his money back on the stadium the stadium which could take until 2015 :/ after hearing this I really want usmanov to take charge as he is one of the richest men on earth and will really help us compete and keep our star player of each season instead off giving him to a rival each year !!!!!!!!!

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  38. PetePaff

    The guy is deadwood before signing…let him go to the “big club” of Everton. We don’t need another Chamakh or Bendtner, no thanks

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  39. badoo

    We use to be a winning team before we sign RVP years ago,all his time at Arsenal we only won FA cup of which he was not a major player then.share my faith RVP is a bad luck!end of RVP is end of seven years without a trophy….mark my words

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  40. williams

    last year when nasri and fabregas left us the whole world said that will be the end of arsenal,but that wasn’t to be because we finished better than when they were with us,so what the fuss about RVP leaving?he played that better bcos he plays with the good players we have in our team,anyone that plays with us will definitely become a better player.To hell with RVP.Au revoir RVP,bon voyage podolski,giroud and carzola…Gunner till i die.

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  41. Nick

    We lost Van Per$ie and I’ll bet my balls we’re gonna lose $ong to Barcelona.

    The most important signing for us right now is Theo Walcott!!!! Then worry about new players. We still haven’t sold Squid, AA23, Bendtner (AC Milan are sniffing), Chamakh, or Park.

    Supposedly a deal for Sahin is in place and was contingent on RVP leaving so there was a spot in the roster for him so we’ll have to wait and see if that happens. If not & $ong also leaves we had better sure up the DM position by signing M’Vila.

    Mirallas to Arsenal or Everton makes no nevermind at this point. He wouldn’t play this season anyway. We were linked with Niang and we’ve also got Joel Campbell & Afobe already for the future. This guy, although very talented is surplus before he’s signed. Signings need to be made to strengthen the squad for this season.

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  42. andy

    People should watch what they say. It seems there’s alot of “hate” generated amongst fans on the recent drama. That is not good. I think we need a suitable replacement and only Wenger knows best.

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  43. Gunner Jack

    we have giroud, podolski and chamakh (banch)…also we have afobe, wellington and campbell as young hopes

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  44. Genesis o .

    Rvp is already done, that nothing we can do now to bring Him, the fact that he had made up his mind, And it make no sense keeping unhappy player in a club, soldier come n soldier go barraka remain. But believe that rvp is ungrateful person i have ever seen 6yrs injuries 1yr. Free. Go Arsenal stand. Gunners 4 life…… One luv..

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  45. Dan

    Podolski, Giroud and Mirallas as an attacjking trio and suddenly our team looks pretty serious. Especially when you have Arteta and Caorla behind them.

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