Strange Arsenal transfer rumour about Montpellier defender

There is a transfer story today claiming that Arsenal are ready to make a swoop for Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa from the French champions Montpellier in January. The Gunners were linked with the French international in the summer, but the club resisted and the 23-year old, who is the club captain, decided to stay and help them defend the Ligue 1 title and compete in the Champions league for the first time.

Metro reports that the failure to qualify for the next round of Europe’s top competition, or even drop into the Europa league, has led to a rethink. The versatile defender could be a great acquisition for Arsenal and the report claims that Mbiwa has refused to commit his future to Montpellier, so will be sold for a reduced price.

The strange thing is that Montpellier announced, earlier this month, that their captain had signed a contract extension, taking his deal past 2013 until 2015. That doesn’t sound like refusing to commit to me. Metro does report that his contract runs until 2015, so there is some confusion here. Perhaps he signed the deal to ensure that the club could get a decent amount of money should they sell.

Wenger is an admirer of the player and could still probably get him for less than £10 million, so we will have to wait and see. Hopefully January will see the departures of Djourou and Squillachi, freeing up wages for someone who will actually play.

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25 thoughts on “Strange Arsenal transfer rumour about Montpellier defender

  1. Malik

    ahahahhahaha arsene sell squid+djorou and buy someone who’s gonna play ahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah what’s next his gonna make a bid for fellani and sell ramsey hahahahahahaah

    plz we all know arsene’s done in the market, he just signed henry-his one and only signing!

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  2. GUN

    Heard another strange news about a French defender, a right back. Hope that is not true.

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  3. Noldo

    I wish Wenger could read the comments on this site…because most of the players who the fans want us to sign, are players that we really need…

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  4. caribgooner

    That would be a very good signing so it is NOT going to happen….typical Arsenal

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  5. ardi

    wenger plz buy big in January Suarez Fellini Zaha Reina if arsenal wants to win anything and sell Ramsey gervinho arshavin fabianski chamakh Sqolaqi etc

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  6. Uche

    Another day another rumor. You guys do realize that if we were to take all these rumors seriously, then arsenal will be signing fifty or more players in January alone. We cannot take any of this stuff seriously. But of course we need something to talk about so it is okay to just talk and then keep expectations very low.

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  7. nick

    I thought he looked very good and versatile. I hope this one is true.

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    Arsenal FC is living in PAST GLORY. Its either Wenger go for modern coaching courses or the club look for a more current tactical coach. Its as simple as that.

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  9. GunnerCPH

    I don’t get why Arsenal can’t be ruthless.

    In the transfer market we rarely get the players we need because of either unwillingness to spend what clubs want or spend before other clubs swoop in.

    On the pitch Arsenal never, ever play with cynicism, unlike other top teams like ManU, Juve, Real etc. We rarely have players commit necessary fouls in efforts to stop counter attacks. Instead we pass the ball around forever without any intend whatsoever in Arsene’s misguided attempts at winning EPL popularity contest.

    More incisivness. More cynicism. More passion!

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  10. atid

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  11. leo

    Arsenal are looking to sign between 3-5 players in January. Unheard of in the AW era acc to media reports arsenal sources adrian lopez/huntelaar/holtby or zaha & kuzmanovic or another cdm whoever is cheaper

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  12. ArsenalFAN

    I would love this to be true… Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa is a fantastic player! He would add a massive amount of grit and steal to our team. We NEED him. He will be like the new PV!

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  13. Dan


    First of all its obvious we have to nick huntelaar on the cheap because we’re desperate for a goalscorer.

    But second on the list should be this guy. He bossed the game against us the other week. He’s French aswell which Wenger will obviously love.

    He can play in front of the back 4. But i’d love to see him and Koscielny as a defencive pair. They’re both solid and know what they’re doing.

    Fingers crossed the rumours are true.

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  14. Gunners

    Ive had enough of frech league players. Most of them flop and the ones that dont are greedy. Lets look into the belgian and spanish market…those players fit into epl nicely.

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  15. Somtee

    He is very good and good for Arsenal but what i am worried about is that he commits way too many fouls and we all know how we concede from set pieces every season

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  16. ks-gunner

    i remember Mbiaw saying that he is not intersted for an Arsenal transfer ….and that he prefers Ac a move to Ac Milan….

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  17. Gooner 1

    Arsenal board is so greeting,Gaziides can’t wait to sell and have more money FOR THE KITTY,GAZIDES SHOULD TRY AND SELL WENGER FOR 50 MILLIONS. BIG MONEY GAZIDES THAT SHOULD MAKE YOU AND THE BOARD VERY HAPPY.

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