Spurs latch on to Arsenal transfer target AGAIN

If I was Arsene Wenger I would have two sets of scouts running. One set would look for players that Arsenal are really keen on, the other would pick substandard players for Spurs to waste their money on. Tottenham don’t need scouts, it seems, they just wait for the media to tell them who Arsenal are interested in and jump on the bandwagon.

Arsenal, along with Liverpool and Manchester City, have been watching the 19-year old Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha and, with the Theo Walcott contract saga still unresolved, the Gunners are thought to be the most likely club to bid for him in January. Andres Villas-Boas is like the kid at school who is always tagging along when he’s not wanted and has turned up late and unwanted to the party again.

Despite not needing a winger and knowing that Palace are looking for £11 million, Villas-Boas is planning to offer £8 million in January, according to Metro. There have been `leaked` reports that Crystal Palace board know they are struggling to keep Zaha at the club, but the co-chairman Steve Parish has derided these suggestions via Twitter, claiming it is pure fabrication.

Parish goes on to state that there is an agreement in place between the club and Zaha and his family and he will only leave when they mutually agree it is beneficial to his career. Maybe Wenger should start a rumour that Arsenal are desperately trying to persuade Bendtner and Chamakh to sign new contracts.

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25 thoughts on “Spurs latch on to Arsenal transfer target AGAIN

  1. Gunner4life

    hahah in that case Wenger should make rumors of him trying to sign unknown flops. than let tottencrap buy them and ruin their squad and get relegated. i have one wild imagination.

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  2. Malik

    well, we can’t say we’re surprised now can we? and Afobe, Joel Campbell, Gnarby, Eisfield and Miyachi look better than him anyway

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  3. Henryesk

    Sorry but none of those players you’ve mentioned look better than Zaha IMO. The only one that looks to have it consistently is Gnabry from the little I’ve seen of him. Eisfeld isn’t a winger, neither is Campbell or Afobe so the only natural comparisons are Miyaichi and Gnabry and I still need to see a performance from Miyaichi where he looks after the ball better no doubt he has ability but the las loses the ball way too often Sorry, just my honest opinion.

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  4. Melo


    But Zaha has yet to be tested at the top level (save for maybe a couple of cup ties against Prem opposition) whereas Miyaichi has played a few Prem matches for Bolton last season and Wigan this year. He also lit up the Eredivisie in his few appearances for Feyenoord. From what I saw, he was excellent in Holland.

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  5. taylor

    troy, going for kevin prince boateng would be great, would show spurs that they wissed out on something brilliant

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  6. Graham

    kobi, sorry to burst your bubble but he is not good enough. Holds on to the ball far too long and he has Bendtner complex – thinks he is better than he is

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  7. Coyg

    This a shocker!!! If we all supported the Walcott move up front we wouldn’t need to get into silly arguments over below standard players with our neighbours or any other team for that matter!

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  8. leo

    11m+ for zaha is way too much for someone who is inexperienced would rather go for isco valued at 15m or adrian lopez 15m buyout clause both are way better than zaha as for spuds everyone knows they are arsenal wannabe’s they are obssesed with arsenal pathetic club coyg fu spuds

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  9. Arsenal

    @melo if you watch him play man utd he was doin pretty well against them

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  10. craig2500

    You dont need to send scouts its in the papers just phone the press on dumi targets. This kid is not just an Arsenal target everyone wants a piece. To be honest im not sure what the fuss is about and would rather look at some of the world class talent on offer at knock down prices in January.

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  11. femi

    lolzzzzzzzzz arsenal should start a rumor that we want chamakh and bendtner to sign a new deal that is so funny.

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  12. Kobi

    Oh my GOD I totally forgot that hahaha, you are right mate I totally dont want him!!!

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  13. tom

    bit of a childish post. of course they have scouts. Zaha has been on most top flight clubs radar for a while.

    And on this occasion i wouldnt even bother with zaha, we have a long list of right wingers in cue already. let spurs waste 11mill.

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  14. neil moxon

    And what will he do if we get him (WARM THE BENCH) we have enough young kids trying to break into the first team,and the spuds aren’t worth talking about.

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  15. AmericanGooner

    11 Million for Zaha is ridiculous IMO.

    At that price, we could get a real proven talent for just a few million more.

    I would much rather pursue proven talents then championship youngsters. We have enough young wide players. If we let Walcott go, we need a proven high quality international to replace him. Not some kid when we have plenty of kids who are just as good as him already.

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  16. AidanGooner

    This is a dumb aricle. The kid is one of the most hyped up youngsters over the last two or 3 years, how can we give Arsenal any credit for that or even for identifying him as a target. Come on.

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  17. stephen187

    Zaha is overrated and overpriced at 11m would much rather bring back myicahi or even give serge gnarby a few appearances.

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  18. Invincibles nice (1)

    There are sad excuses for talent spotters, themselves and liverpool, even took our old scout commoli, in hoping that it was our scouts doing the great work, wich they soon realised that it is the man himself Arsene, who has the magic and last word on the matter, me thinks that next for them to try is in hiring PI’s, to spy and try descover who, from the bunch Arsene is most interested with,

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