QPR boss accuses Arsenal captain of cheating

I can understand the fact that Mark Hughes is not happy after his QPR side lost to Arsenal at the Emirates yesterday, but the Welshman needs to engage his brain before opening his mouth. QPR are still without a Premier League win this season and are rooted to the bottom of the league, but Hughes blames yesterday’s defeat on Thomas Vermaelen and the referee.

Arsenal were far from fantastic yesterday, but they were still the team making the chances and should have scored before Mbia got himself sent off. Cazorla will still be wondering how he missed from the middle of the box after Walcott’s cross.

Mbia saw a red card a few minutes later for kicking out at Vermaelen, despite having been awarded a free kick, but Sparky thinks it was unfair.

“We’re disappointed because the linesman had already given the foul to us.

“Stefan has taken a swing but there was no contact, but Vermaelen has made a meal of it and the referee warranted that it was a straight red.”

Maybe Hughes spent too much time with Joey Barton last season, but he seems to think you can attack people as long as you have been awarded a free kick or you fail to cause them real damage. QPR were lucky not to have Granero sent off earlier, and should accept the fact that they did not do enough.

Hughes is labouring under the delusion that his team were on the verge of winning the match when Mbia lashed out. He does have a point when he says that Arteta was offside, but these things happen. We got a bit of good luck but we have had plenty of bad.

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25 thoughts on “QPR boss accuses Arsenal captain of cheating

  1. xyz

    COYG we must support CFC today because they will be inconsistent in future but if ManUtd win today they might not give up topspot too easily

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  2. green gunner

    I’d like to see you standing after a kick like that. Do one Hughes.

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  3. Tm13

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  4. spendah


    Is he on drugs???


    I bet if it was the othe way round, he wud hav called our verma a thug

    what a shit manager, cant accept his fault and move on, winless since start of season, he is overated and shud get sack


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  5. Gunnerineverylife

    I accuse Mark Hughes of instructing his players especially Granero to injure Wilshere.

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  6. jk

    old grey perm should shut his mouth, terrible manager spent a fortune at city got sacked and now spent a fortune at qpr and about to get sacked there aswell. The guy lashed out it dosnt matter if he made contact or not as simple as that

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  7. mo

    a draw will do cause then chelsea will go too far from us and if man u win they won gonna let us go past them too but 11 point will be gd if not the i dont mind manu.

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  8. gooner

    hughes is suck a good manager that when he was at man $hitty he looked at youtube for decent players lol

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  9. Red DB 10

    Hughes is a useless manager and he track record proves it.
    Our goal was offside but that should be his only complaint because Granero should have seen red simply for the amount of bad fouls he made.

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  10. neil moxon

    Can not stand mark hughes so yesterdays win put an even bigger smile on my face LOL at you hughes.

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  11. Gibbo71double

    Ha ha ha he he he
    hughes canrnt win
    an ez teams shitty

    we r gonna win the league.

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  12. Rosdan

    I’m a gooner from Malaysia, and the owner of QPR is from my country, of course I hope they win a match (but not against arsenal), but it hurt me when he hired a manager like hughes, cant he sees what have hughes done at Man City? Sometimes its funny when the owner of football club know nothing about football, is they thought football stands for ‘american football’? This is LONDON, not WASHINGTON!

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  13. jackie

    9 red cards in 2012 alone says different sparky. Typical Hughes really, blames everyone else for HIS teams lack of discipline and bad run of results when in reality QPR’s standing in the league, much like last season, is of their own doing, knowone elses.

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  14. andy

    So now we are the only ones to play act during a foul? I’m sure their players are good at it too! Fools, no wonder they are at the bottom off the table, keep dreaming.

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  15. john

    Sparky is a complete and utter tw*t he needs to discipline his players because Granero could’ve easily got a red for his 5 fouls 3 of them were bookable as well. Good win for the team we didn’t play the best we could’ve played but a scrappy win every now and then shouldn’t be too bad.

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  16. Dave A

    Throw your RVP scarves shirts and hats on the pitch next week,let them know how we feel.I cant stand seeing him score for them,it makes me sick every week.How do you feel.When he comes to the Emirates throw the scarves hats and shirts at the pitch,that would let the board know how we feel wouldnt it.What do you think.

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  17. amos

    can the joke he spent more money than us idiot his just a idiot tatically the worse manager

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  18. Waiyuen Leong

    WUNDERBAR…..The arsenal game came back alive after losing out 4-0 against Reading.The players played all out to beat Reading 7-5 which it never happened in English football. As an arsenal fan from Malaysia,Charmakh and Arshavin have improved their game tremendously, I feel that that they can still help Arsenal in many ways looking at the last game they played. Keep it as a booster before meeting MU this Saturday.

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