New Arsenal striker or elaborate hoax?

With the January transfer window looming, Arsenal are becoming linked with lots of players. The poor start to the season for the Gunners, and the statement by Ivan Gazidis that there was money available to Arsene Wenger means that speculation is rife about who will be coming to the Emirates in January. Rumours on Twitter this weekend said that Arsenal had agreed a deal with a young French striker to join from Lyon in January, but there is more than a slight whiff of rodent to the whole story.

There is a page on Wikipedia about the young striker, but anyone can write on Wikipedia. The website itself says that the page could be deleted if there is no reliable reference forthcoming to back it up. The first thing strange about the story is his name, Effix Ludalix. It sounds like something from Asterix the Gaul, and the only references to him are the Wiki page and a video of him doing tricks on YouTube.

He is supposedly the third cousin of Sebastien Squillachi and is a 19-year old striker from Lyon but has fallen out with the manager there and agreed a £1 million transfer to Arsenal. He must have really upset Lyon, because there is no mention of him anywhere on the official club website in any of the squads.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t go and get his name printed on the back of your shirt or tattooed on your arm just yet, Gooners. In other news, Santa Claus is coming to town.

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39 thoughts on “New Arsenal striker or elaborate hoax?

  1. AA23=LEGEND!

    haha, on another note though, watch for arshavin to dominate bradford if he gets a CHANCE! also, can someone please tell me in what way gervinho is ahead of arshavin in the 1st team, 2 things gervinho has got going for him are, pace and work rate (not defensive work rate either), surely arshavin is miles better?

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  2. Gunnerineverylife

    I think lot of transfer rumours are being used by Wenger as a smokescreen just to mislead clubs like Spurs.

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  3. landmind111

    Arshavin ruined Arshavin, he was the one that was playing casual and not working hard enough out there, he has the attributes to play on the flank, and he was inconsistent for a while before wenger took him out. He’s got ability just no desire.

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  4. Richard

    We don’t get “Top Top Top ” players, we don’t get “Top Top Top ” young players any more as the Arsenal is all about history. Even AW is trading on what he achieved some years ago and until we move on into the real world (not the world inhabited by AW) then we will fall further and further behind where the fans only talk about the teams they use to see.

    A fabulous stadium which will n ot be filled will be the AW legacy, it will be like West Ham playing at the OLympic arena. principles are great but when principles are holding you back you either adapt or let someone else do the job.

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  5. AA23=LEGEND!

    @landmine111, you need to take that back mate, arshavin may not have the greatest work rate, but have you not seen him recently, he gas been working as hard as ever, yet wenger still leaves him out, wenger has something against arshavin…

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  6. leo

    acc to media reports Walcott has told Wenger that he no longer wants to stay at Arsenal.The wages he is looking for is 85k a week. He has asked to leave in Jan

    still don’t know if it’s true but looks like theo is off

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  7. Gunnerineverylife

    @Judin How did you know that Ludalix is the next Cavani?from Football Manager?

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  8. leo

    Ibrahimovic: “Messi’s record? With all the penalties they’ve given Barcelona I could’ve scored 90 goals this season”

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  9. leo

    @gunnerineverylife dude ludalix is not a player it’s a rumor started by arsenal fans a player by that name doesn’t even exist again i repeat there is no player called ludalix lmfao it’s a joke we are frustrated by lack of signings came up with it

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  10. landmind111

    @AA23 he’s looked a little more enthusiastic in the last few games he played I give u that, I’m not disputing that, but it doesn’t take away the fact that he never lived up to expectations, and it was Arshavin that wasn’t doing enough, he had many chances to change, but his productivity went down season after season, he weren’t trying hard enough and has only himself to blame for not having the trust of the manager and sitting on the bench. But yea I would like too see Arshavin play more now tbh, but the damage is done I guess, and his contract situation also plays a big factor in the matter.

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  11. Rick Rocket

    Aaaaah somebody “likes” it too now. Thannk you, and congratulations on your sense of humour!

    You other two, take note!

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  12. Dave

    @ AA23=LEGEND and the arshavin lovers.
    If your best mate came to your house and slapped your wife and did a dump on kitchen table would you invite him back all the time? no. thats what he did, he came he dazzled, wenger loved him. then he came out with the I want to play for barca line and stopped trying. hes been average for years now with the odd flash of skill. What I don’t get is ppl get on ramsey’s back for being average but he has an excuse, hes young and had a broken leg but still runs his socks off and tries. whats arshavins excuse?

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  13. ran

    A rumour is a rumour. It cannot be believed until announces it. I’m disappointed honestly if this is real, Wenger is signing a French u19 striker who hasn’t even made a first team debut for Lyon. Sure he might be the next theirry Henry, but we a new experienced striker is our main piority. We got tons of youth strikers already, like Campbell, akpom, afobe, etc.

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  14. ojo

    prefix,suffix,effix????….lol……i wudda been glad if his name was ludacris!!!not cos he can play but because i love him….lol

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  15. makon

    We all have a right to know, and if the board has been suppressing information, that’s the cruelest hoax of all.

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  16. Rick Rocket

    5 “dislikes” now!!!

    Welcome to Just Arsenal Mr and Mrs Chamakh, and the Chamakh boys.

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  17. wisegent;

    watch out this,that if we fail to get a real striker in january,wenger will convert mannone to a striker.wenger wasted Ashavin,now he is aiming to waste podoski.Honestly can any Arsenal fan tell me what wenger has done good to the fans and not pleasing the owners.(why play someone out of position)thats gambling which yields to failure.enough is enough mr, a real gooner by blood.

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  18. Rishab

    Wenger can’t buy top top top players.. He can only buy YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG players lol

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  19. sleekgun

    I hate it when people come up giving excuses for RAmsey and his broken leg; does broken leg mean busted brain and how many games does it take to build confidence???
    Ohhh PLEASEEEEEEEE!!! Where I come from, people get injured and pick up in days, let’s stop giving excuses for mediocrity and that’s why arsenal need to take off the veil of mediocrity covering their eyes cos it always leaves u less than where u thought mediocrity would position u. TOP 4 is mediocre when u can be THE BEST!!!

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  20. COYG!

    Arshavin is absolutely terrible, he was good when he came to us but has got incredibly lazy and you can tell he doesn’t give a shit if he plays or if arsenal win. Yes he has played a bit better lately but his been playing shit teams where you would expect even Arshavin to put in a performance.
    So happy his contract is up in the summer, one less player who is happy to sit on the bench, contributing nothing to the team and collect his paycheck.

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  21. Travis Bickle


    Was your “media report” twitter account @indykaila – Freelance Journalist by any chance?

    Because at 1:20pm today he posted this on twitter:

    “Walcott has told Wenger that he no longer wants to stay at Arsenal. The wages he is looking for is 85k a week. He has asked to leave in Jan”

    seriously mate?

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  22. Travis Bickle

    the youtube account uploader name is: Tairy Hesticles

    Think about it, its not hard…..The video also shows, no match footage of any kind.

    HOAX…I was hoping, when i saw the title of this piece that it was going to be Benzia….

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  23. Uche

    Is it just me or do you guys also get the feeling that Walcot has played his last game for Arsenal? I don’t think he is injured. I mean, what is the nature of his injury? I think that Walcot is gone. The moment RVP left, Walcot’s heart went with him. This is sad, not just because we may not buy wilfred Zaha or Adrian Lopez but because this will keep happening. When we sold Nasri and Clichy, we all thought they were the last of the ‘trouble makers’. RVP was a model footballer on the pitch and he gave his all with absolutely no sign that he would leave. Wenger even made a joke when asked if RVP would leave by saying that Van Persie is not from Barcelona. And then he dropped the bomb on us after the Euros. While we were still licking our wounds with the RVP matter, Song was sold. Now it is walcot and come summer, it will be Sagna. This is so sad and the board absolutely does not care. What a club. It is hard to imagine how a club can be so fiscally prudent and mentally retarded all at the same time.

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  24. venzzz

    good riddens walcott hes a good player but i never liked him and hes easily replaced unlike rvp

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