Striker reveals reason for Arsenal snub

Mirallas Says He Choose Everton Over Arsenal by AM

Everton’s latest signing Kevin Mirallas has revealed that he rejected Arsenal in favour of Everton to gain more playing time. The former Olympiakos forward confirmed few days back that Arsenal were after him. Back then he said –

‘There is still a chance I will move to the Premier League.’

‘My agent is having talks with Arsenal, those rumours are true.’

‘Only Olympiacos is in the way. They want £6 million and not a penny less. But if the move doesn’t come through, I am happy to stay in Athens.’

He was then asked if a deal may happen, to which he replied:

‘Yes, it’s good. Thomas plays very good at Arsenal and now a lot of Belgian players are in the Premier League.’

‘(Moving to England) It’s good for me, it’s good for my family and it’s a good opportunity, but I don’t know…it’s possible.’

But it seems like Mirallas chose Everton since he wasn’t sure of getting into the starting eleven of the Arsenal squad. He also said that Marouane Fellaini also convinced him to join the Merseyside club. Mirallas said to the press –

“Discussions (with Arsenal) were at quite an advanced stage, but it was totally down to me to make the decision. From the word go, I was impressed with how much the manager wanted me here.

“What’s important to me is to get plenty of time on the field. I think I will get the opportunity to play more games and more minutes with Everton. Obviously Marouane was a factor too. He told me Everton was a big club with a family spirit around the place.

“Not only did he help me coming here, but he’ll help me settle in. It’s nice to have a fellow countryman around the place.”

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37 thoughts on “Striker reveals reason for Arsenal snub

  1. QiwjeHdjfkfl

    That’s a good decision for him as he will get more time there I don’t think arsenl need .
    Glad to see a footballer putting playininfringing of glamour and money respect to mirrallas

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  2. OhToBeAGooner

    True . He is gonna do good at Everton with Pienaar beside him and Jelavic , big ups to him for not pursing money but for the love of the game , good man , hope he does well for the Toffees !

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  3. Nr

    I watched him against england. He is decent but i dnt rate him above podolski or giroud. I can’t wait for the sahin deal. I think any deal after that is wenger being kind to the fans.

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  4. Chylix

    We Want Sahin Deal To Be Official . From U.S.A (New York)ARSENAL TILL THE DEATH OF ME.

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  5. light

    football over wages + fame

    a certain dutchman should take note wink wink

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  6. wez the gooner

    this shows us though that wenger is after a striker, and now he has failed to get mirallas in who could be his next target?

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  7. Gunners4life

    All I’m waiting to see now is Sahin putting on the gunners jersey, Mirallas is a good player I think he is not ready to fight for his spot according to the Article.

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  8. john 3:16

    A deal has been agreed for Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin to move to Arsenal. Yann M’Vila will be next and a stiker too, possibly Javier Hernandez.

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  9. john 3:16

    I would like to see a backup goalkeeper, a versatile defender and a striker brought in before the transfer window shuts as well as Nuri Sahin and Yann M’Vila (if the price is right!)

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  10. OhToBeAGooner

    John 3:16 – where possibly could M’vila go AND the new defender ? its one or the other , Wenger said ONE midfielder not two . IF m’vila is brought in , its to help out the cdm role same with sahin , both are unlikely but could happen .

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  11. J_phizzle

    Chicharito will be staying put. We have a better shot at Llorente or some young talented strikers.

    I doubt we will pick up Llorent either, but I hope I’m wrong

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  12. john 3:16

    I also think that we definitely need a new left-back now, especially if Andre Santos goes to jail for 2 years if he is found guilty of dangerous driving (at 130 mph while being chased by Police) and failing to stop.

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  13. john 3:16

    @ French Fries

    I don’t know why he would fail to stop but the Police started following him because he was driving erratically and weaving in and out of traffic and then they started chasing him and he wouldn’t stop and they didn’t manage to stop him and arrest him until they were outside the Arsenal training ground. If the case goes to crown court there is a good chance he will be facing a jail sentence.

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  14. ArsenalWilson

    @ Bob Dylan and others… What’s the fixation with Dempsey? I’m American and I still don’t see it. Where would he play?

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  15. N7Gooner

    Why the hell are people getting excited over Sahin on every page? It’s a loan deal. Big f@#king whoop. By loaning in a RMA young player all we’re doing is stating outright that we are a feeder club.

    Anyone who wants Sahin in on loan wants Arsenal to deteriorate as a club.

    If we’re bringing players in, GREAT. If they’re “big clubs” youngsters on loans, we’re just showing that we’re here to train your players up and send them back…

    What a joke.

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  16. Bob Dylan

    @arsenalwilson I just want the dam Texan, premier league experience can play behind the striker on the wing, proven goal scorer, wants to leave fulham so will come cheap, also need more strikers because I hope we will be going for 4-4-2 as wenger said formation didn’t work well last game

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  17. john 3:16

    BUY: Sakho £14m, Sahin (loan) M’Vila £16m, Chicharito £16m

    SELL: Djourou £5.3m, Squllaci £1.3m, Arshavin £7.9m, Chamakh £4.8m, Park 3.5m, Bendtner £7.5m

    Total spent this transfer window: £86.2m including Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud

    Total sold this transfer window: £75.4m including Song, Van Persie and Vela

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  18. Ben Greenwood

    well at least this shows that wenger is indeed looking to bring in another striker before the end of next week.. that is promising! can’t wait to see who it is!

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  19. craig2500

    Santos proving what we already knew, not an Arsenal first team member. Number 11 should be released and wave goodbye.

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  20. The Gooner

    @ John 3:16, why on earth would we spend 14 mil on Sakho? He’s apparently going to be struggling for playing time as it as and 14 mil is an awful lot for a center back (and for Wenger). This doesn’t even take into consideration that he’d be a back-up for us…I also don’t think Chicharito will be leaving Utd this year. He’ll probably make a decision on his future after he sees how the year plays out.

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  21. john 3:16

    I’d love to see Baines (as first choice left back) and Jagielka (as third choice centre back who can also cover at right back) at Arsenal for a combined fee of about £25m

    We could make that money back by selling the deadwood such as Djourou, Squillaci, Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner and Park.

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  22. AFC_Gooner

    Just heard about Andre Santos getting chased by the police – if it was really serious he’d have been arrested but there’s no reports of that, yet.
    3-6 month driving ban maybe? Anyone want a job as a chauffeur?

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  23. craig2500

    for me day one Santos has not resembled a left back, anyone disliking this is fake because everone has said it. AL~SO defenders should not be wearing numbers 11 and number 10

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  24. AmericanGooner

    Well if Santos is locked up then I would fully expect Leighton Baines or more likely Cheikh M’Bengue to be purchased.

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  25. Ben

    Everton are a better side and are better managed than Liverpool, they will probably be fighting with them and Newcastle for top six. Considering how much Moyes has to spend he does amazingly well season after season. I hope he’ll be in the running to replace Wenger when he retires, fantastic manager. Can’t speak highly enough of him. I think he deserves to be managing in the CL. I’d love for Everton to finish fourth, behind us. I’m hoping AVB is a HUGE failure at the Spuds. I hope Fulham finishes above them. In a just world, they’d be in the non league where they belong.

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  26. uchesam

    All Thanks 2 wenger for signing sahin….but we still need anoda striker nd m’vila….plsss up gunners

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