Schalke star Holtby could be at Arsenal in January!

Arsenal are believed to be the favourites to be the next club of Lewis Holtby. The midfielder, who plays for the German Bundesliga side Schalke, has decided not to sign a new contract and could leave on a free transfer in the summer. Liverpool are also very keen on the 22-year old, but his English father is an Everton fan, and Holtby has said that he would be reluctant to join their rivals.

Schalke have manages to persuade Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to remain at the club, but they have resigned themselves to losing Holtby, according to Sportsmail. The German club must now decide whether to cash in during the January transfer window or lose him for nothing at the end of the season. Because they are still in the champions league, they will probably decide to keep him until the summer. The extra money they could earn with a run in that, plus qualifying for the competition next year could be worth easily more than his fee.

Unless he is available for very little in January, perhaps due to financial pressures on Schalke, Wenger will probably be happy to wait until summer. Holtby would not be available to play in Europe for Arsenal, and the midfield of the Gunners is pretty strong already apart from a strong defensive player, so he will probably not be heading to the Emirates until the end of the season.

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44 thoughts on “Schalke star Holtby could be at Arsenal in January!

  1. Craig Taylor

    Hes more of an attacking midfielder. TBH I dont want him. I want a strong DM. Thats what we need, and we already have a lot of mideifielders.

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  2. Me-Basil

    Is this an assumption or fact?
    You write as if it’s already been decided.

    Bottom line, we should only buy players that are better than out current best players, aka Wilshere, Podolski, Gazola..

    The player has to add a different class to our team, otherwise why spend money when we got Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh

    I honestly, believe that we need to buy a player that is better than our current best. this guys isnt!

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  3. dboy

    He would be a good addition, but I think we should look at strengthening our weak areas. Sign a DM a striker and a left back just in case Gibbs get injured again.

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  4. h-gonner

    If I was wenger this is what i will do…
    1. Buy holtby
    2. Put ramsay as a ball boy
    3. Send FOREHEAD to get his hair cut
    4. Brake into kroenkes house and steel all his money and see if he likes it as hes been doing to all of us lately


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  5. Dan

    Cazorla, Wilshire, Rosicky, Arteta, Ramsey(unfotunately).

    Supposedly Rennes are trying to flog M’vila to us for about £10 mil less than what they were charging in the summer.

    A big monster with attitude problems like him is just what we need.

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  6. leo

    i would prefer kevin strootman over m’vila he is available for 8m much better than m’vila + llorente/villa/negrdo & maybe zaha

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  7. Stiffer

    I will just wait till the window open and see what we get will do, until then all of this is just romours

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  8. dboy

    What’s the low down on Turan. Can he be good replacement for Rosicky or Diaby?

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  9. mani_gooner

    tweet from ‏@ArsenalGhana
    New: Arsenal have sent an official bid to sign Crystal palace Winifred Zaha in the Winter Transfer Window though he is not a major target

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  10. Joe

    Let denilson leave and bring in Holtby(in the summer), time for Wenger to cut his loses. Replace Arshavin with Turan (January) and buy another striker as it is inevitable that Chamakh is leaving ; Lopez is my personal choice or Negrado (January). For cdm, Wanyama or Capoue. We need to stop making silly mistakes.
    More importantly, Arsenal have the worst record in the league for player errors that lead to goals. This problem can be sorted in the training ground. Wenger needs to let Bould have a larger say and a more pivotal role in training.

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  11. sKeeza

    Holtby isn’t happening ESP when the likes of eisfield and gnarby are waiting on the wings!
    Sorry but this post isn’t even logical let alone factual!

    I’d be more concerned in the likely hood having everyone back in jan and wenger pronouncing our squad is now good enough to challenge for the title and come feb the 1st diaby, rosicky, Gibbs, etc are back on the sidelines once again.

    We need quality in depth

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  12. dboy

    @gunner4life. Thanx. So he should be perfect for Wengers profile of moving players around. Will definitely give us some options.

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  13. gunner jack

    you said: Schalke star Holtby could be at Arsenal in January!
    and in the end: …so he will probably not be heading to the Emirates until the end of the season.
    you are a plonker, let me tell you
    he won t came in january for sure
    we need strikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!

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  14. George

    We do not need a striker as one of our main priorities… We just need a good CDM and a good winger who can supply. These are more important than a striker, unless Chamakh leaves…

    So stop calling for a striker in every post you do. I would have a striker at the near bottom of my list, just above the CB’s, as we need a CDM, winger more.

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  15. landi

    turan, RYO,
    trust me guys we wont get a dcm, becuase wenger belives on coquelin,frimong, aneke.

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  16. vinie2000

    M’villa..M’villa as DM no more excuses..10 millions and Turan + LLorente ) missing links filled ) Bring on Ma shity..Chelskiii and Pools…we are ready to fire…if none then we’ll be watching channel 5 on thursday next year…

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  17. LoCkAy

    I have been reading comments after comments and I have realised, sadly and shockingly, that for certain fans Arsene Wenger CANNOT DO NO WRONG !!!


    Anyway back to the transfer thing, I am sceptical but optimistic at the same time because Wenger MUST HAVE REALISED THAT THIS SQUAD CANNOT REACH THE ” HOLY TOP FOUR SPOT” ( the only “thing” we are good for )…

    He needs to add sensibly and creatively ( well I don’t think he is creative, but an individual can have hopes )… HE CANNOT COME UP WITH THE SAME BULLOCKS SPEECH ABOUT HOW STRONG HIS SQUAD IS… THAT’S NOT EVEN A BROKEN RECORD, THAT’S JUST A DELUDED STATEMENT.

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  18. owens

    If chamack should be in westham shirts,wenger should replace him with diame(on arsenal shirt),get llorente/lopez or demba ba..i dont think we need a replacement for theo cuz chambo is there and doing very well..we should be more concern of were we lack depth(which is CF,DM)..and stop wishing our players injuries.!!

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  19. Rasta

    Extremely overrated. i have to say he is a times lazy and often indecisive in his passing. Thats why Germany stopped playing and opted for the much more reliable Bender with Gotze and Reus also drafted in after holtby (who i shud add was good at mainz tho)wasn’t performing.

    Take from that what you will

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  20. Greg

    Holtby is a very good player but I prefer mvilla he is a more solid tackling defensive midfielder!

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  21. hab_gunner

    Arsenal is always link with all kind of players for this Jan transfer window. But knowing Mr Wenger and this board.We will get Diaby and Rosiski coming back for a few games and go back on treatment table.And probably Wenger will sign Exceptional king HENRY.This Arsenal team will be unbeatable.IN WENGER I TRUST.

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  22. Mr Green

    This guy is amazing, passing ability is off da ricter, just need players to be able to read n control da sickess high pace accurate passes, efficiency par exellance, cazorla, jack, holtby, diabus ( injury 3 ) prevailing, n am satisfied…within wengers budget, just get it done! one last thing…Gervinho, sell, trade, pay part of his wages whilst away on lone, GET RID OF HIM PLS ASAP.

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  23. Moses

    I don’t think he fills a pressing need, so unless if it a case of buy him now or miss your chance all together then I’d think we have more pressing needs in January.

    I still think M’Villa could be a good addition to this team. Sure he comes with baggage, but that baggage is in a way working to our advantage because it is reducing his transfer value. For what could be 5 mil or so, you’d be hard pushed to find a more talented player, so I would take a risk if it was up to me.

    I’d love a left back in the window, I do like Gibbs but durability is a concern, so at least a backup quality left back, because Santos shouldn’t play for us again, he’d struggle to defend his Nan.

    Bottom line: We do need to spend some money on re-enforcements to ensure a 4th place finish, because if they don’t spend a little bit of money in January, they’ll lose a LOT of money when we don’t make the champions league.

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    you lot can talk all you want about what players u want at the end of the day ur comments wont mean nuffin. let arsene do his job BELIEVE

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  25. Kobi

    I would love M’Vila and Ba/Villa in January. That would be a good start.
    Holtby is good but I just cant see him fitting in at his position. Plus if we get rid of Arshavin we will go for Zaha as well.

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  26. GUNNER003

    If the defensive errors can be sorted out in training then why are people crying for a cdm…..we have conceded five more than stoke who boast the best defense in the league and coquelin is good enough anyways,better than mvilla and capoue combined….all we need is a finisher….

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  27. Top Gunner

    Buy: Pato, Nani, Biglia, Holtby, and Turan

    Forget: Villa (31) Klass (29) Reina (31)

    Sell: Diaby, Chamakh, Santos, Squillaci, Arshavin, Bendtner

    Keep: Walcott

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  29. The Wise One

    To all those people saying he’s not good enough-did you watch both legs against Schalke when they coompletely outplayed us, because of him! Jheez some people on this site know anything at all about football

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