Szczesny desperate for Arsenal to win the FA Cup

Wojciech Szczesny is intent on beating Blackburn this weekend and is clearly wanting to open his trophy account by going on to win the competition. The Polish international said: “As you know, we’re desperate for a trophy – so we hope we can give our fans something to cheer in the FA Cup.

“It’s massive for us. We’re three wins away from a final at Wembley now so we’ll give it everything.”

“I really don’t care about goals conceded as long as we win the game – I’d rather win 3-2 than draw 0-0, for example.

“I’m going to make saves and make mistakes, too.

“But I’m doing my best and just want to make sure I’m as consistent as possible. At my age, that’s something you really want to achieve.”

With Bayern Munich coming up in midweek, it is certain that Wenger will be making some changes for the (easier?) game against Blackburn, but the 22 year-old is not worried which defenders line up in front of him.

“I think you understand that players rotate for different competitions – we have a lot of good options in our squad.” he said. “All our defenders have similar qualities so it doesn’t really make a difference who plays.

“As a goalkeeper you have to try and organise your defence in every game and that doesn’t change.

“I’m used to each of our players and how to play with them.”

With Kosciely injured and Vermaelen likely to be given more time to rest his ankle, Szczesny is likely to find himself organizing a very different back four against Blackburn, but surely we can keep our winning run going against the Championship side?

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14 thoughts on “Szczesny desperate for Arsenal to win the FA Cup

  1. green gunner

    This lad deserves a trophy. As do all the young lads on the team. Nothing better for morale than winning something.

    Arsenal 3
    Blackburn 0

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  2. Dave

    Keep a clean sheet and let the attackers do their thing and we’ll be sweet Wojiciech.

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  3. Big Gun

    Thanks Szczes, keep up the great spirit and command in those goals. You are a great keeper

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  4. koolio

    Dont get complacent like most of the commentors on this site are looking to be. Hopefully we do win 3-0, but its more likely to be a tight game, and we could end up losing. Keep caution and play the way Arsenal do, and we will win.

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  5. Absolute prince

    I see a rough handling of blackburn by the Gunners. Maybe another 7-1 repeat of last season.

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  6. rob

    bale over wilshere? Two completely different players and if you look back to the last Arsenal v Tottenham game, wilshere dominated bale, hense why the moron started ‘diving’.

    Dont get me wrong bale is a good player, hes got a big future infront of him, but you cant compare a Left winger to a Centre Midfielder.

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  7. Dan

    Save most of the starters for Bayern, this weekend we should be playing the likes of Rosicky, Arshavin, Diaby.

    Plenty of experience will beat Blackburn, then we can prepare ourselves for a proper f**king from Bayern at the Emirates next week.

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  8. Kjacko

    Need schez to step up Tuesday like de Gea did, perhaps then we can stay in the tie!

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  9. Gooner4life

    As are we all Wojciech, as are we all. And if the WHOLE team can keep up this mentality and have a consitency to our game for the rest of the season, there’s no reason why we can’t win one. No more silly individual mistakes please, then I’ll be happy!

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