Sagna – Fulham are a tough side but Arsenal must win at home

The Gunners right back Bacary Sagna knows that Arsenal have been going through a bad patch recently, but he reckons that they now need to bounce back at the Emirates if they are going to seriously challenge for any trophies this season.

“It’s going to be a massive game against Fulham,” Sagna said. “We need to impose ourselves in our stadium. We want to show we can race for the title and the best way to do it is first of all to home win games.

“It’s a home game – we want to show we are a good team. We want to bounce back from previous games. We drew on Tuesday and we lost at Man United. We want to show we have a good team. We want to show we can be strong and we’ll do it.

“Fulham have been doing well,” Sagna concluded. “A few years ago, they were not that good. They had a good team and they had good players, but position-wise in the table, they were not as high as today.”

Arsenal are currently in seventh place on 15 points along with Fulham and West Ham, and anything less than a win could see them drop even further. Now is the time for action Bacary!

“Today they have the same points as we have, and it’s going to be a tough opponent and a tough game to play. But we are playing in front of our fans in our stadium and we want to show we are better.

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15 thoughts on “Sagna – Fulham are a tough side but Arsenal must win at home

  1. LeProf knows more than you

    Agree with Bacs… At the very least we have to make The Emirates a place that teams do not want to come to.

    Frankly, we are not helped by our supporters who go completely mad if we concede or mis-place a pass! If we spent more time getting behind the boys rather than moaning, maybe we could be the 12th for the team…

    Then again maybe it is too much to ask for our ‘fans’ to be real supporters.

    Come on today Arsenal, a confidence boosting win is needed. Let’s go on a run a get back in shape.

    Up the Gunners

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  2. LeProf knows more than you

    @ xyz

    That’s exactly the kind of ‘fan’ I’m talking about. Please go and follow another team as we need proper supporters.

    Quick, the bandwagon is passing… Go jump on it…

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  3. Laurentkboi

    We need a run of wins, If we don’t win today, then it will never happen so we must win today and hopefully Tottenham will loose so wil Man U and Chelsea so we will be moving up

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  4. ablindman785

    2-2 with us both scoring in the last 20 mins. The stats don’t lie!
    Going on to TV5 is it just me or his he making really silly mistakes almost like he’s trying to mess up? kinda like he’s being told or paid to? (Que thumbs down) would love to see the betting stats for goals conceded when he’s messed up or got to far forward.

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  5. alby

    frankly i want us to start winning big to win over the fans.its not too late now,if we get our selections right and some crucial add ins like Jesus Navas,isco,llorente or lopez in jan.we can really win trophies this season.still very optimistic

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  6. ran

    Kosc and Verm better watch out for Berbatov. He is really old but a real wizard, still really dangerous and can bang in the goals. Berbatov is more passive, so put on pressure and muscle on him and that’s one threat solved.

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  7. TKC

    We have to stop letting our best players’ contracts wind down to its last year. It’s happened with Nasri, van Persie, Walcott, and soon Sagna. Why don’t we resign them when they have two years left? How are we going to show ambition and lure players to Arsenal if all of our best players leave? I don’t want the club to be like Liverpool, relying on history to get players to join. This is Arsenal, and our minimum standards have got to be challenging for the Premier League, the Champions League, and even the cups every single year. This may not be something we can achieve overnight, but we can start by resigning our players.

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  8. prince

    I`m not too optimistic. I`m not really expecting a great performance today.Maybe if we start Theo we can score early but then can we hold a lead and keep a clean sheet?

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  9. Ayokuu

    At the end of the match I want to have the gut to say ‘MY ARSENAL IS BACK!’

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