Reading vs. Arsenal Preview, Line-Up and Live Stream

Reading vs Arsenal preview, predicted line up and score line by KJ

It is time for Arsenal to show some consistency for the umpteenth time. It’s getting a bit boring watching us win a match to only watch us lose the next. Wenger needs to make sure that the next four games are 12 points in the bag – nothing less.

This would’ve been a routine win for every Arsenal side under Wenger except this one. We just seem to lack a match winner; someone who can stand up when the chips are down.
I still expect us to dominate the game tomorrow and I highly doubt it’ll pan out like the last game we played at the Madjeski stadium.

Line up:
Sagna – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Gibbs
Arteta – Wilshere
Chamberlain – Cazorla – Rosicky
This is at the moment our strongest line up without Walcott, who will play instead of Chamberlain if fit.

The defence pretty much picks itself now. They generally are a pretty good bunch and are somewhat victimised by Arsenal fans,myself included, for what seems to be wrong with the defensive unit as a whole. The team doesn’t put pressure on the opponents when they are in possession. This forces players like Mertesacker into awkward situations where he’ll either be sucked in or will be left for dead.

The wings will definitely need to be freshened up. Podolski and Gervinho have been absolutely diabolical and don’t deserve a place at all. One just doesn’t seem to even give a **** anymore whilst the other is hopeless at everything.
Chamberlain has finally got some form back in the last two games and will definitely be a threat against the likes of Reading. He will cause them all sorts of havoc on the counter as he’ll be direct.

Rosicky on the other hand will provide what Ramsey should’ve been doing all this time. He’ll retain the ball in extremely tight spaces as well as taking on his man. His understanding with Cazorla against Reading was very natural. They always looked for each other when on the ball and it got it into some really dangerous positions.

Even though we are struggling for any sort of form, I can’t help but feel the team will want to absolutely destroy Reading to prove the doubters wrong as well as maintaining that 2 point gap from 4th place – something that can easily be rectified in the second half of the season.
I predict a 4-1 win to the Arsenal.

Reading vs. Arsenal will be on

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131 thoughts on “Reading vs. Arsenal Preview, Line-Up and Live Stream

  1. reddb10

    defending is just disgusting and the bad thing is it has been going on for quite a few years.
    When will our fantastic manager fix this problem?

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  2. LP

    Chamberlain off for ramsey just what we needed when nervousness was starting to creep in ……

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  3. LoCkAy

    I would have brought Giroud in order to keep their midfield busy and the defence on their toes.
    Gibbs and Mertesacker just switched of…!!




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  4. landmind111

    Walcott found the wing!!! Then found the net!!! Well done son…now sign da ting.

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  5. LoCkAy


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  6. reddb10

    chamberlain can do no wrong for some fans and Ramsey can do nothing right.
    For those who were actually watching the game AOC gave the ball away more times today than Ramsey does in half a dozen games.

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  7. LoCkAy

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  8. KING

    great victory except these two defensive errors. now we just have to clear the deadwoods, buy quality players to implement to this starting line up and also to work on our defense.

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  9. Hafiz Rahman

    guess the only way Ramsay should get play time is when the team is having a 2-3 goals lead and with 10-15mins left to go

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  10. AFCEdwards

    @lockay Seriously, F*** OFF, we don’t need your negative attitude now, we can only beat whose infront of us and no doubt Arsenal made them look worse by being so good.

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  11. mdu in Durban

    Great win I’m so happy this is what the team need now to get their confident back, it has been difficult week, I like what Wenger did with the line up. It time to focus on the next game which is Wigan. Job well done Arsene and the boys

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