Rosicky wants Arsenal Fans to make Emirates `Great Place` again!

It is great to see Tomas Rosicky back in an Arsenal shirt again, and the Czech international is delighted to be able to help the Gunners out of their current situation, but he also believes it would be a lot easier for the Arsenal players if the crowd could hold back from venting their frustration, although he does understand how they are feeling.

On Sturday, West Brom visit the Emirates for the first of three home games between now and January. The home crowd could have a significant effect during those games, and it needs to be a positive one. The players need to do their bit as well. After the boos that greeted Wenger and his players at the end of the Swansea match, there will be some apprehension. However, if the fans get behind Arsenal, then we will give ourselves a better chance of a good result.

Rosicky knows that we are all suffering a bit at the minute, but he also knows how good it can be when the team plays well and the fans are roaring them on. The 32-year old is a little concerned about the effect that the crowd could have on some of the younger players as well.

“I can understand the frustrations. I am an Arsenal fan as well when I’m not playing.

“It is understandable, but we have some young guys and this is not helping. We have to all stick together, which is what we did last season after everyone was writing us off.

“The performances we produced against Tottenham and AC Milan, you could feel the great atmosphere at the Emirates. Without a doubt that was the best atmosphere I have ever played in.

“We have to win the people again, that is the challenge. It will be difficult but we will be capable of doing it again. If we are all on board, Arsenal is a great place to play football.”

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73 thoughts on “Rosicky wants Arsenal Fans to make Emirates `Great Place` again!

  1. Paddywhack

    I think he is right. We have got to get the atmosphere going again. Young players will be affected by a bad crowd atmosphere although it is understandable that the crowd is sick of losing.

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  2. 14

    “I can understand the frustrations. I am an Arsenal fan as well when I’m not playing.”
    enough said

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  3. RWRW

    While your at it Thomas, try and get the team motivated them. I havent seen a player scream at another player in the last 10 years!!

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    i have 2 say most of the games i been to this season the fans were always generally giving support to the side ,but when they mess up a lead or just dont turn up to play we as the crowd have payed a lot of money & feel our voices have a right to be heard
    that said good luck for saturday as i will be there as usual in the clock end shouting & doing my bit ,please arsenal do your bit & take us back to CL positioning ,& who knows maybe even silverware

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  5. palmer17

    Rosicky looked hungry last night lets hope more players play like him and we might geta result

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  6. Reddb10

    well its not easy when we just get to see the ball passed sideways and backwards but you have a point Mozart.

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  7. IJM

    You know who we should buy!¡!!!!?
    We should go get:
    RVP- he’s a great striker for man u. Think he would fit in well
    nasri- Man city has tones of great players. He wont be missed
    Song- he’s a great player at barca but not getting a lot of time. Perfect!
    Fabragas- think we would really like him!
    Clichy- would help our LB situation!!

    So there you go!!! The perfect players to bring in in January. By adding these players to our current squad, we’d challenge for everything!!!!

    ……oh wait a second???

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  8. Laurentkboi

    Rosicky will make cazorla and arsenal better as a team, I bet you if any one of us fans had great football qualities and played for this wonderful club we could easily be the fuel to the fire for we love the club, there’s only a few I see that have these traits right now.

    Jack wilshere, wojech Szczesny and tomas rosicky, RVP was more than a scorer he was a born leader something I though tv5 was but I was wrong and one of these three need the armband.

    All we need is a creative duo, santi and rosicky, a physical midfield presence like Diaby but a less Injury prone player and off course a defence experienced co ordinater but above all we have to play as a team or we will loose as individuals such as now.

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  9. palmer17

    @IJM wouldnt want nasri or clichy back pair of overated c**ts

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  10. leo

    arsenal needs another viera or a tony adams kind of player they need a true leader in the middle someone with that ruthless agression mean streak our players just don’t have that in them

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  11. snakeoil

    Finally a message of motivation from a player who can actually contribute to making it happen.

    We are tired of hearing “advice” from the likes of Ramsey or some former players on how to make Arsenal rock again – they have no credibility on that issue.

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  12. That Gunner

    Didnt I just say this? IT DAMAGES MORALE,ESPECIALLY FROM YOUR HOME FANS!!! I sm frustrated as well and it HURTS,but judge them after the SEASON is OVER,BOOS CAN REALLY KNOCK A PLAYER OUT,EVEN WHEN IN FORM,THINGS WONT CLICK…Come on GUNNERS,we are ONE of the BEST in WORLD FOOTBALL,this is a period where the TEAM (INCLUDING US 12 MAN) needs to stick together,remember the PLAYERS have FEELINGS just like US,most of the first team got a break,lets cheer til our voices are gone,ARSENAL DOESNT GIVE UP INCLUDING THE 12 MAN!!! CYOG!!! #JAMAICAN

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  13. mohawk35

    @snakeoil: You are right, but it is tough to get motivated when Wenger starts Welshmen who give the ball away constantly and he sends in defenders for attackers near the end of games when Arsenal need a goal. These are basic coaching decisions that my son’s first-year U-10 coach would get right.

    Oh, I forgot, AW has 30 years experience and always gets it right. Even when he does something nonsensical, it must be the right decision because he made it.

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  14. Mr Lean

    @leo totally agree we miss a strong leader on the pitch as well as a strong dm

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  15. snakeoil

    There should never be any booing or jeering Arsenal players. That sort of thing only hurts players and should only be used when it is clearly directed at the truely responsible parties – Wenger/Board.

    We can show are displeasure through other means – blogs, protests directed at the board, merchandise boycotts, etc.

    For example, I direct my screaming (when Ramsey gives the ball away again) at the TV inside my home.

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  16. snakeoil

    @palmer17: After watching Nasri play for City and France since his departure it is clear to me that Arsenal made Nasri great – Nasri did not make Arsenal great. He has been in a downward spiral since departing.

    In fact, Arsenal finished 4th in Nasri’s (and Clichy’s)last season and finished 3rd the following season. And yet Nasri had the audacity to announce that Arsenal did not deserve his royal services.

    Nasri has become a well-paid trophy whore -riding along the coat-tails of others who earned a Championship.

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  17. leo

    the curse of wenger nasri left thinking the grass is greener on the other side now look what has happened he has ended up like the long list of players who left arsenal then look clueless like petit,adebayor,heleb heard mancini is planning to sell him or get him of the wage book to make way for de rossi & isco

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  18. leo

    chelski out of cl lol & messi injured against benefica in fact benefica could have won the game had their taken their chances well & with messi strchered off if we face barca in the next leg i think we might have a chance

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  19. robkrieger

    I prefer Wenger to stay, it’s easy for Adam Kemp to scream for him to be sacked, off course without naming any solution at all. Do you really want to end up with a rageball like Benitez, kick and rush with Sam Allardyce or even worse – that nitwit Erikson. No unless Wenger’s snapped up by Brazil, we’re better of, and I say that depite the rotten results and despite the fact that Ramsey has undeservedly played far to many hours – this and last season. (best option would be to lend him out to f***ing Wolverhamton, he might learn how to tackle and grows some balls) All in all I don’t see the problem is wenger, I’d only stop supporting arsenal when they spend a billion like City – makes me feel Sick, hail to the Amadeus Rosicky

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  20. Briano

    the problem with the crowd at the emirates is that they need the players to get them going by doing something on the pitch.the fans should be singing from start to finish.singing about every player on the team and the manager.its gives the players a buzz and confidence.yes their not playing well so on saturday sing about them from start to finish.sing about our great club.get behind them!!!!gunner 4 life!!!

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  21. gunner

    Rossicky, you know it is hard to stay behind the team, when they keep losing and they pass the ball sideward and backwards, player that can’t create a chance to a great player like Giroud. players that don’t have a fighting spirit, and the board that settles for top 4 and chairman that says droping out of top 4 is not a disaster, and board member that says arsenal is not all about winning, and a manager that says top4 is like winning a throphy.
    how the hell will the fans go back to the team?
    the only way to convince the fans is keeping walcott and sagna,as well as they will have to sign 3/4 players an sell or offload the flops.
    rossicky you must play vs westbrom at the middle and carzola by your left side and walcott on your right and giroud up front.

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  22. JustJoy

    We should actually STAND TALL behind our team. Win GAMES, NO BOOS.. I think the spirit is coming back. COYG.

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  23. bob77leo

    Mr Rosicky, the fans have been backing the team, season after season, after season and have had enough of the best players being sold etc…..You are a big man,so gow the hell up and tell the players to grow some back bone some balls, because the fans are not booing the players 100%, only 20% or so, it is the board and AW.

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  24. jimi

    No communication on the pitch, the captain can’t even approach the players (yes it’s Vermaelen).
    I see many flaws in the build up and many players are naive and too complacent

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  25. Dan

    ‘We have got to get the atmosphere going again.’

    What atmosphere?

    When have you ever seen the Emirates buzzing? Never, its too big, and theres nothing to get excited about these days.

    Back in the day when 60, 000 crammed in to Highbury and actually made th opposition fear of us, now that was an atmosphere, even when the football was shit.

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  26. jibber

    We should give our players full support, they’re not the ones to be blamed for a bad game. Because booing our players is like blaming hammer can’t drive a screw. It really is down to Wenger playing players out of position to fit his scheme.
    He is a man who lives in the past, believing that what he did before should lead him to success now. He also only considers things he like and kept it, regardless of success.
    Wenger really needs to stop being stubborn and look at what he did to arsenal the past years.

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  27. james

    Its easy to say “the fans need to get behind the team” I would tend to agree however the fans aren’t groaning over just a run of dismal, but a steady decline in the performance of the team over many years. Again we (the fans) wouldn’t have a problem with this if isn’t wasn’t a self-inclifcted decline. If we had no money and were punching above our weight for many years in the league and now were on the inevitable decline. The truth is that the board and sharesharders are lining their pockets with the metals of our trophies. my season ticket is £1300 which i believe is twice the price of any other season ticket in the league. £13 for a fish and chips is criminal. behind Man Utd we have the highest turnover in the league and 5th in europe and probably the only team that makes an annual profit. And not much is made from the royalty of Arsenal Fans. 60k sellout every week were and Its dam near impossible to get an away ticket bar Wigan and we pay a hefty premium. And with all that, the under-preforming team, the greedy board, the ridiculously overpriced season ticket prices I could just about take, but now it seems we are in the ere of “blaming the arsenal fans”, “ohh they expect to much”, “They are disrespecting wenger” etr etr. let me make this clear to you pundits. PUNDITS GET PAID WHEREAS SUPPORTERS JUST PAY!!! you have no right to take the morale high ground against us fans wether you’re a pundit, a chairman, a manager or a player. WE PAY YOU so how about you get on with what you are paid to do and leave your opinions to yourself.

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  28. bob77leo

    Aso, Mr. Rosicky, the fans saw this day comming(or the state the club is in comming for the past 7years…each year a percentage closer ) and was crying out for change before it happened, but their cries we pushed aside….but they backed the team, while holding out hope of change, now you are are asking the fans to back the team to what end?…so we back the team to help them make their way up the table and back in the top 4, a place the borad will be happy with. but will make no chnage

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  29. nchem_

    As for me, i’ll booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…….. until those w***ers realise what dey should be doing on the pitch

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  30. Terry Norman

    Those were the days mate! Highbury used to “rock” no matter what. Win, lose or draw, Wind, snow or rain we were always behind our team, can never ever remember an Arsenal team ever being booed of the field.

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  31. palmer17

    @snakeoil exactly hes just an average player overpaid so believes hes amazing hes actually a fraud im glad we sold him his attitude is a joke we miss fabregas more

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  32. Twig

    Wenger says Rosicky and Cazorla can play at the same time. Rosicky, Cazorla and Wilshere looks good … on paper.

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  33. Braven

    Mr. Rosicky please tell your team mate to play real football not just passing game. We fans are never want to booing our own side but everyone has their patience limit and it’s not easy to do that to a team with no passion of football and determination to win…

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  34. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Twig

    Cazorla, Wilshere and Rosicky look formidable

    add a 100% fit Abou Diaby and Ox

    and if they coordinate well…

    5 star Midfield

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  35. palmer17

    @leo i would love us to sign isco before man shitty but it will never happen…. and nasri he is a clown

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  36. Carlos

    Last 16 we can get either:
    I would only feel safe with Málaga..
    We bet Dortmund last year but they’ve gotten better…
    PSG are probably gonna spend another 50m in Jan…
    Juve destroyed

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  37. Carlos

    Last 16 we can get either:
    I would only feel safe with Málaga..
    We bet Dortmund last year but they’ve gotten better…
    PSG are probably gonna spend another 50m in Jan…
    Juve destroyed Chelski…
    Barca and Bayern… No comment! :O

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  38. Hafiz Rahman

    Bring them all on…Fear not…

    to be a champion Arsenal has to beat anyone and everyone..

    Play our best and win the rest

    lose with pride if Arsenal play their best…learn from the experience and get stronger….

    Smash them all…..

    and support the boys till the end…..

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  39. arsenal4eva

    Rest Cazorla and let Rosicky play in da next game…Cazorla exhausted…playing every game in a PL…

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  40. Gunner

    Seems like most of you feel as I do, the team need to give something to motivate the fans,and they need also need to ‘man up’,as the expression goes.

    The baggies are coming off of 2 Premier League losses so you just know they are going to be motivated to put things right! Watch it Arsenal?

    Also, they didn’t score last time out so they are simply playing too well not to put that right, look out again Arsenal?

    Arsenal have been shipping goals at home so all of these things point to a real banana skin here! Yikes

    Arsenal have a decent scoring rate at home so I cant say I would be surprised if they continue that. But they have also drawn 4 or 5 blanks already this season, and I am not sure any Arsenal player has more than 4 PL goals.

    Not alot of good news out of these stats? True they are only stats but till the level of aggression and passion is injected into this team for a full 90 plus. Stats like this may be meaningful

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  41. Nevidimka

    I feel this can be a quick fix to our lack of penetration/ball retention and creativity. Put Rosicky in Cazorla’s position as this is where he operated last season and we were banging in result after result together with wilshere and Arteta. Move Cazorla to the left wing. This spaniard can play everywhere as he is both footed, and I notice he likes to drift to the wings when attacking. HE has pace, knows how to dribble, like to take on his man, and is hard to take the ball away from, all the attributes we would like to see in a winger, and certianly much fitted to the role with Flar compared to Podolski. And Move Podolski to the front as a striker. he knows how to play with his back to the goal as he has shwon, and he banged in 18 goals playing in this position in a poorer team in germany. He is showing the kind of skill like Henry/RVP in this position as he is similarly capable of it. Walcot to assist form the right.


    With this formation we will immediately put the opponents into the back foot. The Creativity and ball retention skills or Cazorla/Walcott/wilshere/Rosicky/Arteta would push back the ball possesion back into our domain, and we would be holding up the ball higher up in the pitch making it able to defend fomr the front better. With Walcot on 1 wing and cazorla on another, it will be too much for any opponents as weill be exceptionally strong/fast/creative on both wings bring the outlet for goal fomr the wings more deadlier. Even if we lose the ball, winning it back and quickly spraying it into the foot of Posolski, could lead to better chances at goal, as this is how podolski loves it. give him space and the goal, and he will trash it in, he knows how to!.. Let Rosicky and Wilshere to pull the strings from the midfield. Rosicky will be able to quickly spray the passes forward or to both wings as he will have more outlets to provide the ammo. This I belive is our most strongest and most deadliest formation we can put out in this current team and I’m very sure of it.

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  42. Hafiz Rahman

    Strikers: Pod, Giroud , Walcott, Campbell

    AM: Cazorla, Rosicky, Eifeld

    CM: Wilshere, Arteta

    D/CM: Coquelin, Diaby, Frimpong

    RM: OX, Ryo

    LM: Gnabry, Gervinho, Arshavin

    CB: Kos, Verm, Per, Ignasi, Angtha

    LB: Gibbs, Meade, Bellerin

    RB: Sagna, Jenkinson

    Gk: Shez, Martinez, Shea

    Performance Management: Santos, Squid, Mannone, Fabianski, Chamak, Ramsay, Djorou,denilson etc…….they are going to leave anyway

    Almost all are Internationals and Rising young talents….but still lack of confidence, motivation, aggression and determination

    Still room for 1 or 2 more CM

    not to mention rising stars Olossen, Toral and Akromp coming up…


    lack of an experienced Sergent Major like Viera to shout and slap the players….

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  43. Pierrot

    Us fans will naturally get behind the team when we see the players show real desire and work hard to win, which has not been the case recently. Rosicky should get over his injury issues, stand up as a senior and rally the boys to victory starting this Saturday against WBA.

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  44. S.H

    Somebody’s got to have some cajones to take players one on one. As long as he takes over Ramsey’s role, I can at least breathe normally for 90mins.

    C’mon Little Mozart, play that funky music white boy!

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  45. Gunnerineverylife

    Whats the extent of Messi’s injury?If its a long term injury and Messi wont be available for last 16 then I would prefer getting them for last 16,I think Wenger has been quite obsessed with beating them since a long time,if we manage to beat them then it will serve as a morale booster…I guess I went too far

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  46. Hafiz Rahman

    yes Barca vs Arsenal would be epic….bring them on….its all about confidence…Kos will handle Messi…

    Barca main weakness is speed and height…they have problems handling speed and height…

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  47. Mr wenger AFC

    The first step to get atmosphere going is for Arsenal too drop there ticket prices.. Get the stadium fuLl again!! I hate seeing empty seats!! I think is time aswell for everyone to pull together.. Cause everyones against us.. The media the pundits.. And its been like that for a while.. Look at liverpool!! The great liverpool football club.. Came close to admin.. Struggle weeek in week out for years now.. But yet its us in the headlines…. We must be doing something right! Even in threw ruff patch… I think Wenger deserves our support through this time( even though he’s does my/our nut in) he has give us more good times then bad!in his 16-17years..hIs overall Blueprint for the future of Arsenal football is spot on.. Its jus the board are making basic errors at present!

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  48. John

    this is what i post all the time on this site if your at the emirates sing up and get behind the team. I bought a ticket for west brom right after the game last week as im going to be singing all game not giving a toss what people around me think. Join in if your a true gooner!

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  49. Hafiz Rahman

    Real Madrid vs RVP UTD

    PSG vs Milam

    Classic games

    Good for Marketing and commerical activities….

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  50. Mr wenger AFC

    We defo need to go in the market ready for the next phase of CL.. I for one don’t want to be drawing dortmund out the bag!

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  51. mohawk35

    So much for the “it takes time to recover from injury” excuse. Rosicky looked good first start after injury layoff. And he is 32 years old.

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  52. Ambrose

    Dear Fans,

    The words of TOM FOX, the chief Commercial officer are clear. By claiming that,winning trophies is not the most important thing the fans want is simply an insult to us.

    His comments simply make us more annoyed and we find it very difficult to support Rosicky. By supporting him we shall be indirectly supporting FOX.

    Lets stand together and we kick Greed out of Football.

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  53. Big Gun


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  54. Big Gun

    @Nevidimka, this is exactly what I was thinking watching the Olympiakas games. Cazorla on the left would be far more effective than Gerv or Podolski there. At least Cazorla can take players on and cross a decent ball! Wilshere and Rosicky in the middle. I would give Arteta a break and play le Coq DM behind Wilshere and Rosicky. Btw Frimpong was sold. Another great decision by Wenger and board! (insert looney tunes theme song here)

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  55. Mikey

    Who is the root of the problem here is it the fans or the management? The fans have been behind this team for the past seven years and this is how we get repaid for our loyalty, we have heard this all before.

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  56. Segun


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  57. lifeasagooner

    Arsenal fans want Rosicky to make the Emirates a great place again!

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  58. Ali

    Great to have you back Rosicky! Have nothing but love for you mate. Sure the players aren’t performing at their best but the crowd loves the boys. Its the management that we have a problem with. Having said that, you have a point and this weekend I hope the crowd gets behind the boys. We all need us to win against West Brom and turn this rut of bad performances around. COYG!! Arsenal for life!!

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  59. Ardi

    We need to buy big in January Suarez Fellini Zaha Reina if arsenal wants to win anything and sell Ramsey gervinho arshavin fabianski chamakh Sqolaqi etc

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  60. sunny10

    Wenger will Sell Sagna to chelsea may be. Right back is their problem..
    Can’t belive thay can not extend Sagna’s contract

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  61. Thebiggestgooner

    Arsenal fans want rosicky and co to make the emirates a great place again is more like it.

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  62. Nevidimka

    If Arsenal buys Huntelaar, he wont be eligible for CL. If we progress further in Cl, we would only have Giroud to rely on. Not what you wanted if u are pregressing well on the CL front. Now thats potential problem. We have to renew Sagna contract no matter what. jenkinson or any other RB are just not ready. they are not exprienced enough nor able to assist in attack nor defend as good as Sagna.

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  63. Richard

    Dont blame this on the fans, the blame lies directly with Wenger, Bald Eagle and the Lone Ranger and the other muppets on the Board, and anymore sales of the better players should not be tollerated with empty grounds showing how solid the fans are in demanding those who are and have asset stripped us being removed or given some direction by the main shareholder other than get the share price up!!!!!!!!!

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  64. Uche

    I am so glad rosicky is back. Did you guys see the first half of the Olympiacos game? It was awesome! Rosicky was the boss and instigated the attack time and time again. He never passed the ball backwards. He kept driving forward and made the whole team play that way too and that was how we kept Olympiacos on the back foot for the first half. I swear we would have won that game inspite of chamak being useless and wasteful, if only Tomas had played on. But I could tell wenger was so impressed by how good Tomas was that he decided to withdraw him for the westbrom game. This team has missed Rosicky badly, more than any other player.

    I just wish we could get Diame from westham to add steal, power and that forward surge from defense that has been lacking. This team can actually get into the top four again. We just need our key players fit and the right balance too. Ramsey upsets the balance of this team and sticking Podolski on the wings does not help either. Podolski will do better in a 4 4 2 formation or behind the main striker. He does not have the pace and trickery of a winger but he is a powerful finisher. I just know that when a goal scoring chance falls to him, he hardly misses. But he is not a winger and he has said so himself. It is the little things that mess this team up. Sell Santos, Loan out Ramsey, Keep walcot and Rosicky fit and you cannot believe how well this team will perform.

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  65. PetePaff

    Maybe they should start to play football there so it’ll give some motivation to the fans.

    No passion, no motivation on the pitch = No passion, no motivation in the stands.

    We’re not giving anything for free anymore, you can’t play like crap and expect us to be behind you.

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