Swansea will not sell Michu to Arsenal

The Spanish forward Michu has been one of the revelations of the Premier league this season and has caught the interest of the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, who has praised his qualities already. Despite usually being played as an attacking midfielder or support striker, Michu has relished his forward role and responded by scoring 14 league goals already this season, two against the Gunners.

That is why his manager at Swansea, Michael Laudrup, has issued a hands off warning to Arsenal and any other clubs plotting a January swoop for the 26-year old. His boss believes he is perfectly happy where he is, and the club has no intention of letting him go. He has a contract with the Welsh club until 2015, which they will be trying to extens soon, I am sure.

“There is no way he will leave. It is absolutely out of the question. One reason is that it is so difficult to get someone in right now. The second is that he is happy here and doesn’t want to leave.

“Newcastle have just lost their top scorer mid-season, and that is obviously very bad, especially because it is not easy to find a guy who scores goals like him.”

With a smallish squad and a midweek Capital One cup game against Chelsea coming, Laudrup would have liked to be able to rest Michu, along with some others who have played a lot of games, but he will probably resist the temptation. He feels that the presence of Michu is important for the morale of his team and for keeping the opposition worried. Arsenal will certainly be keeping a close watch on him today if he plays.

Swanse vs. Arsenal will be on Justlivestreaming.com

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36 thoughts on “Swansea will not sell Michu to Arsenal

  1. kieran

    Doesnt matter.Wenger wudnt bid 4 him even if he cud get him 4 free proven wit de holtby signin.

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  2. Pat Rice

    Can we buy some1 who’s quality already, I mean what’s the hold up, we need reinforcement more than Chelsea, Tottenham, etc.

    And if we are buying quality players, can we go to either spain, or germany, or any other league besides the french ligue 1.

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  3. Jambo

    @ Pat Rice, Our most recent big purchases – Mert, Santi, Podolski, have all come from either Germany or Spain!

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  4. Jamie

    I have such high expectations of this transfer window cos there is a lot of talent out there. However there’s just a niggling voice in the back of my head that tells me little or nothing will happen and seeing stories about Olsson and others makes me doubt more.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall in AW’s office, but some how I don’t think I would come with a high opinion of him.

    Villa, m’vila, zaha, hewedes and shaw please 45 mil well spent!!!

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  6. lifeasagooner

    Barcelona will not sell Messi to Arsenal.

    (An equally suprising revelation).

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  7. LOR£N$O

    You are wrong. If a club like Arsenal came calling, Michu would pack his bags overnight and leave. No one likes Wales. Except Arron Ramsey.

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  8. PatLloyd

    why the f**k are spuds now favourites to sign Zaha and QPR favourites for m’vila. Wenger get moving before everyones lost!

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  9. mighty

    Enough of arsenal has been linked with this or that just signe a good players please simple.

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  10. Greg

    They can keep him!we got a load of talent already theo the ox wilshere and cazorla with David villa almost on the way!

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  11. sKeeza

    Apparently wengers been told we can’t have messi! Just saying!

    This article sucks goat dick!

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  12. Invincibles nice (1)

    We own this cup.
    R Madrid own the CL, manu own the PL, the Arsenal own the FA cup. Hopefully one day soon we’ll take the CL cup for a season, then hopefully we will make up the difference in PL titles on manu. But for now this is our cup to lose. COYG

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  13. dalinho

    Wenger takes so long to sign a player that if he even wanted michu it would go on till feb and be to late!! Also our wage struckture is all Wenger’s doing and thinks every1 should be on the same wages n that’s why Rvp,Nasri etc laughed at him n left!! Djourou will be bk next season as wenger reject Hannover the option to buy as he loves djourou cleaning every1′s boots!! So isco is availible for 15 mil n nasri or fabregas need to be replaced BUT Chelsea look like they want him even tho they beat Arsenal to Hazard n Mata and Wenger will probs say he was to busy trying to buy Mcarthy from wigan which is a much more important signing! Wanyama is the man we need so I’m expecting to see coqulien be the man while Wenger remains the top earner in the Arsenal squad by a long way!

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  14. chisha

    i used to love Wenger but the Wenger of old is gone jus like his age. Even the team doesnt believe in him. arsenal is no longer a big club it cant even buy a big player. So i laugh with us if we linked with a player jus know we not gettin him chances as higher if his French. And thats the reason also Wenger is failin cause there are no good French players even Giroud is not arsenal class. Look at harry at QPR his team is not winnin cause they dont have the right players so its not the coach but the right combination of players of which Wenger seems to get wrong. Thats y we loosing and will not win anything until Wenger steps down. His done all he can do now its only his pride in the way. But his time has been due for a while now

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  15. Grimey

    This site is getting worse. Journalism should be about bringing impotent issues to public attention. all you have to do to publish a story on this site is to force feed a rabid dog a bag full of player names and write a story about whoever it vomits up.

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  16. James

    Swansea are merely a mid-table club yet the manager has the balls to fend off any clubs tempted to buy his star player.

    Why can’t Arsenal do the same bloody thing?!

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    off coarse they wont sell us michu they would much rather keep there stars than have the money in the bank its whats known as building a football team mr wenger.

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  18. Wilshere

    I just pray that we lost the match today so that some akb’s will wake up and smell the coffee…if wenger leaves arsenal it is then that will knw weda tz d board or wenger that refuse to spend

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  19. machiavelli

    can we trade him for ramsey? that would be a dream come true for me lol

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    I wish one day God will help us (Arsenal) not our Wenger. Please God help us.

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  21. lhkhnkjnj

    barcelona will not sell messi to arsenal

    write this article and everyone vl like it and your site will have billion hits in an hour

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  22. Damian the Boss

    This is article is shit! Most of his goals come from mistakes, wenger wouldnt even make a bid.

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