Should Podolski be main striker for Arsenal?

Theo Walcott had a diificult day as central striker for Arsenal today, and Olivier Giroud was not on the bench for some reason. Gervinho, therefore, was the only possible replacement on the bench for Walcott, or was he?

There was a certain German international striker already on the pitch, a man who has been asking for the chance to play down the middle. Lukas Podolski has scored plenty of goals for Colgne and Germany and has already shown Arsenal fans some brilliant finishing.

Playing on the left, however, in his first season in the English Premier league, he has drifted into the background on occassion. His tracking back is not the best, and detracts from the attacking impact he can have.

It might have been a bit harsh on Walcott today, but Wenger could have brought Gervinho or Arshavin on and played them on the left, with Podolski down the middle. At the end of the day, the needs of the club far outweigh the personal feelings of the players.

It would be good to give the German a few games in the central position. Wenger could then have three different strikers capable of playing and scoring in different circumstances

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54 thoughts on “Should Podolski be main striker for Arsenal?

  1. jt

    He can rotate in that role with Theo and Olivier in the hope that Arsene signs Huntelar or Isco in January. But most importantly, no Gervinho in that role. Too wasteful at a time when we can not afford any degree of wastefulness. Arsenal in third feels so, so good.COYG

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  2. stevo

    Walcott was given the opportunity to prove he is a ST but i just don’t think he suites that position. I feel he will always be a great winger

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  3. Ben

    I actually think he fits in well on the left side. He and Gibbs seem to have a good understanding. My main complaint is the lack of chances he is provided – his finishing is his only excellent attribute, and it’s a shame he doesn’t have more chances to make use of it.

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  4. Joe

    I think we have to adapt to the game. Slow centre backs, use Theo and if they can handle Theo use Giroud or Podolski. Gerv is too wasteful for me. I would love to see Olivier and Theo up top!

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  5. Junduk

    Why not try with two strikers down the middle??? We played our best football in 4-4-2 formation, why not go back to that? I think it’s that easy and simple.

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  6. green gunner

    Absolutley. Podolski needs to be moved inside. Buy a quality left winger and let’s get some real shape to this team.

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  7. GunnShow

    Walcott, Pod and Giroud should be our three main strikers. We need to bring a CDM to add steel to midfield. Huntalaar is average and Ba is injury prone and both need good wingers to play well. Arsenal are not a crossing team… both players would struggle in our set up and aren’t much better anyway.

    Instead we should get a new Winger… a true winger one who likes to be on the wing and can put in a deadly ball. That way we can create more chances for whoever plays in the middle.

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  8. jackie

    @Junduk – I agree, a lone striker just doesn’t work for me. Giroud up there to aim for something and either Poldi or Theo making runs in behind, Can’t hurt to try, I mean, it worked when we were winning things.

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  9. roshan

    our midfield is too lightweight without giroud we do not have any muscle up front.

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  10. Dan

    Definitely deserves a chance. He’s got a good first 5 yards in him in terms of acceleration which is obviously something Giroud hasn’t got.

    Arshavin and Chamakh will persumably leave in January.

    Gervinho is going away (thank God)

    Theo could possibly leave aswell.

    That leaves Podi, Giroud and Chambo in terms of experience. I think we’ll need another winger and striker.

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  11. artillery1

    I said it many times n again m saying……

    Theo n Giroud will b perfect combination!

    Giroud is excellent in Air, Winning Aerial Duels, Decent Heads n Holding as well… He vl cause problem for Centre Backs plus Great problems For Full backs :) cox Fullbacks cant afford the Service to him, so thy have to stop supplies to him, so it vl stretch game :)

    Theo, wid his pace n speed n very much improve finishing, will cause great problem for Centre Backs…..
    Giroud n Theo will Stretch Defense to great Extent!
    n Score allot of GOALS :)

    well, plz No gervinho at All!!!!!

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  12. artillery1

    I said it many times n again m saying……

    Theo n Giroud will b perfect combination!

    Giroud is excellent in Air, Winning Aerial Duels, Decent Heads n Holding as well… He vl cause problem for Centre Backs plus Great problems For Full backs :) cox Fullbacks cant afford the Service to him, so thy have to stop supplies to him, so it vl stretch game :)

    Theo, wid his pace n speed n very much improve finishing, will cause great problem for Centre Backs…..
    Giroud n Theo will Stretch Defense to great Extent!
    n Score allot of GOALS :)

    well, plz No gervinho at All!!!!!

    Podolski is Deadly finisher too, but he works on his days :P

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  13. artillery1

    By the way, no rosicky today :(

    Wenger plz dnt say Ramsey is young so his given chances over ROSICKY!
    Hopefully its not our Youth policy to Leave Experiece players at home n Give Young Out of position form players a chance!

    ROSICKY signed last year Long term Contract!

    Rosicky Alone is much much much better than COMBINED GERVINHO N RAMSEY!

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  14. let's be Realistic

    Why put hope on a makeshift team rather than buy QUALITY players who will deliver. I am always sad when gunners rival tottenhamp.During the invincibles,our main rival used to be Manchester United not even chelsea…..What has happened to our winning mentality. We now aim to finish above spurs rather than winning the Title.its just like real Madrid should make Atletico Madrid their main rivals when they have Barcelona……So sad

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  15. Mudah

    What we won the 2games in row with the same squad and positioning while theo played as a striker in both, why to change the winning formula?????

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  16. allan1340

    He is far from good honestly I think Wenger want to show him he is not the man for this post and he also hope he signe the contract. But i think this is a mistake Podi deserve to play on central. We was lucky today but can we be lucky al time if he play in this post???!!! we have no time for gambling an every game for us is important Oliver is good striker strong and tall good for english football Podi as well. Theo maybe when we play 442 but alon he is not too good and strong maybe he is fast but his technic ability is poor and he already shown it is too early for him.

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  17. philthompsonsnose

    As a fan of the ‘beautiful’ football we are renowned for playing over the years.. you will clearly note that Giroud is not a member of the ‘beautiful’ way we play.. therefore, although Podolski isn’t our ‘greatest striker’, he shows the ability to move, defend, and more importantly play with both feet (something every arsenal player who is great can and should be doing!)
    Giroud is predominantly a target man, (another Chamakh) a one footed pony, slow & cumbersome..albeit effective in the air!
    When and HOPEFULLY our great AW buys another CF, Giroud will have to dramatically improve to earn a starting place.
    So in the meantime, we have a player in Theo, who is not the strongest or greatest in the air, but is suited to our ‘beautiful’ style of play with the likes of Cazorla, Ox, Rosicky, Podolski, Wilshere laying off the ball..
    So before anyone mentions that we should give Giroud a chance… Just remember that Theo has improved over the last few years and hopefully (staying injury free) will prove to us all he can actually get somewhere near 20 goals this season..

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  18. Invincibles nice (1)

    I think when he feels his way more into the team he is our best option. He knows how to beat goalkeepers, whereas Giroud is much to one footed and far to rash. Walcott cant be relied upon picking the best option, also unless hes running from deep his movements/runs could be much better. When our team rhythm/chemistry improves as it will, i believe all our striker can be very useful in certain games for certain players.

    Reportedly the Sunzu deal is supposedly back on.
    I know alot of fans are against the idea, myself however cant help recalling the long list of players who became such awsome talents, Anelka Ljungberg Vieira Petit Toure RVP Clichy Gilberto Fabregas were all bought for little money. This Sunzu fella is going to be a physically rock solid player, playing within an African league coming up against athletes week in week out can only suggest him to be powerful. With him also having great club experience within a CL equivalent along with good international experience at such a young age sounds very promising to me.

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  19. Ergs

    Walcott isn’t suited to play up top on his own podolski is more suited but I like him on the left.
    Walcott lacks power and a great touch something that berkamp Henry and van persie all had.
    He’s a wide man’ we should be going for Edison cavani and iker munian and a tall rangy center midfielder and a young left back.
    I’d take Zaha aswell.
    None of th above will happen because off arsens divering.

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  20. gunnerscott

    no, he was benched at germany in the euros because he has a tendancy to drift into no where land, he is either hot or ice cold, thats his earned reputation, he has been this wy for th gunners as well, wolcott is a winger, he and the Ox would drive defnses crazy, need someone in the middle to finish, biut lets also. not judge theo on one match..

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  21. Invincibles nice (1)

    I dont know why some fans want to return to a four four two, do they not remember just before we changed, we were the last of the big clubs to do so and whenever we came up against a five man midfield, especially with top half teams, we were totally outplayed/bossed in the center

    At that time we had a team of stars but just looked out dated. So we had to change just as the game had done.

    Even now when we play a team who use four four two, we totally dominate before they soon realise a need for change, to a five man midfield come second half. Reading were a good example of this, much improved team in the second half compared to us getting all our own way during the first. Spu also tried a four man miidfield before we getting a reality check.

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  22. Doc

    Podolski is our best striker. Girourd is good cover for him. It then depends what formation we play.

    If we play 2 up front I think there is a possibility of Theo being a partner but I don’t see enough aggression from him to fight for the team.

    Need to buy two wingers left and right or preferably two footed, that way Oxlade can rotate with the two of them and get regular playing too.

    Also Podolski is played too far from the net and is too slow for pace on our wide attack.

    Isco, Zaha or Lopez any Two

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  23. realgooner10 AFC

    I’ve not seen podolski play alone up top b4.. When he was playin in germany.. But in a 4-4-2 he will get goals.. Goals win games.. I know he’s played out on the left for germany and at times for his previous clubs.. But he seems to be out of place for us.. Too me anyway! But the first thing we need to our squad is a a defensive Midfielder.. We’ve gone too long now without one!! Seasons have gone by where that’s just been the missing piece of the jigsaw!! Within the next to windows wenger can really build a speacial team.. (In depth) and too think we gt Joel campbell to come in next season( I don’t want to see him get loaned out) I thinks he good enough fit into our squad.. Wellington silva.. Ryo.. Still to come bk.. If we had some steel to our team our attack will also prosper from it too…

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  24. The Wise One

    Podolski has one of the most deadly left foots in the world and Wenger just sticks him on the left wing! Podolski should be the main striker without question

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  25. Tristan

    Theo can not play as alone striker. Theo is not even at same level as Owen. Giroud is a better striker.

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  26. snakeoil

    I don’t have the crystal ball but Poldi should at least be given a try as CF for sure.

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  27. mohawk35

    At least one time I like to see Rosicky in the middle with Arshavin and Cazorla as wingers. Now there is some creativity, experience and quality.

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  28. jo

    i believe walcott and podolski must rotate a few times in the match, last game arsenal wanted to cross the ball but there was no height in the squad, the best is wenger should consider playing with 2 strikers, walcott and giroud since giroud has the height and can pass the ball and walcott using his pace, with podolski rotating with walcott.
    AND NO GERVINHO!!!!!!!!!!!

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  29. Rasta

    you know what formation Reading played on monday. 4-4-2. u know what formation fulham played today. 4-4-2. u know the formation Reading used today. not 4-4-2. please check the results of those games.

    4-4-2 only works if you have wingers who are willing to hug the touchline to stretch the play. We don’t have that. And quite frankly bar ox no one seems interested in playing as a winger. So why would they use a formation that weakens the squad and puts round pegs in a square hole.

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  30. Rasta

    “huntelaar is average and demba ba is injury prone”.
    That exactly is what is wrong with arsenal fans. A man who scored 48 goals last season, outperforms RVP for his country, who cruyff said is the best player in the world in the 18 yard box is average. i realize now that fans do not want good players. they want popular players. players that they play on Fifa and score goals with. Players who Daily mail and co overrate and overhype. Because there is no way in hell you can say to someone who almost scored 50 goals in a season is average.

    and for the love of God. demba ba is not injury prone. that tag is just given to anybody who ever had an injury in their life. Like RVP who is supposedly injury prone but hasn’t been injured in 2 years now. instead of listening to what other think why can’t u just watch the games and make ur own mind up. Demba ba has averaged 1 goal every 1.5 games for 3 seasons now. in teams that don’t create as much as Arsenal. He makes most of his own goals for himself. God damn.

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  31. Rasta

    @the wise one.
    “and wenger just sticks him on the left”.
    yes because wenger was the german coach who changed Podolski’s position after Euro 2008 right. Was the bayern coach who played him as a left winger right?
    or is it possible wenger bought the player as advertised. A strong forward who can play as a left sided forward and assist with goals as well. the way u say it you allude to incompetence or tactical inflexibility on wenger’s path when even a 10 year old who follows arsenal knows that wenger has been looking for a striker who can play there since he tried to convert Arshavin, Nasri and bendtner and even Vela in that position. then he found his man. someone who is willing to play there who plays there internationally and who is more than capable of holding his own in a league season.

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  32. realist

    Why change him now? he has always played on the left for germant and cologne. the only time he played through the middle was for bayern and that was the worst period of his career. i say dont fix something that isnt broke. he scores assists and defends from there just dont expect too much and he will deliver a soyud performance.

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  33. Rasta

    Do Arsenal really need a Defensive midfielder.
    United do not use defensive midfielders. neither do barcelona. Juve play with two box to box midfielders and Chelsea have dropped mikel in favour of either oscar and Ramires in midfield. Real madrid use Khedira and Alonso both of whom are central midfielders who push up and attack. Realistically bar City no major team has an out an out defensive midfielder. Dortmund play with2 holding midfielders who can attack as well. As do Spurs at the moment.

    The idea that there is a defensive midfielder who would just sit back and defend is almost a thing of the early 2000′s. If your midfield isn’t flexible you will not create chances.

    then again alex song is no more a defensive midfielder as he is way more involved in attacks than defence. mascherano has to play defence because Barca cannot play him as a midfielder as he isn’t good on the ball.
    Lastly what we need is not a defensive midfielder it is a physical presence in midfield. Today jack wilshire was fouled so much in the first half he changed kits at half time. A physical presence who isn’t necessarily confined to one aspect of the job would be nice. Diaby is that but he is injury pro nee. (yes that is someone who is injury prone). Vieira did his best job with Petit, then Edu then Gilberto sitting in with him. none of them were defensive midfielders. they were holding midfielders like song and arteta were last year. but they were physical. Vieira could outrun any defender when he is on a counter attack and it was that physical strength coupled with runs from piers and ljunberg that freed up henry on almost every chance he got.

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  34. Rasta

    you do realize that he started almost all germany’s game and the game he didn’t start, italy destroyed germany as reuse offered no defensive cover for lahm and he was raped by italy’s quick passing and counter attacks.

    If you cannot analyze football. stop commenting on it.

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  35. S.H

    How many more woeful performances does it take for Walcott fans to realise the kid can’t play striker. To be a lone forward, you need to have a good first touch and keep possession. The kid clearly showed that he cannot do these 2 simple things. It’s about time people woke up and want true quality players. If we keep thinking Walcott and Ramsey are Arsenal quality, it shows we’ve settled for second best at this club!

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  36. Jeff

    Giroud and rosicky were both sick with the flu….

    How are these people picked to write about arsenal when they don’t even know what’s going on???

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  37. S.H

    Wenger is just usiing Walcott as lone striker to get him to sign the contract. Once Theo puts pen to paper, it’s back to the wing beeeotch! I’m praying he doesn’t sign it.

    Who was worried when Rasmey came on? lmfao!

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  38. Arsenal1Again

    I have ALWAYS seen Walcott play better on the left than he does on the right. Even the Croatia hattrick came with Walcott on the left but, because it is Wenger managing, don’t expect him to allow Walcott to play in his best position or any other player either. This would highlight Wenger’s cluelessness when it comes to player position, player substitution, team selection and tactics. Some of us have known about it for years, but Wenger does not want EVERYBODY noticing.

    Does anybody know the REAL reason Chamberlain was subbed AGAIN while having a great game? As for Podolski not being the best at tracking back, when the left back is not Gibbs, there is no better left winger for tracking back in the EPL than Podolski. With Gibbs in the team it is not very necessary for him.

    Walcott will never be any good as a frontman. He’ll get a rare peach of a goal in that position, who wouldn’t considering the endless balls fed to whatever player is in the position, but there will be MANY games where Walcott will not be contributive to the team in any way when he’s up front. Results have suffered with Giroud’s missed chances. Walcott will miss more. A 442 does not improve Walcott’s chances either. Playing in the role against men is not something the Southampton striker is good at when not having fellow kids as opponents.

    Podolski should randomly swap roles with Walcott the EXACT way Overmars and Bergkamp did. What happened was, throughout the games the Dutchmen played together, Bergkamp would have spells where he drifted in a left position while Overmars drifted centrally. They would remain like this for short periods at random times and that came with a nodding understanding of each other. Walcott plays excellent on the LEFT so there would be disarray in the opposition defence with Walcott randomly attacking there while Podolski is likewise pulling something out of a hat in the middle. Wenger should make the two players watch Bergkamp/Overmars games and also the Wright/Merson games.

    As for Wenger, don’t expect much from him oher than players out of position and random subtitutions of Man Of The Match candidates, or the leaving on the pitch of players you can see is heading for a costly 2nd yellow.

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  39. tfemi

    wenger please sell walcott who does he think he is not trying to sign a new contract and he not going to be effctive in the cf role do u know the strickers on our mostwanted list david villa, lenwadolski, jovetic, ba, adrian lopez, llorente, reus and if he stays the fans would not want him to start after january because the news of navas and zaha just came alive yesterday n arsenal and barcelona are fighting for taarabt that means carzola would go to his best side on the wing now imagne these wingers carzola, pooldolski, the ox, zaha and navas i dont really see the sence in keeping a player who is giving the manager and the fans condition to stay i thought the player we could beg were fabregas nasri vanpersi song etc

    NOTE;walcott if you dont want to stay just get a life and be part of the people who left for monry

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  40. Johnno

    Maybe when we bring players in it would be clever of us to play them in their preferred position? Podolski is not a left winger, same as Arshavin is not a winger, neither is Walcott. If Wenger wants a winger, why not get one? Rather than bring in a centre forward or attacking midfielder, shunting him out to the wing then wonder why his form is a bit up and down… It’s pretty logical really. Football doesn’t require a PhD or anything remotely close. It’s a f*cking game.

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  41. Liam

    Theo needs to get over about playing in the middle, When he is wide he is played as a Right forward, not a winger or midfielder, Right forward postion is ideal for a player with theo abilities.

    of course we have ox who is quality and pushing for a start in wide areas but i would like to see

    arteta wilshire
    walcot podolski cazorla

    not alawys but we can mix it up some games cazorlas also class out wide

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  42. true goon

    give him a go.Not a fan of 4-4-2 its a dead formation,non of the top teams in the world use it,bcos you can get easily over run in the midfield

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