Ridiculous Arsenal Rumour of the day – Casillas

Arsenal are looking for competition for Wojciech Szczesny and have been linked with a move for the five time winner of the best goalkeeper in the world, Iker Casillas. The captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team seems to have fallen out with the Special One, Jose Mourinho, who is the current manager at the Spanish champions. So, could Arsenal take advantage and swoop for the 31-year old in this transfer window? In a word, NO. In three words, NO WAY JOSE.

Even if Mourinho wanted to sell him, it is not his decision, but the president’s. Casillas is a national hero and has been at the club since he was nine. He has played a record 648 times for Madrid and wants to finish his career there. The fans absolutely adore him, which they showed clearly at the weekend.

Mourinho left Casillas on the bench, claiming it was for tactical reasons, which nobody believed. His stand in, Adan, was sent off after six minutes, so Casillas came on to an amazing, thunderous reception from the home fans. They had banners and were chanting his name for ages. If Mourinho was in any doubt who they prefer, he is not any longer.

Casillas knows that Mourinho will be moving on from the Bernabeu at the end of the season, so even if he is not picked now, he will be straight back in the side next season. Trust me, Gooners, it is not going to happen.

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33 thoughts on “Ridiculous Arsenal Rumour of the day – Casillas

  1. let's be Realistic

    Since when did Mourinho start selling his star players to Rivals….He is NOT Wenger……. Just a Friendly reminder..23 days to the Window closes

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  2. 14

    no one thought this gonna happen. ill be glad, if we just sign a striker/winger. we wont sign anybody, or maybe 1 player.

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  3. KING


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  4. craig2500

    Spurs have secured Holtby and are now in talks to buy Belhanda for £10m. They may also be in for Mvilla. Players we dream of buying now are dead certs to join our rivals meanwhile we are doing nothing this transfer window.

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  5. leo

    lol casillas will never leave madrid he is a true legend they will make mourinho leave but not him

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  6. Ankit

    Ya …now we will buy tem all ..every one frm Real and Braca r our target ….Watch it Manc …we r building a dream team at Arsenal :P…

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  7. ks-gunner

    indeed it is……lol …but we could offer Ramsey in exchange just for the sake to make them seriously think about it….

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  8. leo

    Barcelona President Sandro Rosell: “I completely rule out the transfer of Villa during the winter market.” Messi it is Then + gervinho can go the other way

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  9. Me-Basil

    I’m just trying to imagine how the major newspapers decide on the gossip of the day.

    Reporter: I don’t have any updates on Arsenal.

    Editor: Come on, they must be looking for at least one player. Do they need a goalkeeper?

    Reporter: I assume they do. I know Casillas had an argument with Jose the other day.

    Editor: So are you saying Arsenal are in the hunt to Casillas? Interesting. Lets make that the title for today’s paper.

    Reporter: I didn’t say that.

    Editor: Your Fired!!!

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  10. BIG O

    Did you know we’re linked with Messi and Neymar too? Ridiculous and irrelevant article

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  11. kzm

    I’m beginning to think arsenal PR department is perpetuating all these rumours just so we can get distracted and think they are working on something. I would have really loved to see David Villa join arsenal, even if he wouldn’t make an impact but to prove the board’s commitment to the fans and that world class players can come to a team like us.

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  12. Wilshere

    No ambitious player ll cm 2 us nw..even holtby ditch us 4 totshxt….we suck

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  13. Nick

    Mourinho is gone this summer and Casillas will retire a Madrid player. I’m actually still surprised Raul left. Mourinho has lost that team. When he goes, Ronaldo will go with him.

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  14. tanvir nabil

    messi, casillas, mapou, m’villa, diame, david villa, vargas etc. etc. etc. looks like we r signing a whole new squad..

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  15. PatLloyd

    the sad thing is 10years ago being linked with a player of Casillas’ ability would not have been a ‘joke’ but a realistic signing

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  16. synsix

    Ya Messi and Ronaldo on both wings RvP in the middle and Casillas at goal/n why not keep Cavani and Falcao on bench

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  17. gunnerzgooner

    GK is not our weakness points it the Defence and DM positions that are worrying us so much. If only we have what Citeh had Yaya Toure or Vinvent Kompany. Actually Wenger should look at this kind of player to keep our defence from leaking goals. Windows has opened surely our scouts can find at least one good enough player to main this problem from our domestic or abroad league. Pls Wenger go and buy dont be so stingy.

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  18. Tiko

    Probs jose is selling all his players to arsenal for cheap is gonner be the new gaffer ???causse he

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  19. Me-Basil

    If everything we heard over the past year was true then this is how our squad would look:

    Coach: Pep

    Club Owner: Osmaov

    First Squad:
    Sagna – Vermaline – Kos – Gibbs
    Wilshere – MVilla – Gazola
    David Villa, Falco, Podolski



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  20. PetePaff

    Guys guys guys…what I’m starting to think is that every transfer rumour linking a star player to Arsenal is a joke, even Zaha is too much of a star for us.

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  21. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Arsene Wenger suffers from a crisis of inability to make transfer market decisions. And yet they have the whole year to plan. What a shame!

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  22. In Arsene I Trust

    Good! Apparently Christiano Ronaldo is “unhappy” at Real too. So, let’s buy both of them :D LOL

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