Sevilla striker would love to join Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has been hugely impressed with the way his two Spanish players have settled in at Arsenal. Both Mikel Arteta and Santi Cazorla have done very well since coming to the Emirates, and Wenger has spoken about the fantastic technical ability that Spanish players have drilled into them from a young age. Wenger also spoke recently about what a bargain Swansea found in Michu, and he knows that many Spanish clubs are struggling financially so may be open to selling some of their stars.

Sevilla have publicly declared that they have no intention of selling their best players, but Spanish football insiders believe that they are not really in a position to turn down decent offers. Arsenal could do with contacting the club as soon as possible, because their Spanish international striker Alvaro Negredo has expressed his wish to play in the Premier league, and he would make a fantastic addition to the Gunners.

The 27-year old has spoken to international team mates who play in England, who have told him that life for a footballer is better here. In Spain, there is constant media and public scrutiny and it does take it’s toll on players. Negredo is a strong forward player and his talents would fit in well in the Premier league. His scoring record for club and country is impressive, at around a goal every other game.

Negredo would cost a little more than Adrian Lopez, but carries more of a goal threat. If Arsenal do not try to sign him, I am sure another English team will. Having won Euro 2012 with Spain, Negredo would be looking to join a big club and I think Arsenal would be perfect for him.

“There comes a time when a cycle comes to an end and I don’t know if it will be sooner or later, but I think the English league is great and I think my style of football would be well suited to it.”

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83 thoughts on “Sevilla striker would love to join Arsenal

  1. Snoop Lion

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  2. Jayjay

    I’d rather negredo. Than Lopez any day , and he iss a really good player

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  3. mighty

    Well now let’s just wait for the first signing,but wo are we going to signe I wonder?

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  4. suuny.

    No way Wenger will sign any one.
    He is looking for a max 10 millon quality striker, which is vaialable in Marc.
    Players are choosing Spurs over Arsenal. This is shameful.
    Wenger needs to go.

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  5. Jaymo

    Negrado or Lopez or Mainz kid any would be good

    A DM please for god sake what’s taking so long????

    Just make a move wenger please!!!

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  6. Arsene Wenger

    I repeat i know that i know nothing. We are only in the market for exceptional quality you know. Negredo is a player i like but it will be hard for me to learn how to pronounce his name.

    I can confirm we are close to keeping walcott at the emirates and he is like a new signing you know. I feel like the squad is getting stronger every single day and a win this sunday can turn things around.

    Kinds regards

    Your beloved arsene

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  7. TEDY

    I think he(Negredo) is better than Adrian Lopez. Wenger please get him soon. The time is going. 9 days already dead. Unless Arsene build the team now, Champions league place will be in doubt. 6th – 9th will be arsenal’s place.
    Arsenal should also buy DM like M’Villa

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  8. light

    So what was this whole bolony about Liga being the best league (REAL FIFA AND UEFALONA) when the Spanish players them self are saying the EPL is better?

    pique was out half a season and was in ToTY

    RVP carried arsenal to 3rd (as much as i hated him leaving, thanks board) he deserved some credit

    so how can liga be better if their own players are leaving and also spains in debt and they call EPL big spenders

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  9. BalancedView

    So, where in that quote says he will love to play for Arsenal?

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  10. PopPete

    Any of you idiots think Wenger reads this rubbish? Get a life.

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  11. LoyalGOONER

    He is the same exact type of striker as Giroud! We have no need for him and IMO, Giroud is better.

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  12. Mathres17

    It would be good if we bought the Bender Brothers (Sven e Lars, from Dortmund and Leverkusen)

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  13. true goon

    maybe the reason Wenger doesn’t want to spend now is because he’s leaving at the end of the season, and he wants the next manager to have a big transfer kitty.What do you reckon?

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  14. leo

    Brazilian wonderkid Andre Santos scores for Arsenal’s U21s
    our new signing diaby is on now
    alvaro negredo would be much better than adrian lopez hope we can sign him valued at around 18-20m
    so chelski has signed fellaini for 22m good for them

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  15. leo

    Maarten Stekelenburg free to leave AS Roma for around €4-5m. Fulham interested. That’s a bargain arsenal get him & sell fabianski

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  16. Shawnzn

    Not forgetting , English team won the CL.. Drogba deserved sum recognition..

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  17. Jordan

    Dont worry he will sign one player on the last day of the transfer date and say that the market is really tough and there arent any quality players available…. this leaves us with buying a 15 year old boy who will “become a star one day”

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  18. duncan parker

    “IF” this happens it’ll b gud bcos Negredo is truly a better striker than Lopez, but i dnt think it’ll happen, he’s mo xpensive.
    I dnt know if its only me, bt ive gt dis feelin Wenger wants 2 hold out 4 wot happens against City, and wot it’ll b like wen Diaby is bak b4 doin anytin.
    If im rite, al i gotta say is dnt hold ur bret pple, dis transfer window may js end hw d last 1 did wen we were xpctin replacements for RVP and Song and all we gt were “UNFULFILLED PROMISES”.

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  19. sollygunner

    so he said he would like to play in england ,,, where did servilla stricker would love to join arsenal from ??????????

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  20. goonner


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  21. Ibrahim

    Arsen wengr should pls try and secure d service of d spanish forward an experience striker, so as 2 end arsenal trophy drought.

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  22. Greg

    Would love to have negrado at arsenal! But wenger won’t consider this signing!

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  23. peter

    wenger wont buy….his just tryin to fill his pocket ….shamefull for wenger his time is up at arsenal…he should go…

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  24. leo

    Arsenal have been too classy in their pursuit of Villa. Why not have Song put an Arsenal shirt on him, and AFC players talk about him 24/7 how Barcelona went around their pursuit of Fabregas should have seen action by UEFA

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  25. Rob

    Switch Mannone for Stekelenburg
    Squillaci for Mbiwa

    Get M’Villa, Isco, Cissokho and Jovetic

    All deadwood out!

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  26. Pan

    wenger supporters are like teenagers who are scared of losing their first girl friend incase they cant get another one know what i mean

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  27. alby

    i guess we really dont have much say as fans in our transfer deals but good to know we are targeting spanish talents.still really want to see a player like Jesus Navas pairing with santi at arsenal

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  28. royalman

    Am tired of arsenal link link link to, I want arsenal signed signed! Wenger pls sign.

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  29. max power

    Mr Wenger has continually diappointer the Arsenal Fans for the last seven years with his no spend policy.The team are not good enough he knows this sure the dogs in the street are barking about it. Yet he has the cheek to up the price for the Man City game. Mr Wenger and the Board are taken the Fans for mug’s.These Jokers Must Go Now.
    Ps I for one will not be going to the city match , then again Man City
    might be worth seeing our shower are muck,

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  30. Gigi

    @ suuny, yeah man, it is indeed a shame that players choose Spurs over Arsenal.
    Although they have to be kind of stupid really.
    All stats, so far, are on our side.
    And what Holtby said…gimme a break, I can be very critic of AW, but Villas Boas an “insanely good” manager???
    Hello? Chelsea getting 5ht was his faulta, Di Matteo saved the season for them!

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  31. johnverdal

    arsenal’s new signings should be:
    1.gk steklenburg available at 5 million. he has plenty of experience and can challenge szezcsny for 1 spot.

    2. cdm victor waynama is the best young defensive midfilder in europe at the moment. he is big strong physical, aggresive in the air and very good passer and strong tackler.

    3. striker david villa is the one of the best striker in the world. he had a terrible injury last season and is 31 but he has made a good recovery this season and scored 8 goals but hasnt been played regulary for past few months.

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  32. fc arsenal the best


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  33. shadow

    Every day we are linked with someone, but at the end of the day we don’t have signed nobody, but the list of available players getting shorter, because they are signing with other clubs. What are we waiting for? We now have important games against city, Swansea, chealski… If we lose these games because our players a tired, because we have no depth, it’s unnecessary to buy new average players on 31. Januar.

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  34. Nick

    I’ve been championing Negredo for years since Real Madrid let him go. He’s a fantastic finisher, strong as an ox and a real workhorse. He’s got all of Tevez good traits and none of the bad. The only strikers in La Liga that I’d have over him are Falcao & Higuain.

    I’d absolutely love it if we bought him!

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  35. kokone

    Wenger need to go!!!! His tactical, transfer policy, player exchange during games are questionable and OUTDATED. He is over pampered by Arsenal board that makes him assume ARSENAL is owned and found by his grandfather.

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  36. Akinkunmi

    I think wenger is just trying to decieve us,he wont buy anyone.he went for demba ba,he dropped him,he went for zaha and m’villa,he also snubbed them later.i think wenger should go away.

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  37. Onos

    That man Arsene wenger is a fool doesn’t know wat he is doing,i don’t think he feel the pains we the fans feels.He is just there lukin 4 a cheaper players 2 buy,dere is m’vila,david villa avaliable 2 buy,who can help boost d team nd a gud Goal keeper dat is matured lik cech,then we go 4 a strong LB nd a bck up 4 sagna.Wenger is just fooling around scouting players.

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  38. Uche

    This article is deceptive and unnecessary. Did you really have to do that? Where is the quote from Negredo that says he will like to join arsenal? I like this blog and it already gets a lot of hits and comments without being dubious. Only report what you hear. This is transfer season and you don’t have to stir up sh!t with false information. We will still come on the site daily to check what’s new. End the deception.

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  39. Adam

    basically you’ve watched Revista del la liga aha he never mentions arsenal if you really wanna read into it he mentions that he spoke to mata and torres, both chelsea players. can’t see wenger spending what is required, 20 mill was his valuation

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  40. ZgoonerZ

    people need to be patient, dont forget were just at the beginning of the transfer window – im being very optimistic by the way

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  41. gooner_4ever

    wenger said he would sign only world class players..holtby already to spuds..strootman on his way to manure…i think he is waiting for arshavin to be sold and replace him with couple of craps in closing mins…

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  42. ahmad

    negredo tecnically is a good player,but the best thing in his player is his amazing finishing abilities ,in case of goal scoring situation you can be sure 100% it will be a goal wen it is wuth negredo,,,,even his physical build is more suited to the premier …..and as a striker hes far more better than adrian.
    but wenger will buy adrian coz he can play on the wings as well keeping the striking role empty for giroud and walcott

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  43. Proud to be a gooner

    so tomorrow, spurs will be linked with this player …….and in the summer he will sign for them ….what a shame for us ….mata, holtby,hazard,etc….next players are zaha and negredo …..i think spurs are paying kroenke and co to do scouting and identify the players for them …

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  44. Nicolas

    Am sure Wenger is Looking to Bring In another French Man from d French League!! He’s Just using Arsenal to breed Players for the French National Team. lets all wait I think he will sign someone from the lower division of the French League, someone nobody knows… Wenger is a Freak a Comedian and he should go..

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  45. dude

    This skinflint miser wenger will DRAG AND i MEAN DRAG walcot resigning announcement till just before window closes and boasts to the world that walcot and sicknote diaby are like new signings. what a tw*t !!!

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  46. gunnerst

    With wenger around, the club is no more attractive; the fact that players prefer Spuds is evidence despite Arsenal’s long history and tradition. Not just that, top players chose to leave.. What the heck, even walcott’s case shows how stupidly the manager handled the case.

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  47. happy gunner

    i think Negredo does not stating exactly,wants to join Arsenal.but said he would love to premier league.
    I think the admin got it wrong.looool

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  48. mighty

    Remember wenger said ba is a similar player to giroud and didn’t signe him so wait and c.

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  49. jameskennedy

    Look I’m sick of all you “arsenal fans” spending all ur time blaming Wenger for all our problems. Wenger knows best and when he does eventually go he will be remembered as our best ever manager. When I look at our first team I think it can beat anyone as long as their confidence is high. We already have 90% of the media slagging us off so if you hate what’s goin on at our club so much then burger off and become a Chelsea fan. If we can get a world class player at the right price then that’s sweet but if not I’m happy with the team we got. I do think we play way too many crosses tho especially when wee theo is on his own. Back to playing ball along the floor I think.

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  50. abdulquadri

    mr wenger if want to buy players, buy them now stop taiking rubbish (baba ijebu) mr business man

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  51. Joe

    From looking around all the speculation it’s obvious to see that we are continuously rumoured to be linked with every player in the world, including their children. But what makes me laugh more than anything is when people comment saying Arsene Wenger isn’t spending money because he wants to pocket it and leave @ the end of the season… Where do you fans come from? Arsene Wenger is a has been whether you like it or not, but he is NOT going anywhere at the end of the season. Although it would be better news to me than a top class signing, his arrogance and delusional tactics are here to stay for the meanwhile. Blame the owners!! Lets bring in Frimpong the beast, M’vila, a replacement for Mertesacker, a replacement for Ramsey and a top class forward. No matter how shit Wenger has become, even he can’t fail with that!

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  52. Gooner Cape Town

    Fellaini to Chelski so now it”s a complete f*ck up as only 3 horse race for every title………………….. Po*es

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  53. Memphis

    Well to me i guess Arsenal Board and Fans and the one Killing this Team,We all know that Board is Behind Wenger Action and Yet We fans Keep Complaining Day in Day out but Field is always Over full with the same fans during Game match then how do u want both Wenger and board to take u serious…Let’s all fans come together and Boycott one important match allow Board and Wenger to Watch it all alone i belt it they will Take we fans serious but as long you keep complaining and yet be at the field to watch them during a game things will never change….that is my Word.

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  54. Paday

    arsenal are still looking for prayers while other clubs who are like trophies thy have already have new prayers in there clubs

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  55. captinweestain

    Jesus what’s with all the negativity ? we are labelled the worst fans ever !!! No wonder everyone leaves, does’t want to join. I am Arsenal till i die.

    P.s this site kinda sucks now, it used to be filled with hope and dreams and love for the club, now it’s bullshit rumors and moans and groans.
    Chin up lads!!!

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  56. goonerT38

    Why buy villa at 31 playing and scoring in the la-liga is like shooting fish in a barrel just like the SPL its a shit league just because players are proven outside the EPL doesn’t mean they will be ready for it wake up you MUGGS no one had herd of most of the invincible’s. what the club needs is the best man to have ever been forced out of our beloved club is your man David and red and white holdings

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  57. Ayoade Ayomide

    Guess wat…. I don’t tink every1 Is seeing issues d way I hav been seeing them. It was Wenger dat first went 4 Ba,bt he lost out bcos he cudnt pay bt told us he has Giroud. Dsame ting happened 2 Holtby and dis same M’Villa told wenger earlier dis season dat comin to Arsenal is a rumor,which means he doesn’t like Arsenal. Wenger wud hav loved to buy David Villa bt dat wud b in d summer as his club said and ofcus Barca president doesn’t want him 2 leave as well,so don’t eva feel he’s going to buy anyone. Why wud Wenger b bidding 4 Zaha,is dat who we need now,no but its bcos he doesn’t want to spend and ofcus Crystal Palace kip saying they can’t let the kid leave…. 4 Christ good sake,can’t u see dat dis Man Wenger doesn’t have passion 4 his club anymore bt d fund from it. So Pathetic,am so Sad right now. He has lost it

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  58. LiamBrady

    Oh what a childish and cheap headline !
    Love EPL is not the same as love to Arsenal.
    Come on Bob, you surely can do better?

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  59. Charlie

    This headline is fairly misleading like most on this site. It doesn’t say he loves arsenal.

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  60. true goon


    Cristiano Ronaldo said that La Liga is the best league in the world because it has the best players

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  61. Invincibles nice (1)

    I were reading down the comments and were finally glad to see Balanced Gooner point out that nowhere does he mention the headline, there is no point trying to rope people in with a misleading quote as all the gooners on here seem to be loyal to the j Arsenal website as i regularly see all the usual suspects.

    If Wenger sees him as an Oli type of player i dont believe it will never happen. My opinion is, i dont think the player is anything special and dont believe the goalscoring floodgates will be burst open in any way shape or form. Whats the story with player links, are they just trying to link us with everyone going coz the winter window is a big damp squib so are looking to fill the paragraph space.

    It would be very poor judgement on our part to not raid le Spanish league before we miss the boat, with sooo many of the worlds most talented players currently camped within, it would be negligent in not poaching before the clubs start getting there houses in order. There are many top players who would most definitely take us in the right direction.

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  62. Usmanov!

    Striker – lewandowski or benzema
    Mid – Isco or Fellaini of wanayama
    Def – mbia or shaw
    GK – casillas!

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  63. Usmanov!

    Striker – lewandowski or benzema
    Mid – Isco or Fellaini of wanayama
    Def – mbia or shaw
    GK – casillas!

    Make me arsenal manager lol!

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  64. jjohn

    If walcott signs wenger wont sleep for yrs to come kn owing that he has spent all that money on him. So i don’t think we will sign anyone for a long long time.

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  65. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Mark id love to see us get him, havent seen anyone as cool as Michu when in on goal since the Bergkamp.

    Che are supposedly trying to replace Lampard with Fellaini, in my opinion Michu would be a better replacement for Lampard. At any top club Fellainis power will be more used towards defending. With eve he is a good attacking midfielder, mainly coz of the way eve play, allot of good old fashioned English kick and rush. Within a top club we/they try playing football first, he still would be a massive threat when going forward, but i still believe primarily he will be a stubborn no nonsense type of lad. Michu would more than replace Lampards goals. I would be very interested to know if he (Michu) has any sort of release clause, im sure it would be reasonably quite low considering he shot up out of nowhere.

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  66. light

    Ronaldo aint a Spanish international though the article says Spanish players prefer EPL

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  67. MM

    Lazy journalism, were did you get the idea that he wants to join Arsenal? Maradona might join Arsenal because he spoke highly of the Premier League. Pathetic.

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  68. waiyuen leong

    This is what Arsenal is hiding in the bush ready to snatch up Negrado and other Spanish players at a bargain price. Keep a low profile by buying good players otherwise other clubs may also join in to quickly snatch up the targeted players.

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  69. gooner_14

    In—a center back, left back, def mid,striker and a winger.

    my choices– ansaldi, luiz gustavo(bayern– def mid), loic remy, alan dzagoev, Ynaga-Mbiwa

    Out—-fabianski,santos,squilacci,gervinho,park,chamakh(not loan but sell)

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  70. Gray Starkie

    PopPete says in the comments “Any of you idiots think Arsene Wenger reads this rubbish, Get a life!”

    Strange comment that Pete, seeing as you took the time to tell us all to get a life when you obviously read mall this rubbish like the rest of us idiots and posted a comment (more rubbish?) for all us idiots to read! Perhaps you should listen to your own advice and get a life too!!!

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