Santi says It’s Time for a Trophy Arsenal

The Spanish midfield maestro Santi Cazorla is unlikely to be in the Arsenal team that starts the Capital One Cup quarter final tonight against Bradford, but if we get to the semi-final stage, the 27-year old could feature in the push to end the seven year trophy drought that has got Arsenal fans desperate for some silverware.

“Arsenal are a great club with an illustrious history, but because of certain circumstances, they’ve gone a few years without winning anything.

“The objective now is to obtain a piece of silverware so that the fans can enjoy the sensation of winning again.”

Arsenal are still in all competitions, with the first FA cup match against Swansea in January and the next stage of the Champions league in February and March next year. Realistically, we are out of the title race, but a cup win would give the players a taste of success and we have a great chance at this stage in the competition.

Cazorla is one of the few Arsenal players with medals to his name but, apart from an Intertoto cup with Villareal in 2004, they have been with the Spanish national side. He would love to help Arsenal win something this year, and his impact on the team has made it more likely.

Cazorla, thankfully, slotted straight into the side when he arrived, because we had no Diaby, Wilshere or Rosicky then. He is now getting used to playing with the players returning from injury and Arsenal’s midfield is looking world class again.

Bradford vs. Arsenal will be on

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53 thoughts on “Santi says It’s Time for a Trophy Arsenal

  1. lbc

    hell yeah it is about time! with santi on top of his game and hopefully a legit striker coming in January, the Capital One Cup wont be the only trophey we hoist this year.

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  2. k

    We must respect Bradford, but not fear them.
    We have to work hard and also play how we want with freedom.

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  3. bashman

    no reason for arsenal not to win this cup if they really want it and wenger takes it more seriously by playing a stronger team.

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  4. k

    What’s to say Chelsea don’t lose to Leeds?
    Yes they will be very difficult but we have the players to match them on our day.

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  5. Terry norman

    Ironic really,

    “the objective now is to win a piece of silverware”

    Does that mean
    we’ve now given up on “qualification being a success and more worthy than a cup final win”?
    We’ve already lowered our targets for the year?

    We must respect Bradford but here’s my view.
    The’re a league 2 team.
    There’s not a single player in the Bradford team who would even make our reserves.

    When I spoke like this to my mate he said, it’s gonna be ‘up in the air football’ and very physical.
    It is, but my answer was this.
    Our players may not play that way now, but don’t tell me in all the years they were growing up and making it through the ranks they didn’t encounter football like this.

    To me tonight is just as much about the manager as the players on the pitch. Our guys need to be motivated from the off and play at a high tempo.
    If we lose, then Wenger should take as much blame as the players.
    If we win, then Wenger deserves just as much praise as the places.
    And I say that regardless of the team we put out tonight.

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  6. leo

    Nani pictured at Arsenal’s training ground over the weekend according to various reports. Reports in media that AFC in talks with MUFC a straight swap with theo walcott is also considered despite valued at 20m manure could sell him for less around 15m

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  7. leo

    Reports on Diaby not good still, I can assure you, he’s better regarded a new signing in January how many more chances he deseve he is good but rarely plays just release him from his contract heagraves was a great talent was out for 2 seasons & manure released him while diaby 6 years just get rid of him & get luis gustavo

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  8. mr lean

    the nani walcott swap deal could make sense as van rapist is a big fan of walcott,i’d rather keep walcott though

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  9. mr lean

    love to swap our dane superstar for Huntelaar,i’d even swap him for mmm fcuk all

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  10. k

    @Terry Norman
    I agree, we should win this game relatively easily, but then you think that all it takes is them to put 10 men behind the ball and if they get some luck they can take it to penalties. If it gets that far it’s anyone’s game so we have to make sure we kill the game off before then.

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  11. mr lean

    we should win tonight and with ease but we all know at the moment we don’t do things the easy way !

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  12. mr lean

    in jan we need to sell or release squid,great dane,santos,diaby and use the wages saved to keep walcott and sagna.hope we are active in jan with new signings and only time will tell.

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  13. No more excuses

    Yes santi – and we all know what those circumstances where …. And unfortunately they are still ther . Any1 expecting an “easy” game tonite just might get a shock . If those 11 players “want it” more than us then it’ll be more than tricky . It’s arsenal that have the pressure on tonite – and arsenal will need to show a bit of bottle .

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  14. leo

    @mr lean i still think the nani transfer is unlikely but still if not nani there are others as well like zaha,adrian lopez,llorente,huntelaar hope we can expect some quality signings hear that arsenal are bringning back henry to sort of make fans stop the anti-board protests

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  15. mr lean

    @leo cant wait to have the legend th14 back as think he will be more of an impact this year than last but we can’t let the greedy board use this to cover for the sale of theo and also not spending cash on world class players we need a cf,dm and lb in jan and early jan not the 31st

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  16. leo

    @mr lean i think arsenal’s likely targets
    gk reina/begovic
    df jetro willems,m’biwwa
    mf luis gustavo,diame
    fw henry,adrian lopez,zaha,huntelaar,llorente

    we are likely to sign diame,adrian lopez,zaha & llorente huntelaar is wenger’s prefered choice but schalke wants bendtner is a straight swap or 6m arsenal are willing for the first option but idiot bendtner is not willing to go doesn’t want to take a pay cut if we can’t get huntelaar maybe llorente or even ba

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  17. IronmanSA

    We don’t need a (pu)Nani, get theo to sign a new deal. Theo is younger and won’t need time to settle in with the team.

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  18. mr lean

    @leo be a great and refreshing change if the targets turn into signings (please santa !)

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  19. GP

    This was the best possible draw for us and yet we are still cautious.Me included.That’s how far things have declined… Bradford? Not Barca

    We will win..Loosing is’nt worth thinking about.

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  20. villa123

    arsenal’s starting line up-
    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Coquelin, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski, Gervinho.

    SUBS : Mannone, Jenkinson, Squillaci, Rosicky, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chamakh.

    wenger seems to be serious dis time

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  21. Hass

    What is Wenger doing? no Eisfeld or Arsahvin. He is playing with the first team almost, what a joke.

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  22. Hass


    Seems to be desperate more like, what happens if one of the main players get injured?

    Why are players like Eisfeld and Arsahvin not even in the bench? Talk about a big squad.

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  23. mr lean

    shame no eisfeld was looking forward to watching him,never mind another time soon i hope he sounds a great prospect

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  24. Hass

    Arshavin 1 goal and 5 assists in league cup wouldn’t it make sense to play with him against Bradford?

    Wenger already getting ready to make an excuse further down the line, players were ‘jaded’. He couldn’t have rested at least a third of tonights lineup if not half.

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  25. villa123

    its not wenger.. WE fans are more despErate. well i don’t think any of our players will get injured. and we have six days gap for next game against reading. so for me wenger did the right thing by not taking chance. i too wanted to see eisfeld playing.

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  26. Hass

    Gervinho upfront? Its just saying, Walcott sign the contract if not I don’t care I’ll just play Gervinho upfront ahead of you, though I note he is injured now.

    Tell me Gervinho or Chamakh, upfront who is better? We saw it last week against Olympiacos, Gervinho wasted possesion when attacking. If your playing with the first team, its the perfect time to let Chamakh play with the first team.

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  27. villa123

    arshavin’s career is over at emirates. he will be sold dis jan or next summer. he was such a great talent.

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  28. Invincibles nice (1)

    Yes please Santi, deliver us a cup.

    I dont prescribe to the hole notion of they are devisions below us so should be comfortable win, this is one of the reasons for past failures in that we dont go out respecting every team we meet but instead show up expecting a win so with that we never reach full steam.

    Bradford look like theyl be a championship team next season and have the feeling of winning games behind them, furthermore will play under no pressure on themselves with also home advantage to boot, so again i believe we need to take them serious playing to the best of our powers and only then will we do fine.

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  29. kas

    szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Wilshere, Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski, GervinhLittle too much repect for our opponents i think!

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  30. Invincibles nice (1)

    I see that Cazorla,Wilshere are starting, id prefer if he used these two as super subs as they need every chance for rest, especially Cazorla who looked sharp in our last game but looked knackered in previous weeks, and with the hectic christmas fixtures just around the corner could be risky.

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