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Have Arsenal transfer links changed Balotelli’s mind?

Over the last week or two there have been a number of stories in the papers and a lot of speculation that Arsenal were taking a keen interest in the situation of Mario Balotelli in Italy. Whatever the fans think of this, it was thought to be unlikely because of a vow he made not to play for any other Premier League club after leaving Man City.

With his current club AC Milan struggling in Serie A and looking like they will miss out on European football altogether next season, however, the likelihood of Mario looking for another club in the summer is growing. And perhaps the talented but eccentric striker has heard about the interest from the Gunners, because according to an ESPN report he has changed his tune somewhat.

Mario – Super enough or too mad for Arsenal?

Football writers and Arsenal fans will all be expecting Arsene Wenger to spend some money in the summer and the number one target for most people would be a top class striker. But getting the right player, no matter how much cash you splash, is not that easy. Just ask Chelsea and Liverpool who spent big money on Torres and Carroll.

So despite the fact that he is clearly a talented player with an impressive scoring record and Premier League experience, there are doubts about whether Mario Balotelli should be one of the strikers on Arsenal’s transfer list, as has been reported by The Express. The paper claims that Wenger has been talking to his agent this week ahead of a potential summer swoop, with a move away from struggling AC Milan looking increasingly likely.

WOW! – Puma could pay £15m to help Arsenal sign Balotelli

You would think that the speculation and rumours about possible Arsenal transfers would die down a bit now the January transfer window is closed, but there are still plenty doing the rounds of the papers and websites. I haven’t been paying too much attention to be honest, but one really caught my eye and as I read further I thought it stood to be passed on.

Arsenal striker options – Is Balotelli the best choice?

Can’t believe I’m saying this- let’s get Ballotelli By- Gunner Gyzinermouth

As the Arsenal transfer season is upon us, speculation and sensationalism are in the air. I too get caught up in considering what I would do were I in Arsene Wenger’s shoes. Now I’m not suggesting that I have the tactical acumen Wenger does, but my Arsenal team is unbeaten in 2 years with Football manager so I must be almost there right?!? Do we get a big name now (are there any available) or do we wait until summer when there are more options? Do we buy a short term solution now and hope to offload him in the summer when we buy a top top top striker? Do we seek a loan?

El Shaarawy transfer link with Arsenal could be ideal for January

Reports have emerged today claiming that Arsenal have made an enquiry into the availability of the AC Milan striker Stephane El-Shaarawy ahead of a £25 million transfer bid, with Gunners boss Arsene Wenger keen to bolster his attacking options ahead of a potential Premier League title challenge this season.

The report from the Daily Express also claims that the North London side made an initial enquiry for the striker in August but failed to lure him to the Emirates with the Italian international striker choosing to stay in Italy. However, after just two appearances in the Serie A so far this season, it appears the Italian international is considering his options.

Arsenal boss slams Wilshere but it’s all smoke and no fire!!

Get ready for this Arsenal fans (drumroll), Jack Wilshere was pictured with a cigarette in his mouth!! Once you have picked yourself up, let me just say that I don’t think all the press attention is necessary. He has been admonished by the Arsenal boss, and has issued a statement that he was not smoking, merely putting the cigarette in his mouth as a prank or dare.

Arsenal may have to battle Man City for Benteke

I know that Arsenal will be looking for a new striker or two at the end of the season, and I know that Christian Benteke has done really well for Aston Villa in his first season in the Premier league. I don’t think that means he would do well for Arsenal or that Arsene Wenger will even try to sign him, but the media certainly seem to think so.

Could Man City beat Arsenal to David Villa?

We all know that transfer windows, especially in January, are an elegant and prolonged form of torture for Arsenal fans. The agony of waiting, not knowing and seeing players you thought might be heading to the Emirates joining other teams like Newcastle, QPR or that other team in North London. The transfer rumour that is occupying us at the minute is the potential signing of David Villa from Barcelona.

Wenger is all powerful at Arsenal says Szczesny

Arsene Wenger made the Polish keeper Wojciech Szczesny his number one at Arsenal in the summer of 2011, and the 22-year old wants to stay at the club for the rest of his career. In an interview with a Polish soft porn magazine, Szczesny has spoken about his thoughts on the club and revealed that he is just a little bot out there, but one thing he would never dream of doing is going against Le Prof.

“In the club he’s God. No-one can rebel against him. The God is only one.

M’Vila price dropped to £8 million but Arsenal say NO

Maybe Arsenal need to employ the man from Del Monte when it comes to transfer dealings, because Arsene Wenger does not seem to want anyone. Demba Ba was too much like Olivier Giroud, apparently, and now he has turned down a cut price deal for the talented French midfield enforcer Yann M’Vila. Wenger is fluent in many languages, but he does not seem to know the words yes please in any of them.

Arsenal Debate: Should Arsenal Lead the Fight For Justice?

Arsenal FC Should Lead The Movement For Reformation By JG

Arsene Wenger, speaks out in regards of “official decisions” quite regularly during the course of any season; and this season hasn’t been any different. Wenger has always been one to point out the absolute nonsensical tendencies of the so-called “football justice system”, and has been banned on occasion for being too passionate while presenting his case. Just yesterday, Wenger spoke out against the FA’s recent “howlers” in regards to Bashotelli and Derry, presenting a sound case, advocating for an “overhaul” of the current broken system.

Arsenal v Man City report – Class 1-0 Money! Let’s all do the Poznan (video)!

Class 1-0 Money by KJ

What a result for Arsenal. This game was a must win for Manchester City and they truly cocked it up. It was clear they had given up on the league before the game even started. However, let’s not take anything away from the boys, they were amazing. Arsenal were unrelenting for the entire 90 minutes and it took one magical shot from our Spaniard to decide the title as well as giving us a huge boost in our search for automatic Champions league qualification.