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No chance of Arsenal letting Wilshere go to Barcelona!

Barca eye yet another Arsenal player by Big Gun

Dear Gooners

By now we should all know that by logging onto this site, we are exposing ourselves to some really weird and wonderful rumours, especially during transfer windows. My advice is to take it with a pinch of salt, and if it sounds like rubbish, don’t read it. But every now and then, these rumours that sound like complete twak we never thought would be possible, to our dismay, end up becoming reality. In this particular case, I am posting this rumour, not to promote what the actual rumour is about, but more to promote the particular player mentioned and why he is the subject of the rumour.

Ronaldo and Fabregas say rivals SHOULD be scared of Arsenal with Ozil…

Ozil has made Arsenal a team to be feared! by Ash

Around 10 years ago or so Arsenal had the most dominant team in England and arguably one of the best in Europe. If it hadn’t been for the heartfelt defeat in Paris to Barcelona in the 2006 Champions League final, then we could have been on our way to further greatness by being the named Europe’s top team for the first time. However it wasn’t meant to be and we have seen a lot of changes at the club in the years following.

£40m+ Ozil transfer convinced this AOB that the future IS bright

Before and during the transfer window, there were many rumours flying around about Arsenal’s financial situation. Some said the board were just pulling the wool over our eyes once again and were lying about how much money we had to spend in the transfer window. (As I pointed out, the finance is public info, so that ridiculous assertion was false.) Others said that there was money indeed, but the board were withholding it from Wenger. Then we had people, like myself, who insisted Wenger was just reluctant to spend it, and would rather just penny pinch his way through the whole window, as he has done before. Lastly there were those who had faith and knew Wenger would spend on the last day. The question though, wasn’t really if he would spend, but on what type of quality.

Relax Arsenal fans – Fabregas will NEVER join Man Utd

Why Fabregas will never go to Man United. by JH

I notice that a lot of Arsenal fans seem to be worried about Cesc going to United, there’s a number of reasons why this will never happen.

First of all, it’s clear from how torn he was when he decided to leave us to go home to his boyhood club. Arsene Wenger has been a father to Cesc since he took him to London at the tender age of 16 and gave him the stage to express his talents. Cesc is forever indebted to Arsenal and Wenger for this. Had he stayed at Barcelona would he even have been in the Spain squad for the World Cup or Euros? Pretty doubtful. It would be a bitter blow to Arsenal if he decided to join our rivals and I believe he loves the club too much to do it.

Why Arsenal MUST match United’s bidding for Fabregas

Arsenal should match every single one of Manchester United’s bids for Cesc Fabregas. by Stefan

As we know David Moyes has done what the media were expecting a month ago and made a bid for former Arsenal man Cesc Fabregas worth around £25 million, according to media reports. Barcelona will reject the bid after saying that it is below their valuation of him.

Arsenal still have clauses in place to bring back Fabregas when needed. One of these clauses in the contract that saw Fabregas move back to the Nou Camp two years ago is that whenever another club makes an offer for him, Arsenal can match the bid and theirs will be accepted instead of the other club.

How Arsenal can get the best out of Higuain

Higuain won’t work at Arsenal (yet) by KJ

It’s been a few months since I last wrote an article on Just Arsenal and it’s great to be back. We’ve recently been heavily linked with Gonzalo Higuain who according to reports has agreed personal terms with Arsenal and only needs Madrid to agree a fee with Arsenal to sanction his transfer. Higuain would a brilliant bit of business at the reported £22 million but he doesn’t guarantee goals for us. Why you may ask? It’s because he heavily relies on good chances.

Man Utd hot favourites to get Cesc – while Arsenal will get Ashley Williams

Those in the know say Cesc is a no go. by NS

Ive just been checking some odds relating to transfers. I don’t gamble (and neither should you), but the bookies sometimes are on to something.

Arsenal odds of signing:

Fellaini 16/1 (Utd 4/7 Chelsea 7/2)
Ronaldo 50/1 (Utd/Chelsea 13/8 PSG 7/2)
David Villa 4/1 (Spurs 6/4!)
Begovic 11/2 (Liverpool 2/5)
Benteke 4/1 (Athletico Madrid 7/2)
Baines 12/1 (United 4/6)
McCarthy 4/1 (Spurs 11/4)
Rooney 9/2 (Chelsea 7/4 B Munich 3/1 PSG 7/2)
Higuain 8/1 (Juve 2/7)
Fabregas 6/1 (United EVENS)
Ashley Williams 1/3 (Liverpool 10/1)

Arsenal fans are due a stress-free transfer window for once!

A Transfer Window to Forget? Fingers Crossed… by DG

In recent years, the summer transfer window has often been a frustrating and disappointing time for Arsenal fans. While the rest of the top four worry about who might be coming in, Arsenal are far more concerned about who might be leaving. Transfers in have, at times, almost been seen as a bonus, while the terrible inevitability of big name losses continue to frustrate. In recent years, patient Gooners have had to accept the losses of players like Adebayor, Toure, Nasri, Fabregas, Clichy, Song and Van Persie. It seemed like every time the transfer window rolled around, the latest star player was already being courted by a shiny new potential suitor. Such has been life as an Arsenal fan.

Arsenal Debate – Cazorla’s best position?

Cazorla Out Wide? A Guest Post by Josh Brooks

A tactic the boss seems to be using increasingly over recent weeks is playing Santi Cazorla wide left. When Cazorla first signed for Arsenal I didn’t expect him to play through the middle as often as he did during the first half of the season. Although I do realise that we had limited alternatives, Cazorla came with a reputation of a wide player who liked to drift inside, not as the central attacking midfielder that we have seen for the majority of the season.

Former Arsenal star’s HOT girlfriend in court battle

The former Arsenal midfielder and captain had to sit on the bench again last night as his Barcelona team were brutally demolished by Bayern Munich. Fabregas has always said that he was sad to leave Arsenal and that he could return one day. He has more than the love of the Gunners to tempt him back to London, though, as his super hot girlfriend Daniella Semaan lives in the capital.

Nasri – Stan Kroenke forced Arsenal to sell me to Man City

The ex-Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri has thrown Arsenal fans into confusion as most of us believed that Arsene Wenger was totally in charge of transfer dealings at the club. The French international has revealed that Wenger didn’t expect him to leave after the captain Cesc Fabregas was returned to Barcelona, but Silent Stan forced the sale upon him.

“Cesc or me were supposed to leave.” Nasri said. “Arsene told me that if Cesc would leave, I would stay. But Kroenke wanted the money.

“Arsene Wenger is the greatest coach I have worked with. He made me the player I am. I’m very grateful.

Wilshere Injury could be good for Arsenal

Arsenal really missed the play and influence of their dynamic and skilful midfielder Jack Wilshere after he was injured during pre-season game in 2011 against the New York Red Bulls. The ankle fracture was supposed to keep him out for around four months, but further problems meant that he missed the whole season, and the start of this one.