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Is Arteta set to be Arsenal manager one day?

When Mikel Arteta decided to accept Arsene Wenger’s offer and move to Arsenal from Everton, I’m not sure if he realised that he would also be asked to change his style of play and move back into a more deep lying midfield role. But he accepted his new position with no complaints and has done sterling work for the Gunners ever since.

Flamini, Ozil and Ramsey to start for Arsenal at Hull?

It is about time that Arsenal started to have some good news on the injury front and it is very timely as well. After a punishing two hours of football and penalties at Wembley, the Gunners had to dig deep against a physical and hard working West Ham side, so Arsene Wenger will be glad of the opportunity to rest a few tired legs.

The Frenchman has given a very positive injury update on Arsenal.com in which he reveals that the Gunners could start with a completely different midfield trio when we travel north to face our FA cup final opponents Hull City on Sunday. Instead of Kim Kallstrom, Mikel Arteta and Santi Cazorla, Wenger might be able to start with Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Mathieu Flamini.

How badly will Flamini ban affect Arsenal?

We always knew that Mathieu Flamini’s return to Arsenal would come with a few disciplinary problems along the way. The French midfielder even managed to get on the wrong side of Arsene Wenger after he decided to circumvent club tradition and take a blunt pair of scissors to his Arsenal kit because the long sleeves were not to hi liking.

But his last indiscretion, picking up his 10th yellow card of the season, means that Arsenal have to do without him for the next two games. And with the Gunners going through a well publicised injury crisis, especially in midfield, what will the absence of Flamini mean to us?

Why Arsenal fans deserve more than Wenger is giving!!

The jury is in on Wenger by Big Gun

Deja vu Arsenal fans,;we find ourselves struggling for fourth place once again. One thing that will stick in my mind from over the weekend, besides our poor display against Everton, if you can even call it that, is something the commentator said. His words were along the lines of, ‘Arsenal have flaws in their genetic make-up, recurring issues that simply have not been resolved and continue to hamper their progress and consistency to becoming the dominant champions they once were.’ This is the sad truth. Every single season for the last couple of years, we witness the same old issues tearing our team apart and destroying any hopes of achieving more than a top four finish. (Hopefully the F.A. cup will be ours, but still not enough to deny the obvious.)

An African Gooner hoping that Arsenal repay fans’ sacrifice

If Only They Knew by Desire

My name is Desire. All this time I was always scared of writing an Arsenal article as people would criticize you for even attempting. I found out about Just Arsenal from a friend, think it was year 2012 if not early 2013. Since then I always log in daily, reading chats and enjoying comments. I always think it’s funny when another supporter thinks he is bigger than another.

Why are Arsenal chasing yet another goal-shy midfielder

Ask any Arsenal fan and he will be able to give you a long and detailed list of positions that need strengthening in the Gunners team. They will also have a lot of ideas if which players they would like to see coming to the Emirates this summer.

But I seriously doubt whether those lists will contain the position of a midfielder who is technically good but not particularly strong of fast and who has not scored a goal in over 50 games. So you are unlikely to see the name of Marco Verratti on any of those lists either, although the Metro have reported that the young Italian is being targeted by the Gunners for a £17 million summer transfer from his current club Paris Saint-Germain.

Preview, prediction and line-up for Everton v Arsenal

Everton vs Arsenal preview, line up and predicted score by KJ

After falling off from the top of the pack, Arsenal are now in a fight for 4th and this game is vital to achieving it. Win against Everton and we are guaranteed at least 4th considering our remaining fixtures, lose however and we’ll be on a tightrope until the end of the season.

Everton have improved considerably under Martinez and are difficult to beat at Goodison Park. They pass the ball quickly and press extremely well in numbers. This means that there is very little time to rest and get your breathe back before they bombard you again.

Why it is vital for Arsenal fans to stay positive

We have to stay positive! by D.A.

It’s safe to say that it’s not easy being an Arsenal fan. As well as experiencing the many highs of this season, we’ve also endured the lows. We now find ourselves precariously close to 5th spot, when only a couple of months ago, we were flying high at the top of the Premier League.

Fans give Arsenal strength and belief to succeed says Arteta

Whatever you think about Arsenal drawing with Man City at the weekend, I don’t think many would argue that the players put in a performance full of guts and fight, especially after a week that cannot be forgotten too soon. It may not have been the result the Gunners needed to get themselves back into the race for the Premier League title, but it should have been enough to stop the rot and ensure that the season does not end up a complete disaster.

Arsenal double pivot CAN work and must be used at Everton

After all the stick that has been given out to Mikel Arteta recently, the Arsenal vice-captain rose to the occasion for the tough test against Man City and proved, alongside the excellent Mathieu Flamini, that Arsenal can use the double pivot tactic in midfield.

The first few times that Arsene Wenger tried playing the Spaniard and the Frenchman together in central midfield, it did not look good and seemed to slow the Gunners up and deprive them of some cut and thrust going forward. But whether the players have just got more used to it or it just works at certain times against the stronger teams, I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that we need to use it again next weekend.

Arsenal mental strength is great omen for the future

It’s all in the mind Arsenal by T.B.

Sometimes you have to take your hat off and say well done everybody! Ok, Arsenal didn’t discover a cure for cancer or create a better world or scale Everest but we played our guts out to get a point against the most expensively gathered side in the land (the champions elect?) who all the critics gave us no chance against.

Official teams and preview of Arsenal v Man City

It is hard for Arsenal fans to get very excited about this game, which a few weeks ago looked like being a major fixture in the Premier League title race. It still is I suppose, but only for the team from Manchester. The truth is though, if the Gunners can somehow drag a decent performance and result from their injury depleted and morale battered squad, it will put us back in the hunt.

Arsene Wenger has reacted to Chamberlain’s recent poor form by dropping the young English midfielder to the bench and has given Lukas Podolski another chance to show that his finishing power can keep him at the Emirates and help the Gunners to pull off a shock.