Should Arsenal go for want-away Fellaini in January?

It seems that Belgian players have taken the Premiership by storm this season, and although Eden Hazard and Thomas Vermaelen have been extremely impressive in the first few games, neither were quite as imperious as Marouane Fellaini when Everton beat Man United in the first game of this campaign.

The Belgium international has been steadily improving in the four years he has been at Everton and he has been strongly linked with both Arsenal and Chelsea in the past, and now it seems that he inviting clubs to tempt him away from Goodison Park.

“I am just starting my fifth season at Everton,” Fellaini was quoted as saying in the Belgian press. “This will be one of my last. I have seen everything. In January or at the end of the season I will turn to another club or league.”

Arsene Wenger has made it clear that if a “top top player” becomes available then Arsenal will make a move, and he said just before the transfer window closed: “If we find a special player who can find us a plus we will do it, if not we will not do it.

“I’m relaxed about the window but you want always to improve your squad and if we find a top, top player we will do it.

“We are working very, very hard. We have resources available so if it’s not happening now it will happen in December.”

Could Fellaini fit the bill? Especially if Abou Diaby succumbs to his usual injury problems?

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31 thoughts on “Should Arsenal go for want-away Fellaini in January?

  1. gunshow

    That was made up by a Belgian paper. He came out and said he wants to stay where he is

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  2. Truegoon

    I think it depends entirely on our position in December. If were top 3 with a fit Diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey I simply cant see us buying Fellaini. However.. If were in bad shape in the league with our usual injury issues this one looks like a very popular move. In Arsene we trust!

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  3. LP

    fellaini would strengthen our already strong midfield beyond belief!! but the transfer seems highly unlikely but who cares we got diaby,wilshere,arteta,cazorla,rosicky!! THAT MY FRIENDS IS A WORLD CLASS MIDFIELD!!!

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  4. henrychan-indonesia

    Not for this season..
    And yet we still have Arshavin, Coquelin, Eisfeld and Gnabry.. Go Gunners..

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  5. Shah95

    We don’t need him. We have some of the best midfielders in the league alrdy !

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  6. Mike Dellar

    Players have a habit of changing their loyalty as much as the wind changes direction…Feillani will be an asset to any team he plays in!

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  7. Arsenal Diehard

    Fellaini is definately a plus, he’s available for the Champion League if we are through to the knock stages.
    Hopefully we are still in all 4 competition comes January and his addition, if we get him, it’s definately a plus.

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  8. KickuPtheArsene

    With our current midfield, we don’t need him. However, if that changed, and we sold one or two, then I’d take him. What we need is another solid, proven striker.

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  9. T'Bag

    no we dont need him we have got enough cover…hope wenger gives arshavin and chamack some playing time so that they prove their critics wrong like diaby….have a great day
    p.s gervinho please bring your form to arsenal

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  10. SeansterB

    Very very good player but i am not sure this is a position we need a player in….would rather see a striker come in too be honest

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  11. jhbgunner

    Definitely would be surplus with our midfeild as it stands. Younger guys should be given a chance first and with players returning from injury we are well stocked. But we will see come January.

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  12. always a gooner.

    He had sex with rooneys cuz so no no no manc relations in our Team.scummer.

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  13. lmyyyks

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  14. Big Gun

    As much as I like him, we don’t need him. I feel Frimpong and Coquelin should be given a chance.

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  15. ABK

    such a lame story….this guy has a good game the press and pundits are all over it, so now all of a sudden hes amazing…such a desperado story by a site that has to talk about arsenal 24/7

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  16. goonner for real from augrabies

    Good move for wenger. We can’t just rely on the squad we have. We comPete in 4 competitions this season. We need to rest some of our players. Fellaini will bring more depth in the side. Sign him wenger.

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  17. haxxxan

    please no more of these rumours and transfer gossips now. we have had enough.. support the current players we have in the squad. we will see who comes and who goes in january but not now.

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  18. Nicholas

    See how he plays now that the window is closed before making a decision on him. I get the feeling he was playing for a move away. He’s a top player, but not a consistent match winner, nor would he be first on the team sheet of our midfield Players.

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  19. Kobi

    Noooo I dont want him. What kinda attitude is that…coming out with a statement like this days after the transfer window shuts. I want players who shut up and play like our captain.
    Long live TV5, true Gooner.

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  20. Nir

    I hate such players. your club gives their all for you and the minute you become top class you want to move? arteta DID NOT do that! he was loyal and left on mutual consent because he couldnt offer more.Felliani can!!! dembele is another idiot! He would have been fulham’s key player if he ddint leave.

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  21. Ali

    Not another midfielder. On paper we have arguably the best midfield in the premiership once Wilshere and Rosicky return from their injuries. The existing midfield is going an excellent job and should be strengthened furthermore once those two return. Depending on what the situation with Walcott (who I believe is now one of the central strikers) we could use a striker in January. We have a top quality and versatile midfield at our disposal (the Russian, Welsh and Czech captains aren’t guaranteed a starting berth). What more could we want in the midfield. I think the squad is pretty good. We could use a striker and/or a versatile defender in January should the current squad remain injury free and we offload some of the players we couldn’t offload in the summer.

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  22. Nick

    I’d love to have his presence in the midfield. He can absolutely dominate a game as he did against Man U. in their opening match of the season. He would give us some much needed goal threat on corners and free kicks. With Diaby staying fit I don’t see it happening though. We still have to shop Arshavin off somewhere! Maybe if AA23 & Rosicky both moved on we’d move for him.

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  23. David

    This guy is over-rated he only had 2 good matches! And people are acting like he’s Messi!

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  24. Jessec

    i think his would be positive for the club it would show everyone that we re serious title challengers especially if we bet chelsea or man city to sign him hes a great player too not particularly bad at anything can tackle,pass,shoot,head,control and is very strong…top player

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