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No Fear Theo – Just make sure Arsenal do it at Newcastle!

Theo Walcott is Arsenal’s top scorer this season with 21 goals so far. Olivier Giroud will need to score four against Newcastle on Sunday to equal that, so I think that Theo has got no reason to worry there. What he is worrying about, though, is breaking the 15 year run for the Gunners under Arsene Wenger.

Never in those 15 years have Arsenal failed to qualify for the Champions League, but the striker knows that anything other than a win at St. James’ Park could spell the end of that proud record. Theo believes, however, that the top four record and the fact that Arsenal have been finishing the season’s strongly in recent years is actually motivating the current team to do the same.

Arsenal vs. Man Utd review Sagna shocker spoils game

Arsenal knew the huge importance of this game against Manchester United and may have been aware that Chelsea were beating Swansea in the earlier kick off. The players had to suffer the indignity of having to clap the former captain and turncoat Robin van Persie and his team mates on to the pitch. Wenger will have told them to use that feeling to their advantage in the game, and it could not have started much better.

One reason Arsenal fans don’t like Man United

The Arsenal fans were accused of having no class by Rio Ferdinand after the match against Manchester United on Saturday. In doing so, Ferdinand reinforced one of the reasons that Arsenal fans, along with most others, don’t like United. Hypocrisy.

Ferdinand’s ill chosen words were because of the away fans giving Robin van Persie some abuse. Has he never heard Tevez getting stick? It is part of football. Everybody knew that van Persie would get stick from the Arsenal fans after he chose to abandon us for our hated rivals.