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Owen helps Wenger with backhanded Arsenal compliment

Owen on Arsenal by Ash

Michael Owen is known to be quite a controversial figure amongst the Arsenal fans, whether it be on the pitch or more recently off it with his media outbursts and regular columns. However this time I think he has said something very worthy that the Gunners should take note of.

In a Daily Star report he is recorded stating, “If Arsenal win the FA Cup and get fourth in the league, from my point of view it would be a good season. I said at the start of season they’re a step away from the title. I don’t think their players are of the level of City, Chelsea and Liverpool’s.

Why Arsenal should beat Spurs to Lukaku transfer

Arsenal cannot give up on Lukaku bid now? by Ash

The massive transfer rumour of the last few days is that Arsenal’s greatest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, have supposedly been in contact with both Chelsea and Romelu Lukaku’s representatives over a possible transfer in the summer.

The news which has been reported in several national newspapers since the quotes broke, supposedly from Lukaku’s agent himself, includes reports within the Guardian and Daily Telegraph. Although the report may not have any substance behind it, it seems like a perfectly viable option considering Chelsea supposedly want to sell their young Belgian. That may surprise many but Chelsea are well known for buying players young, loaning them and then selling them on for a massive profit. Although this case may be different considering the quality of Lukaku, if true, Arsenal surely cannot pass up the opportunity.

Kalou ready to say yes to Arsenal’s 2nd transfer attempt

As if the January transfer window was not frustrating enough for Arsenal fans, we then had to read in the papers that the Gunners had failed in attempts to bring in a number of players. The biggest of these was Julian Draxler of Schalke, of course, but the one position we really needed to strengthen was striker and so the news that Salomon Kalou had turned down the chance to come was pretty frustrating as well.

Arsenal CAN still be champions you know! Here’s how…

How we could still win the league by JMT

Ok, I officially think I might be going crazy but I still believe Arsenal can win the Premier league and here are the reasons why. Currently we are 4th on 64 points with 32 games played, City 3rd with 67 points, Chelsea 2nd with 69 points and 32 games played and Liverpool top with 71 points from 32 games. Out of City’s last 8 fixtures I believe that Southampton at home in a week’s time and Liverpool and Everton away are their key games. City seem to have gotten over the poor away form that followed them at the beginning of the season but these matches still pose a difficulty and any blips might see the race continue to be wide open. Add to this the fact they will also have to go to Palace who under Pulis look very organized I would hardly say they have the easiest fixture list.

Will Arsenal ever get any luck? Other than bad?

They say that luck evens itself out over the course of a season. If that is true, Arsenal are due to win the lottery in the next few weeks, because nothing else has gone the way of the Gunners this year. I know that lots of Gooners will berate me for going on about this subject again, but yet again lady luck was conspicuously absent at the Emirates today.

Can Flamini fight help Arsenal avoid another pasting?

I don’t know about the rest of you Arsenal fans, but I am not exactly looking forward to the game this weekend. Man City are looking in worryingly good form since they went out of the Champions League to Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, while the opposite could easily be said of the Gunners.

Bad luck and nerves against Swansea have left Arsenal’s title hopes and confidence in the gutter and there is a real danger of us suffering a fourth calamitous drubbing against our main title rivals. There are some reasons for Arsenal to hope, however. The fact that the kick-off time is not the same early one in which the heavy defeats against Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea occurred and the fact this game is at the Emirates while the others were away from home.

Sagna will join BPL rivals if Arsenal don’t cough up

Arsenal have been told, in no uncertain terms, that they will have to face yet another of their former players next season, unless they open the wallet, release the moths, and give Bacary Sagna the contract he is after.

Any hope that Arsene Wenger and the fans might have had that our French international defender would go abroad and play for a team like Paris Saint-Germain have been squashed flat by the president of Inter Milan, one of the many clubs interested in signing Sagna. Sky Sports report that Erick Thohir has all but given up signing the Arsenal right back, despite having held talks over his transfer, because Sagna will be staying in England and playing for a Premier League club next season.

Wenger wants response but can he motivate Arsenal players?

I think that we could learn a great deal about Arsenal and the future of Arsene Wenger tonight. The Frenchman was clearly hurt, more by the manner of the defeat at Chelsea than the actual result. On his big landmark day, his players completely failed him.

We all know that Wenger does not like to criticise his players in public, but I hope he has done so in private. A Sky Sports report reveals that the Arsenal boss is still backing his team to respond well, just as they have done to the season’s other disappointments, but I wonder if this latest wound will take longer to heal.

Elder stars promise to repay Arsenal fans but will they play?

The two oldest players in the current Arsenal squad, Tomas Rosicky and Mikel Arteta, with all their talent and experience are natural leaders in a fairly young team in general. So it is quite right that they have taken a lot of responsibility for the game that must be mentioned no more.

Both of them completed the full 90 minutes against Chelsea and have been hurting badly ever since. But they have at least had the courage to face up to it and try to explain what happened. And both of them have promised to make sure that the hangover does not continue against Swansea at the Emirates tonight.

Is Wenger really ready to quit Arsenal?

Wenger to make the walk at the end of the season? by Ash

Whether you consider it good news or bad news, you cannot doubt that there will be an element of sadness in you as Arsenal could potentially witness the end of an era. After former Gunner Frank McClintock told Talksport that he thought the Frenchman could call it a day at the end of the season, maybe that shocking display at Chelsea was the last straw.

Can Arsenal boss accept sacrificing principles for practicality?

Let me say first that I do not want to see Arsene Wenger end his reign as the manager of Arsenal at the end of the season. But after the Gunners suffered a third horrible capitulation of the season on Saturday, it is clear that there is a real problem that needs fixing.

I am worried that Wenger may be too committed to his footballing principles to take the drastic measures that could be necessary to make sure that these three games against Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea do not keep happening. It is great how Wenger has built a fantastic academy system for Arsenal and the way he develops promising young players into top class world beaters, but if those same players are going to be lured away by the promise of massive wages and winners medals, the philosophy clearly has a flaw.

Was Arsenal boss right to shun the press after Chelsea?

Not only did Arsene Wenger refuse to take his usual post match interview after Arsenal got their arses handed to them by Chelsea on Saturday, the Frenchman also cancelled the press conference scheduled for today. Wenger was due to give his usual pre-match press conference ahead of the Premier League home game against Swansea tomorrow but has instead simply released a statement on the club’s official website Arsenal.com.

It is not that unusual for a manager to decide not to talk to the media for one reason or another. It has happened many times before at many clubs, but it is not something that the Arsenal boss is known for, so what message does it send out to the players and is it the right move by Wenger?