M’Vila price dropped to £8 million but Arsenal say NO

Maybe Arsenal need to employ the man from Del Monte when it comes to transfer dealings, because Arsene Wenger does not seem to want anyone. Demba Ba was too much like Olivier Giroud, apparently, and now he has turned down a cut price deal for the talented French midfield enforcer Yann M’Vila. Wenger is fluent in many languages, but he does not seem to know the words yes please in any of them.

The French Ligue 1 club, Rennes, are ready to cash in on the troublesome 22-year old, and M’Vila wants to make the move. QPR are ready to pay the money, but M’Vila is holding out for Arsenal, but it does not look like the transfer will happen, Metro reports. Wenger must have been put off by the problems with the player’s attitude. He knows people in French football very well and must have been warned off.

It seems a real shame, because M’Vila has the power and skill to be a fantastic addition to the Gunners. He is just the sort of player we need, but if he is going to be like Balotelli at Man City then it might be better if we look elsewhere.

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173 thoughts on “M’Vila price dropped to £8 million but Arsenal say NO

  1. Sox

    Buy… Buy… Wenger??? Or By… By….. Wenger and thanx for all those memories!!!!!

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  2. vyash

    ok not villa because of prob but bring Sven Bender12m /wanyama10m

    not strootman bec he will cost 18 m in this transfer

    i prefer sven bender bec he always tackle every 3 mins

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  3. JOhn

    The moment this fool and the board leaves is the moment I will start putting my emotional and financial investment back into this club and yes I have been a supporter long before Wenger’s reign.

    The only thing left in this club right now is it’s Badge and it’s history. The man who made history has decided to neglect the football on the pitch and instead prioritize the clubs finances, reflected in his salary.

    Thumbs me down if you want, just don’t expect to see any changes or trophies at the club anytime soon, especially if we manage to scrape top 4.

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  4. Richard

    Wengers “dream team” is just that, with no “top top “players joining us.If you were a “top top” player would you join the Aw vision, perhaps mirage is nearer the mark.

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  5. West London gooner

    Heard the best quote the other day ” being an Arsenal fans in January is like being a Muslim on Christmas Day” sick of watching clubs that ain’t bigger then us but have better squad and their still doing business but us that cant even beat Bradford have to just rely on hope and faith all because of a tight a@&! board and manager that is still in a job because of his history.

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  6. Wil

    @ Leo I agree with you mate. Transfer speculation. This is a ploy from Wenger we don’t want McCarthy. You all are jumping to more conclusions then the media calm down. You know le Prof is a poker player. He is getting rid of the deadwood for a reason free up space and wages for ppl that will need the wages. M’vila for 70k a week what’s the problem maybe 60 but the dead wood make around 70….

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  7. Wil

    If we don’t get M’vila on the other hand there are a lot of good DM’s out there….. But not for this bargain price!!!!! But him!!!

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  8. West London gooner

    What’s wrong with his attitude? Has everyone forgot Viera and what he was like????

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  9. Dan cazorla

    Looks like we will b fighting for a place in the top half of the table now ..

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  10. tommy

    Balotelli brings in huge revenue to city because of the attention. Its like a walking super advertising board.
    For 8M its worth a go.

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  11. LovedHighbury

    Please please please, all normal intelligent Arsenal fans ask yourself this one question? Why won’t he spend any money? He has just been quoted in the mirror as saying he will only sign a top quality player if he becomes available. Most managers normally go to the chairman/board asking for money etc to strengthen the squad, yet ARSEen seems dead keen not to spend a penny. Why? Please ARSEen, f*uck off and leave my beloved club. You won’t tho cos of the massive money your on.

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  12. Neil

    I like this site. Just found it today. Been an Arsenal fan since 1978 (age 7). I live abroad now but I used to be a season ticket holder until 2003.

    What annoys me is certain ‘arsenal’ forums are actually in favour of Kroenke and love Ramsey.

    I know one site (on which I no longer post) in which they think that a minus 45 million pounds tranfer defecit since Kroenke is ok. That it’s ”there is more to running a club than transfer defecits..what about the overheads?”

    Man, I want to name and shame, but I won’t give them the satisfaction.

    They are mainly kids who have no idea what’s really going. I’m a bit different to many of you in that I love Wenger. I hate Kroenke.

    He may be losing his touch but I feel he deserves this season and maybe next (at the most) to sort it out.

    I’m actually really concerned for our club. Even more than when Terry Neill was in charge.

    Gooners be angry. And make your voice heard. I am Wenger’s biggest fan. But if he does not buy the players even our cat knows we need this window…he must go.

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  13. shadow

    Another reason, which nobody mention, is that Giroud and M’villa aren’t best friends! If Weniger will bring M’villa there could be a problem with Giroud.

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  14. true goon

    hmmm just saw a piece in the independent,Wengers saying we will only buy the right players.Im bored of this now every window he says same things an we don’t buy anyone.
    The sooner Wenger is put into an ambassadorial role for the club the better for him and us the supporters.

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  15. jamaican gunner

    sign him and make him captain the players need a kick up the arse!!!

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  16. DrPepper

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  17. jermaine

    summary of targets 1)mcarthy is a player who is similar to arteta but isnt arsenal standard the only thing that is impresive about him is the number of games in the prem he has played for a 22 year old. he plays cm/am which means ramsey may be staying as a winger if he came :( 2)adrian lopez isnt woth 14mill he plays st/lw/cf wich is basically the same as podolski. he isnt that good a finisher, his main attributes are speed ball control and dribbling so i would see him as a back up to podolski if he was signed as he isnt good enough to lead the line in the prem.3)zuniga would be a great signing he plays lm/rmam/rb we havent had that type of versatility since eboue he is also great at helping out defensivley and is blessed with speed and stamina he also has good ball control and dribbling ability.would be a great arshavin replacement

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  18. YoungGooner

    Why not go after Gundogan of Dortmund? Good player, young and not much hype around him, could be a steal.

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  19. Dude New England

    I haven’t bought an Arsenal shirt since 2004 and in that year I bought two (hmmm I wonder why?) I have not been faced with the dilema to buy or not to buy many times since, why? Because I live in North America, and in North America stores only carry shirts that people want. So you see lots of Chelsea, Man U, and of coarse Barca shirts around but no Arsenal. I miss the days where I could go into an old english pub in town with an Arsenal shirt on and get into an argument with some jerk in a united kit about who’s better RVN or Henry. Now when I see that same person I have to politely ask “hows my striker doing?” Knowing exactly what the answer is. Honestly I am cheering for RVP not united because if he wins it will finally prove this model of business to be flawed. I thank god I still have the Patriots and I will not buy a single thing Arsenal or go to a match (I really want to make that trip to London) until we win the Premier League. You can say and think what you want but I don’t feel like filling the pockets of an invisible billionaire or a delusional old man.

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  20. jermaine

    dm solution is frimpong going back onloan? the midfield is looking overcrowded which means there may be no additions. if we were to go in the market m`villa would be perfect. he is a tactition great at reading the game defensivley he also has good passing tragectory. what is unique for some one his size is he has great stamina and has fast reactions to developing situations something arteta seems to lack. he is also strong and is great at breaking up play and igniting the attack.although his playing position is dm/cm he with his skill set he could also be the 4th cb similar to what we did with song therefore miquel wouldnt be forced out the team and we would have adiquate cover. alternitivly his replacemnet for the national team moussa sissoko is free in summer.this player reminds me of viera/yaya soo much. although he wouldnt be a definate starter for arsenal he would be a valuable squad member instead of spending 8mill on mccarthy he would be cheaper and better. his stamina is imense better than anyone currently at arsenal he is also deceptivley fast for a 6’2 lad he is also very strong somthing our midfield lacks.and he is known for his powerful driven free kick something we use to do with kolo

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  21. hmmm

    m’vila is rated one of the worst performer in ligue 1 this season (google that). Don’t know why people wants to buy him just for the sake of buying when he is clearly not good enough

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  22. Prime14

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  23. Greg

    Honestly I’m fed up of all this excuses! Please sign some quality players wenger!our rivals are strengthing!we are not!

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  24. JV

    You may compare M’Villa to Diaby.
    M’Villa is a good player and I truly find Diaby a brilliant player. I believe he could even be better than Song potentially, but his problem is his injury. Diaby’s future is uncertain.

    Arteta, Wilshere and Diaby are great players for the 2 central midfield position. M’Villa would be a good addition, but I think Wenger sees this as unnecessary. Like it or not..

    I agree that we need most improvement in defence and attack.

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  25. Ergs

    Arsene quoted by the press the great ditherer in the transfer market!
    The window will be shut by the time he makes a decision.

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  26. Festusjoe

    I think Arsenal is in the transfer market to window shop and not to buy. It’s a shame that no player seems worth his valuation to Wenger, who may not have also seen the quality he desires. He’s got to look for that quality in mars! Poor Arsenal!!!

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  27. Sam_1066

    Apart from the David villa stories, what are arsenal actually doing to bring in new players!?
    With djourou gone, we have 3 decent centre backs. If we get any injuries to them, Then we’re in the sh*t. We have champions league/ fa cup/ premiership to play for. Wenger needs to get a move on, if he’s that desperate for a trophy. There is plenty top top players arsene(as you say) you have to spend top top dollar to get them!

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  28. Des

    M’vila or fellaini ? I know who’d I’d rather have. Proven in prem. wenger, hand, in, pocket!!!

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  29. Invincibles nice (1)

    I totally agree with Wenger and on your part with him maybe being another Ballotelli who we should not want.

    Fergie builds great teams coz of the pros he targets, they always seem to have a certain champions mentality, taking there profession very serious.

    This fella just sounds like a total pre madona problem child. With our squad being so young you definitely wouldnt want his influence on them, especially Jack Theo and Alex, who all seem to have the right character without this fella daring them to break the rules and enjoy the night life. Might be a good player but little by little he will introduce his influence and bad habits.

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  30. Raj khan

    AWTF WHY NOT. EVERYONE HAS AN ATTITUDE PROBLEM. I WANNA KNOW WHAT WENGER AND THE BOARD ARE SMOKING. How many caps has he got for France. Didnt a certain player have an attitude problem b4 wenger sorted it out. He went on to be our captain. 8m is cheap. if things dont work out we can always selk him and atill make a profit. At this stage we will not buy anyone. THANKS ALOT ARSENE

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  31. Cssarsenal

    A horrible thought just came to me
    If this arsenal team had RVP we would have won a trophy this year
    I can imagine podolski and RVP and carzorla working together it would have been immense
    Wenger find us another RVP and our arsenal is saved

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  32. gooneray

    Again Wenger just continues to dissapoint most Arsenal fan with his pig headed stubborn old man ways. This man would fit us so well and it would be nice to see an attitude of some sort at Arsenal. We have an awful defence because there is no protection in front of them and forward thinking players have to do jobs they are not capable of. I for one am fed up with Wenger dismantalling our beloved club and not bringing any hope back to the fans.

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  33. GP

    Did’nt Wenger say recently that “big players only want to know if you play in the Champions League every year not if you win the FA cup or Carling Cup”?
    He needs reminding of his own words when he refuses to strengthen the team.

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  34. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Arsene Wenger suffers from a crisis of inability to make transfer market decisions. And yet they have the whole year to plan. What a shame!

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  35. Topgunner

    ARSENAL HAVE SIGNED ALIGULA the unknown Persian is classed as the best Persian in the 3rd division in Persia. Wenger has high hopes for him!! defensive woes sorted! 3 years later we sell him to barnsely. Now that is the most likely and probable signing wenger will make.

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  36. emmanuel

    Arsene Wenger is a big fool. who does not know what he needs. wenger is in the transfer market only to window shop and make mouth. he can never make any signing. I am ashamed of that old fool

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  37. Popeye

    what the f##k is wrong with Ballotelli, why can’t we have 1 of our own. He is an very good player,1 of the last few entertainers left in the game both on & off the pitch.

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  38. Moses

    I can understand if they don’t want him because of his attitude and that they think he’ll cause trouble. Fair enough.

    BUT, if you don’t buy him, you still need to buy someone. That is the issue. It’s one thing saying we don’t want this guy, but don’t ignore the glaring hole in the middle of our team where a defensive midfielder used to be.

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  39. gooneray

    Has anyone thought he might have this so called attitude cause he wants out of where he is and Rennes priced him out of his dream move last summer

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  40. David

    I can’t blame Wenger for play mind game with fans, i will blame those fool fans that continue to paying for ticket to watch Arsenal match… Arsenal make me sad every weekend now… Arsene Wenger you will perish and Arsenal FC will top the world soon

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  41. Louis

    Someone mentioned if we had RVP this year then we could win a trophy with Podolski and Carzola but the sad thing is, is that we wouldn’t have Poldi or Carzola if RVP was still here and that is the problem with the club. We are stagnate and we should try to move forward. JUST GO OUT AND SIGN M’VILLA ALREADY. It’s getting f**king ridiculous, we need a defensive minded midfielder and despite what you say about him he first the bill perfectly. At 22 he is young and has some of his best years ahead of him, he is french, physically similar to Viera and has shown that he has quality and class disregarding his form this season. On top of that we should be looking to sign a creative forward/striker someone that can score goals and bring others into play. This is getting silly

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  42. mario

    Any excuse not to splash out the money.Arsenal fans must now do the right thing and boycott the Emirates.

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  43. Gooner

    It makes me laugh when people who have never been to an Arsenal game live tell other people to boycott – hold your own protest, leave me to continuing going to games.

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  44. philthompsonsnose

    It’s such a piss take AW hasn’t bought anyone yet!!!
    There are literally hundreds of players around the world we could buy that would improve our squad!!!
    We need someone in before the City game otherwise you can forget 4th and we are DEF OUT OF cl!

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  45. vinie2000

    I do agree with some buddies here.What’s wrong with waiting for the last minute deadline day to buy someone? we have Shity- Chelski and Pool coming so why waiting until the end to be in 10th position not chance of EuroPa league due to MR wenger sttuborness? Get the 8 million and buy the guy who was 25 millions in summer,What do you wait? More angry FANS? Demostrations? Booing the team off the pitch due to your lack of market urgency like Chelski and others? Or wanting to leave Arsenal in summer with fans hatred instead of respect? We need 3 players DM-ST and utility full back..YOUR CHOICE

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  46. TheMessenger

    If anything, why wouldn’t Arsenal try for two DMs?? Pushes Wilshere and Arteta into the attack!

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  47. Nick from Portugal

    Wenger understands the market, he is close enough to French football to make a good decision re: any player on sale there, if M’Vila is so good why is his price going down so fast. he has been hawked around but clubs don’t want him, well maybe ?Arry does but he’s not exactly spoiled for choice. Wenger is right, we had this bullshit last year and we brought nobody and we had more injuries than we do now and we finished third and yes we had Robin and Song but this year we have Walcott on fire, Diaby coming back, Cazorla and Giroud and Podolski all scoring. Be cool people in Arsene I trust.

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  48. Harryjone

    @ichiro dont get tired on arsenal, we wil soon bounce back. AW should stop giving us same story and do what is right for the team. Thump up for the gunners

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  49. Peterkin

    I am tire of football linking arsenal fc .it has been revealed that the board managers of arsenal will soon be dissolve and the coach may also join them to share the cash flow ,in d case did you expect arsene wenger to buy any good players for club? the answer is no .these Asernal will not be among the 1st four team at d end of this season unless I will bring a defensive midfeilders to replace Song and Diabi

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  50. true goon

    @DrPepper-the worrying thing is i think Wenger actually thinks like you,which is why we see such indecision an complacency

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  51. roth

    How can we improve when the supporters aren’t even united,its people like @gooners who would perfectly be ok paying 62quid for tickets for the next 10yrs without winning a single thing,we’re the arsenal,we deserve to win things and be the best in all of britain,its in our d.n.a.and I saw a comment on here about an anti wenger fan who was hit or something for brandishing anti wenger banners,lemme see the mug who will just try that with me…

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  52. Goonersfanatic

    Well, it is really getting depress and annoying that Wenger will only go for “exceptional” players!! It is really obvious that Arsenal is lacking of but he seems like he is still thinking that his philosophy is still working! What if an injury crisis happen? Most of out key players are out injure? Fixtures are cramping up and we still not in any of the transfer deal! Our rivals had started to get players to strengthen their squad but we are still staying with no movement at all! For M’Vila this is a nice price to get him and strengthen our midfield!! We have number of positions need strengthening so that we can push Arsenal to the next level instead of moving backwards!! If you are not buying, why shall we fight for top four in order to attract top players joining us since you think is unnecessary to sign players! The money is already rotting in the bank or you hope it will multiply itself?? Time is running out and please open your cheque book and keep your stubbornness away from our beloved club!

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  53. Charlie

    If Walcott signs we’ve got Chamberlain, Wilshere, Gibbs, Walcott and Jenkinson tied into long-term deals with the club (I chose to forget about Ramsey). That’s a good English spine. There are some top quality experienced players supporting them now but with three key players in their first season it’ll take time for them to gel. It’s not as negative as you all paint although 8 years trophyless with top players leaving is worrying. I honestly believe that Arsenal are through the worst of the consequences from moving house and that Financial Fair Play will be beneficial to Arsenal. The future does look reasonably bright despite all the doom and gloom on this site.

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  54. Neil

    Comments about fans being split are true. Some fans on here seem to think that those who go to games are behind everything we do. That is not what I’m hearing. As you may already know, I used to hold a season ticket until just before our invincible side (I moved abroad).

    Mates back home are split. Some are saying ”Wait and see what the board does in the window”. One (only one) is saying ”FFP will sort everything out. Wait two or three years and we’ll be as rich as City now”. Many (like me) are very worried about the board’s lack of investment in players. Whether it’s Wenger’s fault or the board is a difficult one.

    I’m more of a board hater/Wenger lover (can’t help it) but he’s testing my patience. If he signs nobody in Jan and we finish 6th or 7th…he will have pushed me too far.

    I honestly believe we will not finish top 4 unless we get at least 2 top players in. And no, I didn’t say that last season. Even after Utd’s 8-2. We had loads of injuries and we had good players still at the club.

    As someone pointed out on this site, we got no player that is the best in his position in the league and Champions or contenders always have one or two.

    We are way behind.

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  55. Dude New England

    @Gooner No, I am a fed up fan, a rebellious fan even. I love this club but I am done trusting the leadership of the club and as a fan I have to question the direction in which the club is going. Now, you have accused me of being a “plastic fan” based on me saying I would not buy anything Arsenal or go to a match before we win the Prem League. Firstly, if I am a plastic fan than why am I here right now? Second, i’m not going to a match before we win the prem league because I live in North America, and quite frankly when I make the only trip of my life across that ocean I want to see a winning product on the pitch just like every other fan in this forum including yourself. Third, when it comes to buying Arsenal product I am quite simply boycotting it, because I believe that there is massive capitalist corruption in this club, and I don’t trust the leadership to invest my money properly. Most of us myself included want an owner who will invest money in the club and treat it like it should be, like a football club and not a business to make you millions. Fact is Silent Stan won’t sell his shares until he either thinks they are at an apex or if he foresees a massive drop in value that is just smart business. When in a league with two billion dollar teams, and one that quite simply is bigger than us on the global scale we cannot compete without ownership investment. Why are you paying the highest prices in the league? Why were Song, Clichy, and Adebayor sold and not even remotely replaced? Their contracts weren’t running out like Na$ri, and they weren’t begging to go “home” like fab, and they most certainly were not trying to make us all see the truth like RVP who could have been persuaded if we had shown more ambition and gave him the wage he deserves. And those are just our most recent ones don’t get me started on the selling of our actual legends. These are all moves made for profit, they sold the stadium hog wash on us as much as they could but now with these new sponsorship deals coming in there is no excuse, and it is time for a change. Sometimes the only way to move the ball forward is to pass it back, and unfortunately falling out of the top four and hitting him in the wallet may be the only way to get Stan to sell and get the owner in there we all want. Look im sorry to be so long winded but you called me out and if you give s*** you have to take s*** I am not going to speculate on who you are Gunner because I don’t know you anymore than you know me, but I have a pretty good idea. To all the gunners who protested this corruption I applaud you and wish I could have been there with you. To all who empty their pockets and chant “in Wenger we trust” I am sorry but I believe you are blindly adding fuel to the fire that is burning this house to the ground. Wenger WAS great and IS a legend, but times have changed, tactics need to change, and legends belong in books and in bronze statues on the emirates doorstep. We are six games back of where we need to be right now (18pts) in the league and anyone who says otherwise has bought into their propaganda and does not have the proper mentality of a champion. Too many people at the club have bought in which is why at this point the only way up is down.

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  56. chinedu

    wenger is a stubborn and idiotic myopic man…who has lost it totally..he must leave …squilaci..myachi..ramsey..coquelin…bentner…..denilson….djorou..traore….almunia…fabianski…….gervinho…..jenkinson…eastmond…all players who wud never make the bench of an arsenal team pre 200….wenger bot them all..
    ronaldo…yaya toure drogba..torres juan mata…..wenger refused them all….arsenal will not win anythin until he leves and a non senile managa is appointed..along with usmanov on the board

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  57. Arsenal1Again

    I wish people watched this guy play 5 games before repeating quoting people who also haven’t seen tlhim play. M’Vila is complete dross. Not even making the National team anymore, not having any top teams lining up to buy him, his club slashing the price offload the player. The worst player at Euro ’12 too. …. so why the hell would an Arsenal fan want him at Arsenal?

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  58. gooneray

    You don’t become a bad player over night. He is banned for playing for france until 2014 and his obviously not happy in his place at the moment. I think this would change when he gets where he wants to be. He then would quickly be back to the player very sought after last year

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  59. Ganaz

    a team with higher ticket prices but does not care fans’ feelings.That is Wenger and his ridiculous philosophy.Always lying to fans.Fed up with him.You will see what happens with his most quality player.

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  60. jason

    AW gets paid $7mill a year?

    so $8mill is too much for a player?

    Getting really sick of this Bulls**t season after season buy some players for f**ks sake

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  61. holy14ever

    we are we not surprised anymore… same roller-coaster-ride…different transfer periods.

    we will not buy anyone and AW just wants us to know that he is in charge and no matter what we think, fans just wants ridiculous purchase. we always demanded for Messi and he will never give in.

    no one is exceptional talent. no players will add on to the current squad. no one is better than Ramsey or Gervinho. no one is worth it.

    as long as AW retains his reputation as being a great talent spotted who is the merchant of venice, winning nothing is ok. hell, not getting a champions league spot is fine too since the board will never ever sack him.

    this is Arsenal FC today.

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  62. donal de burca.

    glad to see that many people are now copping on to the senile wenger , it is all about bloody time too . this git needs to go before we end up playing leeds and ipswich next season . i firmly believe wenger is not splashing the cash because he firmly believes that the money is coming out of his own pocket , i further believe that wenger is a secret major share holder of arsenal and that he has a seat waiting for him upstairs when HE decides to retire . our once proud club is now the laughing stock of world football , all because of one sick frenchman , the shame of it all , the mighty gunners brought down by kermit .

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  63. gediwon

    please please………………………………. wenger sign players

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  64. AlexEstevez

    I think transfers or no transfers, arsenals problem might be in our formation! I understand playing 433 against top teams with strong midfielders that need to be checked but I don’t see why we can’t tweak the formation against weaker teams to accommodate two strikers!! I don’t bother myself anymore with transfers, will always love arsenal but I’ve been through a lot for their sake, I just think its very irresponsible of the board to CHEAT the fans, we’ve been made to be live coming fourth is an achievement, and now the fourth is looking like a dream as well. It just doesnt make sense that we are struggling badly and the teams above and around us are urgently trying to Improve their squad and yet it feels like we must beg n scream before arsenal decides to attempt to buy someone, we have a decent team what we need is a change in attitude, that can happen if we decide to make a STATEMENT…make a signing out of nowhere like a Cavani or Falcao or someone of that caliber, that will get people to take us serious and believe it or not the players would want to prove a point as well, but if u keep looking for a bargain or a reject then how are u supposed to b taking serious? The only way we fans can make it happen is by shunning our games, it sounds crazy but if we shun games for the next two weeks, u might 4 world class players brought in before the window closes, buying quality players doesn’t always gurantee immediate success but it shows intent!!

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