Monreal set for busy week with Arsenal and Spain

Life must seem like a bit of a whirlwind for the new Arsenal left back Nacho Monreal. The 26-year old Spanish international was probably expecting no excitement in the transfer window as he was preparing to join the Gunners in the summer. Then Gibbs’ injury on Wednesday forced Arsene Wenger to bring forward the move, meaning Monreal getting on a flight to London yesterday and just managing to finalise the transfer before the deadline.

There is a good chance that he will start his first Arsenal match against Stoke tomorrow, despite having hardly any time to get to know his team mates. I’m sure that Stoke will be planning to give him a quick introduction to the agricultural tactics sometimes used in English football, but I’m sure that his old friend Cazorla and compatriot Arteta will prepare him well. Hopefully we will see more of his attacking ability against the Potters rather than how well he defends.

After that, Monreal will be packing his bags again and heading out with Cazorla to join up with the rest of the Spanish national team and flying to Qatar for a friendly against Uruguay on Wednesday. He has got the super talented Barcelona left back Jordi Alba to contend with, but will hope to get his 10th international cap.

He may have time to pick up a few belongings in Malaga before flying back to England for another bruising encounter at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland next Saturday. After that he can have a week off, sort of. Welcome to Arsenal, Nacho, I hope you are ready.

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90 thoughts on “Monreal set for busy week with Arsenal and Spain

  1. Jego

    There is a huge difference between being optimistic and being naive. When we are 6-th in table after 24 games, 21 points behind Man U, there’s nothing to be happy about, and with Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger messing things up – there’s definitely nothing to be optimistic about. We don’t have financial difficulties any more, the club is making good net profits for the past couple of years!
    Nacho Monreal… I want to see him against David Silva, Eden Hazard, Antonio Valencia, Lennon, Robben, Muller. Do you really think he can handle them?

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  2. LP

    I don’t understand why some fans call him as a replacement for Santos……..I could be a replacement for santos!! this guy is so good that he is the second best left back in Spain to JORDI ALBA!! if he stays I don’t see gibbs getting any sort of first team football……some fans don’t understand this but monreal is a MASSIVE SIGNING!!

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  3. nir

    guys have you noticed santi isnt in the training pictures? and suddenly we have so many midfielders fit.its a relief:)

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  4. LP

    @jego he had a certain cristiano ronaldo when malaga beat Madrid that’s what I’m saying fans are completely unaware!

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  5. BruceTongaBull

    WELCOME HOME NACHO! Any way im skeptical about him cos I have been watching Malaga and he neverever caught my eyes like eg Alaba caught my eyes for Bayern. The only consolation is that hes definitely better than Santos. Prove me wrong Monreal PLIZ

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  6. James

    Gibbs out 4 over 6 weeks, if the new man goes out, we are back to Santoser…..

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  7. BruceTongaBull

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  8. say ah

    Thank you Gibbs for that the wonderful timing on your injury
    I wonder if u planned this knowing you had a shitty back up in santos
    No diss intended

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  9. G-Force

    “Bring forward the move”? Hehehe this is getting beyond ridiculous now. Please bring forward PROOF from Ar$ene or the board that a deal was actually in place to bring Nacho in the summer as some of you wengerites claim!

    Ar$ene has now admitted that Nacho was only brought in due to the injury to Gibbs. So basically, NOBODY would have been bought had that not happened.

    Talk about ambitions!

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  10. budgie

    Gentlemen, we need some positivety, Its been a stressful month for us waiting for Wenger to buy someone, however, we are where we are, Natch is a good player, no one is saying he is world class, Arteta is fit and ready to steady the ship, diaby will be a good player to have on the bench, our battle for fourth place starts this weekend, time to stop the bickering and support our beloved Arsenal! COYG.

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  11. fabulous

    I’m sure that Stoke will be planning to give him a quick introduction to the agricultural tactics sometimes used in English football,
    i like dat word… He wil also make gibbs improve bt i see monreal having more playin time dan gibbs

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  12. georgie b

    Cup tied with new man and Bayern. Just a partial look through the reserves shows Miquel, Yennaris, Meade could cover for Gibbs.

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  13. LP

    @Brucetongabull winners are never that cynical my friend………trust the guy he’s a Spain international FFS ….. the arsenal I know is not so good that Spain internationals are considered to be deadwood!!

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  14. mr lean

    Admin or any other gooners,bit off topic(a lot off topic !!) but who is out of contact this summer please

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  15. superflams


    I saw this on a previous thread

    Its only taken 24hrs

    ‘Nacho Nacho man, we’ve got ourselves a Nacho man’

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  16. superflams

    My preferred lineup for Stoke


    Sagna Mert Koz Monreal

    Areta Wilshire


    Walcott Giroud Podolski

    Subs: Diaby, Rosicky, Ramsey

    Any other ideas for the lineup? Interested to hear

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  17. sachu

    I think it’s a cool signing…Gibbs injured and santos doing a dirty job in the left back position…so we need a player urgently to solve this problem…wenger did the right deal…”WELCOME TO ARSENAL,NACHO”!!!

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  18. mr lean

    Breaking news wenger to unvail his 2nd buy of the week tomorrow at 3pm………….his new jacket with a zip that works !! funds provided by Stan and Ivan as a thank you for not spending the 30million !!

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  19. Radooli

    Jego, you are such a pessimist. How can you write off Nacho even befor he kicks a ball for Arsenal? Why attack the trio of Arsene, Gazidis and Stan? When Nacho performs well you will be praising Arsene.
    I am personally happy we got him especially that he is a header of the ball as a defender. That is an area of weakness for arsenal defensively. that is where teams keep hurting us from dead ball situations

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  20. daniel

    gibbs should play matches against weaker opponents because he’s good upfront and fast enough to backtrack and nacho should dangerous opponents, because our defence has enough trouble without both our lb and rb galavanting upfield

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  21. mr lean

    seen the pics on of monreal but santi was missing,is he injured ? monreal was with Arteta

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  22. Uche

    Frankly if only giroud could be more clinical, we actually have a decent team. If Giroud can be more clinical, we wouldn’t miss a David Villa that we never had and we will focus more on the blessing that is Nacho Monreal. Fingers crossed.

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  23. STEVE

    @godsagunner usually i don’t even know the songs the chants are from but this one should be easy for you

    nacho, nacho mon-reeaaal

    i want to be a nacho mon

    nacho, nacho mon-reeaaall

    i want to be a nacho mon!

    half-joking, but id love that as a player lool

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  24. GoodluckNacho

    Welcome Nacho!

    (Whats all this “Wengerite” non-sense from so called fans?

    Support the team, support the club.

    If you dont like the way stan kroenke runs his buisiness take it up with him.


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  25. G-Force

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  26. STEVE

    @STEVE that steve fellow didn’t think things through.

    i want to be a nacho? loool

    how abouut

    nacho, nacho mon-reeaaal

    our new left back is a nacho mon

    nacho, nacho monnn

    bring us isco malaga men

    much, much more satisying.

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  27. STEVE

    g-force, think they’re getting it from wengers quote, “decided to bring the move forward”

    but yeah, agreed. seems quite plucked from the sky, not sure how that turned into fact.

    but drop the wengerites slander bro, makes you a tool.

    sounding off online at your fellow gunners will not bring about the change you seek.

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  28. French

    First off, let me say welcome to arsenal nacho!
    This guy is legit, I’ve watched Malaga play and he is without a doubt a class player. As we all know wenger does not like the January window but he was forced into this early purchase.
    Just a thought here.. If we really do have transfer funds readily available and this deal was lined-up for the summer then what else does mr wenger have up his sleeve? Cavani? Jovetic? Who knows, but for the time being lets cheer on the team we have and help the push for the top four!


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  29. mr lean

    @hanenyo thanks chap might give us an idea of who are summer targets maybe though im sure we will be linked with hundreds of players !!!

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  30. mr lean

    @Steve agree with you we ALL need to pull together now and support wenger and the boys 100% untill the end of the season,then only then should we judge them

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  31. snakeoil

    A deal falls thru because Capoue’s asking price. When you have screwed up the team already and have taken 15 mil for Song, you can’t afford to say no to a top midfielder who Arsenal desperately need.

    I am all for being wise with money – no need to spend 50 mil on a player – but when you have a chance to get the player you need, you can no longer afford to say no and gamble with the millions in champs league revenues

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  32. Ronnygun

    Welcome Nacho, to a great football club and thank you for stopping us from being tormented any further by Clown -Santos.
    Shame Wenger didn’t feel it necessary to bring in a a centre back,holding midfielder and another striker along with you,despite Wednesday’s laughable defensive performance.

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  33. G-Force

    @ Steve

    Honestly I couldn’t care less what you think if I use the term. The wengerites have called me and other people on here much worse words! I won’t even go into details.

    Anyway, you claim that Arsene had quoted “decided to bring the move forward”. Please find it then.

    I have read all the quotes from Ar$ene on the official website and it has absolutely NO mention of that quote you claim at all.

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  34. DubGun

    Good Man Nacho! Welcome. But I must warn you……. If you play bad in your first or second game, there will be a gang of F##king Shitehawks coming on here and saying stuff like…” Drop him” he’s rubbish” “another deadwood” but you must ignore these F##kwits and realise that we will love you.
    Up the Arsenal!
    Long live Arsenal.

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  35. snakeoil

    @Hugh: As usual you are defending Wenger without ammunition.

    Wenger himself said, among other things, that the asking price was too high.

    Wenger think he can save the money and keeping rotating Arteta, Ramsey, Diaby and Coquelin. He may get lucky. But it is a big gamble at this point.

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  36. Arsenal1Again

    Jordi Alba will hopefully be playing and thus stop Nacho picking up a knock.

    We are jinxed to FxxK when it comes to internationals.

    A nice introduction to the Premiership is what Stoke is. I’m sure a Stoke player will waste little time to rough him up.

    Perhaps playing in the position of Nutty Boy will make some of his spirit rub off onto Nacho. I hope so. With Vermaelen injured, Nacho will not have our Captain to baby sit him, Cazorla will be at the other end of the pitch. I can see Arteta the Vice Captain looking after him and Koscielny loves mixing it up with opponents who come with a bad reputation, so that’s two wet nurses he’s got (if he needs them).

    Let’s remember that Stoke are a totally gash side and that we’re going to steamroller the scummy Fxxktards. :-D

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  37. ripple

    @Dubgun: I am glad you want to support all the underperforming players at Arsenal. Maybe you should start your own team of players that have washed out of the BPL.

    You are getting so accustomed to watching bad players that you are preparing yourself already for the seemingly inevitable disappointment. Remember, Santos was touted as a superb backup to Gibbs when he arrived.

    I support underperforming players also and will help them find employment and a happy life outside of football.

    Are you serious? You really will continue to sit back and gladly suffer with an Arsenal filled with footballers who can’t perform? Enjoy yourself.

    The rest of us like to watch good football from time to time.

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  38. Invincibles nice (1)

    Im glad that we are on a good footing with Malaga, for the Nacho deal to be sorted since summer time and no leaks whatsoever just shows others how professional we are

    Malaga are in huge debt and could of acted like all those clubs who attach Wengers name to a player in trying to start a bidding war… so fair play to them

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  39. Ndabigaye

    @ Mr lean, your comment made me look twice at your name to confirm if it wasn’t Mr Bean’s comment. You sound like a comedian

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  40. snakeoil

    @LP: I will trust you that you know what your talking about and I hope you are right that Monreal is a huge acquisition and good player.

    I am probably just sceptical because of other bad sigings.

    Arsenal could use a pleasant surprise and competent player just now.

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  41. tissiam

    @at snakeoil toulouse didn,t want to sell capoue to asenal during this window,they turned down QPR,s offer because they don,t consider them a”prestigious”club,so check your facts!how do i know? the president toulose was interviewed on rtl(french radio)

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  42. mohawk35

    @superflams –

    Your lineup makes sense. I just would like to see Sagna rested so Jenkinson could get a shot for a game or two.

    Sagna has been shakey and Jenks has proven he deserves it.

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  43. snakeoil

    @tissiam: As with Monreal, the selling price went up for the last minute of the Jan transfer window. You are no doubt correct that they really did not want to sell Capoue immediatetly.

    Wenger had no choice but grab Monreal but felt he could afford to wait and not offer the higher price for Capoue.

    This is what I believe happened – I admit I had to veer of the path of certainty and read between the lines but as far as Wenger is concerned I am getting rather good at it.

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  44. DubGun

    My point was that a lot of people on this site ripping into arsenal players and when they play well, they move onto someone else. Very fickle!
    I never said I supported under performing players ( or Santos for that matter). Just that a lot of people here just jump on some players.

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  45. Invincibles nice (1)

    I think we came close to signing Villa… Wenger said it were not a financial prob just a desire from clubs not to sell, also he says clubs (plural) so i think maybe we were trying to fill upfront and c mid… i really hope this doesnt come back to haunt us and then come summer we can get our club the players who will have us firing on all fronts

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  46. superflams


    To put it frankly, Sagna has been a shadow of his former self this season.

    The problem is that Wenger is being super conservative with his squad selection in all competitions and will field his strongest eleven available.

    Lets hope the next time Jenko gets a game (probably wont be tomo), that he forces himself back into the team by running his socks off and linking well with Walcott.

    Anyone else notice that Sagna’s crosses always look really good, with a great curl and trajectory, but never actually go to an arsenal player or amount to anything. It might just be me.

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  47. tissiam

    @snakeoil,i have to admit that im not a big fan of these last minute deals unlike wenger it pains me to say,i think wenger,s tactics had the opposite effects on what he expected!!

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  48. PetePaff

    Monreal – Poldi on the left. I say yes! Poldi provides Giroud and Walcott with ground balls, Monreal with aerial ones…let’s go for a 3-0 tomorrow.

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  49. G-Force

    @ Steve

    Have you found that quote from Ar$ene where he said “decided to bring the move forward” as you claimed.

    Tell you what – let’s make this interesting. I will throw in an incentive for you. If you are able to find me that quote from Ar$ene and it is genuine, I will quit this website. Otherwise, you can quit.

    @ Steve

    Have you found that quote from Ar$ene where he said “decided to bring the move forward” as you claimed.

    Tell you what – let’s make this interesting. I will throw in an incentive for you. If you are able to find me that quote from Ar$ene and it is genuine, I will quit this website. Otherwise, you can quit.

    I’m “all in” mate!

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  50. mo

    It took gibbs to get injured for us to buy. Imagine he got injured after the transfer window. What a joke the board is not wenger as they had to release the funds. Imagine wenger saying ‘can we now buy’. Kroenke n gazidis go to hell.

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  51. Lix

    @G Forc@ please stop with all thses hates. Let us discuss something more interesting that can lift our spirits for the coming games.

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  52. V

    I have watched many la liga games this season and the last match malaga played, monreal was great. Trust me. It is a very good addition to the team. I know many of you guys want Santos to never play again but you need to appreciate what he done last year and maybe take the negativity somewhere else. A couple of seasons ago, even if someone plays really bad, the fans weren’t booing them, remember Rayes? Yes, Santos have been bad, but weren’t for the guy last season against west brom, where he scored an equalizing goal, we would be f*cked, anyway, Santos form has been seriously below par and I believe he should not play too but there is no reason for boo-ing anyone. Just imagine if you were the one playing and your own supporters boo you, man that feeling is bad.

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  53. John

    Isn’t it ironic, Gibbs pretty much saved our CL spot with that slide tackle. We’d be in europa if it weren’t for his tackle.

    This season his perfectly timed injury leading to our new signing just before deadline day may just saved our season again.

    Wenger had no plans to spend and replace Santos.

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  54. Nacho cheeeeeeeeeeeeze

    Welcome mr monreal!

    I hope you are as good as we hope you are!!

    Otherwise the majority of the ars£holes on here will be straight on to your back

    Support the team, support the players

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  55. Andrew

    It might be a gamble but with Nacho at left back could Wenger go for a 3-5-2 formation against Stoke.

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  56. Haxxxan

    GOD please keeeeep nacho monreal fit for 8 weeks and especially help him to complete the game vs stoke without getting injured because stoke is a rugby team. otherwise santos will step on the pitch once again which nobody wants to see except santos himself !

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  57. G-Force

    @ Lix

    I just can’t stand it when people make unsubstantiated claims without proof and worse still use them to heap unwarranted praise on Ar$ene to defend Ar$ene’s lack of ambition in this transfer window. Just look at what this guy S.H said: “He (Nacho) was supposed to join in the summer. We’ve had to renegotiate his deal just like Tottenham did with Holtby. This was only due to Gibb’s injury. So it wasn’t a panic buy, but a calculated decision by Wenger.”

    Why put Ar$ene up on a pedestal when there is no proof of this? I mean, I know some of you guys love to defend Ar$ene but this just sounds ridiculous.

    Anyway, since Steve can’t find the quotes he claimed that Ar$ene said, I will consider this case closed and move on. I just hope that people can refrain from making these unsubstantiated claims. That is not too much to ask, is it? Because if it were true, I would have definitely accepted it – no questions asked. Alas, it is not.

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  58. STEVE

    @g-force 1st off. i’m at work mate, i don’t have time to be on a just-arsenal forum all day.

    2nd. you are higher than me mate. didn’t you read how i said i agreed with you? it was plucked from the sky, made up, unicorns and rainbows!

    i seem to remember reading “decided to bring forward” but that was probably in another arsenal fan’s comments! jeez man, you need to calm down or your going to die before the age of 30 if you keep using the internet.

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  59. STEVE

    + if anything, you seem to have a disrespect of arsene i can’t even fathom.

    i don’t know if i’m a “wengerite” but you certainly seem to be someone who thinks he’s 100% no good.

    i have nothing bad to say about you at all. seem to support arsenal passionately, that’s good. but i don’t even begin to understand borderline hate (using money signs in his name) for someone who has transformed this football club.

    don’t even try arguing, arsenal was nothing before compared to arsene’s era. that’s not to say they won’t be great post-arsene,

    but what i see is a severe lack of respect!

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  60. G-Force

    @ Steve

    Hehe aren’t you also on the internet and based on your reply in here, also checking up on the just arsenal forum?

    Anyway, thanks for clearing it up that there was no such quote from Ar$ene! That’s it from me and all I needed to know.

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  61. STEVE

    yeahh.. i’m confused, do you think you won this little argument?

    take your victory. you need it.

    yes. i am on the internet, yes i’m viewing some arsenal blogs.

    but this is during my downtime at work, the end of the day is slow.

    good thing you decided to thumbs down and not take in one word i said, truly an admirable gunner.

    you think with all the reading and commenting you do throughout an entire day, you’d at least take other opinions seriously.

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  62. G-Force

    Ok, Steve. I want to end things with you on a positive note so what exactly can I do for you?

    We were discussing whether Ar$ene quoted what you claimed he did, established that he did NOT and ended the discussion. What more do you want out of this? Although you say that you agreed with me, I have no idea why you came up with a NON-EXISTENT quote. It in fact gives people more ammunition + misinformation and at the same time, contradicts your agreement with me. I had to get to the bottom of it.

    I have read your comments and have in fact taken them seriously and here is what I have to say on them. If I choose to use the term wengerites and put the dollar sign in Ar$ene, that’s my business. Fans have put the dollar sign in na$ri, van per$ie,$tan etc etc just to symbolize that they only care about money and that is also how i feel about Ar$ene as well. It is justified – he is only concerned about PROFITS and gets a huge salary whilst taking about financial constraints etc!!

    ‘Wengerites’ is not even an offensive word or even found in the dictionary. It is just a term used to easily group people who believe that Ar$ene knows best – so what exactly is offensive in that?? It’s the same as people who call me and others “anti-wenger” or “wenger haters” etc. However, you said and I quote “makes you a tool” -When have I offended you that you had to resort to calling me names?

    This is more on a personal level but what is it to you if I read and comment when I feel like or even go on the internet? Do I need to ask your permission mate?

    Anyway I also can tell that you are a passionate supporter just like me and there appears to be instances where we see eye to eye, which is good. Let’s just put this whole episode behind us and just get on with things.

    PS (Apologies for ‘thumbing’ you down. I only did it because I thought you did the same on my earlier post as there was also “1 dislike” at that point in time when I read your comment.)

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  63. AFC_Gooner

    A signing in January is a good thing especially in defence where we seem hopeless at the moment. Having another Spanish international join up is good news especially for Arteta and Cazorla who will be feeling right at home now.
    The worst start to a premier league campaign cannot be ignored but we have to remember this league is going through its biggest change ever and in a few years, Arsenal will still be in the top four.
    Arsenal to finish in the top four this season? We’re really cutting it fine this time round.

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  64. S.H


    Obviously your plan to get a popularity vote collapsed. I find it funny that you took a sarcastic comment I made, twisted it out of context, and tried to use that to make your weak and opinionated point.


    I’m 25 year supporter, 16 of those years Wenger has been in charge. Don’t know how old you are or how long you’ve been following Arsenal, but in those 16 years he has completely transformed this club. Don’t get mixed between the Board’s ambitions and Wenger’s ambitions. Learn to read between the lines. Don’t believe everything you read in the media. Obviously you’ve grown frustrated over the last 7-8 trophyless years, so have I but the difference between you and I……

    I will support my team all the way, which means Wenger as well, through thich or thin. Where do you see yourself? Don’t give me the, “my club comes first BS”, because if it does then you should be supporting every man in the team!

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  65. S.H

    G-Force wrote:

    PS (Apologies for ‘thumbing’ you down. I only did it because I thought you did the same on my earlier post as there was also “1 dislike” at that point in time when I read your comment.)

    hahaha, You’re all class mate! And some people say I have a sarcastic sense of humour! Your comment just shows how childish and bias you are. Sort of like, “I thought you hit me so I’ll hit you back.” That’s what kids do! Obviously there is no point in having a mature conversation with you!

    Guys don’t even bother with this twat!

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  66. STEVE

    yea, g, we’ll just leave it at this. it’s not meant to be

    i got the quote, actually, from this article. i confess, and it’s my fault, for some reason i did think arsene said it

    BUT i also admitted in the very first comment i made regarding that quote that it did not suggest to me that any move was on for the summer

    so maybe the summary can come back to where my first comment left off.

    quit badgering the arsenal faithful, we are all (theoretically) in it together

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  67. STEVE

    hahahahaha ohh god SH.

    the one dislike! who else would be monitoring this thread to throw that in there

    too funny pal. you really are all class fella

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  68. G-Force

    @ SH

    Don’t try to delude yourself by claiming that it was a sarcastic comment because from what I have experienced, there are quite a few people who has shared your claims in here. You might want to check your own popularity in the other article! Quite frankly, I don’t care anymore and will ignore all such unsubstantiated claims from now on.

    FYI, I have supported Arsenal since 1990 before Ar$ene came to the club.

    I don’t want to waste much time on you. Just so you know, I too have an economics and business degree just like Ar$ene Wenger. I know all about advanced financial accounting, corporate finance, management accounting, macro/ micro economics etc and have experience in investment banking so you can just drop your ignorant, uneducated nonsense. I seem to recall you like to heckle people on here for not knowing anything on those topics.

    Ar$ene and I obviously differ in our school of thoughts. The way I see it, there were ways available to make the club competitive and yet satisfy the shareholders. WIN-WIN for the club, Ar$ene + board and the fans. However this is not the case.

    Glad to see you showing the whole forum exactly the type of words used by wengerites as I mentioned to Steve earlier. Along with the word Twat, you might want to add the list of other words you have used such as “silly”, “noob”, “stupid”, “idiot”, “moron” just to emphasize your point.

    No wonder there is such a divide between Arsenal fans in here. Oh by the way, it seems that you already have “one dislike”. AND THAT IS NOT ME BY THE WAY!!

    @ STEVE

    I might be wrong but are you saying that I gave that “dislike” to SH? With God as my witness, you are way off the mark if that is the case. Just to prove my point, I will now give him a thumbs down so it will be two dislikes. I thought we had some kind of understanding mate.

    And FFS, thumbs down happens all the time! The buttons are there and if someone does not agree, they use it – EVEN YOU S.H!!. Plain and simple.

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  69. STEVE

    i actually do feel sorry for my short reply

    but im bored, ive been maybe out of line at some points but now, its too much of a pissing contest in here

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  70. S.H


    HAHAHA so with a business and economics degree you can’t fathom responsible spending? Really mate, did you even graduate? You’re not the only one with a double degree. hahaha. Did you think I was going to be impressed or something? Do you own your own house and business? Or are you simply a fresh uni graduate without a job? Judging from your comments, you’ve much to learn. As soon as the team does badly, you’re the typical type to point the finger at Wenger. Is Wenger the chairman? Is he the treasurer? Does he play on the pitch? There are other factors ignorant people like you refuse to view. Then again a wise man once told me, “mate you can never win an argument against ignorance”. What a blissful life you lead. And that called sarcasm if you understand that as a figure of speech. Obviously you didn’t understand the sarcasm in my initial post. Such obtuseness is not only embarrassing but it makes you look stupid too.

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  71. S.H


    You wonder why there is such a great divide between Arsenal fans. It’s obvious. There are people who think rationally, factoring ALL details (not only focusing on Wenger’s decision-making), and there are others who do their thinking from their hearts. Hey you and I have both supported Arsenal for a very long time. Nearly 50 years between us following the club. I perfectly understand your passion, but don’t let that blind you. We still should call a spade a spade. Just because things don’t go well for our team, it’s always easier to point the culpable finger, but harder to analyse the overall factors. Every decision affects the team, be it small or big. Just because Wenger bought only one player, does that mean he didn’t look for anyone else? Didn’t he intimate to the media that he wanted to buy Villa but Barca wouldn’t sell? You can’t blame him for not wanting to improve the squad, especially in our weaker areas. Remember it takes 3 parties to agree on a transfer. Player – selling club – buying club. People sometimes forget how difficult it is to broker a deal worth millions. If Wenger failed to buy some of our targeted players, stop for a minute,think, then ask yourself why? Was it the player wanting more money? His club didn’t want to sell? We didn’t want to spend as much? Not everything boils down to Wenger. Remember Wenger is the manager, not the CFO!

    On the contrary, and I suspect this might be part of your argument, Wenger has made some bad decisions too. Yes, I highly agree. Just because I like Wenger, doesn’t mean I have to agree with all he commands. Like I say, I call a spade a spade. The club’s ambitions I question too, but at the same time my understanding from a business perspective supports their views as well. You, as a person who understands business and finance, would probably agree that if you have a major debt like a mortgage (such as building the Emirates), there should be restrictions on spending. You wouldn’t buy a new 150K Merc with 500K left on your mortgage payments would you?

    At the same time, as the years have gone past trophyless, and our kitty much healthier, I agree with you that we should spend on some players. Now, wanting to spend and not being able to acquire, are 2 very different things. Lets not confuse this as some gooners do. Like I keep saying, Wenger has a desire to buy, but if players don’t want to join or the Board wish not to spend, how can you say Wenger is at fault 100%? It’s kind of unfair don’t you think? Wenger is in a position where he can used as a scapegoat because he faces the music day in day out. He has to confront media, the Board, fans etc. He is the frontline of the organisation.

    Most of our top players that left, questioned the Board’s ambitions. Clichy, Nasri, RVP, Song. They all wanted to stay. Problem was, the board didn’t want to fork out the dosh. And if you want to believe in Wenger’s admittance to setting a socialist pay structure, haha, like I said he’s playing the scapegoat that every Wenger hater wants him to be. Wenger is too smart to pin it on his employers. That would be like biting the hand that feeds him. Really think about it. Remember, Wenger is not the CFO!

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  72. G-Force

    Hehehehe yes I own my own apartment and pay off my mortgages. No I don’t have my own business as some of us actually work as employees in corporations.

    By the way, you always mention about your business in here so what kind of business is it? B2B or B2C?? Is it a product or service offering? Either way, you must have clients or customers – so do you talk to them in the same manner as you do in here? Hehehe, I would love for them to come on here and see the way you talk.

    Do you have a website by the way? I would love to check it out and maybe if you have an online store, buy something from you and contribute to your business.

    Off topic but did you happen to give Steve (and I) that thumbs down on our last posts? You are one twisted individual so I wouldn’t be surprised if you did to create a rift between him and I. No matter, I will give him a thumbs up for his posts.

    Anyways, I don’t have anymore time for you as the Arsenal vs Stoke match will be starting in a bit so that’s it for me.

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