Swansea vs. Arsenal Confirmed Teams, Preview and Live Stream

Arsenal have never gone out of the FA cup at this stage since Arsene Wenger took the reins over 16 years ago. The Arsenal players have no intention of starting now, and the words of Le Prof in the build up to this ghame will have left them in no doubt that this game is vital for the club.

Swansea have home advantage and a passionate crowd. They also have the confidence of having beat us 2-0 a month ago. Arsenal have got much better since then, and Swansea are bound to have one eye on the Capital One cup tie against Chelsea on Wednesday. They have never been to a final at Wembley and that is surely their best chance.

Arsenal have almost a full strength squad to choose from and should be raring to go. Wenger wants to win to keep building the confidence of the team and he knows that this competition is the best chance of a trophy for the Gunners. Arsenal have a great history in the FA cup, our 10 victories just one behind the 11 of Manchester United.

Laudrup has done Arsenal a favour by resting the top scorer Michu, Rangel and the captain Ashley Williams.

Arsenal line up
Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey
Walcott, Giroud, Cazorla

There is no reason we shouldn’t win this one Come On You Gunners

Swansea vs. Arsenal will be on Justlivestreaming.com

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337 thoughts on “Swansea vs. Arsenal Confirmed Teams, Preview and Live Stream

  1. Machine-Gunner

    Like I just sed, what a game gibbs is having and then he scores hahaha okay next I predict an Arteta rocket haha

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  2. chileangunner

    we must lose or win, coz if we play replay, wenger gonna say we are tired, we play soo many games and a lot of shit if we lose.

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  3. Arsenal4Life

    Swansea was lucky today. They created nothing but scored 2. We got 1 week before we play the next game, Wenger has to bring some players in!!

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  4. daniel

    piece of shit defence for the corner, the guy was just standing there waiting for a pass, there were three players and not one of them thought it might be good to MARK him!!!

    i’m bloody shaking with rage, how hard is it to keep a goal up for 7 minutes!!!

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  5. juhislihis

    Bench Ramsey

    Buy CDM, A Fullback, A Winger and A Striker. And no f’n Ligue 1 quality, proven badass clinical TOPTOP CLASS players!

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  6. lifeasagooner


    zonal marking = fail
    mertesacker = fail (Bartley was better than Per).

    Our midfield still cant seem to understand how to thread passes through for Theo to run on to – cesc, song, samir etc all used to have that skill but so far we are missing that ability.

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  7. CUT

    Kyle Bartley sold to swansea for 1m in 2012…played better than matasacker

    Gobbs played with passion and pride = man of the match

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  8. DanO

    Unlucky,good performance second half should have won it,we will finish dem at the emirates

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  9. andy bishop

    we had swansea totally on the ropes in the second half. Still could not win…any team can pick our pockets. we had four chance to clear with headers before they got their second…this happens week in week out

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  10. GunnerG

    Told u I’m a believer! not a good match to say the least, but we made it through for now.

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  11. SlengTeng

    what a great game! All the whinging ‘fans’ who were making those comments, need to just support the team and enjoy it

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  12. James

    Whenever we used to play teams like these I always used to be 100% confident that the Arsenal would dominate and steam-roll over them like a bunch of cockroaches. Now, even playing against a mid-table club like Swansea makes me worried.

    We shouldn’t be drawing like this against these teams. If anything, maybe once every now and then because yeah sometimes every club has an off-day. But with Arsenal’s case, it’s week in – week out, almost like a mid-table club.

    It’s so depressing, man -.-

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  13. Ergs

    Good result considering i thought we were going to loose!
    We’re not going to win the FA cup or the Champions league.
    We’re not good enough we’re missing something in squad I’m still not convinced our pattern of play is there we look like individuals not a collective unit.
    Wenger has this month to try and blend us together or will be petering out again this season in February.

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  14. CUT

    cant help feeling that wenger has lumbered us with couple of more deadwoods ie Matasacker, Giroud

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  15. Ergs

    Ps stop talking about goals conceded Swansea could argue the same thing about our goals.

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  16. dboy

    Oh no replay moore injury risk and more fatigue. Cazola really suffering from fatigue Wenger will turn him into another Arshavin at the rate he’s going. LOVE ARSENAL HATE YOU KNOW WHO!!!!!

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  17. AFCEdwards

    We drew away at Swansea and played much better than them and most of you act as if we got knocked out 5-0 by a non-league team, no wonder the Arsenal fans have such a bad rep…

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  18. mdu in Durban

    I’m sick and tired of Swansea bloody team mxm at emerites we must just destroy them and embarrass them at the same time

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  19. ks-gunner

    Laurent Koscielny should be started week and week out….desepeointed we are in desperate need for new players…a Dm is a must,a winger and a suarez a like striker…..mvilla,iscoo,villa/lopez

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  20. Ergs

    No top top player would join us anymore!
    The money on offer is rubbish!
    It’s good money if your an average player!!
    Because off Wenger’s social wage structure!
    We are a top 6 side at the moment nothing more.
    Stop asking for top players we can’t get players like cavani and isco.
    We don’t have he silverware to persuade anyone anymore.
    If your a top player would you join Arsenal knowing Andre santos is on £10k less a week only then you lol
    NO WAY!!!!!!!!

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  21. goonertron

    Giroud had a great game, start more please and Walcot got to stop taking set pieces, get on the wing.

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  22. A to the gunner

    Despite conceeding cheaply my man of the match is Koscielny.he has passion in his movement,passing and tackle.Gibbs and Wilshere follow but truely i still do not understand why wenger dismissed Demba Ba…first game and he scores but Giroud after every three games.c’mon wenger give Arsenal funs reasons to believe…buy Now and early.

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  23. haxxxan

    we were playing with 10 men literally because ramsey was deployed on the left wing. seriously man left wing for ramsey??? has wenger lost it? i feel for poor ramsey… a CAM is playing on the left wing for a big club! and when podolski came to that same left wing, we tored swansea apart! play people on their right postions wenger!

    what is sagna doing? is he not interested anymore? had a horrible horrible southampton game and then now this! jenkinson is a dedicated arsenal lad. bring him in for sagna!

    cazorla is off lately… give him rest and bring rosicky!

    we just made 1 sub? what was wenger thinking? selling the 2 unused subs chances in the market for more money for the hungry board??

    arteta needs rest too. played every game. we dont have a top replacement for arteta either.

    there are so many weaknesses i can point out but it will take us hours to read that!

    come on wenger spend on some quality players man! 50million pounds in our hands and we are window shopping!! :x

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  24. vinie2000

    What has happened to Sagna? Simple..No new contract to one of the most consistent defenders in EPL and giving new contract to some flops like Ramsey longer ones..if you are working for a company and giving your best and the bosses reward those who perform less than you,how do you feel? He had the injury and tried his best after coming out but lately all the uncertentity about his future he feels maybe its time to go somewhere else.Dont tell me Jakinson is the answer..give sagna 2 more years and you will see the OLD BACARY BACK..it is unfair to giving stick when there are others underperforming for months and years.Bring a DM to solidify that defense and another striker ASAP.

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