So just who is `right` for Arsenal then Wenger?

Don’t worry Arsenal fans, Arsene Wenger is not just sitting on his hands while rival teams snap up players like Demba Ba, Lewis Holtby and Daniel Sturridge. Arsenal are like a cheetah on the African savannah, lying in wait, coiled like a spring ready to pounce. Any old antelope won’t do, however. We are waiting for the juiciest, most succulent prey to come along. The only problem is, we might starve to death before that happens.

“We are on the market, and if we find the right players we will do something.”

In the last window we were told something similar about `top, top players`, but surely the squad needs shoring up. Even if Wenger thinks the players he has are good enough, he must plan for injuries, surely. We have let one centre back go (Djourou) and are close to getting rid of another in Squillachi. That is good news but leaves us with no cover. The same goes for Bendtner and Chamakh.

So just what does Wenger think of as the right player? He plays Gervinho, so surely there must be players out there, in our price range, who can at least match the prowess of the Ivorian. He turned down a bid for Andre Santos recently, but he has been stunningly awful in an Arsenal shirt this season, no wonder he wanted to give it away.

Wenger has come through for us before with transfers, and he still has over three weeks to go, but I wish he would get a move on. Learn from your mistakes, Prof, and get some new blood in the team.

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176 thoughts on “So just who is `right` for Arsenal then Wenger?

  1. Ivan Gazidis

    Buying is overrated. Selling and loaning is the way to go.

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  2. ButtFlaps

    Mr Wengers needs to purchase top top top like Shaw, mBilla and LLoorents. But no chances is my believes. Why so late! WHY!

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  3. Th14

    Rember guys this time were looking for top, top, ‘top’ players

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  4. steve

    wenger is not a leader – he is so out of touch he thinks that the odd comment to appease us is adequate – sick to death of him – no other prem manager lies as much really pathetic getting seriously fed up of his bullsh#t

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  5. craig2500

    well er, what i see err is a spine of er Fabianski, Ramsey and Bendtner- it will have fight and win many trophies

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  6. Gunnersince15

    If our team want to find out about real spirit and togetherness, make them watch a video of the Bradford game against Villa and they will see what real spirit means. They (Bradford) deserved to beat us and tonight, you can see why. Top players are important in any team but that team must have fighting spirit and take every opportunity to try and score. Some of our games this year have lacked any umph, the kind of umph that Bradford gave us tonight. I said in October, that we will not buy a Marquee signing, if we are lucky, it will be a relatively unknown, who’ll come good in three or four years.

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  7. PatLloyd

    el sharaaway
    Lewandowski or cavani if we’re serious.

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  8. Young Gun

    In my eyes we’ve missed the jnuary sles and are left with the crappy stuff no one wants also with arsenal having players that no one want.
    The plan should be get 1 or two players, 1 for the tough fixtures of the league and 1 to help us go on a run in the champions league. Villas a no go- just goes to show after all the years we give them ready made stars they still won’t do us any favours part from convincing us weve bought the next big 15 year old from the la massa academy.
    Lets hope we have diaby for man city chelsea and liverpool and then he gets injured before the deadline forcing wengers Hand!

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  9. goonner


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  10. DrPepper

    Ba = fails medicals because of a chronic knee problem
    Holtby = is no better than Wilshere, ramsey, arteta, santi OR eisfield – we need a DM mid.
    Sturridge = really, the guy is WOEFUL

    New blood is only good if it helps the team, just signing a player so the fans can feel the glory of signing a player is counter-productive.

    Not saying we don’t need players, we definitely do. But not just random players – otherwise we end up with more Gervs, Chamahks and Santos’s

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  11. the truth

    WOW! You guys are incredible!!
    We win 4 in a row, wow le prof is a genius he made walcott a CF, wow the team looked so good we can beat any team. bla blah. now we draw, Wegner OUT that criple old man bla bla I cant stand Arteta, really?? everyone was kissing his ass some weeks ago, people forget this is a game and we should enjoy it and support our team.

    Yes There are some things that I recognize, Ramsey should be selled maybe consider retirement but part of his struggles are because he knows that the fans are against him not supporting him, so he plays uncomfortable in a out of the water position.
    Gervinho was a nice try but damn that failed terrible Wegener should give him to the charity or something, Mertesacker is too slow I never liked him.

    I also agree that the Wage structure is hurting us but the reason because Man U and City are keeping all their good players is because they dont care if they are in RED NUMBERS thats completely unfair they shouldnt be allowed to compete like this.

    Arsenal has always been admired because they produce they own talent, not for buying old players like Villa and im proud of that we already have a strong team, yes they cant win titles but we are under construction.

    I bet Man U will sell Van Sh$$t for peanuts in a couple of years, just because they just bought a faster and stronger and younger player.

    I can also bet that if we win against Man City, you guys will start again, hey we can pull a chelski and win the Champions , bring Man U bla bla bla, then we will loose and everything will start again over and over.

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  12. jayjay

    Smh u still have faith, it is earlt but im tired of seeing other top clubs signing and all we have is speculations and promises. . Cmin wngerr go get jovetic or cavani then get mvilla or strootman , or doo something

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  13. Wil

    I can’t wait to see who Wenger signs. So then I can lol at you plastic fans who will then praise Wenger like a god like every time he works some magic….

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  14. Wil

    And who ever said Shaw is world class is an idiot he’s good but not even close to world class I say he’s just as good as Gibbs overall

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  15. leo

    the truth about arsenal is that when it comes to transfer we can never be 100% sure we have been/get’s linked with 100′s of players daily some crazy one’s like snjeider/jovetic/hamsik/benzema & someunkown or young upcoming talent never know whom we will sign if it is chelski/city/psg/manure we can be 100% sure who their target is & that they will get them sometimes we get it worng but at the end of the day to talk/discuss about it doesn’t do anybody any harm

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  16. ks-gunner

    Arsenals main priorety is to sell and not to buy… that that hard to understand…..pride is lost and we ended up being pathetic….well done Stan and co.

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  17. gunners

    self sustaining club? or self distracted club?
    Chelsea and tottenham have a better squad than we have, that wasn’t the case last 3 years.
    manu and city are 3 skys over us, and that wasn’t the case not long ago.
    MOney make you fool, money make you careless and respectless towards other people, and thats what happened with arsenal.
    ask any of the board member his first words is profit, the club will not go so far with such strategy.

    Wenger you must know it is buy time or bye time, you choose!

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  18. Big Gun

    First of all, no manager in his right mind with ambition would takeover from Wenger – simply because of the current ethos and philosophy governing our club. It is designed to profit the shareholders and management first, then the players and trophy cabinet second. In other words Arsenal has become a business venture driven by a socialist engine. This would work well under certain conditions, as they were 15 years ago, but now the conditions are not favourable for this type of philosophy. EUFA have done little about it, the FFP rules are an absolute joke as there are so many loopholes in and around it its not even worth mentioning.

    So Arsenal need to either get with the times and start changing things internally, or we must get used to mid table mediocrity. In order for things to change, ownership and upper management need an overhaul. We need an owner who 1.)loves Arsenal 2.)will invest personally when needed 3.)have a personal touch on things.

    This is why I believe Usmanov needs to take over from Kroenke. I sound like a broken record, but Kroenke has no love for this British club. All it is to him is a money tree. He has no respect for our grand and prestigious history – therefore no respect for the fans and the players. He has four other home soil investments who if he ever did decide to invest, would be the first ones to be on the receiving end.

    Usmanov on the other hand, loves Arsenal. He is always seen at the games supporting. The man has almost 30% shares but has never been allocated a seat on the board. A disgrace which calls for further investigation. Anyhow he has remained professional about his dealings with Arsenal and showed concern when RvP (top striker and goal scorer in the league) was sold to our age old enemies Man United – and rightly so. I’m sure you have all read the letter.

    Fellow gooners, I want to appeal to you. Getting rid of Wenger might fix a few things, but only temporarily. The poison in our club is Kroenke and Gazidis. These are the men responsible for turning us into a laughing stock. These are the men ultimately responsible for the loss of many of our great players over the years including Fabregas, Cole, Song, RvP to name a few. Wenger is simply their puppet in the grand scheme on things.

    Only until we get rid of Kroenke and Gazidis, PHW, will Arsenal get back to being champions. It will take time and we might even witness our beloved club hit rock bottom before things get better. Us fans need to unite and show these greedy bastards that WE ARE ARSENAL and without us, there is no Arsenal.

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  19. Rob

    Its plain and simple,

    U wanna slag off our club, go and support someone else, as your obviously not a supporter, but a plastic fan that’s knows nothing of the time before Wenger.

    I’m a gooner, that means I go and watch my team, whether they are the invincibles, or in league 3.

    Sorry all you plastic, tv armchair fans, that’s what a supporter does.

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  20. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Dr Pepper


    Ba’s medical record and Arsenal already has 3 strikers, Giroud, Pod and Walcott……

    Holtby is too similar with Wilshere not to mention Arsenal already have Eifeld tooo..

    Sturridge quite average and he wants to play striker tooo…sign another winger that wants to play striker?

    Arsenal do need a DM…

    so either sign a very experienced and Matured DM

    or field young Coquelin or Frimpong

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  21. ks-gunner

    gooner….do u feel special for being an AKB member….do u hang poster of Wenger on ur walls instead of Wilsher and such lol…dont be so pathetic….its Arsenal fc not Wenger fc……deluded fools

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  22. mr lean

    wenger gambled big time in the summer by selling rvp and hoping lucas and oliver would score and then selling song and hoping diaby stayed fit,now wenger needs to gamble by signing the 3-4 top quality players we need and making sure we get rid of santos,ramsey(loan),squid,denilson,bendtner,fabianski,park and we might still have a chance of top four.

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  23. ks-gunner

    besides dr pepper and hafiz u are the same person tallking to them selfs get a life bro….u are pathetic….

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  24. Hafiz Rahman

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  25. mr lean

    @BigGun, great piece well written but do you think if wenger had say 50m to spend he would ?

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    mr wenger
    we are looking for top top top players !

    fast forward mid august 1 day before new season

    we are still looking for top top top players !

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  27. Sam_1066

    Obviously no one is good enough… Gervinho’s cousin might get a trial.

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  28. mtawarira

    kikikikiki cant believe we even still sit here & debate such repeated & now blatant statements of disrespect , clear disregard of our feelings. Im @a point were arsene’s every word insults my intelligence!! I could go on but id say nothing that already hasnt been said. With statements like ”its not like we’ve been relegated” – phw i doubt anything significant will happen. Myself & all the gooner nation watch in despair as our once mighty but always beloved Arsenal tumbles all because of a handful of selfish men… Smh#wishicoulddosomethin

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  29. landi



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  30. palmer17

    Theres been loadsa quality top players available they just dont cost what you want to pay hence why end up with players like gervinho and andre santos

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  31. steve

    boring boring all the “wenger knows best” “go and support another club” ultimately this club is being destroyed and our pride – yes, us “plastic fans who require results”, we are the backbone of the club who are not prepared to accept mediocracy – and so if you have the backbone of the team who are not that bothered – “after all its arsenal i would support/play for them even if they were in the conference league” – that is exactly how you end up in the conference wake up lol

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  32. goonerbri

    ooh 2 ooh 2 b, ooh 2 b ah goonah!!!!! we love u arsenal we do, we love u arsenal we do, we love u arsenal we doo, ohh arsenal we love you. we hate Tottenham, we hate Tottenham……… common lads, support the boys

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  33. ks-gunner

    This site has to put loggings due facebook to comment….as it is heavely infected with trolls ….trolling around with diff accounts…..credid to u and well said Big Gun…

    Fear is the lengthened shadow of ignorance…..and that is what all AKB is about…they are obssesed with Wenger and fear ….Wenger represents Stan and the board and this means the AKB are nutarually against Usmanov and Dain……

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  34. CUT

    Saw Wenger buying a biro(after 5min of haggling) in a local shop outside Emirates…so finger cross something big could be brewing!

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  35. leo

    the main problem is ivan gazdis i mean isn’t he the one in charge along with dick law when it comes to transfer we missed out on holtby & could happen with others this is where david dein was so good not to mention contract/wage strutcure this never happend back from 97-05 after that it was been a complete mess & on top of that we got a owner who is barely seen or has zero interest in the club

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  36. jon

    I am losing faith in Wenger really fast. Now it comes out that our ridicules wage structure is Wenger’s idea? You gotta be kidding me.
    We always talk about how Kroenke and the board are only interested in profits, which i still believe but what if the problem is Wenger?
    We keep hearing every window that money is available yet Wenger doesn’t ever spend it. Every year our cash reserves increase, now we have over 150 mil, sitting in the bank.
    What if the board does make money available but year after year Wenger doesn’t spend it because it doesn’t fit his “socialist” approach, just like the wage structure that he put in place.
    Obviously im not saying he has the freedom to spend 40 mil on one player.

    Also, when was the last time, Wenger made a truly great signing? Perhaps Sagna in 2007 for around 7 mil? Since than, he has signed some very good players at best but no great players, except Cazorla this year maybe. That was all luck since Malaga had to sell him for way cheaper. That is a worrying sign.

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  37. Gunnersince15

    I dislike those people who come on here and tell us what great supporters “They Are” and slag the rest of us off, who have an alternative opinion as “Plastic Fans”. I say to those guys, Take you head out of your ass”. We all support Arsenal and want them to do well. This site is a forum, not a policy making site, for Arsenal FC. So to you I say “get over it, there are people with different opinions, than yours”. Yes some of us are TV fans, some because they can’t afford £48 every week, to sit in the Gods and others of us are infirm to attend games. Bet you never thought of that, in your Ivory Tower.

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  38. wenger

    in summer 2012: bendtner, park, vela, denilson
    in winter: djourou, chamakh,
    in summer: arshavin (most lazies player), sqillachi, fabianski

    deadwoods are getting out…

    we need one more creative striker like villa, lopez and we will be in top level again
    we didn t lose for one month. W

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  39. philthompsonsnose

    Is it that he actually doesn’t know who to buy as he has lost touch with reality ans is scared to buy another flop???

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  40. Dafton nyondo

    arsenalfc as a team is just ok we need just to replace Gevinho with Falcao or Michu then Ramsey should be replace with Fellaini from Everton maybe we need also one defender for buckup.

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  41. leo

    bradford 3-1 aston villa

    /chammakh/squallaci/santos/djorou/gervinho & co. are you guys watching this this is how men play football

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  42. mr lean

    anyone who see’s of gets near to ivan on sunday should tell him to f#ck off on behalf of all us chance of doing the same with stan unless we invade his ranch

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  43. the king

    its been 8 days and no one has come in.
    i though they would of done the work before the window opens and just get the player soon as the window opened.

    disappointing once again we should of had player brought in before our big games that start sunday.

    just same old same old am not even surprised in our club.
    just a joke. will get 4th place and we will be all over the moon with it.

    and wenger never learns even playing ramsey on the wing in he last game. he just dose not care what we fans who pay him think. chealse got ba soon as.
    we could of had villa and Mvila in our first eleven in our game on sunday but ofc wenger will look to get cheap cheaper.

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  44. goonerbri

    to many spuds on this site I reckon. Nothing better to do? go on your own sites

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  45. aresnals no1

    Peeps don’t worry its really happening … Martin keown n the might big nose taony adams coming out of retirement yiiiiippppiiieee lol I reckon we should go 4 lucas frm liverpool n anton ferdinand frm qpr I say get rid off wenger n replace him with robert pires get me famalam big tings 3 dropping out here

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  46. Doc

    I feel a good D/M and a winger are our biggest needs im not really worried about a striker too much use Podolski. But we have known this especially a D/M for some time.

    By the way Fellani has reportedly got a 22 million buy out clause now if someone hs Evertons number could u get it to Arsenal please

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  47. Doc

    I feel a good D/M and a winger are our biggest needs im not really worried about a striker too much use Podolski. But we have known this especially a D/M for some time.

    By the way Fellani has reportedly got a 22 million buy out clause now if someone hs Evertons number could u get it to Arsenal please

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  48. mr lean

    @Gunnersince15 well said,i live in the cotswolds work weekends so only get to emirates a handfull of times but im as passionate about AFC as any fans who can go week in week out,i smile when we win i sulk when we lose this club is made up of fans from all walks of life ,age,sex,etc who have every right to share there views and opinions on this site

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  49. Invincibles nice (1)

    F**k Ba and F**k Holtby, neither of these two were going to turn us into a world beaters, or even a step in the right direction as far as im concerned.

    Holtby didnt believe he could break into our first team so that says it all, Ba says he has always wanted to play for the Arsenal under Arsene but chose the money in spite of come summertime he will most likely have worldys blocking his path, that says it all.

    Cant believe fans are upset that neither of these two will ever play for the Arsenal, good riddance.

    Wenger has always been as astute as any were transfers are concerned, if/when difficulties with transfer dealings it is obviously suggesting that our issues run much deeper than le professor.

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  50. Sokeye

    Things that will always define Wenger. Stupidity; Shameless; Lies; Deception; Backwardness; Inflexibility; Contempt; Failure…

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  51. io

    SERIOUSLY WOULD U BE HAPPY WITH Demba Ba, Lewis Holtby OR Daniel Sturridge? I DON’T THING SO EVER ONE hav esomthing to complain this days, i know we are not happy with what is going on with arsenal but non of those players will help us wi any thing,lewis holtby is going tottenham

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  52. leo

    Arsenal linked to a player -media plays encyclopedia, whines or gets super-excited,then plays devil’s advocate.

    in the end we look like bunch of dumba&&

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  53. leo

    wenger should kick his bottle towards gazdis as for wenger’s sucessor klopp/diego simeone/antonio conte any one of them

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  54. mtawarira

    btw, real fans dont slag other fans. They’ll put their point/view across &try &achieve unity. Arsenal fc & its fans deserve mch better than we currently get. #ilovemyarsenal

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  55. goonerbri


    at last the real gooners are starting to stand up on here. join me in stopping the arse wipes slagging our club off

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  56. Samuel A.Turay-Makeni Sierra Leone

    Do something now to save fans from frustations
    Sign players now……………..

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  57. Sparky

    Wenger is determined to RUIN this club, All I read is bullshit about Arsenal being linked this and that player, We will not be signing any players not now not ever until Wenger is either sacked or resigns. Chelski got Ba for 7 million and has already paid it back on he’s debut, Holtby gone to Spurs also Dempsey,Lloris, where were the scouts when Michu was found, Nobody wants to come to arsenal cos we’re shit GET OVER IT AND WAKE UP, IN ARSENE WE RUST!!!!!!!!

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  58. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal need a DM

    sign a very experienced and matured one

    or gamble and let Coquelin or Frimpong play….

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  59. Dom

    No one has a clue what they are talking about on here. We were in for Villa, we actually made an official opproach hence Barca making a statement. Apparently Villa isn’t the right player according to many.
    We have made an official bid for Adrian £10 million which is a good sum for a player who is highly underrated and mismanaged by his current manager.
    We have sent scouts to watch Strootman, we are yet to make contact unless it has been unreported but it is still early days. We wouldn’t of sent scouts without knowing how much PSV would be willing to sell for.
    We are reportedly looking into Felliani’s release clause £22 million reportedly, we are also looking at Howedes of whom has refused contract talks.
    We are in the market we as fans just need to be patient, If you call yourselves fans at all.

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  60. gunna

    We will loose sunday and then wenger will make his moves for a player or two, not suggesting they will be top top players though…

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  61. leo

    breaking news Arsenal decide to offload Gervinho as they cannot afford the moisturising bill for his head , Swindon thought to be intrested

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  62. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Dom

    Agreed….8 days and peeps are ranting….there are still 23 more days

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  63. Scott

    M’Villa would be good for cover if/when Diaby picks up his next injury. Also Luke Shaw for the future and Nobody else out there is worth spending a lot of money on. Maybe McCarthy who seems to be developing every season.

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  64. johnverdal

    according to bild newspaper arsenal want to sign mainz striker adam szalai who is 20m rated.

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  65. Invincibles nice (1)

    Manu owe a huge credit of there dominance to overseas fans who some idiots on here would call plastic, the other day some moron on hear said if you live in Africa well then go ##@*@# and support someone else. It is because of manus very impressive world wide fan base that they are who they are today, the most successful PL title winning team in history. If some idiot on hear is going to cost us a vast fan base in any way shape or form, i would much rather it were you who would f**k off and support another club.

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  66. true goon

    Wenger would be perfect for a mid-table or a championship team,low expenditure on players no high wages,perfect for a club like Wigan or Stoke,a disaster for a massive club like Arsenal.
    From what i can gather,we aren’t going to buy any 1 until Theo signs if he signs, and even if we do it will probably be 1 player

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  67. Kobi

    Who said Sturridge was woeful? He is clearly miles better than Gervinho and Santos.
    Wenger has lost it when he said the modern game is not played with a DM anymore.

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  68. Ali

    Players that he plays like henry/bergkamp at the age of 19/20 for the same price as a bag of crisps, if he cant get them for that price he wont buy.

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  69. leo

    @johnverdal hate to say it but bild got it right on podolski deal in fact they announced much before anyone but they also got wrong on gotze this striker from mainz is similar to giroud + valued at 16m not happening

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  70. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Invincibles nice (1)


    man utd has an extremely huge fan base outside England..especially in Asia…

    from Korea to Thailand To Indonesia….thats millions

    when man u signed Park, apparently i heard almost the whole of korea, male and female supported man u….wearing man u jerseys when man u were playing

    thats heaps of merchandising sales just from Asia alone…

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  71. Bruno

    Come on u stubborn old cientist!! Get at least these 2 spots that we need fixed..

    Get m’biwa and one of m’vila, capoue or wanyama.. then if u can find a nice adiction forward, either a mobile atacker with killer instinct like villa or a superstar winger like nani or zaha, get it so we can a better rotation up front!
    (Ps: shaw would be a good one too, but u getting 4 players at once would be too much of a dream!!)


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  72. Tobias

    Apparently we are looking at Adam Szalai from Mainz rated at 20m -according to bild

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  73. Malik

    hafiz rahman u complete and utter idiot where did @Big gun say buy canvani for 50m pounds and pay him 250,000 pounds a week in wages, Big gun is saying spend the f*cking money fans pay at very f*cking least, if we at least kept song+persie and added giroud+carzola+podolski we’d all be arguing about how to steal the title off united as we sit 2 points behind them, and how much did they cost 32m arsenal generates more than that just by champions league qualification (never mind getting past the group stage), commercial deals, outrageous ticket prices (that city fans don’t want to pay), property development exc. it’s almost comical how city+united even spud fans wonder who their owners are gonna sign and arsenal fans wonder if stan kroenke knows the offside rule, it’s almost comical that chelsea fans see their owner sack the manager when his won the cl and fa cup but is 9 points off the title, spuds sack their manager even though he did fufill their ambition (4th place) while arsenal pay the highest wage for any manager in england to a clown who hasn’t won a trophy in 7 years and in 16 years of Champions League has not won the trophy once, it’s AMAZING how arsenal pay an executive who has let players of top quality leave since his arrival because of contract issue’s (flamini, adebayor, hleb, song, van persie, clichy, nasri, fabregas) be paid the highest of any executive in england, but do u want to know what’s comical?


    Hafiz Rahman+Dr. pepper YOU ARE THE POISONS THAT KILL OUR CLUB, i know a real supporter who’s on youtube arsenalfansunited and he interviews the people who go to every game and have been their since before arsene and they want him gone and george graham back, THEY HAVE MORE CREDIBILITY AND UNDERSTANDING THAN U @DR. PEPPER (A SPUDS FAN) AND HAFIZ RAHMAN (GAZIDIS AND KROENKE’S INBRED KID)

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  74. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Arsenal suffers from a crisis of inability to make transfer decisions. I bet right now, Arsene Wenger does not even know who to sign! Because if he did know why the heck would he fail to make up his mind when he had all the time in the world to plan.

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  75. The Dom

    Wenger said he only signs top,Top,TOp,TOP,TOOP,TOOOP,TOOOPPP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,TOP,”QUALITY” players in the January window,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahhahah.

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  76. johnverdal

    i think wenger should sign victor wanyama as dm ahead of m’vila or biglia. i have seen him play in champions league and he was fantastic aganst barcelona and inter milan.he would be cup tie for ucl but he can make arsenal strong in epl and fa cup. i think he could be available at 12 million. i heard we have 30 m for january and 40 m for the summer. wenger please sign a striker and a dm quick.

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