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Adam Kemp – This summer just proves that Wenger MUST leave Arsenal

In life you get what you pay for, except if you’re an Arsenal Supporter! by Adam Kemp

As all the readers are probably aware, I have been as active in my posts as Arsenal has been in the transfer market this summer. I have bided my time and patiently pondered all the big name signings arriving at the Emirates. As of the 1st September 2013 Arsenal has acquired two signings on a free transfer. Initially Sanogo arrived with talk of being one for the future but now he is the second choice striker behind Giroud. The recent signing of the AC Milan reject genuinely repulses and angers me. All throughout Arsene’s cleverly worded press conferences, he states that the quality of the player comes first. Well the quality of Flamini is, without doubt, inferior to most of linked names this summer.

Adam Kemp: Time for Arsenal to sack Wenger before it’s too late!

Adam Kemp – Time to say goodbye to Arsene Wenger after another unbelievable result!

Arsenal has not won a single piece of silverware under Wenger since 2005 and the trophy drought will almost certainly continue. Arsene Wenger cannot look at this result as a one off as we have been dumped out of two cups by lower league opposition. Arsene Wenger is a complete joke as he cannot shape a team capable of delivering consistent performances. To assess our results this season is all competitions confirms that we are struggling to compete with the top teams. Arsenal have lost and drawn far too many games that in years gone by were a simple formality. Since our move to the Emirates we have progressively weakened the team and the only man to blame is the coach.

Adam Kemp – Wenger must shoulder the blame for Arsenal’s incompetence

Another must win game goes begging after a dreadful team performance. by Adam Kemp

Arsenal’s proud tradition of competing at the top seems to be dwindling away as so does Champions League qualification. Today was a must win game given that Everton and Spurs are in pole position to grab the only trophy associated with Arsenal of recent seasons. I mean the trophy for finishing fourth which is far more important than the League and FA Cups. Wenger is content to finish fourth as long as he can reach this aim he will not sign ‘special players’ to improve the team. Today we were reckless and Koscielny was an utter disgrace for rugby tackling Dzeko at the start of the match. Cost-Points-Shelly has a habit of doing this in important games and he has let all the fans down yet again. Nevertheless even with ten men the inability to defend or penetrate the final third is just inexcusable for a club like Arsenal.

Adam Kemp – Why can’t Wenger motivate brilliant Arsenal players?

Woeful Gunners cannot even beat Southampton as our rivals extend the gap. by Adam Kemp

Arsenal may have won four games in a row in the Premier League however they have been far from convincing. We have ridden our luck recently and I am getting pig sick of these players failing to be consistent throughout the season. It took three dubious penalties against West Brom and Wigan, which certainly gifted us six points as we failed to create anything from open play. I have been saying all season we do not create enough chances consistently and today we failed to break down another team full of inferior players. It is unacceptable that a team like Tottenham can have thirty-four attempts against Reading and we can only muster one shot on target against a team of similar quality.

Adam Kemp: Arsenal officially in a crisis yet – Time to revolt!

Adam Kemp – The crisis deepens!

Arsenal crashed out of the Capital One Cup after a ‘shock’ penalty shoot-out defeat to the ‘mighty’ Bradford City after the game ended at a stalemate. I use the term shock loosely as the battle between David and Goliath was actually not the case. Bradford City was far more effective on the ball and the precision of their tactics was class.

Adam Kemp – An UNACCEPTABLE result from Arsenal – Wenger Out!

Enough is Enough! Wenger Out Now! by Adam kemp

Here we are and yet another pathetic and humiliating performance all round! How dare I start to criticise the great man that is Arsene Wenger! I mean he has only built a team this season capable of winning the league at the very least. I think the team is so complete that Van Persie must be having severe regrets about leaving. Oh if Carlsberg did Arsenal? C’mon guys wake the hell up and see the light. Wenger has to go! Sack this miserable mirage of what used to resemble the legend that was. This man is a joke and deserves to put out of his misery like an aged race horse! After my last article I read some very uneducated comments that still blindly had references towards to the past. Stop living in the past and move on to the present and consider the future.

Adam Kemp – Wenger is turning Arsenal into the new Liverpool…….

Oh the wins keep coming, coming and coming! by Adam Kemp

Arsenal’s league form is almost an illustration of the age and impotence of the once great Wenger. As this man ages without grace his methods seem to be dissipating from under his grasp! The lack of creativity and clinical finishing has seen Arsenal fire blanks with a sense of utter embarrassment. Wenger may be taking Viagra to fix his personal impotence and yet refuses to purchase the quality players that we need to put the spunk back in our play!

Adam Kemp – Top Four will be a miracle for Arsenal!

Adam Kemp – At least I’m consistent unlike the Arsenal!

Many of you love to ask me ‘why do you never write anything when we win?’ Well if we won on a consistent basis and actually played the old Arsenal way I may just do that! After the apparent 5 – 2 demolition of Spurs last weekend and the midweek win over Montpellier I bet you were all really excited. To be honest that win over Spurs was only achievable due to the sending off of Adebarndoor! If he was not dismissed then the result probably would have been different! Against Montpellier we were flat and got some luck with the goals. Giroud had a good game creating the goals and to be honest he was again the only player who was any decent today!

Adam Kemp – Is this the worst Arsenal Team in Premier League history?

Adam Kemp – Is this the worst Arsenal Team in Premier League history?

Today was a massive opportunity for Arsenal to go out and prove all the doubters wrong by annihilating an inferior Fulham side at home. After twenty minutes or so you would have possibly believed that we could actually deliver some kind of performance. The same old Arsenal syndrome captured the players and they blew it again. This is without doubt the worst Arsenal team that has ever played under the reign of Arsene Wenger and they need a miracle to finish fourth. How ashamed do you all feel watching these inadequate players pretending to be Arsenal players? We do not have any world class footballers in the team and the poor results reflect this!

Adam Kemp – Arsenal’s faults are obvious and Wenger must go!

Stuttering Arsenal continue to underperform with another lacklustre performance against Schalke. by Adam Kemp

The rollercoaster ride that is Arsenal has begun to loop round once again this season. From the sublime to the ridiculous; who am I kidding – from the average to the ridiculous? What is compelling about our underperformance this season is the fact that we have failed to score in 33% of our games this season. We have played twelve games and fired blanks on four occasions which demonstrates that this team has lost its ability to penetrate in the final third. The Carrow Road syndrome was repeated tonight against better opposition and we were severely outclassed. To manage one measly shot on target against an average European side at home is without doubt a disgrace.

Adam Kemp – Another year, Another Arsenal captain leaves (What respect?)

He leaves when he wants, he leaves when he wants, he’s Robin Van Persie and he leaves when he wants. by Adam Kemp

In most teams a captain is supposed to demonstrate fierce loyalty, inspire his teammates and represent the club’s philosophies. Unfortunately the captain’s armband at Arsenal is signified as a price tag for its most prized asset. Hopefully Arshavin, Bendtner, Denilson, Squillaci and Park will all have a shout of being appointed captain anytime soon. Arsenal has not even had a semi loyal captain since Gallas and even he defected to Spurs. Between Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger, there has been a royal cock up in how players are managed and rewarded.

Arsenal Debate: Is Adam Kemp wrong about Arsene Wenger?

It’s Time To Talk About Kemp – By JG

This is the one and only time I am going to write an article about Adam “the negativity spreader” Kemp. I for one am tired of reading his articles (which always say the exact same things every single time). The number one reason I find his articles so abrasive, is because he has tailored them to only present certain facts which support the argument he continually makes. He leaves out critical information (probably by choice) to make his argument sound plausible. The following paragraph/s debunk his entire argument.