Sunderland vs. Arsenal Confirmed team, Preview and Live Stream

With a few injuries to worry about, but a week before the next Arsenal match, Arsene Wenger could pick his strongest side possible to get a result from a tough visit to Sunderland. Lee Cattermole returns to an already physical side so the Gunners can expect a midfield battle. That may be why Ramsy will partner Arteta and Diaby will start on the bench.

Great news at the back as Koscielny passed a late fitness test so will partner Mertesacker in the centre, giving us a good combination of speed and height with plenty of experience. Cazorla comes in for Oxlade-Chamberlain, so there is plenty of creativity in the team.

Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Arteta, Ramsey, Wishere
Walcott, Giroud, Cazorla

Martin O’Neill has not started his new signing from Swansea, Danny Graham. He wants to keep it tight, and is playing with Stephen Fletcher as a lone striker. Arsenal must work hard and fight for the right to play our more fluent football, just like last week against Stoke.

We have to get the win to go above Everton and keep pace with Spurs, so we cannot afford to be too patient if we don’t get an early goal.

Sunderland vs. Arsenal will be on

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175 thoughts on “Sunderland vs. Arsenal Confirmed team, Preview and Live Stream

  1. tw14

    @ JADON
    you are asshole
    walcott greedy?
    ramsey not good enough?

    and you call yourself a FAN
    f*ck of this site

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  2. KC

    @Big Gun,

    Yea, you know it’s not about disliking the kid, it’s about an honest assessment of his play. We are playing very good football today. But Ramsey has been poor. He’s been poor for about 12 months. But fans are blind to his play.

    If he does better this half I’ll be the first to acknowledge it. But if he’s crap, I’ll say that too. It’s not just Gerviho, Schillacci, and Santos that have to be held accountable for their skill level. Everyone does…

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  3. AFCEdwards

    This commentator seems to think that Arsenal players can’t be fouled no matter what and that if the wind knocked a Sunderland player over then it would be a penalty.

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  4. Reddb10

    Seriously Arsene is Diaby going to be your play maker?
    Where the F$$k is Rosisky?

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  5. daniel

    the reason that wasn’t a penalty was that the ball wasn’t retrievable when he fell, so it wasn’t a goal scoring opportunity, if you can’t get to the ball, you can’t shoot, and if you don’t shoot you can’t score no matter how close to the goal you are.

    I’m tired of players waiting for a defender to tackle and then kicking the ball away just so that they get “fouled” in the penalty area

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  6. JADON


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  7. KC

    Aaron Ramsey…Guys are you kidding me…? I’m picking on him right…? It wasn’t his fault right…?

    Give me a break. His song should be, “I’m Aaron Ramsey, I Give the Ball Away!”

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  8. daniel

    give me a replay of the tackle ffs so that i can see if it was a good tackle and blame ramsey or a foul so i can blame the referee!

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  9. Teamblazer

    We need an experience midfielder, the ones we sold.
    This team is good with much more play time together but Ramsey; God help us,
    Needs a miracle..Arsene, pls smell the coffee. With injuries & now red card, how are we to win a trophies ??

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  10. JADON


    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 9

  11. ks-gunner

    sloppy challange down to 10….put another cb in and defend the lead….hahah if he had one…wenger genius

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  12. Reddb10

    I hate wenger giving his B#####t excuses as much as the next guy but how can jenkinson get two yellows for three fouls and cattermole gets one yellow for six fouls.
    PL refs are a total joke

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  13. lifeasagooner

    Jenkinson, Per, Santos and Squillaci are all crap and no where even close to the level required to compete for trophies.
    You cannot possibly expect this club to ever win anything again until the neglected defensive frailties and sheer incompetence are addressed by buying in quality defenders – and they never will be under Wenger because he doesn’t seem to see it.

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  14. PerryAmes

    Haven’t seen the game yet but I’ve said for a long time premier refs are corrupt and are very anti arsenal

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  15. Tamil Sundram

    we have been lucky!!

    but why not RVP united has always been lucky too…

    Ramsay has been good at RB….

    he has found his position..

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  16. AFCEdwards

    Sagna MOTM for me, what an outstanding player, what he’s lost in pace from his injury he makes up for in raw defensive talent. What a player

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  17. jon

    WTF, why can’t anybody hit the target. Every time it’s either over or wide.

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  18. KC

    Cazorla – EXCELLENT
    Sagna – EXCELLENT
    Szczesny – EXCELLENT
    Wilshere – Great until injury
    Walcott – Good until substitution

    Rest of the team worked hard and wanted.

    We still lack title winning quality in too many areas of the pitch.

    And, yes, sorry to say it Arsenal fans, but Aaron Ramsey is one of those players lacking the quality!

    He did better at right back, but that isn’t saying much.

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  19. Jackson

    Sagna, Szcensey, Carzola played were phenomenal, Jenkinson was a jerk almost gave me a heart attack n 3 points, Giroud n Walcott pass the freaking ball. We should have scored 5 goals with 11 and 3 with 10

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  20. Thala

    Sagna is the MOTM.
    Wenger is gonna Kill Giroud.
    Jenkinson Should have done better, his blunder would have Cost Arsenal.
    Mert lacks Stamina. He is helpless if players gets behind him
    Nacho was Flawless.
    Sczeney Should concentrate more, So many errors.
    Theo should work on his passing,Weight in passes r less.
    Santi all-round performance.
    Arteta had a good game.
    Willy – World class, looked tired. Good Wenger sub him.
    Ramsey Irritates sometimes , But wat a Engine he has. Good work rate.

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